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Bleach Chapter 495: The Guitar Blues

Chapter 495: Bleeding Guitar Blues
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SS shows an effective way of sending status updates around to all important people. Maybe even everyone. We’ve seen this technique used before in the earlier arch. Even one Tousen activated it for Aizen to talk to the Captains of SS.

Anyway. Rose looks calm when hears the new about his Lt. We look at quite a funky looking character in front of him. Sternritter “U” Nananana Najahkoop. We’ve seen how diverse Opie already was in ability compared to the only other Quincy we saw in full action(Uryuu). Like Shinigami they will have the standard bag of tricks and attack. WE havent seen Opie use a bow but first invasion of SS did, a big one at that.

So whatever Nanana’s unique abilities will remain a guess so far. But Tite will always make sure to create interesting pair-ups so I don’t think we will be disappointed in any way. The trump card Rose he has in my opinion will be his Vaizard mask. I think the Sternritter will know about Ichigo’s… but Rose?

Coming back to the chapter Banana and Rose have a little chat about art. The Quincy declares victory in five minutes. Rose doesn’t seem as calm as he first appeared in the end his eyes full of rage over his dead comrades. Nanana smirks as the pair will engage in the coming chapters.

Next, we are introduced. She clearly has a very unique skill set. the black eyes immediately stand out. Sternritter “F” Äs Nödt. SPikes seem to be the name of her game. there isn’t much to go on yet but it seems they could have a fixed range. There is a very dark/evil aura about her.

Abarai is the one to arrive first.

The third introduction the Riruka replacement. Sternritter “E”: Bambietta Basterbine. Komamura is the on who block on the rampaging girl. Again very different people in appearance.

Lt. Hisagi (Ninth dev.) faces a huge guy, reminding me of Yammi the 10th/0th Espada. Strong/Firm lines. Very likely to be a moving powerhouse.

8th Captain Kyouraky faces the older gentleman. His enemy looks a bit more refined that pretty much everybody else in the sternritter except the that long-haired dude at the end of last chapter. I wonder how this man will respond to Kyoraku’s games.

Soi Fon encounters a masked man. The pattern looks a bit like Espade Fracción Showlong Küfang. But he’s dead. The slick look will indicated a need-for-speed battle. Hell, maybe even Yoruichi steps in to help in on this one. I would love to see Zanpaktou.

Ukitake pairs up with a unkown character as does Toshiro. I really want to see Ukitake to go all out.
It seems the first battle we focus on is the one with Abarai on Äs Nödt. apparently äs Nödt is a guy. I can’t really tell.. but Mangastream has great translation so good chance my first guess was wrong. He tries to analyze his enemy trying to probe for weaknesses. However “El Salvador” butts in Abarai now facing two Sternritter.

Abarai doesnt remain outnumbered for long. Captain Byakuya walks in. “El Salvador” seems surprised to witness Byakuya’s Shikai. The Eyes of äs Nödt lock onto Byakuya making the next two pairings final.

Renji vs. “El Salvador” (i’ll call this guy by his name as soon as I know it.)

Byakuya vs. Äs Nödt

With all these battles getting ready I have to use a quote from Top Gun II.
“War. It’s fantastic” *big sparkly smile*

One person I am missing is Kenpachi. But he could be just running about everywhere with Chibi-chan riding on his back directing him in the wrong direction at every possible turn. But don’t worry I am sure he will find his “strong guy”.

I also cannot wait for Captain Commander to meet with the King. It will surely set Seiretei in flames.


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  1. I’m hoping that we’ll see yamamoto, the emperor and the white-haired sternritter next chapter. Afterwards I just want to see Ichigo vs. Opie. That Opie guy has some serious issues…

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