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One Piece Chapter 670- A Chance of Slime

It is another exciting chapter of One Piece, which mainly focus on two aspects of the plot so far. It focuses on the encounter and reunion of Luffy and Smoker, and the Slime which is some how being controlled by Caesar who finally makes his appearance to the Strawhats. Though the plot is escalating to fast, leaving me thinking that this arc will be done with soon and will lead to a major arc.

Luffy’s reunion with Smoker

Probably all of Smoker’s pride was damaged by Luffy in this chapter, it is one thing to be able to defeat by Luffy and being lecture about being so weak. (Even though it was Tashigi in Smokers body) But to be laughed at by Luffy, which in my opinion is a hysterical moment, but Luffy had to rub it in. Mocking Smoker and Tashigi, thought this is Luffy and he laughs whenever he wants even when it is hurting or making some one else feel embarrassed, and you can see how embarrassed Smoker became when Luffy was laughing at him. To a more serious discussion, we witness the relationship Luffy and Smoker have made in the years they have encountered each other. Also, Luffy shows his honer and respect to Smoker as he wanted Smoker at his best before their rematch.


In a way Luffy and Smoker have created this rivalry between each other, where they both respect each other. Ever since Smoker has seeing Luffy all they way in Loguetown, Smoker has made it his personal mission to capture Luffy. It might be a personal grudge he has towards Luffy or that he sees the potential of Luffy becoming a huge enemy to the Marines. Either way Smoker respects and fears Luffy’s potential as a pirate, and out of all the Marines, he knows Luffy the best. But Luffy just sees Smoker as a greater competitor because one of luffy’s aspects is that he loves competition. In the long run I can see these two having one hell of a fight, that will be talked about for ages.

The Slime

Just from this chapter I think I have come up with the full extent of power of the Slime. Last time we learned that this Slime was created from all of the toxic gas of the bomb from four years ago, and some how Caesar was able to collect all of the toxic gases and compact them into this creature, the Slime. From my assumption this Slime is extremely danger because it is literally a walking breathing bomb. Since it is a Slime, I am thinking that it is immune to physical attacks. So anything like trying to beat it to a pulp, slick it into piece by a sword wont work because it can detach and reattach it self, you can’t shot it with anything because it will explode, that makes immune to almost all physical attacks. But it does have one great weakness which is water. For one it hates water can be because it might die or become weak. So basically this Slime is unstoppable because try to touch it and you get poisoned, try to slick it and it just reattaches it self, try to burn it and it explodes. This is where I think Brook will shine and make quick work of this slime. For one he has the power to freeze things which should be the natural enemy of the Slime. It is like how Luffy was the natural enemy of Enal. (Enal was the self proclaimed god in the Sky island arc). Nonetheless we should be seeing Brook becoming a huge asset in defeating the Slime.

Side Notes:

  • This is probably the first time Smoker feels embarrassed to be laughed at by a pirate.
  • I can not really make much of Luffy action into literally catching Caesar, which by the way was a hilarious reaction by Caesar. I bet that Caesar never had to deal with some one as outrages as Luffy.
  • I wonder how Law will react to the actions done by Luffy.
  • Luffy was to happy to see Smoker doing fine, if Luffy was to face Smoker and Law were to face off,  who would you think would win?