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Bleach Chapter 494: The Closing Chapter Part One

Chapter 494: The Closing Chapter Part One
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The blue pillars have landed in Soul Society. After a gorgeous cover of all the captains the invasion of the VandenReich continues. As expected the Gotei 13 are caught completely off guard. I guess there was little time for the 12th squad to improve detection manners to trying and catch their entry sooner. Though it is very clear they have arrived in force. The sixth Squad of Byakuya didn’t expect them so soon. Abarai bolts out the door. Not expecting the sight in front of him.

Rukia quickly goes off the closest pillar I presume. intelligently deducing the leaders of the invasion army will be at the pillars. The Captain commander Wastes not time himself. As he leaves the squad barracks in the hands of the 3rd seat. No doubt he will go looking for the King.

Lt. Kira is the first to arrive at a pillar. We are quickly introduced to his direct subordinates as the form of the Quincy takes shape inside the pillar. As the enemy is confirmed Kira prepares his men to attack. However…

A powerful arrow blasts away a large chunk of his body. The Lt dropping dead on the ground. The others call out their Shikai but to no avail. The Sternritter slams two into the ground slicing the other down in quick succession. The ground troops run away in fear. Finally the Sternritter reveal their faces.

We get to see seven of them. One we briefly saw in the new dimension. The Mohawk man looks a lot like Kensei. WE see a wide range of normal and weird looking character. our Riruka replacement is also present. The godly sense is all over these guys the word purify keeps getting mentioned.

They really seems themselves as deity’s or something. It is possible the King intends to destroy both Hueco Mundo and SS to leave only Earth. If he indeed wishes to do so I am sure he is aware of the fact that an imbalance of souls will destroy everything. However it could very well be the case they the Quincy do not believe this will happen given their history. But I do think the VanderReich will want a bit more than just revenge.

Simply said. If they wanted revenge for what SS did 200 years ago. They would have little interest in Hueco Mundo.

The last page confirms the severity of the invasion as so many shinigami have died in a matter of minutes. Desperation is already settling into the lower ranks of the Shinigami which will not help their defence.

The first retaliation of the Gotei Captains will decide the course of this war.

Can’t wait…


4 Responses

  1. Great review man. Can’t wait to see Shinji and Kensei in action. When Is zero squad going to make their appearance soon? Also I wonder if Aizen has some “master-plan” to break out while this chaos is happening lol.

  2. I would think the Zero squad would be monitoring the situation quite carefully. I doubt they will think the destruction of the real world due to an imbalance of souls is a good thing. When they will show their face however is another question entirely.

  3. The Zero squad is the guards of the king right?
    I know that Tite has brought suspense and chaos into his master piece but why kill off Kira. I mean he was one character that fight the role of his swords power.

  4. What better way to show the immense power of the Sternritter. Because I don’t think Opie is one of them.

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