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Naruto Chapter 588

Author: Mart1

Hello everybody, it’s been a while since I’ve done a post, but I felt like doing one and since the chapter summary wasn’t up, I figured I’d do that (sorry to steal your thunder for the week sylloge). (also Yay! I’ve written 55 Shannaro posts!)

Anyway, this chapter opens with Itachi standing over Kabuto. Itachi uses genjutsu to stop edo tensei while Sasuke laments that his brother will be gone for good. Edo tensei doesn’t seem to be ending immediately as Sasuke and Itachi have enough time to briefly discuss Konoha. Sasuke is STILL outraged for Itachi, even if Itachi himself is willing to forgive Konoha. I find Sasuke’s anger somewhat stupid as he is trying to take revenge for someone who doesn’t want it. However, if he wasn’t an arrogant S.O.B.  he wouldn’t be the Sasuke we know and love, then hate for getting such a long (uninterupted) arc of chapters devoted to him. Itachi tells Sasuke that he won’t be the one to change him anymore, and that he has passed that resposibility on to Naruto.

Next the scene shifts to the Kage vs. Madara battle. I find this scene an interesting commentary on what happens to the elites when they are pushed to the edge. Gaara and Oonoki use their abilities to protect the other Kage while Tsunade simply goes on a rampage. I feel that Tsunade emboldened by her false immortality is acting similar to how most Edo Tensei Bodies fight due to the fact that she cannot die. The Raikage even tells her she is wasting energy, but she hardly cares, and sense his method of fighting gets him owned by Madara (while he is focusing on telling her how to fight), his words don’t carry much weight. In fact it is Oonoki who seems to be holding the group together (I had a strong urge to throw in a pun about Oonoki and weight but I didn’t) and Madara identifies that he is the one Madara should target (when a few chapters ago he was all focused on Tsunade…). The Kage’s unleash a “final” attack on Madara which consists on a powerfull jutsu from each Kage. Oonoki uses his Dust Technique, followed by a combination water/lightning dragon from the Mizukage/Raikage respectively. While Gaara follows up with a sand attack. (Some of you may be thinking I left out Tsunade, but turns out she provided the chakra for Oonoki, so I guess it can count as a combo, though she does seem to be the most pathetic kage in terms of offence.

Finnaly when Madara is unable to effectively counter all this with chakra absorption, the chapter ends with him unleashing the “true” form of Sussano’o, though what improvements this has over Itachi’s compleated form, we will have to wait and see. It seems like next chapter and/or the one following that will be a waiting game to see if the Kage’s can outlast Edo Tensei. That said, it’s fairly predictable that at least one kage will die. (I predict Tsunade as a. Madara did say she would be first and b. Oonoki would be the obvious target in this chapter giving the other Kage the “dramatic sacrifice yourself” jutsu option.


18 Responses

  1. Good review you should have used some pics….just kidding:D nice pointing out that madara just a few chapters back was onto the hokage but probably in between chapters he forgot about her…2 bad,some kages should definitely die.

  2. Nice chapter review. Your chapter review is superb Mart. Madara wanted to kill Tsunadi first because she’s a medic ninja. It’s impossible to kill the kages if there is a medic amongst them and could heal them at any given time.Oonoki is the strongest out of all the kages and gives Madara the most trouble. I can’t blame Madara for changing his target from Tsunadi to Oonoki in this chapter. Oonoki is the only one that can blast away the wood jutsu and Madara’s Susanoo army. While the other kages have trouble with the wood jutsu and could barely destroy or put a dent in Susanoo. All I can say is that Oonoki pwned!

  3. Pretty awesome chapt, the large volume of susanoo’s is crazy!!! but i really am frothing to see the naruto form, after all the fist bumps…I am also wondering is it really the end of the edo tensai’s as I can’t imagine anyone but really naruto and sasuke putting an end to both madaras. Either way its like escalation to the max, i mean one susanoo’s 5 susanoo’s and then complete susanoon’s and then probably bijuu beasts….getting bigger and bigger.

    Tim to go super saiyan 4!!!!

  4. i get a feeling stopping the Edo isnt going to stop Madara though. Kabuto did say he was a special summon hopefully the fight continues until Madara is fully defeated

  5. A battle between Naruto and Madara would be epic, since Naruto wouldn´t need the aid of Itachi to defeat Madara. I don´t see one of the Kages dying, because before this will happen Itachi will cancel it

    BTW nice review

  6. wow, finally a review and chapter worth commenting on. My issues are as follows:
    1. Tobi knows edo tensei, will he try and use it too?
    2. Poor form on kishi’s part trying to make sasuke have a reason to still go up against naruto… Very poorly executed.
    3. Was dragon sage the jutsu kabuto was referring to when he said he still has a card up his sleeve greater than edo tensei, when he taught it to tobi?
    4. Can someone do a quick run through of the state of the war if edo tensei is cancelled and all summons disappear? No Dan/tsunade reunion… Really?
    5. Did u notice itachi had his MS back, guess edo is actually a worthwhile jutsu… Kages should have been taught it for the simple fact of being brought back to life if need arised

  7. another area of concern though is naruto v sasuke… EMS is bullsh*t from what we hv seen

  8. @madzikage
    1. Tobi doesn’t know edo tensei summoning. Even if he does, almost all the powerful edo have been sealed and can’t be brought back to life anymore so it would be pointless.

    2. Sasuke still does have a reason. The leaf cast the Uchiha aside, order Itachi to kill all uchihas and cause Itachi to become a criminal and exile him from the leaf. What’s worst is that sasuke saw someone from the leaf like danzou using dead Uchiha sharingans. The leaf has a history of constantly screwing the Uchihas over.

    3. There is no trump card kabuto can pull greater than edo if he brought back Madara friken Uchiha!

    4. All the Zetsu clones are dead and most of the edo are sealed. Madara is one of the only edo standing. Most of the good guys have won and are currently running towards the location where naruto is fighting. The war would be over when edo is cancelled.

    5. The only people who knows how to use edo is Oro and Kabuto. The kages should not be taught edo. It’s too powerful and if it falls into the wrong hands, they could bring back a powerful edo figure and take over the world since they could control the edo summoning soul and order them to rule a country for them.

  9. BIG MAGNUM is pretty darn beast. BIG MAGNUM for president, any opposed? I vote Yay.

  10. @madzikage
    No itachi hasn´t got his Ms back… Look closely and you can se his left eye is withe and “gone” http://www.mangareader.net/naruto/588

  11. And Maddaras Sussano in plural is a bit over kill and his Perfect sussano is a bit overkill to.. The hole Maddara is verry over kill.. I mean it´s ike he is toying with the 5kages, and even if you are one of the strongest Ninja there is, you shouldnt just playing like that with 5kages at the same time.. I mean how strong was Hashirama then? that won over Maddara? I think its to much raw power in it all. And thats not really what a ninja is.. The best Ninja is the ninja you dont know ☺

  12. seda think about what sasuke did 2 the kages he gave them a hard time and he wasn’t even close 2 100% madara also said that they don’t even compare 2 the other kages, madara with rinnegan senju dna immortal i don’t get what you are expecting of him..

  13. @block That’s what sedan is saying lol. Madara with senju DNA, wood jutsu, rinnengan, his original jutsus and immortality is overkill. Also sasuke didn’t come close to handling the kages. Against raikage he was getting handled till he fully summoned sussano and than he ran away. Against the tsukage she was beating him till zetsus spores helped sasuke and gave him chakra. Than oonoki would have 1 shot sasuke had tobi not teleported him away. So fact is sasuke had trouble 1 on 1 while this madara is taking all five at full strength and prepared at once. And the first hokage himself wouldn’t be able to beat this madara with all his powerups. And supposedly the first was the best ninja outside the sage.

  14. And of course madara says these kages Are not tough…. he’s been powered way beyond what he was even in his prime. Easy to say ur opponents don’t compare when u have every ultimate known jutsu( rinnengan best eye, eternal ems spammable without eyesight loss, perfect sussanno , wood jutsu rarest jutsu and senju DNA ultimate for longevity ) all he is missing is the juubi to be able to summon

  15. @token
    That would be pretty cool if he did summon the juubi, at this point he probably has the chakra to do it, lol. Jk, but very plausible if Tobi wasn’t going to summon him first. I just thought of something by saying that, now that Naruto has a piece of every tailed beast in him except the one tail Tobi could essentialy try and take his body to use to hold the juubi, he wouldn’t even need the big ugly eyed statue to mix them together, because they are pre-mixed in Naruto’s body. Just saying.

  16. Good write up mart, but please let the new author, Sylloge, handle the Naruto manga chapter summaries in the future as I have officially given him the green light.

  17. @Token
    The fight with the raikage doesn’t count. That was the first time Sasuke used Susanoo. It was only a small portion of Susanoo he used. It was a dingy one with no arms or head. If he went further into the developmental stage of Susanoo at that time, he wouldn’t have been knocked around by the raikage or the kages because four out of the five kages have trouble breaking or putting a dent in Madara’s full body form Susanoo.

    I thought Kishi blocked out Itachi whole left side in this chapter but I guess I was wrong.

    I disagree with Madara being president. Double rainbow all the way.

  18. @nss7 actually gaara had no problem with the completed sussanno as he made his sand denser and used it to drag out madara so saying the kages couldn’t compete isn’t accurate. Also oonikis dust techs r def stronger enough to handle sussanno. Remember that only itachis was considered the ultimate atk/def because of the weeps he possessed not sussano itself

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