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Its out!


One Piece:http://xreader.net/manga/one%20piece/chapter%20669/1#viewImage



14 Responses

  1. susano in perfect mode, what????!!!!!!!!

  2. its official….i’m crazy about bleach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. One Piece – so the slime is the explosion from 4 years ago, how the heck can they fight that thing tho – there attacks might pass straight through it! Maybe Ussops pop greens might help…
    Typical luffy to make a grand entrance but how the heck did they throw a ship?!

    Bleach – good shit kubo very good shit!!!!! Don’t know what tite’s been smoking but jheeeeeez 1000 death’s in 7 minutes – fuck that’s gotta be a manga record! Those german starfighters or whatever their called look beastly – it feels like tite is finally out of his slump an goin back to his original style – now let’s all forget that the fullbring arc ever happened : )

    Naruto – BIG MAGNUM freakin Uchiha!!!!!! The guy is way too epic – wood clones with mini susanno’s! Damn he’s the Uchiha king for a reason. Now the kages…….raikage needs to stop worrying about his girlfriend hokage an get his shit together – right now old man oonoki is holding it down an that team jutsu was sick but that perfect susanno (with hand signs) looks off the chart powerful!

  4. guess we cam see why no one died against aizen that was just an appetizer. seems like only captain level fighters gonna do actual battles. Speaking of which i bet Aizen already forseen this

  5. cas how could aizen have forseen this?he ain’t got nothing 2 do with this….

  6. Aizen will be given get out of jail card for this one coz 16 pillars of light showed up and max only 15 captain level fighters (incl. Yamamoto and Kurosaki)

    Kira, nice to know ya, peace!

  7. @ bl@ck think about the Quincy’s knew aizen n his army for 1. For 2. At the end of the day all Aizen really did was force everyone else to get even stronger than they previously was 3. As far as we know from known characters ichigo is One of 5 people who the Quincy’s are worried about as of now aizen is the only One we know that level 4. Urahara and mayuri know the situation already why wouldn’t Aizen have known?

  8. So you are saying that aizen’s *goal* was to make them get stronger so that they would be able to battle the quincy?:|

  9. bl@ck
    that could be plausible, aizen never has been an easy to read character… maybe that was hes goal to make them stronger.. (but don’t forget, because of Aizen, the arrancars lost their most powerfull members, so it’s hes blame that hueco mundo fell so fast)..

    Can’t wait to see how Ichida will show hes powers (it’s said that he’s stronger then “the angel guy”

  10. Aizen didn’t want that. He obviously wanted to kill the Spirit King. His true intentions were shown when Urahara sealed him.

  11. there is no way aizen was there 2 help…if ichigo wouldn’t have beaten him then he would’ve killed every1,or are you also saying that he let ichigo and urahara defeat him?though urahara didn’t do anything:P

  12. @ bl@ck
    Didn’t do anything? you do realize that if it wasn’t for urahara, even with the power boost ichigo has gotten, he still would’ve lost?

  13. Why was aizen sentenced to ten’s of thousands of years for everything he’s done? Because at least for now, there’s no way to kill aizen.

  14. Lol, that’s a badass image of Sanji. Nice work Jdogg

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