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Naruto Vs. Naruto Shippuden

Hey all Sylloge here and I’d love to share a recent epiphany that I had on my day off. We’re all here because of our like for Naruto (well others are here for One piece and Bleach but for arguments sake lets not include them right now) and recently among my friends and other people that I speak with a line is materializing between fans of the original story (I.e ending with the inclusion of the”Sasuke Retrieval” arc) and the new Shippuden series with the eclectic direction that it’s taking. My question is this; If the series Naruto ended with the Sasuke Retrieval arc and just had a series of OVA’s to give you an ending to the story or something like that or if the original Naruto series didn’t exist and the first episode of Shippuden began the series with the last series only being told in flashbacks and etc which would your prefer?

Personally I’m a fan of the younger Naruto for a plethora of reasons. From the reoccurring theme of “the underdog can beat anyone” to the wild characters the original Naruto had something for everyone. Ironically it drew me in with it’s extremely ornate fighting choreography (I can easily write a 5 page thesis on why the Lee Vs. Garra fight is one of the greatest fights of manga history) . All of the reasons I listed make me like the manga but the combination of Naruto and Sasuke made me fall in love with it. Through those two characters the manga scratched my manga itch and scratched it well. While Naruto (at first) gave me the story elements I needed, Sasuke’s young teenage angst/cool fights gave me the action one-two punch a story about a village of ninjas should be……



P.S if you have another idea as to how each series could be presented be my guest.  

6 Responses

  1. First, I welcome you Sylloge to Shannaro. I wish I had more time to comment these days. I read your review too, and it was good. Keep up the good work and don’t be afraid to show your opinions.

    As to Naruto vs. Shippuden, it is Naruto hands down! I would include the Sasuke retrieval arc, seeing that in the anime actually brought me to Naruto in the first place. I feel like it showed teamwork with the Genins and it showcased Shikamaru, who is my 3rd favorite (behind Kakashi and Jiraiya).

    Shippuden never explained things as well, it kindof just introduced them the way Bleach does… hardly any training but massive abilities out of nowhere. Plus I feel like too many things that were built up in Part 1 were torn down in part 2. I mean, what happened to the Hyuuga?!?

    Lastly, I will say that I always felt that Shippuden expanded the world way too fast. If Kishi ends Naruto after Shippuden, I will always say it should have been 3 parts, Naruto as a child, Naruto as a teenager, and Naruto as a young adult. Maybe it will still be a trilogy, but I find that hard to see with the way the war is going.

  2. I wouldve liked to see more of the genin 9 in shippuuden. Shikamaru and sasuke r the only ones that got any screentime, the rest jst kinda became like shino

  3. It doesn’t matter in my case. As long as naruto and sasuke rivalry continue to live on then I’m good. The reason why I still stick around because I can’t wait to see another Naruto vs Sasuke. I honestly believe the rivalry between The two is built up so well to the point that I might even say it’s one of the greatest rivalry in anime history. Unlike DBZ where it’s one sided where goku always seem more dominant than Vegeta. However in Naruto both characters is equally strong and one doesn’t have a huge advantage over the other. It always went back and fourth.

  4. One thing I wanted to clear up about the genin 9 is that they’re unimportant. We find out that in the war arc they’re just like any other regular ninja that just do ordinary missions. The overpowered ninjas get more screen time because they got more history and are more well known as one of the greatest shinobis of all time. No one from other villages know who the genin 9 is. The overpowered ninja history compare to any of the genin 9 is more interesting like surviving three days and nights alone against an entire army. None of the genin 9 could do that or put up a stat that is that amazing.

  5. That is the state of affairs concerning the genin 9. Their in that state cause kishi didn’t know how to develop them after hyping them up initially. Look at neji, we were told the byakugan is the strongest doujutsu an neji inherited it the strongest eva but he couldn’t evn hurt a fly around tobis poop these days. Kishi jst left them by the wayside

  6. @me
    The genin 9 were only impressive in school years. In school they were uber awesome. However, if you’re talking about ninjas on a professional scale and the whole naruto universe, The genin 9 are only average or underachievers compare to overpowered ninja that have played bigger roles and done more things in their lifetime that the genin 9 can only dream of. We’re talking about ninjas that have survive in kyuubi’s stomach, last 3 days and nights against an entire army, gained the kage title, and going toe to toe with tailed beast. The greatest achievement the genin 9 has done is doing average missions that any ordinary and everyday ninjas can do. If you’re only average then your not going to get notice.

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