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Naruto Chapter 587 (Hello All)

Hello everyone!!! My name is Sylloge and I have the privilege of taking over the responsibilities of analyzing/summarizing the Naruto chapters in Bob’s absence. I am a huge fan of Bob but an even bigger fan of Naruto (and anime in general) so I’ll make sure to do everything in my power to do Bob, Naruto, and most of all you guys and girls justice while decoding these chapters from my perspective. I’ll admit I’m new to this and I’m completely open to any and all constructive criticism. Enough rambling let’s get started!


We open to a conversation between Itachi and Sasuke basically explaining why Kabuto was affected by an Ocular jutsu when technically he has no eyes. From what I understand by affecting the victims senses the justu creates an endless loop by creating the beginning and end of said loop and having the person affected by the loop essentially filling in what happens in their mind with the outcome never changing. Its how the justu affects the victim that makes it great for the situation.


We are then introduced to Itachi’s flowchart which confuses you a lot more than it helps in his explanation. Factor in the fact that the first version I attempted to read had a…..subpar translation. I digress though, Itachi then explains the purpose of this obtuse ocular technique and in turn sets up an admittedly interesting foreshadowing for kabuto’s character in the future of naruto. The possible redemption of kabuto not only helps us to reevaluate Kabuto but also forces me to consider Sasuke’s possible chance of redemption. I honestly am completely ok with sasuke being the “tragic hero” in this story. If used correctly it has given us an ultimate foil to naruto. Showing us the iniquities of the ninja world from the perspective of someone who isn’t interested in changing it; but bending its rules to his own will.


Sasuke then tells us how he sees Itachi currently by debunking Itachi’s revelation of making the incorrect choices in his life by blurting out how he believes Itachi is “perfect”. This was a…..perplexing choice of words in my opinion and it speaks to how twisted sasuke truly is. Itachi does correct sasuke and reminds him that is not the case.


By far the most emotional part of this chapter for me was to see Kabuto trying with all his might to overcome the loop set up by Itachi. Both this page and the chapter reaches its climax when the loop starts over and there Justus clash and Itachi changes his technique to a water based one instead of a fire based one. Now a wet, discombobulated and confused kabuto tries to gather his thoughts and figure out just what went wrong in his life. This immerses us into kabuto’s mind in the same fashion that I’ve become more accustomed to because of kishi’s way of writing characters. All in all this has made me excited to see how the “story of Kabuto” will be resolved by the end of the manga (especially with the introduction of his brother)

This chapter was a little bittersweet for me. Although it gave us some information about Izanami; said information was something that one panel could have explained. The lack of action was a turn off to. The sweet part comes in with kishi flexing his writing muscles like the old days and making us ask the “why” question about his characters. I’m seriously looking forward to next week and, if we’re lucky, that chapter will bring us ccloser to seeing more of the battlefield!


36 Responses

  1. An excellent start to your writing career man! I look forward to reading your reviews each week and wish you the best of luck!

  2. Great work!!! Really hope Kishi, steps it up a gear, I want to know what happened to Naruto and the Kages!!

  3. Welcome, cool start for your role here:P glad there is some1 to take over bob:D

  4. great start mate, and agree with the confusing flow charts, spun me out a bit and I had to read it a few times! however I believe Izanami is meant to be the perfect counter for izanagi because no matter how many times you change the realisty with izanagi you are stuck in a loop with izanami. Either wasy bloody confusing…i am wondering does that mean Itachi’s eye wont regenerate because doesn;t look like it will?

    I am also interested to find out does the conversation with itachi change sasuke? Will he becom a good guy after this will he change his ways?

  5. also there are questions around why reveal these hidden techniques unless he will use them? I have a feeling that we may potentially see sasuke making the ultimate sacrifice and going blind using both techniques in the defence of naruto….I feel that this is a very plausible outcome.

    I really do hpoe that we can see naruto soon too we last left him when he fist bumped all the bijuu’s i am hoping he has some ultimate form thing happening!

    Also think the madara is definately shisui

  6. Hey all, please welcome Sylloge to the Shannaro community. Sylloge has shown a keen interest in taking up the reins on providing Naruto chapter write-ups for our readers and glad to have the privilege to have the Naruto posts carried on by a fellow long-time Naruto fan. Please show Sylloge the same courtesy you guys have shown me over all these years keep these great discussions going!

  7. Farewell Bob-Sama! Do visit regularly.

  8. Welcome Sylloge and great review :-).

  9. Great review and welcome.

  10. Welcome Sylloge – good luck! Look forward to your reviews- bob was very good at spotting the little things that readers might have missed and had good theories on where things could lead to so you’ve got your work cut out for you following the footsteps of bob ero sennin!!

  11. Pretty good chapter as kishi took all the time to explain what izanami is but the funny thing is i don’t understand a thing -i tought you needed both senju/uchiha dna to perform izanagi and izanami (as tobi explained to konan)did kishi miss this or is there something else going on here?cuz itachi is a pure breed uchiha. -i can’t wrap my head on the theory about izanami being used only on people who haven’t found their true self does it mean it is a justu that can only be used on bad guys.

  12. Pretty good chapter as kishi took all the time to explain what izanami is but the funny thing is i don’t understand a thing -i tought you needed both senju/uchiha dna to perform izanagi and izanami (as tobi explained to konan)did kishi miss this or is there something else going on here?cuz itachi is a pure breed uchiha. -i can’t wrap my head on the theory about izanami being used only on people who haven’t found their true self does it mean it is a justu that can only be used on bad guys. some help here please.

  13. BIG MANUM is on another smash and bash tear WOOOOOOO!!!!!! I like how he keeps fooling them into them into thnking that they are winning then he pulls out a jutsu even better than his last one. He is definetly over powered, but in this case I kind od like it because he’s so confident with it. He’s just toying with them, and each of his jutsu are amplified by the Senju DNA so it’s even better. Go BIG MAGNUM GOOOO!!!!!! BIG MANUM SMASH!!!!!!!

  14. Oh shit. Madara using Susanoo Perfect form…

  15. sigh yet another ass pull from kishi in regards to madara….. soo basically not only can he create clones that can use sussanno as well but now with the rinnengan he can make a perfect sussanno…. gotta say this is getting to be just annoying now with all this random op jutsus

  16. Nice job on doing a naruto chapter review sylloge. Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading this chapter and your review. We all knew kabuto was going to lose against two highly skilled Uchiha sooner or later. Who can expect snake boy to ever have a chance in beating both sasuke and Itachi?

    Madara was already capable of using the Susanoo perfect form even without the senju blood. Susanoo has three different forms. A perfect example is Itachi’s Susanoo. The first stage is a giant bone structure. The second stage allows him to shoot sheriken base attacks and the final stage gives him the ultimate shield and a sword that can seal away opponents. Madara so far has been using the first two stages and it is no surprise that he is pulling out his third and final form of Susanoo now.

  17. Token we are talking about the strongest shinobi you should be expecting this other than him being defeated by the kages there should be no way that he would lose to them only if itachi manages to cancel the edo tensei..though i hope kabuto overcomez izanagi somehow:Dgreat 3 chapters looking forward 2 sylloges review:D

  18. @ black he is not supposed to be the strongest shinobi as that supposedly goes to the first hokage. Also he is able to do all this because he stole from teh first. Im tired of him pulling stuff out his ass when I feel kishi should have just let madara use his own jutsus and abilities. What we r seeing now is a super madara that is unlike his real life version and alot of the attacks he has used has been from the first or rinnengan related, not what he had originally.
    @nss7 where did it stats that madara could use sussanos perfect form already? we have never seen it and up until know it was assumed that what he and itachi used were the full forms so it is a surprise. And if u notice he had the rinnengan activated when he made perfect sussanno so it would seem to mean that one can only acheive this form with the rinnengan which again is completely overpowered and im tired of all these op moves and stuff…. y cant it be like it used to be where jutsus was combined with cunning instead of sheer strength…

  19. He is immortal aded senju dna and rinnegan what are you expecting of him?it’s obvious that he would be stronger,supposedly he didn’t suffer defeat against the first he had what he wanted and *retreated or w/e* though im really curios about what exactly happened back then but we will probably know.Even as second strongest shinobi ever this is expected of him:D

  20. The fact he is immortal with senju dna and the rinnengan is what im mad about with him lol. I mean kishi made him completely overkill and ruined my image of madara…. instead of a powerful shinobi who relied on his own strength i see someone exactly like sasuke and kabuto in that he is stealing oher ppl’s power and jutsus to make himself stronger which is a copout. Fight with what u have r given or born with not what u take from others.

  21. It’s not a surprise because any Uchiha that process at least two MS can use Susanoo. This was stated by sasuke when he was fighting against the kages at one of the kages meetings. Susanoo third and final form by Madara should be the least surprising because the jutsu originally belongs to the uchihas with the power of the MS or higher and Madara. The wood jutsu and rinnengan should be more surprising due to the fact that it’s not the jutsu he had used back when he fought the 1st hokage. Sasuke is also another example of an Uchiha who have achieve the final stage of Susanoo which gave him the power to wield a giant amaterasu sword. We saw this when he killed the original Zetsu.

  22. I’m pretty sure Madara could use all these techniques wen he was alive all except for the wood jutsu. Sure the senju dna has boosted all his jutsu by giving him stamina and wood jutsu, but evrything else was his jutsu originally. He even figured out how to unlock the rinnegan by himself.

  23. @nss7 it wasnt a surprise but come on if he did a different sussanno form 3 more times would u not say thats a surprise either? im not arguing the susanno im arguing that its ridiculous how he can keep on upgrading sussanno. I dont like the random power jumps in the middle of a fight its overkill and not what I enjoyed Naruto for. Btw Sasuke didnt acheive the final form cause apparently madara has reached a perfect new form so sasukes is still incomplete.
    @uchiha We dont yet know how he unlocked the rinnengan and its quite possible that in order to get the rinnengan u need senju blood as the only other person with the rinnengan happened to have uzumaki blood (which r relatives of the senju) so its possible that the first’s dna helped him awaken it. Also the wood jutus is significant cause he has been spamming alot of it as well as using wood clones and making them able to use sussanno.

  24. May i Remind people that ‘stealing’ other people’s powers is one of the main abilities of the uchiha and the sharingan? How else kakashi was known as the ‘copy’ ninja? Why did some people like orochimaru and danzo go through the trouble of obtaining the sharingan? What are the requirements of activating the manekeyo and the eternal manekeyo sharingan? Think about it.

  25. The sharingan was useful for more than copying; i mean honestly recently who uses the sharingan to copy moves sides kakashi? The sharingan increases combat vision, can detect chakra and movements, is powerful for casting illusions ans stuff. Danzo and oro didnt want it for the copy power they wanted it for what it could do like what i mentioned and if oro is right the sharingan is the pre-evolved version of the rinnengan which would be the main reason he wanted it not to copy or steal other ppl’s jutsus with it (he could do that without the sharingan). And sides i never liked the uchiha lol the only one i liked was itachi and he isnt like sasuke. he uses his own abilities and never stole powers or eyes form anyone. BTW to activate the mangekyo it was said u had to kill someone close to u so thats not stealing at all thats just a harsh requirement lol

  26. @token
    Oro never specifically said what abilities he wanted from a sharingan. He wanted an Uchiha’s body, not just their eyes.

    I only counted three forms to Madara’s Susanoo if you also count in his perfect form. Itachi, Sasuke and Madara Susanoo all have three forms a piece. Yes, Sasuke did perfect his
    Susanoo and reach the third level. His final Susanoo form looks similar to Itachi’s perfected Susanoo. If you look closely to the fight between Itachi and Sasuke vs Kabuto, both of the Uchiha brothers only use the first two Susanoo form and both didn’t use the last form. In the fight between Madara and the kages, Madara only use two Susanoo form thus far. It should be no surprise that he can unleash his third and final form if we have already seen both Itachi and Sasuke do it.

  27. @nss7 the form u count for sasuke was an incomplete form. it was not a completed or finished form.

  28. Sasuke’s Susanoo forms
    1st- Giant skeletal structure
    2nd- shoots arrows
    3rd- ultimate shield and Amaterasu sword (once again this final form looks similar to Itachi’s perfected Susanoo)

    Back at the last fight between Sasuke and Kakashi, it said Sasuke almost completed Susanoo final form before he became blind. Now that he got the EMS and his vision back; we saw what his final Susanoo form looks like.

  29. skeletal structure is not a form of susanno. that is only a incomplete version it is not a complete nor final form. Sasuke’s 2nd and third are really the first and second. The skeletal forms r simply a way to have a constant shield but it is not a ‘complete’ form as it is often referered to as a incomplete sussano

  30. My point was that all Uchiha with the Power of MS or higher have similar Susanoo stages. Madara use part of a skeletal form and went into only a second Susanoo form. The reason why it was no surprise and obvious to many of us that Madara can use a third form of Susanoo is because Itachi and Sasuke went through similar evolution with perfecting their Susanoo so most of us should already expect that Madara was eventually going to pull out the perfect form of Susanoo sooner or later.

  31. @nss7 so ur telling me u expected a perfect form beyond itachi and sasuke?

  32. BTW this is the first time there is mention of a perfect sussanno. Unless im missing something I dont know anywhere where there is mention of a perfect sussano

  33. Sasuke completed/perfect/final/ultimate form of Susanoo. All those words have similar meaning in that it all means you reach the last and final stage/form. I said it was obvious that Madara could reach the final form of Susanoo because his Susanoo goes through the same number of
    Stages as Itachi and sasuke to reach the completed/perfect/final/ultimate form of Susanoo. I didn’t say it was beyond the form/stage of Itachi or sasuke Susanoo.

  34. Kishi used great detail in stating perfect and not complete….. and interesting aspect If u notice too is madaras sussano appears to be similar to the bros cept his mask is above his head. In manga and such there is a difference between completed and perfect….. numerous times its mentioned that sussano is complete And yet this is the first time perfect sussanno is mentioned. Also how could the other bros have the same ‘perfect’ sussano if madara used the rinnengan to get his perfect one? The fact madara used the rinnengan shows that this form is different from itatchi/sasuke and just as the rinnengan is the ultimate eye technique this sussano should be the perfect one

  35. I get that ur saying they all have three forms but madara has appeared to bring his past completed and to perfect susanno which is a step up from the brothers and if thats the case that is just plain more overkill

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