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Bleach Chapter 493: Light of Happiness

Chapter 493: Light of Happiness
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Even Allon watches in silence as Kirgie Opie activates his most powerful ability yet. We’s seen this before, used by Ishida in his Final Form but Opie’s version is something else entirely.

Everything that Opie is gets sucked in being made own by Opie. The ability is called”Skalverei”(slavery). A proper name if you ask me seeing how it is more than just taking and converting Spirit Particles. The essence of Allon is “saved” if you will turning Opie into a hybrid of Quincy-Hollow. If he could look even more horrible than he did before… he sure as hell does now. The beasts form influencing Opie himself in what looks like a physical manner. The three beasts get the hell out of dodge jumping toward the humans in an effort to hide from Opie. Muda is an optical camo system but even that is not enough to hide from Opie as even that ability get sucked into Opie. The man starts on all the people there tearing off the skin of Inoue and Chad. I wonder a bit why Opie didn’t notice them being human. It could simply be he doesn’t give a rats ass at this point seeing everybody here as hollow with the exception of Ichigo.

Good thing Ichigo is still there. out of nowhere he attacks from behind, skillfully cutting the device on his head presumably stopping Opie from getting stronger. Ichigo quickly attacks Opie in force pushing him back. I’m not quite sure but Opie seems to fear the Bankai form of Ichigo. The small hint of fear is quickly turned into anger as Opie strikes back the chapter leaving this battle leaving us wanting.

The final few pages show the King himself stepping on the frontlines easily invading SS in the same manner they did last time no doubt. Explosion rise behind the Sixth Seat soldier as he watches in horror at the King. Without the intervention of a captain class fighter they are sure to die.

The War has begun.

Soul Society have severely underestimated their enemy. I have no doubt the Quincy will push their way into the core of SS.


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  1. Perhaps Ichigo will get a Quincy mode?

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