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Bleach Chapter 492: Balancer’s Justice

Chapter 492: Balancer’s Justice
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Allon seems to have a soft spot for his masters. Kinda surprisingly for the beast. Anyhow he shows his teeth toward his target. Ichigo, Chad and Inoue are freaked out by the beast. They, of course, have never seen it before. The arracar warns Ichigo to stay clear as the beast bolts for Opie.

Opie’s eyes really freak me out. Allon lands a powerful punch right in his stomach.

The chap changes and introduces us to another member of the 13th squad. Who gives us a short history lesson. The Shinigami keep and need to keep the balance of souls in check otherwise it would destory SS and the real world.

The Quincy’s and their total destruction cause this unbalance. Shinigami have tried several to talk to the Quincy’s but to no avail. The display of arrogance by Opie confirms this. They see themselves above Quincy and the rightful protectors or the real world.

The final decision to go to war was only 200 years old.

In the meantime we see Allon go rampant on Opie punching the light from his eyes. The beast does not stop and slams the lifeless body repeatedly into the ground(Like Demon Ichigo against Ulli)

Opie is far from death stabbing Appici through the chest. Opie displays a regenerative power much like the ex-captain Tousen. Snapping his neck back in the his place.

Determined to rid this ugly beast from the surface he active the Quincy sign on his helmet. What power will he reveal to us now.

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