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One Piece Chapter 667- Alliance

What a twist of events, this chapter pumps up any One Piece fan, truthfully this chapter is what One Piece is all about. To have action, comedy and a sick twist that leaves us with many questions, theories and a strong statement from Law. An alliance between the Strawhats and the Heart Pirates.

Chopper’s Growth

This chapters answers some interesting questions that have always been in the back of my head. And it is how would the Strawhats deal with if they were in each others position. Well know we got those questions answered, it is proven that Franky cannot handle Choppers Monster point. Interesting, Chopper has been showing some more responsibility and he is becoming more and more like a Doctor, who analysis things and tries to find the best solution to the issue. In this case, he analyzed the giant kids blood,  found out whats wrong with them and decided that the best thing to do is to take down Caesar. He also has become stronger than he ever has been. From all of the weakling trio, Chopper is the most physical, in the sense that he uses hand to hand combat rather than relying on long distance attacks like Nami and Ussop.

Another interesting question is raised, how strong is Chopper compared to Luffy? This question is some what answered because Franky in Chopper’s was on a rampage and Luffy Knocked him out with one punch. Though, don’t get ahead and count out Chopper, because lets take in consideration that Franky was in Chopper’s body and he was a mindless monster on a rampage. I would bet if Chopper was in his original body he would give Luffy a much tougher fight. Nonetheless, it was hilarious seeing how Franky just straight up took the Rumble ball and just went straight into Monster Point. I think that Franky ate the Rumble ball so quick was because he was bored and just wanted to see what would happen. Another thing to note is that this is the third time Luffy had to fight one of his crew members. The first time it was against Zoro, the second was against Ussop which was one of the most heart-breaking fight to see, and now it was against Franky in Chopper’s body.

The Yeti Cool Brothers

It seems that they got their title as the Yeti Cool brothers because for one Yeti means the abdominal Snowman and the second ‘Cool’ because for the signature word of theirs. I noticed that out of the two brothers one of them is wearing a gas mask, while the other one seems more like the slim body built, but for some odd reason we have not been introduced to the faces of the yeti brothers, I do not know what the reason Oda is doing this but considering that the Yeti Cool brothers done for. One of them is smashed by a huge ice piece while the other is cut into two pieces by some one who makes a surprising entrance. In addition, it is finally revealed how Zoro, Brook and Sanji (in Nami’s body), I mentioned this before that there is no way that Zoro and Brook can be taking down so easily and it was only because the Yeti Cool brothers used gas that knocked them out. Nonetheless, the Yeti Cool brothers get the credit of taking down Zoro, Brook and Sanji down, even though they did it by trickery they still took down three of the best Strawhats.

Strawhat and Heart Pirates Alliance

Before you get to excited about this possible alliances, take a step back because it is a very unlikely possibility that Luffy will agree to this alliance. For one Luffy is not the type that thinks things through and make plans and alliance, he is more of the type that just let things happen. In a sense he is the complete opposite of Law, who is calm, collective and thinks things through. Complete opposite of each other, even their way of fighting is different. When Luffy was fighting the Cool brothers it was almost as if he was not even trying and it is interesting that Luffy has learned to prevent useless moves in his fights. Luffy fights in a comical way and never means to kill his enemy, while Law is more serious and relentless. Nonetheless I highly doubt that this alliance will happen, but I do see Luffy and Law working together, because I think that the Emperor Law wanted to put down is Big Mama. It only make sense that it is Big Mama, it cannot be Shank because Luffy would side with Shanks than be against him, it cannot be Blackbeard because it is too early for Luffy to face him. But it can be but less likely be Kaido, because he is the least known about Yonko, thought it would make more sense if it is Big Mama since Luffy already has an issue with her. Nonetheless, this new idea of Law makes the story even more epic and a great twist of events. The only to do now, is to wait for Luffy to respond.

Side Notes

  • Law shows how much trust he got in Luffy’s strength to the point that he will try to ally himself with him.
  • If this alliances happens who would be the higher up, I think it would be Luffy, but Law would be the one with the plan.
  • I found it to be hilarious how Nami kept on talking while in Franky’s body, for a moment I think she forgot where she was.
  • Sorry it took me so long to post this, but I have finally got my hands on a computer. So if I missed anything post and give us your coments.


2 Responses

  1. J man!! U managed to review it after all. Now the luffy an law alliance…..it probably is big mam or maybe kaido – I doubt its blackbeard an shanks but luffy should be wary of law – he’s a warlord now – this could all be a big plan to set up the strawhats to try an elimate some competition…
    It very well could be big mam tho – for some reason I can see luffy, law an kidd taking her in battle on sum epic shit!
    Its funny as how a captain luffy’s had to battle him crew from time to time, he’s got a good record too (he’s won 2 an drawn against zoro)! U had a chance to read that spoiler yet jdogg?? Want ur views on it man

  2. You know what, now that I think about, I’m starting to think that it’s Kaido and not Big Mam. Remember what happened to Moria, Kaidou destroyed his entire crew and then became a shichibukai as a result of that. It could be that the same thing happened to Law, but his crew was probably captured and he is now “working” for Kaidou while he has his title as a shichibukai. If you think about, Law could have struck a deal with Kaidou to become a shichibukai, so his crewmates wouldn’t be killed. Also Kidd is already retaliating against Big Mam and I don’t think that Law went the same route as Kidd did….

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