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Its Out


One Piece:http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/45623522/1



49 Responses

  1. Very exciting chapters, especially Naruto and One Piece..
    I apologize in advance if I do not get the One Piece chapter review this week, I will try my best to get out the review. But I am going to be very busy over the next two weeks, but it is very unfortunate because One Piece this week was so exciting, and I have so much to say.

    Again I am sorry in advanced if I don’t get the review out this week or next week, Any one is more than welcomed to do a review. If I don’t get one out in the next two days.

    Snake boy junior got caught nicely in the time loop! Now guys what do u prefer Izanagi or Izanami???!!!

    Thought there was no one piece let me get reading…….

  3. Yuyu hakusho anynone?
    However I dont think this will be the end of kabuto…

  4. OP is the best! TLaw and SH alliance is a nice twist…hopefully it is to take down Big Mom! :-0

  5. One piece- WTF!!!!!!!!! Luffy and Law alliance??!! Which emperor is it gonna be?!?! Imagine if its Shanks….oh the possibilities!!

  6. Lets not get ahead of our selfs with the alliance… Luffy hasn’t agreed to it yet… and I’m not so sure he will. Also like how we get a little more insight into Luffy’s improved fighting style (also LOL at Franky….)

    Naruto: …………….. Hopefully now will get to see what Itachi has to say to Sakuke. The power Itachi used was surprising but I’m much more interested in that… we all knew that Kabuto was gonna lose it was only a question of how long the fight would take.

    Bleach: Pretty impressive (but unsurprising) that the enemy wasn’t killed by Ayon (although badly beaten up by him). Also I don’t get why it was needed to restate the Shinigami/Quincy conflict… sure the newbies didn’t know about it but did we really have to take so many pages to restate what the reader already knows? (did like that guy’s answer to the “Justice” question in any event).

  7. ooooohhh this week’s OP tops for me. naruto was ok… i wanted to see naruto’s fight more than the bros….

    i think luffy won’t mind the alliance as long as it didn’t go against his principles…. and i think it’s time that TLaw return the rightful souls to their bodies…

    OP da BEST!! come on Jdogg try to make time..

  8. Hopefully the Luffy-TLaw alliance will be to take down Blackbeard. Luffy might agree to that, I think.

  9. Yeah Izanagi > Izanami. I’d rather manipulate all of reality than just my opponents.

  10. Also, Itachi should destroy his eye and regenerate a new one. It would be boss. Edo Tensei hax.

  11. i doubt they will try 2 take down blackbeard it’s 2 early for a fight against him they would just get pounded,possibly big mom i doubt shanks as well so it would be the 4th emperor that i don’t know of.

  12. Well, the Naruto chapter was pretty interesting; Izanami is boss.
    On the Bleach chapter, DAMNIT KUBO, what’s with your fetish with the worf effect (my least favorite trope)? http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheWorfEffect

  13. ok so zoro, brook an sanji-nami were taken out by that drunk gas an are catching zzzzz’s while luffy gets this offer- honestly i can only see him taking the alliance deal if the yonko is blackbeard or big mam seeing as how he has beef with them anyway. i highly doubt he’ll say yes if its kaido or shanks. Knowing luffy though he might say no all together an want to make his own way in the new world…..but then if thats the case law might not wanna let him off the island if he refuses leading to a law vs luffy showdown……….

    Bleach – was it just me or did that guy look just like aizen before he went power-mad?

  14. @tensa

    I thought the guy looked like Aizen as well, hmmmmm….. a little foreshadowing possibly. I think it would prob take Aizen, Capt. Commander( don’t think he’ll be around to many more chapters, it’s pretty inevitable, the new villan has been set up to take him out just because the capt. had a chance to defeat him 200 years ago, classic setup plot) and Ichigo to take down the new villan.

  15. I would love to see Itachi go up against BIG MAGNUM. Classic brute force and will vs inteligence and stealth. I would also like to see this to see how BIG MAGNUM would react to what the current generation of Uchiha have become. I bet he would think Sasuke follows a closer suit to the old style and classic Uchiha way than Itachi does.

  16. Also, am I the only one who feels this jutsu was kind of lame for such a big buildup. I mean he really didn’t alter the user’s destiny. He just trapped him in an infinite loop. They made it seem as if he could alter the path of Kabuto’s future destiny, like completely change his path in life, similar to Shisui’s eye, but it turned out to be a far lamer version than this. That’s like going to a restaurant and blindly ordering the best steak in the place without looking at the menu expecting to get a huge porterhouse, and then when the waiter serves you, he gives you a ground beef patty with steak sauce on it to jazz it up. *Sighs*

  17. @Uchiha
    U really think that Capt Commander will die??!! I reckon the star squad or whoever they are thats invading will have to go through kyoraku an the sick white haired guy (Cant remember his name) before that happens!

    Hmmmmmm Itachi vs BIG MAGNUM now there’s a top tier battle but i suppose BIG MAGNUM would win coz of his rinnegan then again Itachi is that smart that he could come up with a counter… Sasuke would probably get smacked around like an infant tho! The next chapter will probably flip back to the kages fight towards the end of the chapter- im expecting at least 2 of the 5 kage to die (preferably 3)

  18. @uchiha i actually prefer izanami. I find izanagi to be more or less suitable for a reckless fighter as its basically a i cant die for 1 turn card. remember the only reason danzo used it like a hack was cause he had so many sharingans. If u had 1 sharingan and could either not die for one turn or be able to control ur opponent at will, an opponent who is currently one of the top 5 ninja in the war and make them ur pet and stuck in a loop which would wear heavily on their psyche…. yea ill take izanami.

  19. @uchiha one more point. with izanami it appears that u can control them so u can eithr kill them or use them, while izanagi basically only makes the person using the jutsu harder to kill, but it doesnt make it any easier to kill the opponent.

  20. WOWOWOW so Law wants to team up with Luffy to take down a yonkou!?!?! I’m betting on everything that it’s Big Mam. I mean she is the ONLY yonkou that Luffy has openly challenged and we have yet to see that bomb that was in the treasure explode yet lol. Also remember that Kidd is already confronting Big Mam and he agreed with both Luffy/Law to meet again in the New World. I think this is where it happens.

  21. It’s either Kaido or Big Mam that Law’s talking about. I’m leaning more towards Big Mam, because as what 7warlord said, there’s more going on with her right now, but who knows… I’m pretty sure that whoever it is, that conflict will be a long time from now, because the SHs need to deal with CC right now.

  22. @ Tensa
    I think it’s a full drawn conclusion that he will. Because of the words the guy with the ears of gold told him (can’t think of his name the scientist guy). He had a chance to get rid of this guy 200 years ago but didn’t. I think that was blatant foreshadowing. Look how Dr. Gero tormented Goku his whole life, only difference is that Goku was the main charcter. Plus the guy has beeen ruling for like a 1000 years or something. Maybe Ichigo or Byakuya will be come the new Capt…….hmmmmm……..pretty interesting theory wouldn’t you say. It has already been shown that like Naruto, Ichigo is changing all the old rules and thinking of everyone he has come into contact with.

    You bring up some very valid points, but Itachi already has a jutsu similar to this with tsukuyomi(sp). Look how long he repeated the torturing of Kakashi. Plus he is skilled enough to catch Kabuto in it without him having to look into his eyes, case and point Naruto. Overall, I think this jutsu was FAR to hyped up. Don’t get me wrong it’s still a top notched jutsu, but the wow factor wasn’t there. Now if he had to have caught him in the jutsu and summoned that meteor like BIG MAGNUM did or something with some wow factor about I may have liked it a little better, lol.

  23. I’m more interested in how hhe knows and is capable of doing the genjutsu. Itachi shouldn’t be able to this….

  24. @ Darth

    Itachi may have deciphered it from the Uchiha tablet after he got the MS or even Tobi could have told him.

  25. @Uchiha
    Tsukuyomi and genjutsu are meant to knock someone out mentally and mess with their psyche to the point in which it could lead to their death. Itachi Tsukuyomi sent both sasuke and kakashi to the hospital in a coma. The leaf had to seek out a highly skilled medic like Tsunadi to get sasuke and kakashi out of the coma. however, Izanami won’t kill the opponent but controls them. That’s why Itachi had to use Izanami on kabuto instead of Tsukuyomi. You can think of Izanami as a powerful mind controlling jutsu.

  26. @nss7

    It doesn’t physcially control them. That’s why Itachi was standing in front of his body telling Sasuke that it’s over for Kabuto. It’s another form of genjutsu. Inzanagi is the only genjutsu that physically alters reality. What it is, is like a never ending form of tsukuyomi.

  27. @polytoximaniac yes yes izanami is very similar to kurama’s sinning tree.

  28. Bleach: I have the sense that rehashing the Shinigami/Quincy conflict was so they could reintroduce the concept of balancing souls between the human and spiritual worlds. I’ve already been wondering if the Shinigami are correct in their assumptions. Think of the Gillians/Adjuchas/Vasto Lorde, which are composed of 100s of souls. When a shinigami defeats them, are all of those souls freed? If not, what happens to them? What happens to souls who go to Hell? They can’t escape–how does that figure into the balance?

  29. Hey all,
    Just got sent this- interesting stuff


  30. King of lighting broke down that spoiler quite nicely:

  31. Just finished properly digesting that mountain of a spoiler and it makes sooooooooo much sense! It explains:

    1. The will of D
    2. The whole deal with the void century and the poneglyph’s (aka Robin’s dream)
    3. Why Dragon’s revolutionary army are hunting the World Government
    4. Sanji’s dream is the “All Blue” which will only happen when all 4 oceans are connected after one piece is activated
    5. Why the nobles are treated like kings and have so much power

    Oh fuck i shouldnt have read the damn spoiler lol

  32. Sounds more like speculation than spoiler and current chapters already dipeled some of content in that big “spoiler”.

    @UTI still spent explain how itachi could’ve done it. If the requirements are the same as izanagi he still shouldn’t be capable.

  33. @darth
    If someone of a non-Uchiha like danzou is capable of using izanagi than Itachi is more than capable of using both izanagi and Izanami.

  34. @nss7 I think what darthuchiha means is that izanami should require the user to possess both uchiha & senju dna to use the technique, just like izanagi does….There is a possibility that for Izanami’s case, the TARGET must possess both uchiha/senju dna, since it only affects the target. I support this theory with the fact that Kabuto did inject himself with both Sasuke’s blood and Hashirama’s dna as shown in chapter 584. I’m pretty sure I brought this topic up a while ago, but nobody bothered to care about it….

    @tensa I ain’t reading that spoiler man lol. I thought long and hard about clicking that link and then said “fuck that”. I love One Piece too much just to ruin it by knowing all the damn secrets lol. I have to ask you though, was it worth it????

  35. @7warlord,
    u know the old saying “Curiousity killed the cat…” if i was a cat i’d have lost all 9 of my lives reading that! All of it makes so much sense its unreal – its a total mind fuck!! I just can’t wait to see how oda will draw it all. The part about the void century an the revolutionary army was what got me. I’d say it was definately worth it but Oda will probably change alot of it around (especially if its true)

  36. We’ll only see Itachi and Sasuke’s conversation in the mangekoy in a flash back. Until then, Itachi will release the spell and rid the world of himself, and the other undead and leave Sasuke to kill Kabuto.

  37. Wtf happened to Bob?

  38. It would be so awesome if this Kabuto we see fighting the bros here is a snake-sage clone. This will really boost his main villain status if he can defeat Itachi here and leave psycho Sasuke a mess here. I’m hoping for this to play out, as Kabuto has what it takes to be the top dog badass in Naruto.

  39. Also, since he claims to be a dragon sage now, he, just like Sage mode Naruto should be immune to genjutsu, as was told to Naruto about sage mode from Pa toad.

  40. To narujohnny,

    I think Bob is too busy for posting. Anyone wanna step up? I’m waiting just like you all for a hero here.

  41. @Kakwai
    Kabuto sage mode doesn’t make him immune to genjutsu. In this battle he had to close his eyes to stop the uchiha’s brother genjutsu. Kabuto also went as far as destroying his own eyes to prevent the genjutsu from working. However, naruto doesn’t need to use sage mode. He can use his kyuubi mode to block out genjutsu. We seen killerbee and his eight tail beast do this against sasuke. The only thing sage mode does is that it let’s you tap into the power of nature and gives you sensory abilities like how kabuto was able to tell where the Uchiha brothers were at all times even when he destroyed his own vision.

  42. @7warlord
    It never directly said you need both Uchiha and senju DNA to use izanagi. The only thing the senju DNA does is prolong the effect of izanagi. For a person that prosess both Uchiha and senju DNA can use izanagi to last up to a minute per sharingan. For a person with just the Uchiha DNA may only last half that time. That’s why danzou combine senju DNA into him so he could boost the effect of izanagi.

  43. No new Naruto yet… ; – ;

  44. It’s out. Mangastream is too slow.


  45. According to Itachi, Izanagi has been in use by the Uchiha for a good while. So it doesn’t require Senju DNA, the Senju DNA just prolongs it/improves it.

  46. Tobi is the one who said you need Uchiha and Senju DNA to perform Inzanagi, but obviously that was a lie, it only somehow enhances it. I wonder how Senju DNA would enhance Inzanami?? Maybe it would trully make it a never ending loop without any way period of breaking the loop.

  47. a. where did tobi say that? b. Itachi’s in edo mode, so if the the effect of using it without senju blood was something like dying or losing eye sight (which may have happened to edo itachi) then edo mode might by-pass it. Or c. Itachi might just be that badass or not care about consequences d. senju-itachi theory anyone?

  48. He didn’t per say that in exact words but he hinted that in order to fully utilize it you need both genes.

  49. I think it was around the time where he faced konan

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