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Bleach Chapter 491: Toden Engel

Chapter 491: Toden Engel
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Opie had a major power boost, obviously. He seems to think the Quincy are quite the righteous people. Exterminating the Hollow and exacting revenge on the Shinigami. Ichigo needs to stay on his toes and shouldnt stay in Shikai mode for too long before he sustain serious injuries. As he gets attacked from behind he remembers a conversation of Urahara informing him the Sanrei Glove. As you all might remember it made Ishida a lot stronger but by ‘breaking’ it boosting it even more but ended sacrificing everything to win again Mayuri.

Letzter Stil – Last style (or Final Form perhaps)

Opie seems to be able to probe Ichigo’s mind almost. The glove Opie wears works differently from the one Ishida has. Now apart from the fact that he explains about the workings of his tool, it seems more interesting to know that the Ishida’s have split themselves from these Quincy here, this leaves the way open for Ryuken and Uryuu to intervine(Quincy on Quincy anybody). Opie says they were discarded as being too fragile(the loss of power when it’s broken or damaged).

Ishida Sougen(I assume Sougen was Uryuu’s grandfather). Opie’s ability is called Vollständig(Complete). Ichigo manages to throw in a lovely insult. I’m glad I am not the only one who thinks OPie looks like a clown with that hat on.

Ichigo underestimated Opie’s boost as his blade is stopped on his neck with no damage apart from his costume.

Opie’s eyes freaked me out one page 13 as he engages in holy rant. He absorbs everything in the surrounding area(like Ishida did agains Mayuri) and collects it at the tip of his sword. Not even Inoue’s Santen Kesshun is not safe. The Vollständig is truly complete compared to the old Sanrei Glove.

The religious nature of the Quincy even more evident as he unleashes everything onto Ichigo. Biskiel=Devine Justice.


BOOM!!! The demon is back. The demon that four Vice-Captain couldn’t do shit about forcing the Captain the Commander to take it down. Even Opie shows a small hint of fear as the looks upon the impressive beast. Before he can react he get a good left-hook right in the face knocking him into the ground.

Simply said Opie was careless, or Ichigo arrived just in time. The Three Beasts are alive. They will have sacrificed their arms again to call him out.