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Its Out!


One Piece:http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/10761248/1




20 Responses

  1. FIRST

  2. Damn good chapter

  3. Naruto – Meh … Uchiha fight is Zzzzz

    One Piece – Is going to be good to finally see what Luffy can do on the ground…Yeti Bros will be a good warm up for Luffy!

    Bleach – Is making up for the other 2 lacking in action! Ichigo is not even serious…but then the Tres Bestias Summoned Chopper from Punk Hazard to fight for them! Chopper makes a guest appearance! :-0

  4. Naruto – kabuto is starting to bore me with his “i need to know who iam” nonsense – snake boy junior is bitch who needs retail therapy!!
    Good job on the jutsus though – that snake imitation thing wit the sound ninja 5 was epic but NEVER imitate Orochimaru like that AGAIN stupid snake!

  5. I wanted Orochimaru to come back, but definitely not like that, and in such a lame way. Kabuto’s jutsu are pretty sick though. Catching both Uchiha with the MS in a genjutsu. How ironic. Speaking of that did anyone else notice Sasuke went back to his old MS when he played the genjutsu trick with Itachi. So for everyone who was wondering, just because you get the EMS doesn’t mean you can’t use your old MS. Only question I have is: Why is Sasuke’s eye bleeding from using amaterasu, maybe it just causes that much strain on the eye. But if that is so, wouldn’t you still go blind even though you have EMS if it is causing that much strain on the eye that it still bleeds even if you have EMS. I thought by gaining the EMS that would end the bleeding and strain, but I guess not. Maybe it just comes with the territory of using the jutsu. Strange.

  6. im tired of kabutos jutsus tbh… that whole thing with him going thru the sound 5 kind of got on my nerves. I mean use something on ur own… tired of kabuto and sasuke and edo madara using other peoples moves. Its gettin old quick. At first it was ok but now it is repetitive. was nice how itachi and sasuke broke each other out of the genjutsu and that whole last page with itachi gettin sliced…. he’s a edo lol he will come back. kabuto slashed him but didnt seal him and sides by now kabuto may be in itachis jutsu

  7. I have an idea for a group post. We’ll try to decipher the Naruto timeline. Everyone on Shannaro can participate. No idea when I’d actually get around to that though :p

  8. @UchihaTheInfamous, no his EMS was normal. When you get the EMS, your MS is essentially replaced by the EMS. The EMS in that angle was just badly drawn.

    I want to see more Bob.

  9. The fact that Sasuke did agree to the plan not kill Kabuto, shows me there is still something good inside Sasuke. I`m starting to think that he could change…..even it is just at the end of the manga

  10. @ ??? Maybe so, it was kind of not well drawn. That still doesn’t explain the bleeding. So apparently the only thing the EMS does is give you the ability to not go blind but it does not takeany physical pressure off of the eye. Still over time, all that seems like it would cause eye damage.

  11. @UchihaTheinfamous

    That makes sense though, I mean Susano’o seems to still be painful to use… so EMS doesn’t remove all of the side-effects of Mangekyo, it just prevents blindness, which is all that was promised (OK Itachi also mentioned a new eye technique, but it is hard to say if that is Rin’negan or something else).

  12. @rip, that brings up another point. I remember it mentioned, don’t remember exactly where, but it said that Susano’o uses up life energy. That theory seems to be abandoned now seeing as Sasuke should be dead by now as much as he spams it. Maybe this is part of the “disease” that killed Itachi. Obviously, he had been using his MS to much because he was going blind. So it can be inferred that he as using all 3 of the MS powers, and seeing as Itachi is a strategic fighter defense would be his first choice so he could formulate a plan. The best alleged defense is Susano’o, so maybe he had drained a lot of his life energy over time, thus causing his body and immune system to become weaker and more succeptable to diseases and infections.

  13. Wow……when’s the last time I read a bleach chaptor? I lost interest in reading the manga an I’m starting to feel that way about naruto. I’m basically only reading kenichi an one piece now.

  14. Kabuto’s doggy-style jutus seem pretty…chezzy.

  15. Does anyone else have the problem when they come the site that the blog updates are gone and say warning or something like that? I can only find the blog updates from clicking the blog link…just weird.

  16. So is there no more Bob?

  17. yeah where is bob?

  18. Naruto is out.


    Bob better be here this week.

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