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Chapter 490: March of the StarCross II

Chapter 490: March of the StarCross II
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After a one week break we receive about 16 pages of sweetness.

The order have reached the Stern-enritter (Star Night). There are to prepare at the Sun Gate. So like SS they have large ‘gates’ leading to SS and Hueco Mundo and probably the real world aswell.

They receive the order to go and we get a little peek seeing these guys from behind. One sporting a nice mohawk(probably the Zaraki type fighter).

In the meantime the battle between Opie and Ichigo is on. The first strike from Opie hitting his target head on… well, not really. Ichigo blocked his attack bare handed much to Opie’s surprise. Ichigo even goes as far as throwing it right back at him.

Ichigo is still being careful as he was still holding onto to Nell at this point. He quickly tosses the little Arrancar aside so he can move freely. He needed to because Opie took the opportunity to strike straight away again Ichigo easily counter throwing a Getsuga.

The attack Opie used is called a Heirich Pfeil. Google Translate does not know what Heirich is but the latter part is obviously arrow. So, a Heirigh Arrow.

I am surprised when Opie reveals not that he knows about Ishida. But that Ishida should be stronger than him. Opie quickly silences himself and is ready to take down Ichigo knowing basic attacks won’t do anything.

He reveals a black glove revealing the Quincy logo. An ability call “Letzt Stil”. I think it should be “Letzt Still” instead which translates to something like “Last Silence” because I don’t think “Latest Style” is the way Kubo would go.

Anyhow; A massive power surge is released revealing the probable Bankai equivalent for the Quincy. In Opie’s case his sports two wings, wierd ass boots and some fancy wristbands. The quincy logo is above his head.


Again it is something that doesn’t really translate to anything.

A little bit of comic relief as Kisuke and Pesche have already found Dondochakka. Even Kisuke is impressed by the power released by Opie.

This weeks chapter ends with the Shinigami in SS scurrying about preparing for combat but have they been able to prepare enough? I doubt it. The VandenReich will likely quickly overpower SS.

I don’t see the captains defending this early attack with success.