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Its Out! Naruto, One Piece, Bleach Chapters!

Naruto: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/21137610/1

Bleach: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/78406497/1

One Piece: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/43866909/1



14 Responses

  1. the chapters where ok but, sj will be on a two week break

  2. kuboto squeezed Orch. body in to liquid and injected himself. so sasuke will do the same with kuboto’s body when he defeat him

  3. Why do I have a feeling this flashback is serving a different purpose compared to others that we have seen? Everytime there is flashback, that means certain death for that person. I have a feeling that the reason we are seeing Kabuto’s past isn’t because he is going to die, but because of what Izanami. Izanami can change a person’s fate, so what would happen if Itachi decides to change Kabuto’s fate by never meeting Orchimaru? What if he never left Mother or the others? Kabuto’s fate, and the rest of the naruverse, would change. What an incredible power that could be.

  4. Good hypothesis NaruFan. I don’t believe Kabuto will die but instead just as you said, change his fate. Meaning it will probably lead to him voluntarily ending the edo tensi spell.

  5. Maybe he’s already caught in it, and Itachi is just waiting to change it at the point before he starts the summons, but I doubt it. Everything is going toward someone becoming the new sage, and right now Kabuto says that he is. I only think he says this because he has injected himself with all the best bloodlines, except Uchiha (did anyone else catch that, they only showed Sasuke as a reference of him cutting Orochimaru as a means of Kabuto to get his jeans. But right now Naruto and Sasuke are the closest to the sage, by them being almost identical copies of each son. One eyes the other body. Truthfully BIG MAGNUM would be if he wasn’t technically dead, lol, because he has both sets of genes in one body.

  6. Genes*

  7. Anyone else getting a message that this site isn’t one your computer wants you at? Like it says it has malware and stuff like that on it? Mine keeps warning me before I get on.

  8. same here firefist idk why.

  9. think if he never met snakeman not only does kabutos fate change but so does sasukes and itachis. Orchi probably have never went to pain and them. Sasuke wouldn’t have sought him out. The whole war would be different, probably never happen. I know Tobi was planning on going to with just the zetsu clones but the war would have ended quickly. With all the info he had on all those villages he spied on it changed a lot. If he never left mother konoha wouldn’t have that info neither would danzo. You never know what things would change by changing his fate. He will have to see where this is going. I see naruto getting really good on the coming weeks. Can’t wait

  10. The examples yall given are kinda the extreme form. Even if itachi is dead there are still limits to his abilites. To alter one’s past present and/or future is something i dont think even BIG MAGUM with his new power could achieve. However, like NARUfan said itachi could use it to alter kabuto’s mind to a point he never met orochimaru. Two things though: 1) IT would only effect kabuto. Everything he did and the events up to that point still happened, and 2) Nearly all of his skills were developed while he was with orochimaru, its a possibility that he would forget how to maintain his sage mode, and even how to dispel the zombie, which is the whole point of this fight.

  11. when I said one, i meant the victim(kabuto) an everyone that kabuto had some impact on in their lives.

  12. Naruto Shippuden Movie 5: Blood prison (English sub!!!)


  13. Naruto OVA 9: A Chunin Exam of Flames! Naruto vs. Konohamaru!! [HQ] (English sub!!!)


  14. This whole golden messed me up, didn’t even know the chapters were out last saturday! Anyway I agree with darth – itachi’s izanami will only effect kabuto, most probably just his state of mind probably to the point before he met the sage snake an finished knowing how to start an stop edo tensei……(The doubt the jutsu would be able to effect his physical form so he’ll probably still be sage snake boy junior but won’t remember how to use sage techs).
    Potential spoiler alert: I heard a rumour that with the 5 kages vs BIG MAGMUM fight in order for the kages to defeat the clones everyone has a 2nd form so raikage has a 2nd lighting armour form, gaara goes back to madman mode (remember when he was a nutter fighting rock lee, sasuke an naruto in the old days), mizukage has a special eye behind that hair, tsunade has slug mode an oonoki has a secret rock golem tech.

    One piece – so we got crackhead babies and the eighty cool brothers?!! From the shadows they look like swordsmen…..can see zoro an brook vs these two, while sanji looks for samurai head! Franky was thee guy in this chapter!

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