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Bleach Chapter 489: March of the StarCross

Chapter 489: March of the StarCross
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For the first time we see Rukia in her element as an LT, loitering around in the LT-Lounge. Kira expresses great concern about the dissapearance of many citizen of Rukongai. With the power of deduction her arrives at a possible conclusion. Shinigami are the most probably people who left those footsteps. His suspicion is the 12th squad captain Mayuri.

Back to Hueco Mundo. Opie seems somewhat intrigued find Nell riding on Ichigo’s back. Ofcourse Opie already knows about Ichigo. The power Ichigo displayed in the fight against Aizen made the King realize Ichigo is a danger and should be dealt with as soon as possible. This is exactly what Opie does and let’s his man charge him.

Ichigo now realize their movements are the same as Ishida’s and his early suspicions seems fact for him as well. They are Quincy. Opie indulges his question pulling out his blade and answering his question.

The scene switches back to wherever the VandenReich are located. They speak in German further acknowledgement that they are Quincy. the King receives the report about Ichigo’s arrival in Hueco Mundo and the fact that Kirge Opie has engaged in battle.

The King smiles. He wonders why Ichigo would go the Hueco Mundo(guess they don’t know him that well) but takes the opportunity with him out-of-the-way for now. It seems the King somewhat fears Ichigo’s fighting capabilities. A new group of elites is called upon. The ‘Stern Ritter'(Star Knights). There is no doubt in my mind these guys are the equivalants of the LT’s and Captain level fighters. The VanderReich are already going not waiting for their 5-day announcement.

The March of the StarCross has begun.

This weeks chapter ends in a backroom of SS. It seems Yamamoto realized the same thing as Lt. Kira did. Mayuri does not hide the truth of his actions. The VanderReich had forced this act. Mayuri is responsible for the death of 28000 citizens in order to correct the balance of souls.

Yamamoto shifts the blame on the long response time of the research department. Mayuri immediately corrects his judgement. Mayuri had seen this coming ever since Ishida arrived. pointing to a mistake the Captain Commander has made over a 1000 years ago. He failed to kill the King. Making his Majesty the true King of the Quincy having been their leader for over 1000 years.

One interesting thing still lingers in my mind. Does Ishida Ryuken know about the King. What will he do when he does and more importantly… what will Ishida do.


3 Responses

  1. Now bleach is finally getting interesting..cant wait to see the climax of this war 🙂

  2. Nice review Bleach sure is getting interesting looking forward to the next chapter.

  3. I really want to see Ichigo going into battle. I wonder if his Hollow will awake again spending time again in Hueco Mundo.

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