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One Piece Chapter 664- WMD

I cannot believe that Oda now has incorporated the idea of Weapons of Mass Destruction. It just amazes me how Oda has Incorporated recent events and issues in our world(the real one). Well, WMD in One Piece is not the only manga that incorporated WMD in its plot. Remember in the Naruto series when Pain(aka Badazz), was going about his idea of creating a jutsu similar to a nuke.

Smoker is Tashigi and Tashigi is Smoker

I personally did not think of Smoker and Tashigi to be major characters for this arc, because they are beaten and have a huge handicap. But my question is the total limit of Law “Shambles” ability, for one does it just change the persons personality or is the whole person switched. Like in the case of Smoker and Tashigi, when Smoker was switched into Tashigi’s body does it mean that he still has his logia ability, or does the ability only stays with the original body. Now if you realize that Tashigi has become very busty, but it could be because before the time skip Tashigi always wore a coat which hide her features; however, now she wears a button up shirt that does show her features. And Smoker just unbutton that shirt which I thought to be hilarious because first Smoker is in Tashigi’s body and the way he carries himself is in a very laid back manly manner.

Caesar Clown

So we learn more about this clown: Now we know that he is as crazy as I have being saying and its conformed my theory of him having a grudge against Vegapunk. In my opinion CC could of being one  of the most influential person in One Piece because he could save all the poor and become a symbol of good. He would become the Yang to Vegapunks Yin. But what he decides to do? To be even worst than Vegapunk. That poor centaur who thought the world of CC, and the way CC treats his subordinates is despicable.

To me CC is the perfect candidate to be the main villain in this arc, because for two reasons: One is the fact is that he is the mad scientist and two he has one sadistic personality. But we do not know the full extant of CC’s battle ability. Though we do know a few things about his thinking. For one, he never considers an experiment a failure, as he thought that the gas bomb that exploded on the island four years ago was a huge success. Also, he has a calm way of think because he has been staying low this how time, scheming his ultimate plan. We also know that he has some sort of connection to  someone, who is at a high ranking in the Marines or maybe the government because CC had to get permission to take out the Strawhats, GF and will-o-the-wispkinemon. I cannot tell what that last part he referred to. What I noticed is that the gas that made that Centaur go crazy has a very similar attributes to the poison gas that was used in by Scarecrow in the Dark Knight movie. That it makes the person who inhaled it imagine their wildest nightmares.

It is also hinted at his true ability other than his mad ingenious mind, it is his Devil Fruit ability of Gas-Gas Fruit. Which gave him the ability to be the element of Gas. His ability is very similar to former Chief Warden Magellen, in ways that they both work in poisoning their victims. In the case of CC, he is able to influence the surrounding gas, and neutralizes the gas, like he did with Punk Hazards. CC also has a very high bounty of 300,000,000 beli, hinting that he is a very powerful person. For some reason I do not take CC as the fighter, in my opinion he is more of a schemer who plans things from the back, sort of like a king in chest. But I have a feeling that Franky will become a big character in this arc, since it involves Vegapunk and it would also be interesting to see someone other than Luffy fight a Logia user.

The worst Generation

It is very fitting to call Luffys generation the worst of Pirate generations because they are the type that seem to be the most rebellious. Well for awhile a lot of people were debating on the status the 11 Supernovas. Now we know that each one of them has made a name for themselves in the New World. Especially Kid, Law, Drake and Hawkins. Kid can go against three ships of a Emperor, Law is a Shibiakai, but we still need to know what happened to Drake and Hawkins and the other supernovas, other than that they are strong and going crazy in the New World. The only ones that are missing is Luffy and his crew to join the other Supernovas in making a name for themselves and Caesar Clown is one of the first to fall under their hand.

Side Note:

  • Something is very fishy going on. I agree with Smoker, this mystery needs to be solved, but I don’t think that Smoker will like what he will find out.
  • I cannot wait to see how that Tenryuubito’s reaction to finding out that the Strawhats ate the dragon.
  • I like the way Smoker thinks on the issue of always speaking your mind even if people will make fun or think of you differently.
  • Ussop is one smart guy to put pictures on the forhead of the Strawhats that got their bodies switch, for awhile I forgot that they did.
  • Brownbeard story was touching but he said that 2 of the 3 laboratory were destroyed. So whats in the third laboratory.
  • I was on perfect point about CC trying to prove to everyone that he is the #1 scientist and about Law helping those Centaurs become Centaurs.


11 Responses

  1. keep it up Jdogg – liking these early reviews. thanks

  2. T-Law wants his Bear back! Gasy Boy may have his crew captive and making T-Law do his henchman work!
    They are going to be surprised at how strong the SH crew is! Luffy should be a 600mil bounty and everyone in his crew should be double their bounty too!

  3. Jdogg, thanks for answering my question on the its out section this week on when did tashigi grow boobs – seriously the girl has got 2 weapons of mass destruction right there below her neck! I think she’s bigger than Nami – Robin and Hancock still have the largest set though haha
    I’m loving the front cover artwork – the strawhats with guns look real badass- im still waiting for Oda to include guns into Usopps arsenal. Ussop with guns and plants = total sogeking!

    I think that Law’s ability wont allow skills to transfer between bodies so nami for example in franky’s body is gonna have to learn how to use franky’s gadgets and franky in choppers body is gonna have to learn how to use all his points (guard point, jumping point, scope etc….). It’d make for an interesting fight against the enemy. I expect the strawhats bounties to go up after this arc aswell – the Tenryuubito will probably be extra pissed at Zoro for chopping the dragon’s head clean off!

    Now CC aka Gas man….poor brownbeard he’s been brainwashed by a madman! More importantly though Basil Hawkins took out his legs before he even settled in the new world. If he did that what is killer up too? and what happened to bonney?! The worst generation seem like the most troublesome bunch in one piece who simply dont care an will do whatever they want whenever they want. I imagine the gas gas fruit to be quiet deadly but i reckon Ussops plants could be important in the fight aswell as choppers medical skills also luffy should be able to fight him as he should be immune to poisonous substances thanks to hormone injections from Ivankov an can land a solid blow with haki, maybe smoker would be able to do something with his ability too. Franky might have some sort of gadget to do the job but not too sure what it could be!

    P.S i reckon Coby is now an admiral and took over from Aokiji – i was rewatching the whitebeard war an coby got a massive haki upgrade then – it just makes sense! Maybe Helmeppo has stepped up too…

  4. Guys what if CC aka Gas man doesnt have a poison gas ability but is a hallucinogenic gas Logia…….imagine how dangerous this could be – it could be one massive mind fuck! He could make Luffy hallucinate about Ace’s death, Zoro about Kuina’s death, Chopper about the quack doctor (i forgot his name), Robin about her mum and clan, Nami about Arlong, Brook about his captain, Franky about Tom-san (i dont think ussop and sanji have any emotional connections) It could be one big nightmare and once you lock down the mind, the body is useless

  5. what if law is as bad as people thought…… what if he sent the hearts of his crew to the marines??????

  6. hopefully we get to see some new powers from the straw hat crew

  7. Jdogg the straw-hats have got a name for themselfs lol, I’m still trying to think of some benifit law will get out of teaming up with this guy? Maybe you guys are right about his crew being held captive but then again i dont really think this gas guy could even handle law plus his entire crew :/

  8. Excellent pic of Boa…

  9. Lol who the hell is will-o-the-wispkinemon? I can’t even pronounce that lol. My guess is that its another samurai, possibly with a weird DF because of his weird name lol.

    Also about this theory about Gassy man using Law’s crew as hostage…perhaps… but I don’t think Law is the kind of character that can be used so easily. He is a cunning bastard after all. But if that is true, then Gassy man will eventually make Law fight Luffy, something that I wouldn’t mind seeing.

  10. @7warlord

    Wispkinemon sounds like some midget creature, its probably a crazy samurai tho. Gas man sounds like very manipulative guy from what we know so he could have law by the short an curlys!
    Maybe towards the end of the arc Luffy vs Law might happen – I’d rather see Zoro vs Law in clash of swords tbh but then again this is Oda we’re talking about for all we know Big Mam could pull a Kuma an pop up right after Gas man gets a Jet Bullet to his jaw!
    Where the heck is Caribou aka Muddy Dreadlocks?!?!

  11. Big Mam showing up would be a real crap your pants moment. But yea i see luffy either Defeating the schibukai (law) or law asking luffy for help.

    The post about Usop using guns probably will happen when the crew meet Shanks crew and everyone gets even stronger.

    Im loving One piece right now oda could do anything.

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