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Naruto: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/62017836/1

One Piece: http://xreader.net/manga/one%20piece/chapter%20664/1

Bleach: http://xreader.net/manga/bleach/chapter%20489/1

MANGASTREAM IS BACK, well so far its just Naruto but its back….ohh man I am so excited, best translators are back…YESSSSSSS,

PS. Thank You, xreader.net and Panda translators for trying to be like Mangastream. Best websites to read mangas, Mangastream and Xreader.


19 Responses

  1. looks like there will be a few more chapters to Kabutos history……..DAMMIT, at least another 2 weeks till we get back to the battle, he better have an epic death with this long of a flashback

  2. Why does Kabuto need to die? He needs to live because he is one of the main villians right now. But I think Kishi should keep him alive, so the myth of a flashback depicts a death can forever solved.

  3. Naruto – that flashback really didnt need to take up the whole chapter but Danzo looked badass and Orochimaru was a treat to see, the guy just popped up out the water like “surprise bitchhhhhhhh!!”

    One piece- When the **** did Tashigi grow boobs??!! I was like “damnnnnnn!!!!” I bet u Zoro’s gonna have a nose bleed when they see each other properly! Then again she might faint when she see’s those Marimo muscles! So CC is ate the gas gas fruit….im tryna think which strawhat can handle that ability?? Then again maybe smoker can counter it?!

  4. Oh i forgot bleach – Its getting a little tense mayuri dont feel no way to tell old man yama “You fucked up, i warned ur arse this could happen, u should have burnt that quincy years ago an made kebabs but noooooo now look at the mess we’re in!!”

  5. Thank the country of Bulgaria for bring back Mangastream. Yipppyyy

  6. wait…. I thought mangastream got told by a company that they had to stop…..what has changed? (I’d for them to be digging there grave my ignoring them.)

  7. (edit for last post: (I’d hate for them…ect) for whatever reason I forgot to type the word hate)
    as for what happened in each chapter….

    Naruto: just standard flashback chapter.

    One piece: lol at “the worse generation” that suits all of them soooo much. Also it looks like that clown is the main antagonist for this arc.

    Bleach: It looks like this Quicy group seems to semi fear our main hero… seeing as he’s very eager to attack SS while he knows he won’t be there to help them.

  8. @ Tensa i think luffy would be the best to counter it just in case the gas gas fruit is similar to poison then he should be immune to most because of the time in impel down if not him then i would say franky or smoker

  9. All we see here is that oro was behind the whole thing. danzo is still a douche. and oro and danzo worked togethet for a period of time. this weeks chapter space is almost compketly wasted.

  10. It is good to see a little background story with how Oro worked with Danzo. I rather get insight on the past of these dead and soon to be dead characters than see a boring Uchiha fight! LoL Until they start using some sick new jutsus or it may go down as the worst fight of the war!

  11. Cool to see Orochimaru was a part of root. One more reason he’s the best overall shinobi in the manga, lol.

  12. FYI,
    ufc 145 jones vs evans is free on http://www.mma-core.com

  13. Also, the post fight interview can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=HVJW1Mu1p8k

  14. sorry..previous link was more of a highlight..check outhttp://www.mma-core.com/videos/interviews/UFC_145_Video_Jon_Jones_Talks_Victory_Over_Rashad_Evans_Read/10028715

  15. is the new chapter on break this week?

  16. I think it’s golden week in Japan, so yea there probably won’t be any big releases until next week.

  17. It’s in Japanese only…but it’s here (as much anime y’all watch It shouldn’t be a problem)

  18. did the girl shinobi from the movie have the rinnegan ?

  19. oh yeah, its out early http://www.mangastream.com

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