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Bleach Chapter 488: Bond Behind Blast

Chapter 488: Bond Behind Blast
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Two of the three musketeers are enjoying a nice little argument. Sun Sun take the opportunity to take a stand before the captain, which of course pisses off the two monkies behind her.

Ichigo continues to make a speed advance to the noise. Nell had hidden herself offering some intel on the ‘Tres Bestia’. Ichigo actually never met these three at all. As these girls made their appearance early in the battle of Karakura.

Little Nell describes their personality with some small matter of exaggeration. The VanderREich captain stands and watches as the Tres Bestia cut and slice their way through all the small fry. He event cuts one of his own when the frightened soldier suggested retreat. So a friendly work condition. Fight or die cause if you retreat you die aswell.

Captain Opie actually wants to recruit the girls. Have a little bit of respect toward their combat strength. THe Beasts have no interest in this proposal loyal to Harribel alone.

The chapter switches back to SS. Akon have made his report. Mayuri finally reveals the Vanderreich to be Quincy. Something that I thought they were from the start with the cross but with the enemies shown I soon wasnt sure about what is what anymore. Glad to have still cleared up.

Yamamoto interrupts him. His mind focussed on revenge no doubt. He has but one simple question of Mayuri but the 12th squad captain cannot answer him. The location of their HQ is still unknown. Yamamoto wastes no time ordering the SS captains to prepare for full on war.

Ichigo finally makes it to the combat area. We see the residue of Opie’s blade dissolving with the (presumed) dead beasts. Opie is really having a field day here. Taking out arrancar and now suddenly facing our Substitute Shinigami.

Oh boy… 😀


9 Responses

  1. That they were Quincy was frankly obvious from the very beginning of the arc, when Mayuri said something about the only people able to erase Hollows from existence altogether…

  2. too bad for the cap, ichigo will wipe the floor with him. anyone else seeing ishida and his dad joining ichigo and co?

  3. Nice review

    Quincy ha will be interesting to see how they survived.

  4. i really dig this captain opie’s style..his cool and collected, and quite strong too. cant wait for his fight with ichi. nell and ichi remind me of kenpachi and that little girl who is always over his shoulder. i find it strange, and a bit stupid, that these guys declared war on soul society while they are still recruiting. they seem terribly unprepared for this war!!

  5. This is going to be bullshit if ichigo does not beat his ass in one or two moves. You cannot tell me that this guy is anywhere near as powerful as Ulquiorra or even Grimmjaw

  6. I’m looking forward for the appearance of Grimmjow. Ichigo will likely be a bit shocked in seeing him, but I think everything will be fine. This next chapter looks promising for a good fight between the captain and Ichigo.

  7. @sirchris
    Chances are this guy is stronger than both Ulquiorra nd grimmijaw put together. Not really saying much though, cause at this point ichigo can beat them both with just a slice of his sword in shikai mode.

  8. I still don’t quite get it, how strong is Ichigo right now. Is he as strong as he was when he trolled Aizen (Not final Getsuga mode) or is he only as strong as he was before training in the hyperbolic time chamber?
    If it is the former, then yeah he can wipe the floor with anyone, including Grimjaw and Ulquiorra at the same time. But if it is the later, then he would still struggle to defeat an Ulquiorra level opponent. He has not really been tested since regaining his powers so it is up to debate. I personally think and hope it is the Aizen trolling level that he is at right now. This ichigo ->http://i2.ytimg.com/vi/U4qKWXDBpT4/hqdefault.jpg

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