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Naruto Chapter 582 – The Boy With Nothing

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

This chapter wasn’t quite what I had expected, and it’s probably the same for other readers. Wwe we’re all on the edge of our seats waiting to see what Izanami is, only to have an anti-climax instead this chapter with a story about how Kabuto got his glasses…. It is kind of Kishi’s style to do this as he often skips around to different stories within a single chapter but I’d rather have had Kabuto have his flashback just prior to his death, having it here just slows things down.

I think most of us long-time Naruto readers should recognize what a flashback typically signifies in this manga. Not that Kabuto’s death was not inevitable, but the lengthy flashback pretty much hammers the nails in his coffin. Kabuto was also extremely cocky and arrogant throughout this whole encounter, and generally those types are doomed to be defeated since this manga is all about the triumph of the underdogs over the elitists. Kabuto definitely has demonstrated his arrogance isn’t just unfounded bravado, he has the techniques and tactics to pull off all his boasts. If it had only been Sasuke or Itachi alone that came to fight him, this battle could have gone in Kabuto’s favor (especially against Sasuke, who is behaving like a noob this fight ). But when he saw that both Itachi and Sasuke had arrived, I think Kabuto should have re-evaluated the situation to either withdrawal or feint a retreat to separate the brothers somehow. Many times in this fight so far, Kabuto had the opportunity to incapacitate one of the brothers, but could not maintain that hold due to the interference of the other. And now Kabuto is resorting to using offensive jutsus to take both brothers down together and laughing off Izanami like it won’t affect him, and that will be his downfall.

Kabuto’s flashback was somewhat interesting, but overall I felt it was out of place in the middle of the fight. Now we know that Kabuto’s name derived from the helmet he was given as an orphan and where his glasses came from… all interesting information but they have very little relevance to what is happening currently. It seemed like an excessively long flashback just to relay to the readers that Kabuto had nothing as a youth and that is why he is striving to become a megalomaniac. The detail which Kishi is putting into this flashback makes me think he’s planning on expanding on Kabuto’s backstory in the next chapter as well. Maybe we’ll learn a bit about how Kabuto was recruited to be a spy for the Leaf or how he became Orochimaru’s lackey. In the end, it will all just be filler unless Kishi somehow links it to the current events somehow.

So next chapter will either be more Kabuto flashback or (hopefully) the reveal of Itachi’s Izanami technique. I feel that Izanami is going to play a major role in the entire war. Itachi will most likely have to sacrifice himself or his eyes to pull it off to defeat Kabuto, which will probably inspire Sasuke to reconsider the path he has taken and maybe use the Izanami technique to help out the good side in this war. Also, because Izanami is a reality altering technique and vaguely mentioned to have the ability to decide one’s fate, perhaps Itachi will use it to alter Sasuke’s fate so that he won’t continue his one-man suicide march to kill all of Konoha.


13 Responses

  1. nice sum up.i think next chapter will be more of the same,most likely showing how kabuto came to orochimaru. but we’ll see

  2. well the fact that itachi is a resurrection should mean he get’s his eye’s back if thats the result of cost of using Izanami, since everything should heal after a period of time….Good review but quite frankly ur slipping with the punctuality and it’s not good for the site.

  3. @legendarykid

    Izanagi and Izanami are sealing techniques against the user, so just like if Itachi were to use the Dead Demon Consuming Seal and he would lose his life (hmm, how would that work if he’s already dead… strange idea), he would lose his eyes for good. They are sealed away.

    I would also like to say that Izanagi and Izanami were likely Uchiha only techniques (i.e. you didn’t need any Senju DNA to use them) but the Senju DNA made it so that the technique was more controllable or lasted longer, ESPECIALLY for a non-Uchiha trying to use it. Tobi is still a big puzzle for us all. Perhaps he is the real deal while Zetsu was the Beta Test, so he just so happens to be half Senju and half Uchiha.

    Besides, I am also positive that 99.99% of what Tobi says is what Madara told him, so who knows how truthful all that is.

  4. im pretty sure that kabuto was a lackey of sasoris before orochimarus. as for the flashback, we have never seen what made kabuto into who he is now. which village he has an allegiance with, if any. the guy is a complete fricking mystery. these flashbacks because there will be more will push him to either win the battle or at least survive it.

  5. btw read something interesting regarding mangastream scans; http://twitter.com/#!/mangastream/status/191476465420873728/photo/1

  6. @ripcord
    How do you know that Izanami is a sealing technique?
    We haven´t seen that technique yet..

  7. We can´t that it´s 100% shure that Itachi will loose he´s eyes with this technique ( although it is certainly so ).. But can´t be shure that he will

  8. I honestly believe that Tobi is the Sage of Six Paths.

  9. @token We have to send a thank you card to Bulgaria.

  10. @seda

    Izanagi is a sealing technique, at least how it affects the one that uses it, and since Izanami is paired with it, it has to have the same effect on the user.

    This is why I find EMS so strange: powerful techniques should have a drawback. Sage Mode has risks, normal MS has risks, the 8-gates have risks, shoot – even Kiba’s ican’trememberwhatitisreallycalleddoubleheadedwolfthatheusedagainstSakonandUkon technique has risks.

    This is also what makes Edo Tensei so hack… it apparently has no risks. Yes yes, Itachi said he is the weakness, but he didn’t mean for that to happen. In some sense, you could say if Itachi’s plan hadn’t gotten messed up, the alliance would be dead since they don’t have a counter to Madara. I doubt even EMS Sasuke could stand up to the hax Madara.

    Well, new chapter on Wednesday. I can’t wait… unless it’s more flashback…

  11. I thought the drawback was the zombies wouldnt be as strong as they were when they were alive, but I guess in this war that theory kicked the bucket. I guess like some techinques, the drawback occures during or before the actual move, not after.

  12. @darthuchiha i hate to say it but thats just kishi making mistakes as the author, hax madara still praises the 1st hokage but yet when the first got brought back he wasnt really impressive

  13. @minato i agree. The first when we saw him as a edo was less than impressive while this madara claims that the first was his only equal and in fact kabuto and them claim the first was legendary and that he had no equal… which is weird since this madara is only op cause of his enhancements and the first was vastly unimpressive. Now it could be said that oro didnt kno how to use the first right but that goes out the window cause oro put the seals in them to restrict their emotions and go on their own… so the first was using jutsu he knew without holding back. THis whole edo thing is too up and down and so inaccurate i just dont bother anymore. Imo the third and fourth still rocked over the first but hey according to kishi now thats not the case

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