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One Piece Chapter 663- Ceasers Clown

The meeting we have been all waiting for. Nonetheless it was nice to  see Law not attack Luffy, but today was too much information that I will try my best to condense as much as I can, so lets get on with this weeks hilarious chapter.

The Reunion

Just as I expected Luffy happy to see Law while Law keeps his calm cool self. Luffy shows that he never forgets his debt, showing some mature. Luffy is still the goofiest character but he shows his honor and pride that he will always pay back those that help him. It is nice to see a serious side of Luffy, the only time we ever see Luffy serious is when some one hurts his friends. But now we see that he has matured and can hold a straight conservation but still retains his childish behavior. If you think about it Luffy and Law’s personalities are the complete opposite. Law is the serious calm cool type, while Luffy is the goofy hothead type, but I can see that Law and Luffy will have a strong relationship in the future.

100 Pirate Hearts

The saying that Law sent a 100 pirate hearts to the marines is literally that . I can see now how Law achieved this goal, at the same time I am changing my view of him. Because at first I thought Law actually killed the pirates and ripped out their hearts like some psychopath. Now I see that he just used his Devil Fruit ability to accomplish this feat, and it does not kill the victim but puts them in a unconscious state. Like I said last time when he attacked Tashigi, he tries to warn her of trying to attack him, it gives me the hint that Law does not want to fight and just wants to go about his business.  However, I still think that what he is trying to accomplish is very fishy.

The “Shambles” ability is the same as Moria where Moria can put one persons shadow into another person, well Law’s Shambles is the same concept, except he changes the persons heart. And he exchanges Smokers with Tashigi’s heart, which I am against , an attractive lady like Tashigi smoking a big cigar and having Smokers personality is yokey. Interestingly Zoro notices what Law does and questions the ability, maybe this is  a hint that there might be a future fight between Law and Zoro. What do you guys think Law or Zoro?

The Man all Men Envy

I do not know about you guys, but I laughed my azz of from the way Sanji reacted to being in Nami’s body. I knew how he was going to react but it was still as funny and even funnier. I am going to see a lot of people commenting on how Sanji is a pervert, but ask your self this, if your a guy and were in Sanji’s position what would you have done. It was also funny to see how each person was acting like the exact opposite of what the actually person regularly acts. Sanji in Nami’s body doing provocative things, Chopper acting like a nice guy, plus the kids commented on how Sanji (actually Chopper in Sanji’s body) acting nice was disturbing. Nami in Franky’s body with a buttoned up shirt and a hot-head. I wonder if they will stay in the condition they are in and if they might have to actually fight in this condition.

The Samurai Sorcerer

And I thought being a samurai was badazz enough but now he is a Devil Fruit user who can do sorcery, his Devil fruit ability reminds me of the Full Metal Alchemist series, where in that series the Alchemist must sacrifice something in order for them to do their alchemy. This same ability of the Samurai where he has to sacrifice something in order to create something. I have high hopes for the samurai as a character, but we still need to see him get his whole body back. But I hope he joins the Strawhats or at least lead them to his home town which is the Island of Wano. Zoro can defiantly get some training done in the home country of the Samurai. Like  Ussop summarized what was going on I will do the same. So far we have the samurai trying to get his body and son back, the giant kids want to go back home, Nami, Sanji, Chopper and Franky need to get their original hearts back and now we know about this CC.

Cesare Clown

Just like I have said before, this Cesare Clown is the insane scientist behind the curtains. So what do we know about him? Well we know that he is a mad scientist, former colleague of Vegapunk and former bounty hunter. This leads me to think that CC (Cesare clown) has a vendetta against Vegapunk, because he wants to prove to the world that he is the better scientist. For one he was a former colleague of Vegapunk so I am assuming something happened that made him separate from Vegapunk. Second CC is in the abandoned facility of Vegapunks, so my theory is that CC is trying all these crazy experiments so he can prove that he is the top scientist. CC was a former bounty hunter makes me think that he is one powerful man, maybe the next main villain for the Strawhat Pirates.

Side Notes:

  • Ussop and Brook waiting for Sanji to do what he did was funny.
  • Sanji has finally got his dream. This incident could possibly be the funniest incident in One Piece.
  • Brook might be an airhead, for he did not realize that the torso he was fighting belonged to the samurai.
  • The connection with the giant children is mysterious and I am waiting to see how they are connected to the story.


23 Responses

  1. jdog, i remember when u first started doing ur reviews for this site and i told u that i would comment and read every week. dude, u rock, u are always on time, punctual, and ur reviews are very insightful. keep up the good work.
    now for the chapter, when i hear clown, i always go back and remember when buggy got that floating bat with the letter attached to it.
    looking at how the strawhat’s devil friut users have tripled their strength and showed new evolutions of their abilities: brook’s freezing and soul posessions, robin’s clones and giant arms and feet, and luffy’s elephant gattling, and not having the side effect of going small after third gear, i get the feeling that other pirates would have had to evolve in order to survive in the new world. but buggy does have a pretty impressive history, rogers crew, shanks somewhat brother, friends with luffy, using any and every trick to escape impel down. i wouldn’t be surprised if c.c. was buggy. if c.c were really a dreadful and menacing figure as described by smoker, then he wouldn’t have did that comedic spitting out his wine at the mention of the strawhats on the island. just a thought, and buggy is all about the treasure and doing anything to get it.
    but i also thought it was kind of intriguing to see law’s response when luffy asked about the bebop the polar bear… keep ur the good work..

  2. @just passing, I appraciate your prassing and thank you. I try to do my best. But I like your idea of Buggy being CC, it does make sense with the clown name in CC. But CC is a mad scientist and Buggy, well Buggy is not that bright but is not stupied, but does not have the scientist mind.

  3. i thought that at first too, but shanks highly respects him like a brother, in the flashback he tricked the crew into believeing he had eaten the devil fruit, and didn’t. he was so mad that shanks made it so that he couldn’t swim anymore. i look at buggy like i look at goku, he’s goofy until its time to get down. remember, either u guys want to believe it or not, he used luffy to escape impel down, HE GOT OUT. doesn’t matter how, but he did, then played and twisted the events of the war so it would look like he was doing a lot of fighting, when he hardly did anything, but even listening to his past in the funny manner in which it was presented, buggy is a bad ass pirate to have survive rogers crew, even though he doesn’t use swords, he can use knives, and to me that makes him more deadly. he’s a knife man that can’t be cut. its just his attitude and behavior that ppl judge him. mihawk, nor zorro, nor daz bones can cut buggy. but if c.c isn’t buggy, when buggy does show up, its gonna be funny and epic. food for thought.

  4. I agree with with the first comment….Other writers need to take a page out your book and start doing there reviews more early because if it’s let late it then becomes pointless….Good review and i for one think he would make a good addiction to the strawhats solely cause of his devil fruit..anyways i think this chapter was a let down but im glad it went the way it did.

  5. I think CC is not buggy nor Hawkins but a new char that we will know in the next few chapters…I am relief Luffy and Law did not fight because I want them to be friends not enemy 🙂 ….. I hope Sanji did worst by peeping boobsie of Nami wahahaha its epic………

  6. @Jogg great review I’m a great follower of your review in One Piece 🙂 Cheers for that…….

  7. @Jdogg your reviews are always on point. I really doubt that I can do it because One Piece can have so much going on in a single chapter. And you always find a way to connect things together that I never thought of, such as now when you compared Law’s Shambles to Moria’s shadow technique, I couldn’t have put that any better. A top-notch manga deserves a top-notch review and only the truest of true fans of the series do that EVERY week.

  8. @Jdogg yea man to be honest it was your reviews that brought me to Shannaro and I’m pretty sure that it’s the same with other people as well. I say this because I have tend to have noticed that they ONLY post in your One Piece sections. That alone says alot.

  9. @Jdogg, u already know we’re ur nakama right lol I look forward to ur review every week an ur on point everything – keep writing an we’ll keep posting!
    Now luffy an laws reunion was nice but luffy clearly touched a nerve when he asked where bepo was…..that one line made me think maybe somethin happened to law’s crew which has put him into the situation to A. Become a warlord (as we still don’t know his reasons for joining) and B. Work for or alongside CC. Zoro did notice wat law did but a law vs zoro fight would be interesting – if zoro can catch him with shishi sonson or asura its all over but at this moment in time I don’t know how he could touch law an get around his ability- if law uses “mes” an removes zoro’s heart he’s finished! It all comes down to range when fighting against law who can fight close an long range!
    I don’t think Buggy is CC – there’s more than 1 crazy clown out there an CC has horns an is a mad scientist whereas Buggy is just generally mad! I agree with jdogg that CC is vegapunk’s rival an is probably pissed off that vegapunk is the top dog of science! Buggy is a cool character who has history with the pirate king an shanks but him alone isn’t much of a threat to anyone unless he’s greatly improved!
    The samurai’s ability seems fresh an exciting – sorcery can cause all sorts of problems but I hope he becomes a SH allie not a member – only because we got enough swordsman in the gang! We need a gun-slinging badass blonde to join!! Sanji had me in stitches this chapter – the lucky swirly bastard – nami better not let him out of her sight otherwise her body is gonna get violated!!!

  10. @Tensa
    yeah you got a point there. I think Law either lost his crew or they were taken hostage or something. He did say both he and Luffy has got something they want back.

    CC can’t be Buggy. like Jdogg said, buggy doesn’t have the scientist mind.

    now that the crew are all together again, i wonder how they’ll change back. coz i think they can’t utilise their abilities fully if they’re fighting in another body. their body and mind might not coordinate.

  11. The thought that it might be buggy is silly….NEVER……I agree that there is two more swords man in the crew but personaly i think there is currently a bit too much devil fruit users….If this guy does join then I think there should be atleast another two nun devil fruit users next…jembi will be one anyways….
    For once I don’t have alot to say about this chapter expct im happy at luffys reaction to seeing smooky KO’d on ground….This chapter support view points tht law isnt a bad guy

  12. CC could be Buggy’s brother for all we know.
    Definitely a funny chapter though, thanks to Sanji’s antics.


    So Law removes your heart and “soul” which leaves you unconcious, then can reanimate that body with someone else’s “soul”? Meaning there are 100 very confused pirates roaming the New World right now! 🙂 Also means Law probably hasn’t ever killed anyone…
    CC has Law crew held hostage. Luffy will save them and settle the debt.
    Have a feeling that Samurai-san’s kid will play a big part in all this.

  14. wheres the effin naruto review? its been forever since i read one, somebody replaced bob, permanently..

  15. @legendary,
    I wouldn’t mind a person with just haki skills join the crew – no DF powers or special weapons or diverse fighting still just a regular person with a mean haki game (think professor X out of X-men lol) Here’s a good one- Wat do u think is stronger Haki or DF???

  16. Excellent review Jdogg!!!

    I don’t think that one is stronger than the other, it depends on how the people use them. For example Tagashi was useless against Law even if she can use Haki but Rayleigh was able to fight on par with an Admiral with his haki

  17. in my opinion the samarai would easliy fit in with straw-hats with his skilled farting but that would make alot of devil fruit members in the crew. another thought that came to mine was that ceaser clown probably escaped from level 6 in impel down when black beared opened the cells which would make him a formidable opponent and that might be why we havent heard of him before. and i think Franky may be a big roll in this season as cc worked with vagapunk and franky seen some of his blue prints but at the moment franky’s body is being occupied by nami as a result would be prety easy to catch.
    sanji made me LMAO :’)

  18. @Tensa From what I’ve seen, a powerful DF user would have more destructive power. For example: Akainu, Aokiji, Sengoku, Ace, Kidd, Law, Luffy, and freakin Blackbeard. These guys can easily demolish an entire town with little effort. However even with all that destructive power, a very skilled haki user would be much more deadlier imo. Novice haki users would just get owned by powerful DF users. Compare when Luffy fought Hancock’s sisters to when he fought Sentoumaru, the difference in haki abilities is just all too clear. So a master of haki with no DF would always KO a crazy strong DF user with no haki (Blackbeard is the only exception to this). But if you suck at haki and decide to fight the wrong person with DF powers, ur just signing your own death warrant.

  19. @7Warlord an Kaio,

    So u guys are saying it depends on who’s using wat power an their level of skill using that power….so say for example law an luffy fought it out in this chapter do u think if luffy was caught inside law’s room his kings disposition haki would be strong enough to KO law or would he end up heartless like smoker?!?!
    Speaking of smokee I’m a little confused did law switch his heart with tashigi’s?? Coz on the last page where law is talkin to CC it looks like he’s still holding smokee’s heart

  20. THANK YOU guys so much for the comments, you guys make it so much better to write these blogs about One Piece. Much respect to everyone.

    @Tensa Gizzla, Smoker does not have his heart with him. But Law has switched the personality and mind of Tashigi with Smoker. Smoker’s body is occupied by Tashigi while Tashigi’s body is occupied by Smokers.

  21. @jeggen
    I agree completely……he’s killing this site.

  22. This devil fruit vs haki thing….Haki only is useful when your strong your self…All it does is give you extra perception and defensive ability and nothing eles…(not including kings disposition cause thats very rare) wile most devil fruit users there devil fruit provides you with alot more(even tho some are useless)
    Devil fruit is far more powerful that haki (the good ones) take for example marco’s fruit power…He gains extra strength..flight..instant healing extra speed and more
    Remember Haki doesnt give you anything but a shield and perceptions skills, you actually need to be stronger yourself!

  23. If law and luffy fought it would be luffys Armament (armor) haki that would stop his heart from being taken.

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