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Its Out! Naruto, One Piece, Bleach chapters!


One Piece:http://eatmanga.com/Manga-Scan/One-Piece/One-Piece-663



15 Responses

  1. Poo quincies! Nel soo cute wish she could continue to ride on Ichi’s back like Kenpachi and his Lt lol
    More Kabuto sob story, get to the fighting

  2. And the naruto pic for this chapter is epic. Kabuto and Tobi, nice!

  3. naruto was bloody boring today and kabuto’s flashback didnt move the reader in anyway. Very sad anticlimax from what we have come to experience from kishi as of late. Now all i want is for kabuto to die

  4. @mad

    kabuto got his flashback. with any luck he will die. im tired of seeing that haxzors.

  5. I see alot of people love Kabuto (sarcasm)
    I for one like his character, his story is sad, which in away makes him a good villain. Not like Madara who always had what he wanted and if not he took it. But I do not see kabuto dying anytime soon, because if he does than what was the point of his hype.

  6. i dont think he will die, there will be more to his story than what we were shown. and lucky sanji 😛

  7. Kabuto’s flashback = death any chapter now! I wanna see a few more jutsu from him though an kinda hoping he sprouts wings!

    Bleach – the army is a bunch of badass quincy – how will ishida an his pops react to this?! I like the pace kubo is taking – it almost feels like old school bleach

    One piece – someone get sanji a camera!! He is officially the luckiest man in manga!!

  8. Kabuto flashback was not a sign for his death as its been known to us any time a character flashback is shown during battle means their death is near. BUT for Kabuto, it was more like a memory lane visit because of the big speech of Itachi about knowing who he really is, so he just looked back at that person once more. That’s it. I’m against Kabuto dying to the Uchica Bro TagTeam

  9. I Think the point is even now kabutos motivation and goals in this anime is still unclear.(just like itachi back in the day). I mean he shed some light, but can he be belived, especially since he was talking to tobi? I’m still hoping we get more into kabutos background.

    Btw, I wonder if he achieved immortality?

  10. bit gutted didnt get to see izanami and izanagi combo! 😦

  11. @mattmaru

    I don’t think it will be a combo justu that Itachi will perform, just izanami

  12. i thouhgt the most interesting thing stated in naruto this week was kabuto referring to himself as the closest to the sage of six paths? that he was the ultimatre sage?

  13. @green if that is what he meant im pretty sure he would be overconfident…. the closest to the sage imo was nagato

  14. @Token

    Before the war I would have agreed to that, but now it’s clearly BIG MAGNUM. He has physical strenght that Nagato could only have dreamed of. Even without his suped up body I think he is physically stronger than Nagato. Nagato always seemed frail even in his prime. Sure he was extremely powerful because of the Rinnegan, but physically he seemed frail. I don’t think he wouldbe able to take many body blows in a straight taijutsu fight.

  15. @uchiha well for one with the six paths of pain he wouldnt need to worry about his frailty. Physically stronger yes but that doesnt make him close to the sage. All madara had was ems and nine tails before. Pein had the rinnengan and even in the brief moments we saw him against bee, naruto and itachi we saw that he had no problem goin up against the two strongest jinchurikis. Madara is too op now and he is more of a experiment than actually madara… he now has first dna, rinnengan and imortality combined with ems. I think u r getting too hyped with this souped up madara as opposed to the original

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