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Bleach Chapter 487: Breathe but blind

Chapter 487: Breathe but blind.
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Against my expectations, Urahara does actually join the lads on their trip to Hueco Mundo. I assume he acquired similar intel as Mayuri and seems properly concerned to our still largely unknown enemy. It easy to assume that if Mayuri knows who they are, Urahara will too.

Everybody but Nell is not surprised they come out way up high in the sky. Pretty much default procedure for a Kisuke drop. They actually seem to drop pretty close to the action. I like it how Ichigo tries to protect Nell from the sight of so many dead hollow and arrancar.

Pesche actually becomes useful point out the squad to blue flames. Condensed Reishi, allowing the enemy to set fire on the sands and rocks of Hueco Mundo. The invaders hit hard with abilities Hueco Mundo had not seen before. Any leadership they had got wiped away quickly leaving escape as the only option.

Hollow captured are all collected in camps to be killed or ‘abducted’ as Pesche called it. It basically measn those abducted will be ‘turned’ to fight for their very enemy, like Ivan. Ichigo seems to have found his resolve to help out those that were his enemy not too long ago as he quickly barges off to save the captured. The rest of them following suit.

Suddenly…. new character.

The Hunting Captain Supervisor of the Iacto Arme (hunting army) – Kirge Opie. His face looks like his name… derpy.

A random soldier that looks very much like Love(you know, Vizard with sunglasses) seems to direct the captive hollow. Kirge gives them a challenge of sorts. The whole challenge is utter bullshit as starts stabbing everyone to death. Until a pair of cloaked pair of warriors counter his strike.

The pair is revealed to be the two weaklings that server under Aizen and wanted to kill Inoue badly. I thought both of them were dead but oh well. Kirge activates his token and quickly strikes the two incapcitating the two quickly with no wasted movements, that’s German efficiency for ya.

As he orders his squad to beat them up he ponders why Aizen would keep such weak warriors around. The enemy has obviously carefully watching everything waiting for the proper time to strike.Even noting that Harribel was absolutely no match for the King. He suddenly gets attacked. He seems a but more wary but i doubt they will a match for him.

Apacci, Mila Rose and Sung-sun. Harribel’s Fracción.

Hopefully, some hollow on VandenReich combat next week:D


10 Responses

  1. I could have sworn that all 5 of those girls had been killed. Especially the two that keep their swords in their vaginas, I thought Yami disposed of them.

  2. Okay, they’re bringing all these people back. How about Grimmjow or Coyote Stark? Those were my 2 fav Espada’s (besides Ulquiorra, who’s probably the deadest of the Espada) and if memory serves, they seemed to have fewer wounds than any of the female Arrancar that returned this chapter

  3. stark was confirmed to be dead by pesche – really wanted him back. im still saying its got something to do with zero squad. their leader at least neways

  4. I like the way the story is going, the plot holes are still there but its becoming a very interesting story.

  5. @anon where was that?

  6. @ASP – http://www.mangareader.net/bleach/486/10 – trust i rather he wasnt either, his character had a lot more potential than what we saw

  7. Nice review

    Good to see some old faces back.

  8. @anon, darn it. Still holding out for Grimmjow (am I spelling that wrong?) since I seem to remember Ichigo saving him from Nnoitera’s (ok, I HAVE to be spelling THAT wrong, lol) killing blow

  9. @asp – i know i wanted stark back with grimmjow – still hoping grimmjow is alive tho

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