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Top Fails of the War Arc

Post Author: Kisuzachi

At the start of the War, I was expecting the best arc in the entire manga. Just 5 chapters in and I realized it would never live up to the hype, but crumble under the weight of the countless missteps, bad plotting, and overabundance of characters.

1. The newer generation always surpasses the old.

The problem with a war arc in anything, is the lack of a focus, but that’s justified since wars are generally chaotic things. However, when you employ a certain theme in your story, your War arc, where everyone shows up on the stage, should exemplify that. Think of One Piece’s War; it was chaotic, all while Luffy was trying to get to his brother. One of One Piece’s most prevalent themes is bonds, and that War exemplified it. Naruto has the newer generation surpassing the old… except Madara who can just show up after being dead for decades and being 3 generations behind and mop the floor with the Kages, or the Rookie 9 being completely overshadowed by every single adult.

2. What ever happened to those guys?

Remember that thing about people being out-of-focus? Yeah, the characters you introduced since the beginning of the story, and have kept around all this time get little to no focus this arc. This ties in to the theme of “the newer generation surpassing the old”. You’d think this arc would’ve focused heavily on the Konoha 11/12/whatever the number is now doing stuff and growing into their own as Shinobi. Nope, you’d be wrong. This Arc instead focused on random ninjas we’ve never seen before and having dead ninjas seem “OMGUSOAWESUM!11!!” The characters the writer does give focus to (Shikamaru’s team) have already been developed, and if he knew he wouldn’t have the time to develop the others, then he should’ve used a team we’ve barely seen in the manga: Team 8 or Team Guy. For example, what is Tenten’s motivation? Kishimoto, develop the characters we’ve been invested in for hundreds of chapters, not the random characters you introduced 5 chapters ago.

Beware the army of naked men!

3. Only Naruto can save us now!

Yes, we get Naruto is the main character, but this situation is so niche it’s silly. Kishimoto created a situation where only Naruto can be of value. Yeah, that’s not how wars work. Everyone works together to achieve common goals, not wait for some superhero to come and save the day. What would the alliance have done if the Fox cloak didn’t give Naruto the power to sense evil intentions (that also raises the question of everyone being good)? We understand Naruto needed to get in on the action, but come up with a more believable scenario.

Then there was his scuffle with the Raikage. Um, were we supposed to be siding with Naruto in that? He just came off as a cocky, arrogant and selfish child. The Raikage’s argument even bested Naruto’s. The best Kishimoto could come up with was giving Ay a flashback and making Naruto say he’s the savior. I mean, WHAT!?

Should've been "Naruto saves the day"

4. Learn2War

Remember that bit about war being chaotic? Yeah, Kishi doesn’t seem to understand this. We keep seeing a group of shinobi and enemies standing still while two named characters fight. At least it seems that way. You’d expect kunai and shuriken to be flying all over, but all you ever see is random fodder ninja being blown away by a named enemy. Then there’s the infamous “half of each side’s forces died in one afternoon”. Yeah, no war has a death toll that high in just one bloody afternoon. And what were the odds that both sides would lose exactly 50% of their armies? Come on Kishi.

5. Edo Tensei.

This is undoubtedly the biggest fail of the War Arc. I mean, why revive characters that were neatly wrapped up, only to have them come back and be defeated again, showing us all what we already knew? Some characters were ever better left dead, so as their characters wouldn’t have gotten pussified. Zabuza was the badass ninja we all thought was epic cool when we first saw him, but when he returned he turned into a bleeding heart. What was the point of Asuma returning? So Choji could turn into a butterfly? Yeah, any enemy could’ve made that happen. Why bring back Nagato just so he can be sealed again and not contribute to the plot in any way? The point is, why bring back characters if they aren’t going to be doing anything worthwhile? Edo Tensei should’ve only revived characters we’ve never seen before, not characters we’re familiar with.
Well, that’s all folks.

Let’s hope this arc can get better, because right now with the Uchihaha bros fighting Kabuto, it still sucks.


29 Responses

  1. See you all in a year!

    … again.

  2. Not so fast Kisu…”ominous music begins to play in the background”. Don’t disappear just yet we still have another rap battle to discuss. In case you forgot, I almost pulled the upset before the voting stopped. And this year I’m not settling for second. I think the fans want it based off of last years success, and so do I. Plus it’s some good whole hearted fun, that we all enjoyed. So the challlenge has been laid and the ball is in your court.

    Next order of business, I tend to agree with your synopsis. I even just posted on the “it’s out” how these Uchiha hack get me out of any situation eye techs are getting pretty bad. Like it’s really starting to take away from itachi’s mystique, and he’s one of my fav characters. The only thing I have really enjoyed seeing was Madara AKA BIG MAGNUM smash the kages, but then he started to get watered down with all his complaining because his friend the 1st wasn’t around to play with him anymore.

    All I’m asking for are a few good moments like the Vegeta blowing himself up moment from DBZ, nobody has to blow up, but let’s see some real emotion and grit come into play. Let’s put a couple of people into some helpless situations where they have to make dfficult decisions that in the end will make them show why they are worthy to be called a hero. Let’s just no throw out random get outta jail free hacked jutsu cards. That’s all I’m saying.

  3. you have hit the nail on the hammer there mate! Everything u have said is so true. I mean whenever we have seen clips from the previous war or heard about it, it was life changing in its effec on the naruverse. Legends were born. Countries were destroyed. Right now, konoha and the other hidden villages are all peaceful and having a good time. Where are the dead civilians? One piece got the scale of a war right in that battle, something that kishi has failed to capture. Peop seem to have too much time to chat because there r no random kunai and explosive tags going off all the time. That is the main fail

  4. You fail to realize that this isn’t the same type of war as the previous. This is not between nations, but against one enemy. In a battle of the nations, there is a far greater chance of civilian casualties as the war is fought on all fronts. There is great hatred among the participants where in this war, they are all just fight mindless drones. There is no real emotion. The fact that all the nations are fighting as one means that there will not be battles in every direction. All the countries are shielded from the war. Tobi’s target is not the civilians, he just wants to take control and to do that all he has to do is eliminate the military threat. Since all the forces are gathered in one location, he does not need to invade any villages. A battle field has been chosen and that is where the victor will be decided, no civilians need to die.

  5. In other words, quit your whining and enjoy the show. This is just one giant battle, not a war. Wars last more than a couple of days.

  6. @cesc

    agree, this isn´t a war. I guess from the beginning till the end it will last 5 days max.
    I also agree with you kisu, in some points. This “war” isn´t what we expected, but at least we got one hell of fight with Madara.
    The point that Naruto doing all the show isn´t entirely true, since he jumped in only in the critical moments. But most of the opponents were beaten by the allied force.
    I thought that reviving all this great ninjas was actually a badass move from Kabuto, only the execution from Kishi was really bad. He could make these battle really epic instead of just skipping over it.

  7. Hey, last time I was on this site I think I went by “JetPrime” (I changed my name a lot) but that was like, over a year ago. And, to those who remember me, don’t worry, I’m much less of a bitch now, lol.
    Anyway, I do agree with this post, especially the first two. I really hate how Kishi destroyed the main theme of the series, and why is there no character development? Show some love to the characters we love!

  8. I remember you ASP you used to have some epic debates with someone one here I can’t remember who though. The last name I thought you had was like Jet Prime Ultimate or something like that to coincide with the last transformers movie, welcome back man.

  9. Edo Sakura will give me nightmares……

  10. I agree with one of the points but for the most part just sounds like ur complaining a little too much….. kishi isn’t making u read this manga; if u dislike it this much stop reading it. And stop trying to match this with real life wars and such. This is fake its a manga its not real so stop complaining That its not like a real war. And for the most part the newer Gen has surpassed the old. The only reason madara is whooping ass is because he is undead and enhanced massively. If it was madara with only his powers this would have been over a long time ago. And at least for me the characters I enjoy have been explained decently. I couldnt care less about tentei or dog boy or Lee or the others. I dont need kishi to waste time on ninja not worthy of it. Ad for naruto saving everyone is calked Naruto. The manga is about him. And like I said before I’m not sure u know this but its not real so kishi can make the fox cloak do whatever he wants. I get u Don’t Like the war but devoting a whole page to flame about it seems pointless to me.

  11. And r u really invested in tenten?!?! Who cares what Her motives r she is fodder as far as I’m concerned and u complaining kishi needs to develop her or ppl like her is a little over the top. Do u really want 2-6 pages of tentens background about a ninja who can summon weapons and not even that effective from what we have seen.

  12. 1. The theme is less ‘surpassing the past generation’ and more of ‘passing the torch to the next generation’. Yall seem to be talking in terms of skills in battle, which isn’t really the case at all. Think about the formation of the allied shinobi force themselves, think back at the things jiraya have said, chiyo of the sand, all the actions of naruto and the rest of the rookies, the actions of gaara as kazekage. You can tell the newer generation are slowly but surely taking over. Does that mean that tenten will eventually kick the living shit out of Madara? Unlikely. However, the fives kages already realizing that the old way of doing things isn’t enough to obtain peace. Thanks to the power boost from kabuto, its gonna be difficult, but im sure by the time the kages and madara are through with thier battle, hes gonna have some emphifanies.

    2.There is a point to what’s said, but i believe its just to shed some light on past ninjas an use them as an excuse to show off the power of the allied shinobi forces. However, there are some ninjas i would rather not know about, cause i couldn’t care less about them.(Like konohamaru’s sensi(one with the glasses) an tenten.

    3. I agree that scenario in which naruto was needed( with the zetsu clones) was too convient to be an excuse to send him in, but naruto would’ve never gotten as strong as he did, if he just hid an train instead. Naruto gains most of his strength in the midst of battle. Sure he learned the basics of sage mode, rasengan and his tailed beast form during training, but it was doing combat when he perfects those jutsu. And with the buisness with the raikage, it wasn’t really his words that swayed him. After that little scruffle, raikage realized he wasn’t just all talk like he was led to belive since they first met, he can actually back his shit up and do what he says he will. The ability to prove himself through action is whats gonna be need to stop/save sasuke, cause the talk-no-jutsu won’t work. I’m sure he realized that after meeting up with him again after sasuke’s fight with danzo.
    Besides, with the exception of that problem it was the allied shinobi forces as well killerbee and itachi that did majority of the work this war.

    4. I agree with cesc here in that its more of a big ass fight(or big ass distraction, IMO), or a battle royale than a war with all the shinobi vs. pretty much three people with the goal of not exactly creating mayham an distruction everywhere, but to capture two people. But nevertheless, I’m sure the chaos will hit soon enough, since it doesnt seem close to ending.

    5. Since half if not most of these ninjas that were brought back was k.I.A, the edo tensi really only serves as (1. numbers to compete with the allied shinobi forces, (2. excuse to see past ninjas an thier abilities, (3. fodder to show off the might of ninjas still alive (4.(which is just my opinion) one big ass distraction away from the true enemies and plot.

  13. That picture seriously makes me think of GO GO KAGE RANGERRRRSS!

  14. Kis!!!

    Wats goin on playa long time no read!!!! Hope all’s good! We need a rap battle based on this war – it was some good old fun! I agree with everything u said. Yes it is entertaining but lets be honest this war is all over the place! The edo people arent fighting who they should be fighting, nobody’s dead yet, 8 an 9 tails aint been captured yet etc…..
    At this rate i doubt im gonna see 64 palms, hidden lotus or even fang over fang ever again : (
    But all is not lost, snake boy junior will soon die i hope and the SOSP himself will come back an turn out to be Naruto’s grand pappy oh an we’ll finally get to see Tobi green zetsu face!

  15. “All I’m asking for are a few good moments like the Vegeta blowing himself up moment from DBZ” I actually had to watch this to remind myself of how gangster Vegeta is

    Imagine this scene with Guy sensei going 8 gates to wipe out Tobi with kakashi, lee an neji there.

    “Lee take care of TenTen”
    “but Guy sensei…” (chop to the neck)
    “Neji…..you two have made me proud and your the future of the village, with you two protecting it i know it’ll be safe, thank you for being my students” (punch to the gut)
    “Kakashi my best friend and rival…words cant express how i feel…”
    “Guy u really mean to….tsh dont do it, there must be another way”
    “No kakashi i have to do this, i have to scatter this red an purpled eyed bastards skull all the way to hell, take those guys an get as far away from here as you can”
    Guy turns to face Tobi “Now then you mask-wearing fan carrying son of a bitch! Allow my youth to rip your head off your fucking shoulders an throw it into the wind- 8 GATES – GATE OF DEATH……..OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  16. @tensa that was the Only time I liked vegeta. He was the sasuke in dbz; at one time he worked hard for his power but than turned into babadis b**** to be able to reach gokus level (who at this point in time could have went ss3 but had to lower himself to vegetas level.)

  17. @ Kisuz

    1. Newer Gen surpassing Old

    In your first two opening lines you answered yourself about Kish lack of focus on themes, characters and plots because of the chaotic warfare. To focus on every individual ‘Konoha 9’ and all the other great nations characters then this will be one hell of a war arc. Edo Madara CAN NOT be compared as a normal dead man to the fact that Kabuto enchanced his ability above his own prime. So to mop the five kages, that is something we are expecting but to look into it more. How long was Madara alive once he obtained his new eyes?

    2. Konoha 9

    Yes, the characters that we loved from the begin are not getting much coverage in the manga as they did when Naruto was a kid in the academy. I can have simplicity for you because no team beside Shikamaru’s team got some saving grace during the war arc. But more props to Kish for developing his story more and allowing his readers to learn about other characters in other nations beside Konoha. Even some serious indepth back history would do for those die hard naruto fans. LOL. Let’s go back to the time skip, from then only Naruto’s team was set on a path on bring Sasuke back. Konoha 9 didn’t, well can’t not at all, care for Sasuke to engage in the pursuit. From that point on that was the direction of the manga to bring Sasuke back. Everything we have seen from then was relating to that theme. Glad Kish remained his focus on that 😉

    3. Wait For Reforcement!

    I think you got this one wrong Kisuz. Even in real war, they still wait for their ‘heat,secret weapon,etc’ So no they are not going to let the enemy still get the upper hand on the battlefield, they will still engage in warfare, counterattack to remain their presense on the battlefield until reinforcement arrive. In Naruto’s case, the allied nations were still doing everything within their powers to overcome the enemies tactics as we saw on the beachfront battlefield how all the ninjas placed a circle around them and anybody trying to enter is to be attacked. What would they have done if the Naruto didn’t obtains this power, who knows but we would have seen the Nara’s clan at it’s best in the head quarter. Kisuz since this is a true power from the nine tails itself to sense malice since the 1st Hokage wife Mito gain the same powers once she started controlling the beast. So waiting for Naruto who specialize in shadow clones to create clones to aide all battlefield is one hell of a reinforcement because if it wasn’t for Naruto, I personally don’t think the allied nations would have had enough time to eliminate all the zetus clones before they annihilate the allied force. That was Tobi’s orginal plan before Kabuto powered up the Zetus

    4. Learning Histroy

    Lets look at this war – it’s a war against an army of dead pretty much immortal soldiers. The previous three great wars – it was a war against other nations containing living people, where they fought for their own personal interests of their respected nations ~ so expect cruelty. The war zone during the previous wars were mainly fought in or close to the nations to cause some kind of effect that create people like Pein, Itachi and 3 Sennin to name a few. The new generation kages realize that the current ninja system that is currently in effect is the cause of the 4th great war. Working together is a key. Protecting the lives of the living is a key. Even Knowing that, keeping the war zone away from the nations or where civilians can be harm is a key. That’s why all battlefront were in open vast space — so with all that said, expect a different outcome from the previous wars.

    5. The Untold Weakness of Edo Tensei

    Don’t be so quick to label the Edos as a fail in the arc. The person that was a fail in the arc is Kabuto. Kabuto lack the ability to fully control all his piece so he set most of them on auto pilot. That’s a way to go when you are trying to win a war! Why not set them all to ‘Kill the Enemy’ I am sure the allied nations would have a much harder time then. Didn’t you notice, once the allied started to seal away most of the edos, we started see more tastier battles ie, Kages Royal Rumble. Due to Kabuto inability to fully control all his edos cause a lot of them to lose this once held reputation by the readers


  18. @Tensa

    At this point I would take a complete dbz ripoff using the exact scenario you just said with the exact same words, lol.

  19. Looks like I’m gonna have to remind you guys just how good I am at shooting holes into posts. But I’ll have to do that when I have some time.

  20. LOL right when Guy uses the 8 gates tobi will just teleport away and guy dies for nothing is how i see it happening.

  21. NEXT.

  22. the series is call naruto so your complain dont make sense cause naruto will be the one to bring peace to the conflict

  23. Kisu stop complaining like a little girl and read something else. If the war was suppose to be like One Piece’s war then this series would be called One Piece!

  24. I like how pointing out writing flaws and poor decisions automatically means I don’t enjoy this series. No, it means I enjoy the series enough to point out those flaws. My god.

    “If the war was suppose to be like One Piece’s war then this series would be called One Piece!”

    What, you mean like how an actual war is? I’m dreadfully sorry that I can’t be here as much as I used to to put blind fanboys like you in your place 😐

    “the series is call naruto so your complain dont make sense cause naruto will be the one to bring peace to the conflict”

    Wanna know why you fail? You’re arguing from an extradiegetic standpoint while you should be arguing from an intradiegetic one. WE know Naruto is one of the chosen ones and the main character, but the Raikage doesn’t/didn’t. “He’s the main character” is no excuse and is a shitty justification for shitty writing.

  25. “I’m dreadfully sorry that I can’t be here as much as I used to to put blind fanboys like you in your place “: that comment is probably why I read this post… however the most recent chapter seems to contradict a lot of your thoughts

    I’d still like to argue a bit though, so I’ll address your posts in it’s various sections:

    1. While kishi’s theme may be what it is, it takes time to surpass the older generation not to mention you have to compare people with equal statuses/themes, a more acurate interpretation might be the student surpassing the mentor, ex. Naruto-Jiraiya, Choji-Asuma, Kabuto-Orochimaru, Madara-… the sage of six? Madara could make the respective kages in his day quake with fear too, so it seems reasonable that (biologically) enhanced madara can combat the (generationally) enhanced kage as well.

    2. It happens in every story, it’s like expecting Fox news to cover ever event in the universe from supernova’s in a far away galaxy to the snow in my back yard. Those characters aren’t as important anymore and their themes have been done to death, Neji is egotistical, Hinata’s a love struck fool, we get it… Naruto knows these characters well enough that they have little else to contribute to his growth, and since the story is about him, it seems strange to critique kishi over this. (for the record /i never thought of hinata as important.

    3. Playing devil’s advocate: it’s logical I guess… Naruto WAS the only one who could deal with the siuation, trying to contain him against his will would only waste needed military strength, the Raikage might found some other solution, but as you mentioned later in your post half his army died in a day, maybe it’s illogical to expect more strategy from him than “this guy says he can deal with the crisis, and SEEMS able, let’s let him try.” win or lose he can always have the army fight afterwards to protect naruto if needed. (if they lose that fight they would have failed to protect naruto anyway)

    4. Yeah I agree, except for my point above that Kishi can’t report everything, and that not every character can do what the main characters can, so it’s logical that they are standing back while others fight, since the alternative would leave them dead. (hence when we actually do see them fight a named enemy they usually are). Chaotic mass detail seen in one piece isn’t kishi’s artistic style. It’s like complaining that Xaolin Showdown is overly animated, kishi is more symbolic in his narative style so he portrays it as things like high death tolls and unseen battles with bloody aftermaths. (probably drawn from his childhood experiences with actual war as a first hand observer but not a participant.)

    5. Because if he didn’t you would complain that Kabuto was being stupid and not using edo tensei to it’s fullest. Why bring Nagato back? Because it is the strategic decsion a real person would make. Also look at itachi, he had quite a lot of post death growth and a huge effect on Sasuke.

  26. @cesc, “A battle field has been chosen and that is where the victor will be decided, no civilians need to die.” – All wars are fought at “chosen battlefields” but spread outward and civilians get in the crossfire. I don’t remember posting anything about being unsatisfied with the amount of civilian casualities, so meh to that.

    “I remember you ASP you used to have some epic debates with someone one here I can’t remember who though. ” – Mostly with mart/walmart/whatever he goes by these days.

    @token, “kishi isn’t making u read this manga; if u dislike it this much stop reading it. ” – Ah, the golden “Don’t like; don’t read” argument. Want me to post points dismantling that argument? Ah what the hell, I’ll do it anyway.

    1. Pointing out the flaws of something you watch is called criticism and is not a bad thing. If you’re fed mediocrity, you have a right to complain about it.

    2. “Don’t like; don’t watch” is inherently a fallacious argument. How can you not like something if you’ve never watched it? Would you prefer if people complained about something they’ve never watched?

    3. Since you are spouting “don’t like; don’t watch”, why are you reading my posts since you don’t like them?

    See how bad of an argument that is? Moving on.

    “I get u Don’t Like the war but devoting a whole page to flame about it seems pointless to me.” – “Flaming” would be something like “LOLTHIS WAR SO STOOPID! U STOOPID FOR LIKING IT DURRRRRRRR!!!”, but that’s not what I did, now is it? This is called criticism, deal with it.

    “And r u really invested in tenten?!?!” – My point exactly. Instead of using this as a chance to develop characters he introduced hundreds of chapters ago, he spent it introducing hosts of new characters we don’t give a shit about, like Samui’s brother.

    “1. The theme is less ‘surpassing the past generation’ and more of ‘passing the torch to the next generation’.” – Uh, no. We don’t get to choose what the theme of the story is. Kishi said the next generation surpasses the previous, and that’s what we have to go on. It’s his manga after all.

    Point 2 is meh.

    “3. I agree that scenario in which naruto was needed( with the zetsu clones) was too convient to be an excuse to send him in” – Thank you for agreeing with me. Nothing else needs to be said here.

    “4. I agree with cesc here in that its more of a big ass fight(or big ass distraction, IMO), or a battle royale than a war”- This “war” is a glorified tournament, but Kishimoto wanted to call it a war, so that’s what we as readers have to call it as well. Aizen and the Espada vs the Shinigami was just a series of cruddy fights, but Kubo wanted to call it a “war”.

    “5. Since half if not most of these ninjas that were brought back was k.I.A, the edo tensi really only serves as” – Edo Tensei is unneeded in general. What have these dead ninja accomplished that the Zetsus couldn’t? Reviving characters that have had their stories resolved previously is just in bad taste. Was there a point to reviving Zabuza? Resurrection shouldn’t be used in a story unless it causes a fundamental change in characters or the setting.

    “He was the sasuke in dbz” – Goddammit! Never compare Sasuke to Vegeta. Sasuke is a shit character through and through while Vegeta is one of the greatest characters from Japan. Babidi’s bitch? Hardly.

    Yes, I still have an irrational hatred for Sasuke, but now I have an irrational hatred for ALL the goddamn Uchihas.

    @Naruto101, “In your first two opening lines you answered yourself about Kish lack of focus on themes, characters and plots because of the chaotic warfare.” – Errr… no. He’s had ample time to focus on the Konoha 9/11/whatever the number is now since a lot of them are on the same battlefields, but instead we’re busy seeing characters we really don’t care about or have any emotional attachment to beyond “wow, this guy/lady is badass”.

    As for Madara, he constantly talks about how great Hashirama was compared to these KAGES (even though Sarutobi, a dying old man, beat him and his brother over and over) and that really makes it seem like the newer generation is inferior to the old. Unless the Kages can somehow roflstomp him, he’s already damaged their credibility by saying “Hashirama>5Kages”. To answer your question on Madara, he apparently gained his Rinnegan (that is just disgusting) near death.

    “But more props to Kish for developing his story more and allowing his readers to learn about other characters in other nations beside Konoha.” – He can build the world without casting aside characters. Personally, I don’t care about the Konoha 9/11/whatever, but so many others do. Why keep them around if they’re gonna be useless? He could’ve killed them off already if he couldn’t manage writing that many characters.

    “I think you got this one wrong Kisuz.” – What you’re arguing is different from what I’m arguing. I’m saying Kishimoto orchestrated a scenario where ONLY NARUTO is of use to help justify him being on the battlefield. It’s a bit farfetched that out of 80,000 ninja, none would have a way to deal with this situation WITHOUT Blond Ninja Jesus coming to the rescue.

    “Lets look at this war – it’s a war against an army of dead pretty much immortal soldiers.” – You’re once again not arguing what I’m arguing. I’m saying a lot of what is happening in this “war” is just not how stuff works. Just look at the skirmishes and observe. The squad leaders run to the front with all the other ninjas behind them with their mouths open looking in awe. No, everyone should be constantly moving. This is a war with high-powered ninja so there should be fireballs flying through the air, shurikens being thrown everywhere etc. Ever watch an episode of Star Wars the Clone Wars (its not that bad of a show)? See how the clones and droids are constantly firing at each other irrespective of what the main characters are doing?

    “Don’t be so quick to label the Edos as a fail in the arc. The person that was a fail in the arc is Kabuto.” – The Edo Tensei is a fail from a literary standpoint. It feels like a cheap stunt to pull in ratings by having everyone’s favorite characters come back.

    And now I bid thee adieu.

  27. lol i read the post cause i was curious doesnt mean i like reading ur complaining. btw flaming has different levels. I mean honestly what was the point about writing a whole posts about the fails of the war arc??? is it that big a deal u had to devote that much time to rant about what u dont like about it? not only that but u dont seem to write about what u DO like. So when u never write about what u like to see but instead devote a entire page to complaining yea it comes off like ur flaming.

    THere is a reason he didnt invest in tenten or characters like that… shes not worth it. I honestly like the development of the characters. Those that people care about are taken care of outside tobi and kabuto (with kabuto being mentioned now). Those that needed to be explained are and I would rather not waste time with fodder ninja like tenten or the like. btw im not sure the newer generation hasnt passed the old; and if u bring up madara that doesnt even count. Madara is immortal right now, has the rinnengan and the first’s dna in him. Im sorry but the old madara had only the ems. This madara is too op and not at all the ‘older generation’ madara.

    sasuke to vegeta lets discuss;
    vegeta- ‘prince of the saiyans’, arrogant, cocky, overestimated his own power, constantly thought he was better than he was, sporadically had moments of genius, used shortcuts to reach some of his powers (turned to babadi to gain strength and reach ss2 as super saiyan is literally the only level he gained on his own and only goku and gohan perfected that form even before he did) and whined too much.
    Sasuke- is now the sole surviving uchiha, wants revenge on the village for killing his clan, arrogant, cocky, full of himself, overconfident in his powers (see the killerbee fight and how he ran in before the others and would have died had the others not stepped in), shortcuts to power (see going to oro, taking itachis eyes, etc), occasionally has genius moments (like the fight against danzo), whines too much. Yea im sorry these two are similar lol and I believe kishi has mentioned he likes dbz so sasuke=vegeta aka whiny p******. Ill never understand y ppl loved vegeta so much sides his almost hilarious pride and overconfidence.

  28. Btw madara does talk about how great the first was but honestly he is one to talk. He got beat by the first when madara had the nine tails and ems and now that he is juiced up beyond comprehension he is acting arrogant, like sasuke. And if madara was the old madara he would have been dead before naruto left the field. This madara is just disgustingly op with the best powers apparently ever (the rinnengan, wood element and ems). Up until now the raikage himself could probably run wild over most anyone we have seen save pein, minato, the first, the third and itachi.

  29. Goddammit, I didn’t see you there Mart.

    And I end my glorious return with: http://i.imgur.com/tLAF7.png

    See you all whenever I get time to pop up again.

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