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Naruto Chapter 580 & 581 – Brotherly Time

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hey narutards, another week another chapter. Sorry about missing last week’s chapter, work has been slowly but steadily encroaching on my blogging time. But at the same time, I found last week’s chapter 380 hard to write about because it was a fast sequence of action that left nothing really to talk about other than how uber Kabuto is against two Uchihas. This week’s chapter is the exact opposite and has some meat to it in the form of Kabuto trying once again to form a wedge between the two brothers by playing on their insecurities.

It occurred to me that Kabuto must have thoroughly planned which abilities to train up when he went to the snake sage. How else could he find a combination of techniques and abilities that seem to be designed specifically to counter the Sharingan. No doubt after he witnessed Sasuke kill Orochimaru, Kabuto began to obsess over the Uchiha as much as Orochimaru did. Surprisingly enough, he would have gotten the upperhand on Sasuke too if not for Itachi’s interference.

Even if Kabuto had planned countermeasures against fighting Sharingan users, facing off against two of the most powerful ones in existence (well, there’s not many left anyways) is probably something he didn’t plan for. That is why he’s talking his mouth off this whole fight in order to use guile and manipulation to create distrust between the recently reunited brothers. Rather than his jutsus or innate abilities, it is definitely Kabuto’s intelligence and ability to read other people like a book which makes him so dangerous. It was a bonus this chapter to hear a bit about how Kabuto was raised when he was taken in by Konoha as an orphan. Because he was always used as a spy, Kabuto was always putting up a façade, and never really knew who he really was. This explains why he is so obsessed in taking techniques and abilities from others to incorporate into himself. In some ways, Kabuto is very similar to Tobi – his only way of showing the world who he really is is through the demonstration of power.

It was nice to see Itachi taking at least a bit of responsibility when he admits to Sasuke that it is his fault he became what he has become. But at the same time, Itachi plays it like a pro and tells Sasuke it’s not his position to judge him either. Itachi knows that Sasuke is still very much obsessed with getting his approval, so he doesn’t want to stir things up by either criticizing Sasuke or praising Sasuke for his past deeds. And just to make sure he’s got Sasuke on the hook for good, he dangles a carrot by telling Sasuke he has something to say to him, but only after they take down Kabuto. I bet Kabuto is kicking himself for resurrecting Itachi using Edo Tensei.

Itachi’s unveiling of the Izanami technique is very intriguing. And to reveal such an important ability so late in the war, it must play a part later on, especially if Sasuke is able to learn it. Izanami, the ability to decide one’s destiny; it’s a pretty vague description but Itachi did say it forms a pair with Izanagi. Perhaps we will see Itachi sacrifice his eyes to defeat Kabuto?

P.S.Thank you MangaZone for stepping up and taking on Naruto translations, I couldn’t stand the other group’s translations anymore.


23 Responses

  1. Oh look, ANOTHER random Sharingan power. All of my disdain.

  2. Izanagi requires both Uchiha and Senju dna to work. Wouldn’t it have to be the same case with Izanami? Kabuto did say he had Karin’s dna in him. Could Itachi use that somehow to pull it off, since Karin is a Uzumaki?…


    Just guessing here…

  3. Izanagi is a jutsu that alters one’s own fate:

    Danzo used it to cast an illusion on himself that eliminated his own injuries. Same with Tobi. No matter how much they used Izanagi, which can supposedly rewrite what happened, they could never use it offensively, only defensively.

    Izanami will be a jutsu that alters a TARGET’s fate:

    Hard to say what Itachi will choose to do to Kabuto with it, but it makes sense to me… kindof an extension of his powerful Tsukyomi ability, only whatever it is will actually happen to Kabuto. It makes sense to me that the jutsu paired with such a powerful defensive jutsu would be a powerful offensive one.

    Itachi will not lose eyesight in both eyes unless he uses Izanami twice… which he may need to do.

    In any case, really enjoyed the chapter.


    No worries about missing the summaries, it can be tough to keep up old hobbies once you start working in the real world. While the summaries are great, and I love reading your take on the chapters, the best thing you gave is a place for us Narutards to come and discuss.

  4. Yo yo I must reply/ and bust open the eigth gate like sensi Guy/
    and if I don’t kill you before I die/ then I’ll spam like kis with a ninth gate and come back alive!

    Yeah…with a pimp-slapping jutus/ for ’bout 3 or 4 beat down manga issues/spiting lava lugies on ya corpse after a fart bomb jutus!

    And if anybody thinks they have some battling credentials/ snap out of it..you’re trap in your own genjutsu! I’m out 😛

  5. Now itachis pulling a never-heard-of jutsu out of his dead Ass. An it seems like all sasuke doing is watching an reacting. This fight is starting to get on my nerves.

  6. At least kabuto playing to his strengths an giving a little backstory.

  7. I forsee some hacking here. Itachi can go blind using Izanami, but he can be destroyed and regenerated using Edo Tensei, restoring his ability. Itachi won’t go blind.

  8. @ripcord That theory really makes sense, especially the possible relation to Tsukyomi, a genjustu technique that controls time when mastered. I read somewhere that Izanami was some kind of time manipulation technique that slows the target, don’t know if this is true but it makes sense in a way.

    Amaterasu = god of sun
    Susanoo = god of storm
    Tsukyomi = god of moon
    Izanagi = god of life
    Izanami = god of death: Time = Death

    I know it sounds weird, but Izanagi can basically reverse your own death, so couldn’t it be possible for Izanami to have a equal power in controlling time?…

  9. @?????

    I disagree. Sealing techniques still work against Edo Tensei and I believe that Izanagi and Izanami are partially sealing techniques, as the eyes are “sealed” away. It isn’t that the eyes go blind. I think of it as an Eye only version of Shikki Fuuin.

    Interesting that Itachi would play this card so early. He must really believe it will work…. well that and he’s desperate to end this fight as quickly as possible.

  10. @rip course he wants to end this quickly… he has to make sure his little bro doesnt screw everything up and that he doesnt have to keep protecting sasuke while at the same time going up against a dragon sage.

  11. @token Then again Sasuke isn’t fighting to kill, which is why he isn’t spamming his Blaze release or his infamous Chidori variations. Dragon Sage or not Kabuto would be dead already if Sasuke wanted him to be because Sasuke’s a beast. He is in an inferior position only because of the simple fact that his entire arsenal is too fatal and could very well kill Kabuto if he isn’t careful. This is probably why Kabuto keeps targeting Sasuke since he is being at such a disadvantage. Kabuto knows better than to take out Itachi first, because if he does (if he can) then no one’s gonna keep Sasuke from going all out.

    It turns out that what you said awhile back about Itachi being the main attacker and Sasuke being the supporter actually happened. I will admit that it is better this way because it fits Itachi’s way of fighting. Believe it or not I think that it is good for him. He needs to start developing his genjustu to use it in the MIDST of battle like Itachi can. It will indeed make him a even more powerful and dangerous character than he already is.

  12. @warlord sasukes problem is while talented And lethal he can tend to be rash. And up until now he has never fought someone as clever as kabuto (itachi is the exception but as u know itachi was not trying to kill sasuke). Diedra or maybe danzo is the most clever fighter sasuke has faced up to this point (not exactly brilliant or close to it)and if not for itachi protecting sasuke during kabutos little solar flare thing sasuke would be in big trouble. Itachi and sasuke r basically two sides of the same coin; itachi is a mental combatant who can mentally destroyed and incapacitate his enemy while sasuke goes all out berserk physically. In battle both have benefits but when u start going up against tobi or nagato or kabuto or madara brute force wont be enough. Itachi Is the rare ninja with both mental and physical tools to destroy u. He may not be flashy but the fact that early on he could make kakashi (one of konoha smarter and more capable ninja) literally have a mental breakdown for days in seconds shows how lethal itachi really is and sasuke would be smart to watch itachi during this battle.

  13. “@token Then again Sasuke isn’t fighting to kill, which is why he isn’t spamming his Blaze release or his infamous Chidori variations. Dragon Sage or not Kabuto would be dead already if Sasuke wanted him to be because Sasuke’s a beast. ”

    Lolno. Sasuke already said they can’t afford to hold back. I really need to show up more just to be a dick and shoot holes in posts, like the good old days.

  14. Also Sasuke isn’t fighting well because right now he has no idea how to beat Kabuto’s counters to his eyes. He hasn’t really fought anyone he couldn’t beat by eye power, and please do not say Itachi anyone because Itachi wasn’t in good health or trying to defeat Sasuke. Also, he’s still “awestruck” by watching his big brother fight *gags*. Just a little to sappy for me. I almost would rather see whiny/emo Sasuke right now……then again…….maybe not.

  15. Can someone magically insert all Yusuke’s team in from YuYu Hakusho, and Kenpachi Ziraki, and Vageta from DBZ into this manga for like 5 chapters………please………anybody?????!!!!!!!!

  16. @kisu ?!?!?! y do ppl keep taggin me for these sasuke posts?!??! lol i didnt say that warlord did….

  17. *Vegeta.

  18. teehee ‘vageta’. 🙂 Is it a bit sad that I’m reading too much into that mistake?

    Makes no difference if the uchihas are holding back or not, this jutsu may be thier only chance to get the results they want. Convient since Its doubtful anything else in thier arsonal that we know of would help. Unless they are indeed holding back, because of kabuto’s new form and his skills as a medical ninja, his rengerative abilities would make him almost as hard to kill as a edo zombie.

  19. “But I’m still Konoha’s Itachi Uchiha.”

  20. What manga site would be the best with translations?cause i’ve been on mangareader.net since forever but if it ain’t any good what do u guys suggest?:d

  21. http://www.mangahere.com/manga/naruto/v60/c582/

    Its out – its basically a flashback chapter………

  22. About time we got some info on kabuto. Im curious to how he winded up in sasori’s(then orochimaru’s) hands……

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