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Bleach Chapter 486: The Crimson Cremation

Chapter 486: The Crimson Cremation
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Pretty much as soon as Ichigo tries to get a grip on what little Nell just said the annoying Pesche jumps in a similar fashion. Ichigo luckily manages to evade the man… or thing… Pesche ends up needing a whole page just to repeat last weeks message. It’s a good thing Ichigo agrees with me on his continuous incompetence.

The chapter continues on with the funeral of Lt. Sasakibe. Byakuya gives Renji a proper lesson about loyalty. Also revealing a few intersting facts about a man we never really saw in action. This guy was definitely capable of Bankai. Even way before at least two of the older generation Captain Kyouraku and Ukitake.

apparently a lot of people almost resented him. His life seemed to be bathed in bad rumors. In spite over everything he remained in his position as the Lt. of Captain Yamamoto. Purely out of loyalty. All for the Captain Commander. The Captain Commander watches the grave in silence. The way he is drawn makes me feel like he is out for revenge.

The rest of the chapter is very interesting indeed. Pesche is finally serious and he explains what has happened in Hueco Mundo. if there was any doubt, Stark and Barragan are dead. Halibel was struck down yes, but has not died and was viewed as the one governing Hueco Mundo. She was taken by force(as we already know)

After that Pesche figured they started abducting Arracar to use them as a vanguard. Ichigo quickly realised Ivan was one of those. The really issues to why they are here. The third companion is one of the abductees’. Dondonchakka.

Within an instant they already decide they are going there to save him, but… Ishida won’t be joining them. He probably knows the consequences if he does. His father being the character that he is. Ishida can play an important role if the enemy will take the fight to earth which they probably will.

Ofcourse our favorite scientist has already snuk into his cool pose in the doorway to facilitate the travel arrangements.

After all this we arrive back in the castle. The clean-up crew has arrived to take care of the mess in aisle three. Another new character known as “White Haired Guy” go translators… notes Ivan used the medallion but failed to capure Ichigo’s bankai. The King seems keen on capturing our protagonists bankai. He then ask his subordinate to contact the Iacto Arme (Hunting Unit) to collect a view idiots. It seems he will send out more disposable units to go out there and capture Ichigo’s bankai. They might be collecting Bankai to use their combined power for another weapon, but they seem particularly interested in Ichigo’s.

I like the last page thou. It shows the occupation force in Hueco mundo. The guys there wear the same uniform as Ivan. So I van was probably no more than a foot soldier. We don’t see any hollow’s faces but they looks depressed, heads down etc. the chapter ends with a small hint in the sky.

Team Ichigo is already there. And we can look forward to a nice coloured page. Tite manages to me hooked with new info every time. So far I am really pleased in how this arch is shaping up.


4 Responses

  1. Says Uruhara is going to fight, effing awesome!!!!!

  2. Nice review, the arc is shaping up really well.
    Good to see Urahara back hope he will be in action.
    Lt. Sasakibe seems really a noble man.

  3. I will very much enjoy seeing Urahara’s bankai. But I doubt he will join them in Hueco Mundo.

  4. Kinda curious as to how Lt Sasakibe was beaten so easily by Ichigo (with his bare hands in shikai mode) if he supposedly achieved Bankai and was a captain-level fighter. Hopefully there isn’t as many power level inconsistencies in this last arc as there was up til now…won’t hold my breath though…

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