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One Piece Chapter 662- Law VS Smoker

I did not expect this fight to last this long, honestly I thought that it would be stopped half way by an out side interference. But I got to say, I am very impressed with Law, he took out a Vice-Captain and demolished a war ship and its crew. This guy is not to be messed with, and this chapter just made him go up the rankings in my book.

The Strong rule the Weak

I really liked how Law just made Tashigia look like a kid with a sword who has no knowledge of the sword. He is a well advised swordsman and seems to carry some sense of dominance in swordsmanship. However, he has the mind concept that the strong shall decide the fate of the weak. Which in away he is right, because when you are a swordsman or swords-women in this case, if you are considered the weak than you shall be accepted by what your superior decides for your fate. But that does not mean you can disrespect the weak, which Law clearly did to Tashigia, but he should of honored and respected how Tashigia was willingly wanting to be actually cut and die than to be cut in half and live. Because she, first showed courage when attacking him and when wanting to die by his hand, but I think that Law wanted to teach Tashigia a lesson because he saw the potential, like how Hawkeye taught Zoro when they first had their battle.

Law vs Smoker

For starters, I was shocked that Smoker got his azz handed to him by Law, because my impression of Smoker was that he would become the ultimate challenge for Luffy. But I must say that the way Law handled Smoker was very impressively done. So now we got a whole chapter to analysis Law and Smokers abilities. Lets start with Smoker first:

In the Blue corner: Smoker “The White Hunter” age:36, Rank: Vice-Amiral, Devil Fruit: Plume-Plume Fruit, Logia Type. A lot was expected from me of Smoker, but than again he was going against a Shichibukai. But he is one of the few that has ever beaten Luffy in a fight, so I assumed that he was very strong which he is. But like I said he was going against a Shichibukai which are some of the strongest pirates in the Grandline. There is not that much I can say about how he fights other than that he continuously is disappearing and reappearing somewhere else and he is more of the long range fighter. Nonetheless he is a fearsome fighter who held his ground against a Shichibukai for awhile and could of defeated him if he was more cautious of Law’s ability.

In the red corner: Trafalgar Law “The Surgeon of Death” Rank: Shichibukai, Bounty: 440,000,000 Beli, Operation Devil Fruit, Paramecia Type. At first glance Law is not that intimidating because he is so laid back that you would not take him for being one Badazz Pirate. Now last week we had a discussion on if Law is truly evil or he is just playing the part. I can honestly say that I cannot tell, because I think that deep down Law is a good guy, but does not show it, instead he has that evil persona. For example, take Blackbeard, who when first was introduce we all just thought that he was just an old man who had a good persona about him. But now he is considered one of the main villains. So for now Law will be in my book as a potential Bad/Good guy. But one thing I know for a fact is that he has impressed me and I personally enjoyed seeing his fight with Smoker. His power is just to mysterious that you spend more time thinking about how he fights than the actual fight.

For one he can substitute himself with the objects in his “Operation Room.” Look at when Smoker pinned him down and when Smoker struck him it turned out to be an ice block and Law reappeared behind Smoker. So in conclusion, when some one is in Law’s “Operation Room” the best thing for them to do is to get out of Law’s reach and fight from a distance. Now I know some of you had the idea that Ussop would be great to fight Law because Ussop is a long range fighter, but that theory is crushed now since Law can direct projected items back at the other person. Though I still have the impression that this is only the tip of Laws power and to not count out Smoker just yet, he could still can make a comeback. If he can take his heart back from Law, its kind of funny Law stole Smokers heart. Sounds corny but he just literally stole Smokers heart, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE IN ONE PIECE.

But the ending of this chapter leaves of with lots of questions than answers. When Luffy and Law first notice each other, you can see that Luffy is happy to see Law while Law looks unhappy. So does that mean we will see a Luffy vs Law battle or will Law be the man we all want and be a team player. I am routing for a Luffy vs Law battle, because we need to see Luffy go against a real challenge not some Fishman who is high on drugs. What I can tell is that Law’s “Operation Room” will not work on Luffy because Luffy is well advised in Haki power and plus he has Robin, Ussop and Zoro. So we must wait patiently to see what happens next on this much anticipated reunion.

Side Note:

  • Luffy never ceases to amaze me, Him making “Brownbeard”(which by the way is conformed in this chapter, good job for those who noticed it mainly (Tensa Gizzla, Legendarykid, and Firefist), but talk about the ultimate disrespect act against a loser in a match, well Luffy knows the best way. It is already humiliating to lose in a fight but than to carry your superior opponent on your back is just wrong but hilarious.
  • Law is definatly deserving to be called a Shichibukai (warlord). He is without the doubt one of the most badazz Shichibukai we have seen so far.
  • What do you guys predict will happen between Luffy and Law.
  • I KNOW I DID NOT TALK ABOUT MASTER M OR HAPPY MANO. It is because I will leave that for you guys to theorize, but short opinion: Is that Master M is the main mastermind behind this whole issue.
  • Robin with her scary remarks was pretty funny.


22 Responses

  1. Law is one BAMF.

  2. As I predicted, Law wipes the floor with Smoker. And to be honest I think Law can be a lot more impressive than what we have just seen.
    As you can see, Law is not really trying to kill these people so in my eyes he is still not a bad person.
    He is annoyed, not mad, that Luffy showed up because now he has to get rid of him. Master M seems to be in the lead and I think Law is just playing along with M’s plan and has his own that he will have him requiring the help of the straw hats to fulfill. This is all too predictable really.


  3. Wow how awesome would it have been for Law to have his current range back in the war of the best? Swap Ace with Whitebeard checkmate!

  4. excellent review…But i agree with cesc in that he doesnt seem angry just annoyed…..Personally I think smoker got own and once again luffy is going to have to save his ass…..I would also love to see a fight but luffy has too much back up with him atm so it wouldnt last long and knowing luffy he wouldnt want to fight someone thats saved his life.

    Law: Man he’s become my fav warlord in the space of three chapters..the guy is epic..what he said about the weak dont decided how they die is true on so much lvls,….i do feeling sorry for her tho, she seems like she will always have a inferior complex because of zoro and now law

    I think it was a good thing you leaving out the other characters for now in the review cause there isnt much to go on, i still think luffy would kick laws ass simply because he’s to fast and hes masterd every type of haki ability out there.

  5. Another thing…I agree with you on your opinion with on law….and that oda doesnt make it esy to clock whos bad from whos good…I mean when she asked to be killed law said “will doing such a trifle thing make you a good swords man?” translation “Dont be stupid…train hard cause only the strong get to pic how they die, so dont expect someone to give you a honorable death cause you want one”

    Just what is the marine’s up too ey lol i think law and friends are trying to build a army to fight the goverment

  6. I said a loooooong time ago when Smoker first appeared that he couldn’t take Luffy. He lost to Law, so that means he can’t beat Luffy, period.The reason is because he relies too much on that damn seastone rod. It would be fine if he didn’t have haki, but he does and is a logia on top of that. I just can’t picture that type of person, relying on such a weapon, beating any big fighter in the New World.

    How did Law take Smoker’s heart when Smoker is made of smoke??? Does this mean that Law’s level of haki is greater than Smoker’s??? If that is the case then I want to see him fight Zoro not Luffy. That would be a real fight between 2 badass swordsmen. Law has defeated that samurai and Tashigi, which makes him the only other swordsman worthy of fighting Zoro. However, if he does fight Luffy it won’t be serious. Law saved his life, there must be a reason for that.

  7. Nice review Jdogg!!!

    Law is a really strong, on top of having a badazz devil fruit he is also an excellent swordsman, Smoker didn’t have a chance to win. Master m looks a bit like Basil Hawkins when he activates his devil fruit

  8. Mostly everything was touched upon already but I thought that comment about what the navy is planning n vegapunk dragon/animal addiction is interesting I’m almost positive this Mr.M is connected to vegapunks past

  9. Sorry I’m late lads! Just bought a new whip so had to run all over the place like a madman anywayyyyyy……..LAW……There is no Law but Law’s Law, break thee Law an thou shall be sliced, The Law is not there to be broken, enter the room an be ready for a shambles and one big mes!! Lol

    I’m still shocked smokee got owned, dominated, pissed on – he is officially the surgeon’s bitch!! I’m kinda disappointed in smokee coz I really thought he leveled up ridiculously over the 2 yrs but law looks like he wasn’t even trying! Question: would smoker stand a chance If he was aware an prepared for law’s ability?? 2nd Question: Being inside his room is there any counter to law’s attacks seeing as how unorthodox there are??!
    I feel sorry for tashigi – that line that law gave her has to be the most badass line of the year! Iam curious about wen he questioned wat the marines was after tho……maybe the World Government has the last weapon of mass destruction?!!?! Lol at Mr Goo drinking a glass of white wine! Oh did anyone else notice the new strawhat posters???!!

  10. If Trafalgar law can treat a vice-admiral like Smoker and his entire crew like nothing more than trash, then what was the point of the SHP taking two years off for training themselves in order to survive the New World.. In the end, it looks like the other rookies were able to survive and do much more than what the SHP have progressed with their training.. Isn’t that kind of making Luffy and co appear lame?

  11. @Falcon
    Fair point but we don’t know just how dangerous the SH’s have become….for all we know they could be the strongest rookie crew in the new world right now an luffy coud possibly own law……fishman island wasn’t even a warm up for them as everyone managed a 1 hit KO – until we see them all in a serious all out fight we can’t really judge….

  12. Have to agree with tensa we need to see more about the straw hats before we come to any conclusion

  13. The reason the SHs trained for 2 years was to survive. We all know that they had the most rivals/enemies compared the the other rookies. Those enemies are not weak either. Rayliegh knew this, which is why he strongly insisted the training so to better their chances of survival. Kidd, Drake, etc. did not have a very big target on their backs as much. But remember Law also chose not to rush into the New World. I think he was doing some haki training as well. Rayliegh said that using haki requires a lot of training. Luffy was taught the basics of it in 1 1/2 year. For the rest of the 6 months he developed those skills even further. Law could have learned the basics haki around that time, but not to the level Luffy has since he was training for 2 WHOLE years. So far Law has shown he can use 1 of the haki powers. Luffy has mastered all 3 of them. I mean do you really think any of those rookies can take a fully haki powered elephant gatling or knock out 50,000 pirates instantly. Unless I SEE they can do anything of that level I refuse to believe any of the rookies are on par with Luffy.

  14. @badasschefman141 excellent speech, 100% true…Fact of the matter is alot of people are on the straw hats case, I mean they have pissed of the government so much now they probably can’t wait to get at them, I mean they was willing to start a war just to kill ace and they view luffy’s threat lvl as the same, not to mention because of the fame they have now other pirates would want to take them down just for reputation sake…We’ve already seen examples of this…(swamp boy)
    If luffy went strait in he would have less chance of making it than all ther other rookies of his time.

  15. Yea other than the monster trio and T-Law, none of the other rookies should have haki because they didn’t take the time to train.It takes a long time just to get the basics of it. The rookies roaming around the New World may have made a name for themselves, but they are probably just 2nd rate pirates. There’s no way they can compete with the top contenders. I’m sorry Captain Kidd, but T-Law and Luffy are in a whole other league.

  16. @7warlord idk i think your reasoning is flawed, i know that the SH crew where training super hard but it was kinda in a more relaxed environment they all had people teaching them. For the rookies that just took off into the new world they have been fighting members of the Yonkos crew and growing stronger in a more hostile environment.
    The fact that the “weaker” supernovas took off into the new world i think all of them that survived will be pretty ruthless.

  17. All I have to say is if the straw hats isnt stronger than all the other rookies thn ile be pretty pissed

  18. @RuffRuffy Flawed? Maybe you’re right. The point I was making was that the other rookies should not know haki. You just mentioned a couple of reasons yourself. The SHs had good teachers and were in a good environment for their respective training. While the other rookies were in a more dangerous environment and trying to get famous. I just can’t see how they can use haki, which should take extensive training to learn, while at the same time making a name for themselves…I can’t argue that they will be very ruthless since they actually did make a name for themselves, especially Kidd, but that doesn’t mean they can take on the SHs. Like Badasschefman141 said, if I actually see that they can fight on their level, then I will believe it. Until then, I say the SHs and T-Law are in their own league.

  19. @7warlord,
    I agree that the SH’s should be the stronger rookies by default! Yes the other rookies made names for themselves an some probably fine tuned their devil fruit powers to a ridiculous level through constant battle (e.g. Kidd an Hawkins) and I doubt any of them know Haki to a threatening level but imo the rookies strength also comes down to who was pushed more….. E.g was capone pushed to his limit in the new world so far as to discover new techniques or tactics in the heat of battle or was Robin pushed as far as she can go whilst training with the Revolutionary army…… The monster trio should have an advantage though as they had more time to work on both their powers AND haki.

  20. @7warlord,
    It’s true that they’ve had enough time to work on their haki, but, couldn’t there be some other technique to counter haki too? I mean, haki was introduced quite a bit late in the storyline and with the rate of new things being introduced like dragons, centaurs and giant children, isn’t it possible to have something more powerful than haki? Or at-least a fourth haki or something? I think it would be kind of boring if Luffy was able to defeat Law easily with just haki because after all the hype about the new world, Luffy would’ve already conquered a Shichibukai with only two years of training. Just thinking out loud..

  21. @falconprince – I find it funny that you say he would have already conquered shichibukai with only two years of training, and yet he has already beaten a couple (Crocodile and Moria) without ANY special training. Anyway, I think that he should be able to own a “newer” shichibukai who has had only as much training as him (if not less) in order to show that he still stands out in his generation. Before this he was the only one capable of competing in the war of the best and was approved of by Whitebeard. It would only make sense that he is still near the top of the power scale. Otherwise the rest of the series would not make all that much sense.

    -pcgnome out

  22. @falconprince I don’t think there is anything that can counter haki except haki itself. Just depends on who is the best at it. I really doubt there is a 4th haki since Rayliegh never said there was. He has seen amlost everything there is to see because he is Gold Roger’s 1st mate. There’s also the fact that the Haoshoku is already extremely rare, so what would that make this 4th haki, and if there is one what exactly could it be?

    Also the haki abilities known so far are pretty well balanced. Even though the Haoshoku haki is powerful, it only really affects weak minded people. So everyone has a CHANCE to fight on equal terms with anybody, which is why I love One Piece so much. The other rookies just need to put in the work for learning haki. Something I doubt they did in this 2 year period.

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