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Its out! Enjoy!

Naruto: http://www.mangareader.net/naruto/580


One Piece: http://www.mangareader.net/one-piece/662


40 Responses

  1. One piece was epic!! Law has become a beast and is truly worthy of the tittle war-lord……They guy is cold and awesome at the same time!

  2. Bleach was pretty boring

  3. Naruto was nice but not alot of meaning behind it.

  4. I thought that bleach was a good pump up chapter, for the first time in a long time Tite is taking his time before going straight to the battle. In my opinion I think that he should build up the story as much as possible because this is the last arc in bleach.

    By the way that Vice-Captains death was pretty sad

  5. Bleach was a waste of time….it just told us about a character that no one cared about

  6. Jdogg cant wait for your one piece review

  7. @LegendaryKid, if Tite devoted more time for that Vice-Captain don’t you think it would of been more impact on us of his death? But you gotta to admit it was a nice change of pace, because now some one in bleach who is pronounced dead is actually dead and wont comeback out of now where. In my opinion he deserved those four panels for his fame. And it will be out in the next few minutes gotta do some last touches.

  8. Bleach was good, but god do I hate that stupid arrancar with Nel. All he does is waste precious panels with his idiotic antics that I find in no way to be funny. I enjoyed the bit about the dead VC but how cheap of Tite to cheat us out of another bankai. He better show us the bankais of kyoraku, Ukitake, Uruhara, Hirako, the other vizard captain, Kenpachi, and Yamamoto. I would be soo pissed if I don’t get to see all of those.

    Also, we need more deaths, starting with captain komomura. That stupid bitch that Aizen failed to kill twice (Hinamori). Among others. and chad as well, have him go full hollow or just die!

    Uryu not going to hueco all but confirms to me that the invaders are quincies. I wish ichi would just go with Uruhara and no one else.

    Rukia must die too!

  9. Naruto – was kinda cool seeing the 2 brothers get along – I can’t get enough of the double susanno panels either! That kabuto jutsu is vicious but ur dealing with itachi here- a uncut kage level beast!! The flashback was nice coz we haven’t seen it either!

    Bleach – FINALLY TITE KILLED SOMEONE!!!! It wasn’t major but its a start – I like the way tite is building up the story
    @cesc rukia doesn’t need to die she needs a full on no holds barred fight!!! I agree with u on chad – full hollow or die coz he’s useless – lol at nel forgetting who he is! Urahara is another guy who needs a full battle – he set up Aizen like a true G!!

  10. My prediction ….
    Kabutorochi (hate him btw) will fight the Uchiha brothers and somewhere during the fight, Saskue will realize, “Oh yea, i have EMS” and probably end up killing Kabutorochi. But before that Itachi will probably die and i will cry to myself for weeks, like i did the last time he died. And right before he dies he tells Saskue, “Sorry lil bro i guess we wont be able to talk after all” or something like that. Then Saskue will have an emotional breakdown and use his EMS powers and kill Kabutorochi.

    And since the Edo is still going on and now can’t be stopped, THANKS TO SASKUE (hate him too btw) the kage’s are still fighting SUPER Madara.

    Meanwhile, back to Naruto vs The Masked Man, Naruto and the Mystery man fight a little more and then he teleports away ….. like always.

    And finially Naruto and Saskue will team up to defeat Super Madara which they willl do in order to save the Kage. Then they will fight each other

    …….. maybe something like that.


  11. I’m impressed with Kabuto’s sage abilities, but it’s going to take alot more then that if he wants to defeat the strongest shinobi (King Sasuke). Kabuto knew this day was coming, and I’m sure he has more trump cards to pull (Jiraiya & Shisui). The people wanna see edo Shisui vs Itachi, and edo Jiraiya vs Sasuke. Make it happen!

  12. @bushybrowssama: isnt sasuke already using EMS? susanoo?

  13. Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnice naruto chapter. We get to know new ability for itachi (his eyes can read people feeling) so did this works for sasuke since he had itachi’s eyes.

  14. @bushybrowssama
    You wrote that last week to… And that is a stinky teori..
    Bacuse Itachi is allready dead… so he cant die again.

  15. @NSSK,

    You have to re-read the chapter sir! Itachi’s eyes do not have the ability to read people’s feelings…

    It’s his personal ability not his eye’s alone.

  16. The chapter was ok, but honestly I was a little bit disappointed though. After the last chapter I expected more to come, but even I like to see the two Uchihas fight side by side (remind me just at the time when Sasuke supposed to be a good guy) they both showed nothing that we´ve seen already and after Kabuto was so confident in the last chapter all he got is a distraction jutsu and then stabbing Itachi, that´s just not the level of fight I have in mind when I hear the names Itachi and Sasuke. Maybe I was expecting too much but after looking at Madara….actually I am looking forward to switch back even Itachi is one of my favorites

  17. Kishi give Itachi the fight he deserves, I don´t want this to be one of the random fights we´ve seen so many times in this war

  18. Shouldn´t Itachi just take him and Sasuke into his tsukuyomi (of course Sauske have to let him) and talk out a strategy? Beacuse Itachis tsukuyomi is so strong that he could control time it self, so they can talk strategy for hours and only second has gone in the real world..

    Maybe thats why Itachi is so god att analysing, he takes him self in tsukuyomi and analys for hours in there and only seconds in real world.

  19. Iltachi should have already placed Kabuto in tsukuyomi, if he had time to place him in the genjutsu with the birds flocking away after Kabuto thought he cut Itachi. This is the guy that caught Naruto in it by just looking at his fingers. I mean really. This doesn’t seem like the normal Itachi fight it seems more like a trip down memory lane for Sasuke and Itachi, but it is good that I guess that Sasuke feels that his brother is acknowledging him as being a fighter worthy enough to fight along beside him. This needed to happen for Sasuke and to progress the story but it just isn’t up to par with all the genjutsu laden mind games of previous Uchiha battles.

  20. @UchihaTheInfamous
    Tsukuyomi could work, but itachi using another one of his simple genjutsu tricks have little to no chance of working on kabuto, an if it does, too short of time to get kabuto to undo the edo tensi. If you think about it, itachi’s genjustus, with the exception of tsukuyomi, has a poor record of working, as we seen so far. The only saps that got caught was naruto and young sasuke, for obvious reasons. It didn’t work on kakashi, which itachi was forced to use tsukuyomi instead, it didn’t work on jiraya, who was simply to strong and smart, it didn’t work on Hebi sasuke, who not only countered with his own, but broke tsukuyomi as well, an I’m pretty sure it won’t easily work on kabuto. If kabuto really is in sage mode, he can use nature chakra to disrupt the flow of his normal chakra an easily shatter any genjutsu itachi throws at him. Im certain itachi knows this and plans on weakening him first so either he’s too weak to resist, and/or his sage mode stops working.

  21. I forgot about deidara being caught as well, but he was so ill pepared an caught off guard back then, but he learned from his mistake as seen when he countered sasuke’s genjutsus.

  22. At this point I’m starting to think Sasuke’s “scary eyes genjutsu” or “mean look genjutsu”(for you pokemon fans) that he used on that cloud ninja would be more effective on Kabuto, lol jk :-).

  23. @darthUchiha

    Actually Itachi’s normal genjutsu worked on Kakashi (sort of). When Itachi was cloned by Pain, Kakashi’s Kage Bushin was put under a genjutsu, but it was not Tsukyomi. We know this because there was some discussion about how their techniques were limited, due to lower chakra amounts, in the clones (Itachi’s and Kisame’s). You could also say that Itachi didn’t use a Tsukyomi in that case because he didn’t want to actually harm Kakashi.

    I think Itachi used Tsukyomi on Kakashi in the first place was to be sure he was disabled and to make sure the fight could end quickly with the least amount of collateral damage.

    Not to mention that Itachi’s normal genjutsu was used against Orochimaru AND to counter Kurenai’s powerful genjutsu.

    It is really hard to get a feel for Itachi’s strength because he’s always concealing it in a sense. He always acted in a way to minimize damage to Konoha.

    I don’t recall him ever trying to use genjutsu against Jiraiya in the manga. If it happened only in the anime, it doesn’t count.

  24. @rip and that’s y I dislike the fact sasuke is helping with kabuto….. I was hoping that we could FINALLY see itachi unleash without distractions and yet here we already see him having to incorporate sasuke into his plans and having to protect his rash little brother. Sadly I don’t think We will ever see that sigh……shame

  25. I think everyone’s forgetting that Kabuto needs another sacrifice to get an undead pawn.

    What’s her face snake girl was the sacrifice for madara… I think.

    bleach sucked… There has never been mention of anyone or any realm else. You can’t just start adding different kingdoms because what part do they play in the natural world. Soul society and the hollows made sense but these mystery guys? no…

    It makes no sense but I’m still guessing Sabo is Law.

  26. @Siskin
    Maybe he allreday have another Sacrifice and used it allreday and then he don´t need a new.. You didn´t se him with a stck of pile dead bodys when he summoend alle the ohter edo rigtht?

  27. @Siskin and Seda

    Anko can’t have been used to summon Madara:

    The living sacrifice becomes the vessel for the resurrected soul: remember Fuu and Torune? And also the Sound Nin that were inside the 1st and 2nd Hokages.

    Besides, we don’t even know if Anko is still alive. Something tells me she is though.


    Totally agree with you. It would have been awesome if Itachi totally pwned Kabuto and RIGHT at the end before Itachi dispelled Edo Tensei, Sasuke showed up and either spoiled the show or was denied the conversation with his brother.

    But since things are the way they are, this will cement Sasuke’s future (as if we didn’t think it already was).

  28. @ripcord
    Yeah I know that it wasbn´t Anko… and thats something that isn´t very important to know who he used as sacrifise beacuse it makes no diffrent 🙂

  29. @Mattmaru

    No it’s not EMS because the Susanoo appears when you use your MS in each eye at the same time. That’s how Itachi can do it too.


    LOL! if you saw it last week, why didn’t you respond? And by die again i meant somehow Kabuto will dispell him and Itachi will be gone again.

  30. Sasuke is already using EMS idigts. EMS just makes it so that you don’t lose your vision when you use your MS (thus “Eternal”) and apparently it grants you one additional power, but that has not yet been proven.

  31. In other words, it does not mean you can switch from MS to EMS like you would from S to MS. Now you just go from S to EMS, no longer an MS for Sasauke or Madara.

  32. @cesc

    EMS *allegedly* grants you immortality and the ability to use your MS without going blind. By Saskue using his EMS i meant his new abilities that come with his improved eyes. Susanoo is when you use both of your MS in each eye at once. With itachi, his right eye he uses Amatarasu and his left eye is Tsukuyomi. And i believe the word you were trying to use was idgits or idiots

  33. Is it me or are these hacked Uchiha eye techniques getting more and more ridiculous? This new one is a major hack. Don’t get me wrong, Itachi is one of my fav. characters, but the Uchiha have an eye technique for every situation. Then if all those techniques fail, just go get you some Senju/Uzumaki cells and upgrade to the rinnegan. I mean seriously.

  34. That brings up a good question though, Madara is still using his sharingan techs while his rinnegan is activated, would he lose his rinnegan eyesight if he does one of the forbidden sharingan eye techs, or would he just not be able to go back to using the sharingan again, and just be stuck in rinnegan mode, or would none of the above happen because the rinnegan upgrade from the sharingan may not have those limitations, like when you go from ms to ems so you won’t lose your sight that way.

  35. Itachi is simply a genius…..even he is death he still managed to come up with something new

  36. I’m sorry for referring to him as Madara, I meant BIG MAGNUM.

  37. What. The. Hell.

    I hate Mangareader with a passion. Their shit is incapable of loading at all. Someone give me a link to another site please. And someone announce the chapters are out.

  38. @?????? Lol. Yea that happened to me a couple of weeks ago. But only the big 3 seems to have trouble loading. Mangareader seems to load other manga just fine. I hope VIZ didn’t get to them.

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