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Bleach Chapter 485: Foundation Stones

Chapter 485: Foundation Stones
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The king of this world is one cruel ass bastard. Without moving from his seat he cuts this unknown underlings arm off. With a calm sadistic face he even forces his half-dead subordinate to his knees allowing to give his report in the end anyway. Ivan, for one is scared shitless of this man. So he seems the kind of leader that simply uses fear.

Aizen was different in that aspect. Yes he used fear here and then but most of time he was a bit more devious. This guy seems more straight to the point.

I love the little interaction from the rest of the guys, just chilling out having lunch waiting for Ichigo to return. It’s all fun and games till our new recruit gets a phone call with an awesome ringtone, I love to hear that in the anime:P, see what they come up with:P

Yuki san is being informed by the event that has transpired moments ago in SS. The funeral of Vice Captain Sasakibe.

Horn-guy(don’t know his name) recaps all the events of the attack. A staggering number of people died at the front gate. These were not the 7 intruders but other people spotted scurrying about near the gates. No number of enemies was being specified. They still have no clue how they got in or out. But that we already figured out.

FINALLY and old favorite returns in an old-fashioned snot powered super speed entry. Ichigo wonders why Nell suddenly shows her face, however it’s clear she is very upset and needs our help. We won’t have to wait long to find out why.

It may the translation but the next part wasnt very clear to me. They speak of something call the frontier. I am not sure what they mean by this. But they seem to want to break into someplace else. Could be all their activities are just small parts of a big plan (Soul King perhaps?)

Anyway, he calls out to Luders Friegen. I’m assuming that is his name. I find this King(i will call him King for now) a strange man. How easily he destroys this man. Ivan gets Luders’s blood all over him. Ivan has apparently done enough for the King aswell, he gives him a glimmer of hope before -seemingly- destroying Ivan aswell.

One of the other masked warriors ask an interesting question to the King where he mentions arrancars. So… Ivan was an arrancar after all, he probably felt himself above an arrancar though,  seeing how he serves underneath the King.

The King walks up to a separate dimension(its not exactly a room), where he reveals he has all he needs to get all the Arrancar he needs. Using Harribel. The former #3 is hanging off chains, a spike through her foot. In the final page of this weeks chapter the King makes it clear. Hueco Mundo has been taken over. They wouldn’t have had much trouble seeing how the SS captains cleaews out all the heavy hitters.

The ultimate objective is still a bit unclear. Seeing how this is the final arch, i really how the Soul Kings dimension or at least the Royal Guard. Based on what the King said. I don’t think he intends to stop at the destruction of Soul Society.

As for the take-over of Hueco Mundo. That could clarify the unknown hostile’s that took out a the 1st division grunts at the gates and with the follow or die option the King imposes. He will have plenty of foot soldiers to his disposal.

These chapters are getting harder and harder to summarize as the mystery behind these guys keeps on growing


14 Responses

  1. Nice review!
    This last chapter should get Bleach on the top three shonen manga right now. Finally Nell comes back!!!…maybe some hope to see Grimmjow too?…or maybe Ulquiorra, well that’s utterly impossible…xD
    With the King splashing that much blood all over in one chapter, I would love to have Bleach in a more darkish-action-supernatural-thriller-drama story, I think it has the potential to be one. Anyway, I hope Kubo finishs Bleach with an awesome arch.
    Thanks for your hard work!

  2. Nice review
    The chapter was really a good one, and it is kind of getting very dark.
    Good to see Nell back.

  3. this is going to be one dark arc!! i already hate this king because i was begining to like the luders friegen guy whose role kind of reminded me of ulquiorra. and then this king has the audacity to just dispose of him so casually. what i’m now wondering is who the other masked lackies are if they are not arrancar?
    if arrancars are under attack as well then i for-see an ackward coalition between soul reapers and arrancars.

  4. I see aizen making is come back soon enough…there is a reason why the auther choose to make him immortal….anyways not much to be said but it’s funny how these so called super powerd people always just pop out of no where…very amature if you ask me.

  5. loving the progress Bleach is going, I hope this arc will last for the next 5 years, it could be one epic long arc. I couldn’t imagine bleach coming to an end, but it will be a badazz ending that will stay with us forever.

  6. @legendarykid,

    already said it 😛 aizen has to come because he wanted to kill this guy and shinigami +arrancars need aizen, he has the brain and ichigo the power…

  7. aizen teaming up with soul society would just be freaking boring….but even if he comes back he is weak as hell imagine without the hougyoko there wouldn’t be anything he could do here…i’m liking this guy much more than aizen he is fearsome:D

  8. Aizen was a master mind he would think of something to restore atleast his shinigami powers but i do agree that him teaming up with soul socity will be pretty weak..maybe help him train ichigo lol

  9. Maybe this King will free Aizen…. Aizen breaking out of prison will be epic stuff though just hearing him say “kurosaki ichigo” has me smiling! Why is Nel in chibi mode btw?? I could have sworn the last time we saw her she was tall with massive ……!!!!!! I hope they bring Stark back I liked him better than Grimjow

  10. Aizen could very well be involved in the story. I’m not sure the enemy would free Aizen to server for them. The king seems like he would rather kill Aizen.

    Ofcourse when they hit SS, that would be the time for Aizen to escape.

  11. Yea stark was pretty kl..Aizen wouldnt serve shit…probly take over shit lol

  12. Ok what the hell how is halibel still alive?

  13. does any1 know anything about the anime?:( cmon it ending like this isnt ok guys:(…why can’t u ppl see aizen coming back is a stupid thing he can’t possibly get stronger than when he had the hogyoko or whatever it’s called…just leave him out of this arc:D danke schon:D

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