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One Piece chapter 661-There is no law but LAWs

Well I think that I need to stop reading One Piece because every chapter so far has been too epic. I become so excited for the next and to many thoughts and theories go through my head, but I gotta take my hat off for Kishi(Naruto), Tite(Bleach) and Oda this week, they truly all stepped up their game up. But I will leave that for Bob and Pretender, so lets get on with this weeks chapter of One Piece.

The Boss of the Centaurs

So I can confidently say that there actually a race of centaurs that exists in the grandline. For one ‘Boss’ and is an Alligator centaur and he shows no sign of discomfort in his current condition. But what leads me to the possibility that these people are actually centaurs because of a freakish experiment done by Master M and Law. They are so different from each other and why would they be on the island. There is not much that can be gained by coming to Punk Hazard, maybe they are trying to gain back their original bodies or they just like, the samurai, who are trying to get back their friend or family member. I might be looking to much into this but so far it seems that these guys are actually are a centaur race.

Brook “The Man who came back from the Dead”

If you have been fallowing my blog about One Piece, you would know that I was not much of a fan of Brook and in fact he was one of my least favorite character. But ever since the Fishman Arc, Brook has gone up in the ranks of being one of my favorite character. And this week he just did another thing that was epic. I really like how Oda has given him the ability of freezing things. Brook like Luffy,  is one of the few Devil Fruit user that has made a Devil Fruit that seemed like it only had one purpose to a Devil Fruit that can give him an array of abilities.

He can run on top of water and can run at a tremendously fast speed and because of his light body, his agility and jumping skills are beyond normal. He can separate his soul from his body and be a ghost, he can add some of his soul into his sword which is what gives him the ability to freeze things. Too many abilities to count, but Brook has come a long way from being the joker to being one of the most badazz character and I would also go as far as to say that he is the second strongest after the Monster Trio.

The is no law but LAW’s

So this week we get to know a lot of information about Laws Devil Fruit, I will try to break it down for you guys.

  • Law can create a field that is called ‘Operating Room’, in which he is the LAW of this room, being able to do as he pleases. For example, he can cut people up with his sword but not harm them. And he can separate and put together what ever he wishes. Be it an inanimate object like a rock and an animate object like a persons head, he can put those things together and will be together even after he deactivates his room. But these objects can be separated and put back to their rightful place by some one other than Law.
  •  He can also separate and divide peoples hearts between each other, justlike   he did to the Strawhats. He separated Nami, Sanji, Chopper and Franky and divided their hearts between each other. Nami is now in Franky’s body while Franky is in Choppers body and Chopper is in Sanji’s body while Sanji is in Nami’s body. Take note that Sanji in Nami’s body not a good idea, I just can’t wait to see his reaction.
  • Weaknesses: Law however has a weakness in his ability. Common Devil Fruit weakness against Ocean and Haki. It seems that if someone has a strong Haki power, Law’s room ability cannot affect them. Another weakness is that he cannot move from his position once he is using the ability to modify things, like how he elevated the ship and ever since than he has not moved from that position until Smoker forced him to move. So weaknesses are Ocean, Strong Haki users and when he is using his manipulation ability makes him lack movements.

Side Notes:

  • Luffy, Robin, Zoro and Ussop have become evil to get warm clothes, I found it funny that they almost froze to death.
  • Tashigi has Haki makes me think that Zoro and Sanji definitely have Haki as well. But Law is living up to his name of being the evil person people portray him to be. It seems he has misguided us into believing that he is actually a good guy, but it seems that he is the type that will do anything to gain what he wants.
  • Brook=Epic=fourth strongest in the Strawhat.
  • Tashigi is cut in half, how will smoker react? And Law is truly has gone up the ranking and I can see how he has become a Shikibukai.


19 Responses

  1. Doesn’t Sanji have Haki? Im pretty sure he does but law was still able to switch his heart..

    Great review!

  2. I do believe that Sanji does have Haki, but it is still needs to be confirmed. Though Haki is needs to be activated in order to cancel out Laws ability. Though haki is always active but people do not know they have it until they learn to control it. Think about it like how Naruto when he is in Sage mode, his sense get sharper and his ability increase ten fold or maybe even more. But going back on how Law was able to affect Sanji is because Sanji had his back turned and didn’t know about Law attacking him and I think that if Sanji knew about Law having the ability to change Sanji to being in Nami’s body, Sanji would willingly want to be attacked.
    And thanks for your comment 🙂

  3. geez what makes you think Law can’t move. He did not need to move.
    Stop over hyping Sanji, Oda does enough of that already. Law can kill everybody on that island but notice how he hasn’t. He is not evil, he is just having fun.

  4. Once again another epic chapter from One Piece. I had never imagined that Law could have that many weird abilities. Unless you are a logia or a strong haki user, facing Law would be suicide.

    I don’t think anyone is “over hyping” Sanji. We have seen what he can do, so if anything he deserves that respect. A SERIOUS Sanji is a force to be reckoned with, that is the same with Zoro and Luffy.

  5. Zoro and Sanji both use haki. Their Busoshoku haki was shown when they beat that robot at Sabaody Archipelago. And their Kenbonshoku haki was shown when they felt mud boy’s presence at Fishman Island. The words “I know haki” have not come out of their mouths, but it is obvious that they can use it. What would be the point of the 2 years of training if only 1 of the monster trio knows it?

  6. @7warlord and Badasscheman141, well said by both of you. And like 7warlord said it would not make sense that both Sanji and Zoro were both trained by two people who are considered powerful in their own field and not be taught about haki.

    @HashiramaDaGod, I said that it could be one of his weaknesses because when ever he is using the ability that manipulates whatever is in his room, he never moves but only his fingers and. Maybe it is because he needs to concentrate so much that all of his focus must be on the manipulation ability. Or it could be like you said he does not need to move will he is using that ability. It is all a theory man. And cutting a woman in half is fun? I don’t know about that man. From the look of things Law has been up to some shady things since he is willing to kill all the marines. Now if your talking about fun like the fun Luffy has than that is fun. But Luffy would never imprison some one for fun. But I will not discredited Law for being one awesome guy. He did save Luffy’s life once and it could be that he is playing the “bad guy” role for the greater good. Like I said it is all theories, nothing that me or anyone for that matter that creates a theory is never true until proven other wise in One Piece.

  7. Sanji is no way overhyped! If anything he’s under….when u look at his character dude is funny an a beast in battle, yes he’s a perv but thats just Sanji. No doubt him and zoro have haki too (for reasons stated above).
    Doesnt that centaur boss guy look alot like brownbeard?? though but i thought Basil Hawkins buried his ass when he entered the new world…
    Law is no joke in battle but why didnt he just attempt to kill the strawhats its almost like he was waiting for them in his house but then smokee showed up!

  8. first time here 🙂
    i like the way you summarize the chapters (almost page per page. i will like to do that too 🙂 and all my thoughts were there you even gave some question which is awesome.
    great work.

  9. @Kograss, Thank you and welcome to Shannaro, but you could always give your opinions and theories on the comments… I am always welcoming other people’s thoughts.

  10. @tensa, yeah I thought he was Brownbeard at first as well.

  11. Man I love Law.
    He’s gnarly as.
    I REALLY hope he’s just playing the bad guy, but I guess we’ll find out…

  12. Law’s defo got some sort of agenda but I wonder if he can create more than 1 “room” at the same time?!?! Also there must be a way to reverse his shambles without him doing it for u – will be interesting to see how smokee fights him coz he took out tashigi like she was any krusty marine! I already like this arc much better than the fishman island arc! Am I the only one that thought robin looked cute all frozen in that mini dress?! Lol actually here’s a good question out of all the hotties in one piece (robin, nami, hancock, shirahoshi, perona, vivi, that masked chic from foxie pirates, that warden chic from impel down, the skypia angel chic, alvida etc….) If u could only pick one which one would u chose as your favourite????
    Also slightly off topic but have u noticed that all the strawhats backstories have been sad an traumatic – (don’t u think samurai head guy is headed down that line with the loss of his son – this could be a hint) which strawhats backstory do u think is the saddest??

  13. If i could pick one it would be Robin, not only would she be fun at night but i bet she has the best conversation while drinking coffee in the morning haha =D

    Ace had the saddest story i think since he never got to his goal whatever it was. But for strawhats maybe Brooke i mean he lost everyone of his last crew.

  14. Robins back story I think is the worst…Nami second and brook the 3rd, I personaly think robin is the person I care about the most in the sense that I like seeing her happy…Jdogg I’m pretty sure that these centaurs are just normal humans thats bin experimented on my law….the leader is without a dought brown-beard….Shame on you for missing that out lol.
    Law is so epic…I did not expect him to have increased in power this much…it’s crazy.
    Brook or robin was always obvious choice for strongest outside top 3…I think with the lvl of haki luffy has, he would wipe the floor with both law and smoker.

  15. @everyone, sorry I missed about Brownbeard, but he was such a insignificant character that I did not take much thought into it and plus I thought that he was killed by Basil, but great observation everyone. See thats why I got great people like you guys to correct me when I am wrong 🙂

    @Tense Gizzla, too many to pick from man, I cannot decide

  16. @Jdogg, u gotta pick one man!!! Lol
    For me Robin is the hottest chic (Ruff ruffy said it best in his explaination) then Hancock and then that warden chic from impel down!!!
    Backstory wise I can’t decide who’s is deeper out of brook an robin – both are extreme cases of being totally alone

  17. its a very hard decision, I will tell which ones are my favorite and maybe I will pick one of them.

    1. Robin: for her wide range of Knowledge, and for the fact of her back story, in a sense her story is like that of Sasuke from Naruto.But her story and Sasuke’s story are very similar. The both are the last of their race, and both have something that every one wants, Sasuke his eyes and Robin her ability to read ancient writing. But I just like her because she is a mature and has one of the funniest things to make the most awkward moments, Oh and did I mention that she is one badazz assassin.

    2. Hancock and her amazon ladys, I like the fact that they step up and became the most powerful women in the grandline, and the fact that they are all woman. I am a guy so surrounded by beautiful amazon women wouldn’t be so bad.

    3. Princess Shirahoshi, I know she is a pussycat and a crybaby, but since now she has the freedom from Dekken, she can train and hone her skills could become the next Queen of the sea.

    4. Kokoro, because she is funny as hell, and has the funniest laugh in One Piece.

    So ultimately I do not go by look to be my favorite female character. But I would have to go with Robin, because she is one of the most mature and hardly makes those funky faces, in fact I never seen her make those kind of faces, but she will be a big factor in the story as well because she will solve the huge mystery of the how the government system was formed.

  18. I think that Law is serious about stoping them. He did some things at Punk Hazzard which he wants to keep in secret. He saved Luffy last time only beacuse he saw his potential and didnt want that it goes to waste. But if Luffy interferes with his plans i dont know how far will he go. Just a theory ofc.

  19. Looks wise hancock
    but other than that robin takes it for me….personally i think law is evil as jdogg said….he’s one of those people that just respects power…Oda wouldnt have made law safe luffy just on a whimp….we have seen time and time again that he always have a reason for his actions…
    I think seeing wht laws motive for the experiments is going to be very interesting….building a stronger crew maybe?
    I cant wait to see what kids new found stregth will be like.

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