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Its Out!Bleach, One Piece, Naruto Chapters!!!

Bleach: http://www.mangareader.net/bleach/485

One Piece: http://www.mangareader.net/one-piece/661

Naruto: http://www.mangareader.net/naruto/579


57 Responses

  1. Just EPIC, for the first time in a long time Naruto, One Piece and Bleach ALL WERE EPIC AND DESERVING TO BE THE TOP 3.

    KABUTO is a sage=sickness(in a good way), now that’s a villain, not one that hides behind a mask and calls himself “no one.”

    Bleach=pure epicness, Nel is back, my favorite female character in Bleach because she has that innocent and all cute when a kid and a seductive and can kick azz when an adult.

    One Piece, too much to talk about.

  2. yeah epicness for all BIG THREE. with that chapter, Bleach deserves to be back up there with the other two.

    so does this mean that there are actually other kind of SAGES. wow that’s awesome!!

    OP – can’t wait for Jdogg’s analysis. T-Law sure knows how to make shambles out of the situation. with his kind of ability, i wonder if there really is a good DF to be his counter. because whatever kind of ability you have, if you are within his circle, he’s the LAW. the ones i can think of are long range abilities, like Hancock’s, Jinbei’s pistol jet, kizaru.

  3. Naruto’s shit just got real. The fact that kabuto is a fucking dragon sage is badass. Its even more impressive that he mastered sage mode in such a short time. The only thing that is kinda annoying me is the fact that so many ninja are stealing jutsu from other clans. Everyone has been sucking up to the first’s abilities to the point where i’m tired of wood style and if another person has a sharingan i will scream. Id personally like to see and enhanced version of byakugan or something. But anyways, the fact that karin is a uzumaki is a huge suprise but kinda makes sense due to the fact that she survived a deadly blow to the chest from sasuke back in the battle against danzo. I wonder what her connections to the clan are. Either way, i think we can all agree on the fact that things are getting better in Naruto. I can’t wait forthe mystery of tobi to be revealed!!

  4. @shykss, I don’t think there’s different sages, just different sage techniques. All sages are derived from natural energy, senjutsu, but depending on who you learned it from will influence the techniques you use while in sage mode. Naruto learned frog related stuff and Kabuto probably knows snake stuff.

    I’m curious if Kabuto really is a dragon though. I mean, the head sage of the place he learned from is just a snake, not a dragon. He’s probably a little below or at the same level as Naruto in sage mode, but I can’t see him being a legit dragon, just a fancy snake.

  5. I find it little bit dump of Kabuto not to back him self up with some powerful edo´s like Nagato. Either he is very confident about himself or he is just dump. When I´ve got so many edo´s in my hand I would at least give myself some powerful tools.
    Despite that it was a great chapter, but I was a little bit dissappointed not the see some other ninjutsu from the Uchiha, so nothing we´ve seen so far from the Uchihas are actually new.
    And I´m glad that Sasuke decide to team up with his brother, even it´s just temporary. We´ve learned a lot about Kabuto, but the funny thing his,with all his power this dude still wearing glasses. Is there no thing or jutsu which could erase this handicap.

  6. The glasses are a trademark. He can’t summon Nagato because he has already been sealed. None of the other edos he’s summoned would be of much help. Only Madara but he is a little preoccupied, so unless he can pull a Jiraiya out of his ass (or barf him up in this case) he will be handling this on his own. He seems to have things under control.

  7. and it’s “dumb” not “dump”

  8. Hahaha ^Barf him up!!! I really liked Orochimaru he was a unique villain had that I am evil and it seemed that every time he was beat he would just pop up from his snakes. Tobi/Madara do not do that much for me because they are phony in a way. Oroch was my favorite villain and I like the fact that Kabuto has become his resurrection. I would have to say that so far only Oroch and Pain have been a successful villains, Sasuke was getting there but now I see that he still could be swiped back to being a good guy.

  9. @cesc

    I know Nagato been sealed already, but I meant he could give himself some bodyguards at the first place. And Nagato no help???? Itachi, Naruto and Bee have to work together to seal him.


    It´s probably due to my German roots that I´ve made such mistakes like this.

  10. @Jdogg

    Don´t see a twist upcoming, Sasuke won´t listen to anyone else but his brother

  11. And for Bleach, the first time I can see that arc can become a good one. But no one can top Aizen as a villian….

  12. @Ultmate, that is true, but one of the main point if not THE MAIN point of the Naruto series is that Naruto will ultimately change Sasuke into changing his way. Also, I love how Itachi makes Sasuke look like a little punk, Itachi is too cool. Sasuke used to be cool when he was a kid but now he is more like a crybaby that blames every one for the bad things that happened in his life.

  13. @jadogg

    I would have said the same about Sasuke but than the other would just call me a Sasuke hater.
    Maybe it will come to a twist, but I just see two possibility how this could end, either Sasuke dies in fight with Naruto or Naruto sacrifice himself to change Sasuke

  14. I don´t see both coming out of this battle alive, since Sasuke won´t change if nothing dramatic happen and words won´t help. And Naruto won´t stop till Konoha is save and this makes it unavoidable that one of them must die….and seeing how Kishi sacrifice Itachi for his brother might hint that the second case is more likely

  15. @ultimate
    Of course Itachi will “die” thats why he´s there, so he can take care of the Edo tensei.. Haven´t you read any of the latest chapters??
    OO and love Sauskes new alias.. Dr. Snake (ramore) 😛

  16. @pow

    I´ve never doubt that Itachi will die, help me out, where did I mention it?

  17. And Sasuke fans don´t want to hear this, but if Naruto sacrifice himself in a fight with Sasuke that would make Sasuke the biggest douchebag of all time, because the two greatest heroes of Konoha would give their lives for what???? Just to turn around a confused kid

  18. Also R.I.P Kabuto, excited to see his flashback

  19. @Ultimate where did I say Nagato would be of no help. I stated none of the others would be of much help after ruling out Nagato. Kabuto didn’t get body guards because clearly he felt he wouldn’t need any, and so far he seems to be correct.

    Why is Sasuke being called Dr. Snake?


  20. Nice seeing Kabuto get his “dragon” sage on (although the point that was mentioned about his sage teacher being a snake is a valid one)! I’m glad that he’s not using any more Edo Tensei spamming, and that it showed that he actually had to TRAIN to get this power. It’s kinda disappointing to see Sasuke rush into action stupidly when, up to this point, he’s been made out to be very smart and analytical. Plus he hasn’t shown any unique abilities with his EMS, just more Susanoo spamming by the Uchiha clan =/

  21. @hashirama

    You don´t really think that Kabuto will win, I just said that out of 1000 edo´s he just could pick himself 3 or 4 to protect himself….cockiness had never a good ending for villians…..the only one who could afford this is Madara himself

  22. @Ultimate, say what you want man, don’t matter if they call you a Sasuke hater or lover, I am a Sasuke fan when he was a kid, he was my third favorite after Naruto and Jiraiya. But when he turned ‘I gotta kill’em all’ his uniqueness he had when he was a kid was all gone. But I hope after this meeting with Itachi he will see things for what they really are: That sure the elders ordered the massacred of his people but it does not mean that Sasuke has the right to massacre all of leaf village. He could also approach things in a better way, the Uchiha clan was feared and hated by the elders because of their power. They out of all the clans have the strongest hatred in their hearts, but Sasuke can and could change all of that. Look at Naruto, when he was a kid the leaf village branded him evil and abandoned his friendship. Look at it now, every one not just the leaf village but the whole world want to fallow Naruto and brand him a hero and would love to be his friend. Overall I still think their is hope for Sasuke. Because so far the people he killed were actually criminals toward the leaf village, Oroch, Dedria, and Itachi(but he is controversial). So I would not say it is the end for Sasuke till Naruto says so.

  23. Yep. Kabuto had to hide to give himself enough to gather natural energy for Snake Sage Mode. It looks like the mechanics for Sage Mode are similar between him and Naruto. And dodging Sasuke’s Susanoo arrows is pretty badass seeing as Danzo and Kakashi couldn’t, hopefully Naruto can pull that off.

    Also, I wanna hear more about snake society.

  24. Also, Orochimaru was a sage too, he was just an imperfect Snake Sage, like Jiraya was an imperfect Toad Sage. Pretty cool.

    Also, the Humid Bone Forest also has its own sages? Is that Slug Sage mode? Or does it have something to do with Kimimaro’s clan, just like Dragon Cave is related to Jugo’s clan?

  25. And also, Orochimaru just seems to get cooler and cooler. I’m pretty sure he was after the Rinnegan himself, with his Uchiha and Wood Release experiments…he really would’ve been the ultimate villain.

    He stole Hozuki clan’s techniques and made the Body Shedding, he stole the Uzumaki clan’s techniques and upped his healing factor, he stole Juugo clan’s techniques and discovered Sage Mode…Orochimaru was underestimated.

    Finally, love seeing that Kabuto had to ACTUALLY TRAIN to get his power up, rather than pull a Sasuke.

  26. The Big 3 ALL delivered this week but i gotta give it to Bleach- kubo showed that he aint fuckin around with this final arc- Nel’s back, Tia’s back but is about to get raped and this leader of the germans is fierce- killin off his own men like he was stepping on ants!

    Now Naruto:
    WTF?!?!?! We got Dragons in Naruto now?!?!?! So im guessing Kakashi is gonna turn out to be a dog sage, Guy a turtle sage, Bee a cow sage and Tsunade a slug sage! Oh sod it lets make Gaara a beetle sage just for the fun of it!!
    Evil Sasuke is coming back, kishi wont change him to good so easily- i expect by the end of this fight his hatred is gonna fly through the roof!
    Also wouldnt it be cool if Tobi was Orochimaru and yes im just thinking of ways to bring him back coz lets be real people the guy was the crazy snake man who was sick in the head and we loved every minute of it!
    Oh and Karin’s an Uzumaki (a bloody useless one but an Uzumaki none the less)- no wonder she fancied the pants off Sasuke! Damn these Uzumaki’s have got Uchiha Fever! Hmmmmmm wait a minute if Uzumaki’s have Uchiha fever then that would mean only one thing…… (and yes i have said this before) the reason why Madara and the first hokage had numerous fights is because MADARA BANGED THE 1ST HOKAGES WIFE- IT MAKES TOO MUCH SENSE, SHE HAD UCHIHA FEVER!!!!!!!

  27. Was Oro practicing Sage Mode? In the anime, sometimes he would flash snake eyes before he attacked. Maybe Oro was still in trainning when he got sealed.

  28. Kishimoto said in an interview that someone in Akatsuki was a relative of the Hokage, now we know that Karin is a distant relative of Tsunade (who is the granddaughter of Mito Uzumaki). No surprise there really.

    As to Kabuto being able to use natural energy: it’s not surprising that other animals were able to draw upon it, but in this case, how did Kabuto gather enough natural energy while moving around? I guess he could have hidden in his “snakes” whlie they moved about and he stood still. In my opinion, this kindof sets up Kabuto to be the final villain, he’s had way too many power-ups recently. I’d be surprised if he went down here actually.

    Itachi may be able to cancel the Edo Tensei, but then he is dispelled… and Kabuto lives. So what would stop Kabuto from resummoning all the Edo Tensei? I guess Sasuke?!? Itachi had to have had a plan A, since Sasuke is his plan B… I wonder what it would have been?

  29. i have just one big question here, how is Kabuto going to maintain his sage mode? does he have two snakes sages fused to his body or something? or is he going to use the naruto tech of clones but i thouht only naruto could do that considering he has such strong chakra?> and what is the go with karin being uzumaki what does that mean or is it just nice fact?

  30. @Greenpeas That’s a pretty damn good question. Just how long can Kabuto stay in Sage mode? He seems pretty confident of himself, so I think he can fuse with snake sages so he wouldn’t have to worry about the time limit. It’s not like he has a bijuu in him, so I see no reason why he couldn’t do that.

  31. My thinking is as soon as sauceghey gets into trouble now we are going to see his EMS that we just get to see like 3 times jump right into the Frickin Rinnegan as he has his Uzumaki DNA, all the times he bit Karin at the summit,danzo fight her dna has just been chilling inside him, wow he gets everything so easy.

    Kabuto Dragon-Mode looks pretty scarry i bet he has some insane speed but he is still up against the Sharingan and there is no way sasuke let alone itachi will get “behind” Kabuto in this fight.

    For Kabuto I see a Madara reverse summon or maybe even Edo’ing one of the Sages kids coming out or something insanely crazy before Kabuto dies, he is Orochimarus Legacy and will pull down the curtain before losing.

    Tobi being the bastard kid of the 1st,2nd or something crazy related to them seems possible every hokage had spotlight now but the 2nd so he will be in there somehow.

  32. Is Kabuto a snake sage or a dragon sage? I know the place was called dragon’s den, but that was a head snake sage, not a dragon. I don’t see him having the same kind of sage power that Naruto has, but he’s probably close.

  33. yeah not sure how he is going to sustain the sage mode? maybe snake/dragon sage mode operates differently?

    be interesting to see the differences between this an naturos sage mode…but if we were going to compare naruto in sage mode against sasuke we know that isnt good enough. the only way naruto can break through the defence of susanoo is perhaps with wind shuriken and we know that kabuto cant do that!

    so even with super strength and speed dont think kabuto is going to be able to take out two of the greatest ninja’s

  34. Great chapter for naruto, i wonder if Kabuto has mastered the art of Senjutsu though? i mean i understand he looked like a snaked because of orochimaru’s DNA but when naruto mastered senjutsu he only had the Toad’s Eyes not the skin or any resemblence to a toad. Kabuto looks allot like a Snake/Dragon. so i wonder if he has mastered the art of senjutsu. what would be interesting would be if the Snakes/dragon version of senjutsu has any different natural abilities compared to Naruto’s Version. i would imagine that Kabuto will have mastered certain techniques that snake sage would of have trained him in. What is dissapointing is naruto has not learned many techniques under the teachings of Ma and Pa and also the Sage himself. i was hoping naruto would of been taught some of the killer techniques that Jiraiya used when he was alive.

  35. What would be cool though is if Naruto could bond with Ma and Pa to use Senjutsu and Kyubi/kurama mode at the same time. now that kyubi/kurama is on board he should not reject the chakra bond technique they tried last time. that way Naruto’s augmented chakra mode would be almost unstoppable.

  36. I bet kabuto is uber strong:)) i mean why all the power ups if he couldn’t get passed susanoo?What’s the point of all the power ups if he can’t do sheit:P

  37. yeah he must be. what will be tricky though is seeing how long he senjutsu mode will work for. he might have a longer sage mode time then naruto or it might be short so he will have to bring down the sage to sync or have clones like naruto.

  38. For some reason the main bad guy reminds me of Zangetsu. The old man version of Zangetsu. But I highly doubt it. I’m looking forward to seeing Grimmjow come back as well as seeing more of the present Espada coming back. I wasn’t positive if whether or not Stark will be making an appearance, but that would be interesting. I think the only living Espada are Halibel, Nel, Grimmjow, and possibly Stark. This is definitely going to be a very awesome final arc of Bleach.
    As for Naruto, it’s time to see some fighting against Kabuto. He’s been a bad ass for too long and he needs to get his ass whooped. Looking forward to an epic fight with Itachi and Sasuke against him. I guess it’s only a matter of time until the final three main battles come to a climax. That will definitely be awhile yet. I still think the masked man has some other thing up his sleeve because Naruto is easily beating the crap out of his minions. I’m guessing the masked man will have a comeback.

  39. Remember when it started to rain after Naruto learned the names of the bijuu, wasn’t that a sign of the rinnegan that pein did all the time. If Naruto did have the rinnegan he would be unstoppable because he wouldn’t need chakra rods to control other bodies, he could just use shadow clones. He can already sense chakra like Karin while in 6 paths mode, and technically isn’t he a double sage (frog sage and sage of six paths)?

  40. Who we really need for this fight is Aoba……

  41. @Tensa, hahahahahah Aoba

  42. FIrst …. to everyone with the Saskue redemption in mind…. STOP IT!!…. *rolls up newspaper and hits you on your nose* … NO, BAD COMMENTERS. Saskue will not come back to the good side, he isn’t smart enough to do that.

    My prediction ….
    Kabutorochi (hate him btw) will fight the Uchiha brothers and somewhere during the fight, Saskue will realize, “Oh yea, i have EMS” and probably end up killing Kabutorochi. But before that Itachi will probably die and i will cry to myself for weeks, like i did the last time he died. And right before he dies he tells Saskue, “Sorry lil bro i guess we wont be able to talk after all” or something like that. Then Saskue will have an emotional breakdown and use his EMS powers and kill Kabutorochi.

    And since the Edo is still going on and now can’t be stopped, THANKS TO SASKUE (hate him too btw) the kage’s are still fighting SUPER Madara.

    Meanwhile, back to Naruto vs The Masked Man, Naruto and the Mystery man fight a little more and then he teleports away ….. like always.

    And finially Naruto and Saskue will team up to defeat Super Madara which they willl do in order to save the Kage. Then they will fight each other

    …….. maybe something like that.


  43. This bites,sages poping out of nowhere,i mean naruto was supposed to be special!!! Oh the question about which sage is stronger,..snake eats toad that should tell us something.karin being an uzumaki and all i also see sasuke rinnegan on the way

  44. @tensa gizzla, do you think Naruto has g*y uchiha fever

  45. About bleach… this spirit king (i think that he is the king.. because the condom guys can use bankai and they are really strong…and he) wants to destroy seireitei because he says that the balance of souls will be broken and that he wants peace…ok so I’m THE FIRS ONE THAT SAYS THAT WE WILL SEE AIZEN AGAIN…why i say this..because he wanted to kill this guy…and that all the guys join together agains a common enemy..we will have humans..quincy..shinigami..arrancars agains condom men…

    I reallly want to hear: EXACTLY AS PLANNED :))

  46. @Sanins
    Naruto had Uchiha Fever the day he laid eyes on Sasuke’s soft jet black hair!! The day they kissed in class is the day Uchiha Fever went into overdrive!! Another person who I think secretly has it is Mei Mizukage! You’ve seen the way she’s lookin at Madara – she’s too turned on to fight! That woman practically had an orgasm the moment 5 Madara clones gathered around her!!

    I just realised aren’t snakes scared of birds?! If so Itachi an Sasuke need some Crow an Hawk Summons to take care of those snakes an let Aoba do the rest!!

  47. Piggy backing off what Naruto Tutor said, there has been times when Orochimaru has shown the orange lines around his eyes like when Naruto goes into sage mode, and other times when you don’t see them. So maybe he was an imperfect sage(using a term someone else used earlier) like Jiraiya. This could be a minor detail but turned out to be a major one that we overlooked in the past chapters.
    Also something else bothering me is the whole time Kabuto was explaining how he became a sage, Itachi was steadily saying thing like; “So, I was right!” And “I knew it.” Did he forsee all this coming from Orochimaru when they were in Atkatsuki together. But still for him to figure out everything with so few details(because we know Orochimaru is smart enough not leave clues for anyone) shows just how smart Itachi really is. Plus, I’ve been saying for forever on here that Orochimaru is prob overall the second best character in the series. He may not be the strongest has the flashiest jutsu, but combined for strength, wits, jutsu, intellect and fight savy, no one except maybe the sage gets as high an overal mark. Most of the others may excel in one or two of the categories, maybe even three but not all 5 like Orochimaru does.

  48. Bob should either hand over the task of creating a review for naruto chapters or never make one at all. Great chapters are passing without Bob giving some of his infamous insights. No offense but I am one of Bob’s followers and I just hate that every chapter release, all we have to do is to comment on “It’s OUT!! blah blah”.

  49. Anyways, just who the hell was Orochimaru trying to resurrect with his fight with the Third? They were the 1st hokage, 2nd hokage and the 3rd coffin that the Third managed to subdue. If it is Minato, then that would be a plot hole since Minato’s soul is in the Death Reaper’s Belly

  50. Kabuto needs to sacrifice someone to create another Edo. And maybe he’s at his limit? He must be pretty close to having all his pieces on the board at this point.

    I was hoping someone else would go Sage mode. Tsunade is going sage mode on Madara. It’s funny that out of all of the Sannin Orochimaru was the only one not able to acheive sage mode.

    And what is with all these battles to prepare Sasuke fighting Naruto? Sasuke’s fight against Danzo had Sasuke taking on a sudo shadow clone. Now Sasuke’s battle with Kabuto is Sasuke’s chance to experience Sage mode.

    Did anyone else think that if an Uzumaki has to have red hair… where is Naruto’s?…. forget Fire fox… FIRE CROTCH! ahahahhahhahha…

    And is anyone bothered by Itachi’s sudden sense of humor? It must have been one of Kabuto’s upgrades.

  51. @siskin,

    The same goes for Naruto. He is being prepared to fight Sasuke.

    First a fight to Pein, a rinnegan user wherein Sasuke seems will gain.

    Now a fight to Tobi, a sharingan/rinnegan user though Tobi is not displaying much skills (ninjutsu).

  52. Hey everybody my son Corey was born yesterday!! 8lbs 9oz 21 ins long!!(looks like he went sage mode) i feel like Minto…haha…nah..better! i couldn’t see myself taking him into battle like Minato did Nauto…then again i can’t teleport 🙂 Be blessed!

  53. tsundade isnt in sage mode!! she just has her seal released. she can use a technique called creation rebirth.

  54. @ RSVP
    Congrats man!!!!!! Check his eyes – maybe he he has rinnegan! U just had a baby that could either bring great peace or great chaos!! Lol

  55. @RSVP

    Congrats on your new born. Train him to be a hero like our hero Naruto.

  56. @RSVP
    you have alot of sleepless nights ahead of you like itachi. Good luck!

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