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One Piece Chapter 660- Wrong Exit

A hilarious and exciting chapter we have this week, packed with action, mystery and of course humor. It just amazes me how Oda incorporates action and comedy so well together. He makes it that One Piece is never lacking of humor. Especially this chapter with the confrontation between Smoker, Law and Sanji and Co. But I will get to that later.

Frozen People

It is not the first time that we have seen people frozen solid in an almost refrigerator like room. All the way in the Thriller Bark where Gekko Moriah had ancient warriors frozen for his experiments. Well I believe that the room Nami and Chopper stumbled upon is used for the same purpose by Law and that gas-like figure in the flask. It could be that Law captures strong warriors where they are preserved in ice so that the gas-like figure can experiment on them later on. It would make sense since those man in the gas-masks kidnap people so that the gas-like figure (who is called Master M by his man) can do his experiments. Also, Law is a doctor and has a history of being a very cruel person that shows no mercy to any one. So Law the doctor of death and Master M a mad scientist, it is a perfect combination of evil experiments and Punk Hazards is a perfect place for them to do their experiments.

Weird Hybrids

So far we have seen Centaurs, for those who do not know what Centaurs are here is a quick summary: A centaur is in Greek and Roman mythology is half man and half horse, a hybrid creature. And now those guys in the gas suit are satyr like creature. A satyr is a body of a man and lower half is of goat in Greek mythology. Again Oda has incorporated Greek mythology into his work. But are these hybrids natural or the cause of Master M? I think that these people who are hybrids are a successful experiment done by Law and Master M. For one Law has the ability to disassemble and assemble anything he chose, but those separate parts are independent of each other and only obey the original body.

As in the case of the samurai his body is separated into three different parts: His legs are with Luffy, Head with Sanji and his torso is with Brook. But all those parts are commanded by the Samurai. So it leads to the conclusion that these Centaurs and Satyrs are not just the work of Law but had the help of Master M. Think about it, if Law separated a Giraffe lower body and attached it to the upper body of a man, the Giraffe’s lower half would fallow the Giraffe and same thing with the man. But these centaurs and Satyr’s can freely move their bodies. So this is what made me come up with the theory that Law would separate and assemble different parts of humans and animals and Master M some how makes these bodies synchronize perfectly. Why would they want to do this, well it is simple, to create an army of hybrids of man and animals. So far they got Satyr to do their bidding.

Law Vs Smoker

A match between Warlord and a Vice-Admiral, a match never seen before in One Piece, and a match that will probably never be seen again. Smoker a logia user vs Law a swordsman with a very mysterious ability. Smoker’s ability do not need to be explained because it is simple, he is the element of smoke. While Law has a devil fruit that is one of the most mysterious one of all. He is able to create a room and can do practical anything he wishes, and is able to cute people with his sword with out harming them, but the biggest weakness of this ability is that it seems that he is unable to move while using this ability as he needs to be concentrating on what he is doing. But it will be a very interesting fight to see him take on a Logia fruit user. They only way I see Law winning is that if he knows how to use Haki, and the only way I see Smoker winning is that if he can counter Law’s ability. Nonetheless it will be a match to talk about for ever, if it ever happens.

  Side Notes:

  • It was funny seeing Nami and Chopper scared of the frozen people, it is good known that Chopper and Nami still have that pussycat personality because it creates many funny moments.
  • So far I am liking the Samurai, I just want him to get back into his body so we can see how he will hold up to Zoro.
  • Sanji acting like a kid this week was hilarious, the samurai sure made Sanji look like a fool.


15 Responses

  1. Haki is the most effective way to fight a DF user, however there is another way remember Law raised the river as well, so if he doesn’t know haki, he could just drop all the water on Smoker, therefore negating his “intangible” body because water effects ALL DF users.He can then use his devil fruit powers for both long and short range combat.

  2. Then again water only weakens DF users, but he could still use it to his advantage like drowning Smoker in a water bubble or something because if he’s completely submerged in water he will be immobilized. If he doesn’t know haki, this is the only other way I see him standing a chance.

  3. TLaw is a beast…I think he and Smokee are on par…Technically Smokee should be an Admiral. The only reason he was a Commander was because he did not follow orders like all the other suckup Admirals. Remember Garp turned down so many promotions and should have been Fleet Admiral. Then again his son Dragon and now luffy have put a wrench in his Marine Legacy! Lmao

  4. This is a tough one to call but im gonna put my money on smokee! Reason being is he has abit more battle experience and as long as he can stay out of law’s range he should be ok then again we dont know how much these 2 have developed over the 2 years so all hell could break lose as both have mastered there DF powers although law is a swordsman aswell so if he can use Haki on his sword then smokee is in trouble long distance an short distance. Arggghhhhhh the epicness of this fight is tooooooooooooooo high!!

  5. Oh come on people, Law has this one all wrapped up, he can easily wipe the floor with Smoker, all he has to do is get him in his bubble which he should be able to do with ease. Luffy was the only one Smoker could give a hard time really.

    That being said, this will not be a serious battle and will just end in a draw when Luffy interrupts. Nobody will be getting defeated here though I would love to see Luffy finally OWN Smoker and then get owned by Law in return.

  6. @harashima
    But we don’t know how law’s ability will work on a logia user especially with a smoke ability. Also smoker is no joke – we’ve only ever seen him fight against luffy an both times luffy got his ass whooped! Now we get a chance to see how smart smokee is in battle especially against a beast like law.
    I do agree though that luffy will probably gate crash this sparring match in true strawhat style (remember when he headbutted smokee an ace through a wall in alabasta??!!) I kinda want Sanji to get involved in this though – would be interesting to see how much he’s grown fighting against the 2 of them – or he might just get owned!!

  7. @tensa Did you just say Smoker and Law would own Sanj!?!?! That would NEVER happen!!! Don’t forget that he is on par with Zoro, that he knows haki, that he is THE baddest chef and leg fighter. out there. He will prove this when beats Kizaru in the future. I mean he is just like Marco from the
    Whitebeards, just like Zoro is the Rayleigh from Roger’s crew. .I haven’t seen Law’s ability work
    on haki users yet so I can’t say much. BUT don’t
    ever say such crazy things like Sanji getting
    owned when kicking ass is Sanji’s specialty!!!
    Remember what did to that stupid puff fish on
    fisham island, do you not remember that form

  8. …sorry for that. I was in the moment and was typing too fast lol. But if Sanji’s serious let alone Luffy he won’ t lose to them. I can’t see that happening unless that show some really powerful moves. C’mon guys the monster trio have all shown to be able to dismatle large things like a big ship easily. It will take more than that to convince me if Law or even Smoker can beat them. We will just have to wait for next week to see what they can really do.

  9. @7warlords, Nice observation, I don’t know if it will work because in order for a devil fruit to be only affected by moving ocean water. But your theory is good.

    @baddasschefman141, I am with you on Sanji, I hope he can prove himself being able to take on a vice-admiral and a Warlord. It will be epic.

  10. @Badasschefman,
    Ok maybe me sayin that Sanji would get owned is a bit extreme BUT let’s not forget that so far the strawhats records againt warlords an admirals/vice admirals isn’t the greatest but this is before the time skip though, we haven’t seen anything that they can really do after their 2 years training so I suppose smokee vs law vs sanji – everyone would have an equal chance!! Only reason I think sanji would have trouble is coz he is up against 2 badass DF users in which he hasn’t fought anyone of that kind of level before…
    As for Marco from the whitebeards – he did fuck all during the war!!!!! He deflected kizaru’s attack against whitebeard an that was kinda it! As a first diviison leader an a flying zion type why the heck didn’t he try an fly to ace’s platform an take on sengoku an garp?!?! He’s got no excuse he could have done more during the war imo.

  11. These are the fact s about devil fruit weakness….once a water goes above knee lvls it start to drain the persons power…wile they are submerge under any type of water they loose all there powers….Fish man and human alike…..
    As for luffy vs smoker
    unless someone know haki or is fighting with sea stone then that logia user is invincible unless the other dude is using the right element againts him….eg lighting and rubber…..no matter how strong luffy had gotten unless he knows haki luffy would loose to smoker….but now tht luffy knows haki its peak for smoker

  12. If law doesnt know haki how is he going to slice up smoke???
    if sanji knows haki he would kick both there asses…the guy trained in the worst type of hell he could possible train….sanji is probly now a beast abve beast

  13. Im pretty sure all the big boys know Haki – there in the new world – they HAVE to know Haki if there gonna survive and not get tossed to the side like brussel sprouts at xmas dinner! Sanji did train with lady boys for 2 years but did Ivanko know haki?? i cant remember!

  14. I just had a thought, if DF powers ALWAYS mess up in water no matter what, how did Vander Decken still have his powers in the water?

    Imo Law is going to be a power house, look at the range he has and now he has shown its not just control on people but anything in his “room”

    Gota say im loving one piece right now i never used to read it but it is now my fav manga.

  15. The DF’s ability can work full power under water as long as the user isn’t physically in it. As you know there are some paramecia users like Law, Kidd, and Decken who can use their full powers in water without physically touching it. Paramecia users with altered bodies like Luffy, Robin, Diamond Joz, and Buggy won’t because their fighting style involves them touching their opponents. I assume that this is the same case with all zoan types too. The only logia user that has been able to overcome this weakness is Aokiji, because of his ice element.

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