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Its Out!


One Piece: http://www.mangareader.net/one-piece/660

Bleach will be out later on


58 Responses

  1. First?

    Ha it finally happened.

  2. Anyway the Uchia Bros.vs Kabuto fight should be a very interesting indeed. I must say, way to go Kabuto. You have come a long way.

  3. Shichibukai Trafalgar Law vs. Vice-Admiral Smoker…The first BIG fight in the New World…Sanji’s there too which means those Marines’ faces are about to get rearranged lol

  4. i like that dude’s phoenix zoan devil fruit power, it looks cool. I wonder if its possible to spread an shoot it out like a logia user. His flames are stronger than ace’s, i wonder how it would do against akainu’s magna.

  5. I don’t like the fact that sasuke’s involved in this fight. For me it makes no difference if itachi wins, succedes, and/or dies here as long as I see what kabuto’s truly capable of in his new form and I see the 5 kages at least giving madara one hell of a fight just in case he disappears if itachi succedes. But sasuke teaming up with anyone let alone itachi without him possibly heading towards his redemption doesn’t seem right.

  6. @darthuchiha
    That’s Marco and his flames are only for flying and healing, no offensive powers. He confronted Akainu during the Whitebeard War, his fire didn’t go out like Ace’s.

    One Piece this week was great. Knowing Smoker he isn’t gonna to hold back lol, especially since T-Law’s about to smash his ship on his G-5 Marines’ heads.

  7. What is kishi playing at with sasuke? we know this cant possible lead to his redemption… or can it? hopefully, kabuto inadvertently dies to prolong this war, lest it be masked madara v world. but we are about to be led to believe that undead Itachi and EMS sasuke cant insta-kill kabuto. whats in suigetsu’s scroll? the way to end or control edo tensei? twist of fate

  8. I hadn’t realized this before, but all the major battles right now involve the Uchihas. The most important part of any battle are the outcomes, ansd I got to say that the outcomes of these battles can change the world’s view of the Uchiha. Most importantly, sasuke and itachi’s battle provides the most suspense. If they defeat kabuto without a kill, itachi and sasuke get have closure by finally accomplishing something as a team instead of as rivals. Additionally, the ninja world may finally look at sasuke as the hero itachi always hoped he would be; better still, sasuke might be determined to seize that role ,even all the way to end of the war. Even if they manage to subdue, the blanance of power on the war resets back to things before the real Madara entered the fray. However, if they wind up killing kabuto or losing the battle, not only do all of the hopeful images of the proud uchiha clan disappear but there probably won’t be a way to get it back. Itachi will leave the world again seemingly with no gains while he leaves sasuke with nothing more to lose. If sasuke loses his brother again, that might be enough to push him completely into the ruthless killer group. I think that the Sasuke fight could determine the future of the Uchiha legacy as well as the future if this war effort.

  9. KAGES ARE DEAD. 5 Madara Clones for EACH KAGE. And on top of that each clone has all of Madaras powers, I’m so happy I can’t wait for all of them to DIE.

    Itachi and SasukeTEAM UP. Kabuto is going to have to run away or use every single trick in the book to make it out in one piece.

    Its obvious whats going to happen. Itachi and Sasuke defeat Kabuto and force him to cancel the Endo, in turn saving all 5 Kages from getting killed by Madara. Sasuke finally gets all the answers he ever needed from Itachi right before the Endo is canceled. Sasuke takes Kabuto to the Kages and then his name is cleared for saving all 5 of them. Then Sasuke goes to help Naruto fight Tobi. Sasuke and Naruo beat Tobi and then Naruto and Sasuke get ready to fight just for fun and then the shot pans out and fades to white, end of the manga. At least that’s what I think! Who KNOWS!?!?!?

  10. LAW VS SMOKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    or LAW VS SMOKER VS SANJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    There’s gonna be smoke, fingers, fire and snake juice everywhere!!!

    Shit i need a moment to calm down

  11. The Uchiha will be the deciding factor in this war. Sasuke and Itachi will save everyone by defeating Kabuto and canceling all the Endo summons.

  12. I’m interested in seeing how much stronger Sasuke is compared to Itachi, who is strong in his own right. Also I want to just what is so special about the EMS other than you can’t go blind and it makes sharingan techs stronger.

  13. IMO sasuke would work best as the attacker while itachi works on figuring out how to stop kabuto. Honestly I would have loved to see itachi do this alone. We have never seen itachi battle at full strength and actually trying to defeat his opponent. Should have been 1v1 :-\

  14. Nicely done review guys this chapter was interisting and to see itachi go at full power that will be nice to finally see him fight against kabuto.
    Since sasuke’s with him this may be different then before with the brothers not working together but the ending was awsome.
    Now maybe will see what kabuto’s true powers like against sasuke and itachi also the madara battle was kickass he made 20 something wood clones to fight each of the five kages this were things turn the side of this war for the five kages.
    Nice reviewing everyone hope next chapter starts with the brothers battle against kabuto.

  15. badasschefman141,

    What makes you think that Sasuke is stronger than Itachi? Just because he has the EMS? We have seen both of them fight many enemies. Itachi is a way better, capable and tactical fighter. He spots weaknesses in his opponents and every technique instantly. Sasuke is too emotional. Even if Sasuke is technically stronger, like you claim, Itachi would pick him apart if he really wanted to kill Sasuke.

  16. @kaldun dont talk down about sasuke like that…. some people wont like that lol 😛 although i agree 100%

  17. @kaldun
    Calm down…You are making it seem like I said Itachi was weak or something, which I didn’t. I know very well that Itachi is one of the strongest shinobi in this series. Just because I said Sasuke is stronger, it doesn’t mean I’m talking down on him…There’s no point in this argument anyways, you should know by now that Sasuke will surpass Itachi very soon if not already. If you don’t think so then you will just be disappointed in the the coming weeks because it will happen…

  18. I think its safe to say we have NEVER seen itachi go all out against someone so until than ppl are going to go for who they want to. This matchup will be a great test to show us itachis abilities… although like i said I would have loved to see itachi go 1 on 1 to see what he could REALLY do by himself. sadly kishi refuses to do that…..

  19. True we have not seen Itachi at full strength before. I do recall him having some kind of disease when he was alive too, so I can just assume his power as of right now. However it is just ridiculous if you truly think that Sasuke isn’t at least close to Itachi’s level right now. And that he will eventually be stronger than him over time. You cannot deny that he will continue to evolve just like Naruto did.

  20. Does anyone get the feeling Madara is giving the good guys pointers? He must know he’s being controlled by some Senju shit and that probably pisses him off more than anything. To be someone’s puppet… uggh…

    Plus I think since Kabuto is preoccupied his Edo summons will be left to their own free will since it requires his concentration.

    What’s with the dead crow?

  21. Even though Sasuke will “surpass” Itachi just like Naruto has or will “surpass” the 4th, neither of them could take their superiors in a serious fight. Why? Because as good as they are or will become, they both lack special intangible quality that both Itachi and Minato have. It is not something that can be taught. Even when the 4th and Itachi were young, anyone could see it. Those two are the greatest examples of the perfect ninja mind. The mind is a the ninja’s greatest weapon. Combined with their abilities……..well let’s just say that if they were both allowed to reach the peak of their abilities unhindered, they could not be stopped.

  22. hmmm… the toad sage did say Naruto would fight a man with incredible eye power. What if this person he meant was Tobi? lol If this fight does in fact turn Sasuke into a “good guy” again, then would he really need to fight Naruto? I mean he might still want to… idk I’m just ranting. I really don’t care what Kishimoto does or doesn’t do as long as there’s closure at the end.

  23. the “special intangible quality” you speak of is what I like to call “big brother syndrome.” It is the simple fact that any big brother will never be defeated by his or her younger sibling for the simple fact that the older knows exactly how to beat the younger. Yes, the new generation will surpass the older but that does not mean that if the older generation was brought back the younger would automatically defeat them… there are intangibles. those intangibles are what is allowing Madara and Itachi to have the upper hand right now on their respective enemies.

    Great chapter, wish Bleach wasn’t on break this week, and may you all have a happy tomorrow.

    P.S. Itachi and Sasuek are gonna rampage unless Kabuto pulls a snake out of his you know where (for the kids).

  24. …what…Naruto and Sasuke are only going to get stronger as time goes on, their strength right now is already crazy. Especially Naruto, with his link with Kurama imperfect at the moment and he has obtained something from the other bijuu. Sasuke is also a tactical fighter when he wants to be and who knows what insane justu he will be able to do later on. Whatever it is we will all witness them rise above their predecessors like they are supposed to. Kaldun, Minato was in his prime when he died, though I’ll admit that Itachi is a different matter. Deteriorated vision, sickness, and his duty as the big brother prevented him from reaching his top form when he was alive. However that does not change the fact that at the end of the day, Sasuke will surpass him. Even if they have qualities that make them seem invincible, they simply do not have the “power” necessary to be stronger than Naruto and Sasuke. One obvious factor among others is that they are only 16 years old and time is on their side. Minato was a grown ass man, are you telling me that when Naruto is 28 years old his father would still be able to defeat him in serious fight. Absolutely ridiculous, I cannot see how you can just ignore the simple and comprehensible point here. Naruto WILL surpass Minato and Sasuke WILL surpass Itachi. It will happen regardless of what you or anyone else may seem to think. If you still disagree then whatever, I can’t force another person to think the way I want them too.

  25. What the….,why is everyone suggesting sasuke’s redemption i mean we want a fight(not rivalry)where they go all out against each other without some ‘talk no justu’or ‘forgive me’ statement cutting it off.and if anyone doesn’t want a ‘Narusasuke’showdown, pick another manga cause ur simply not a naruto’s fan.come on guys sasuke’s redemption?at this time outrageous isn’t it?

  26. @ sanins stranger things have happened, lol

  27. I seriously doubt Kabuto did not plan ahead and have some serious trump card Edo Tensei summons on hand to keep Itachi at bay while he goes 1 vs 1 with Sauciestgay. Kabuto cannot take on both of them! No way. Even though he is stronger with Orochimaru’s cells in him. This will be interesting.

  28. I think he knows he haa a good chance to revive Orochimaru. I’ve been stating he was coming back before the manga ended for about a year now lol. Probably longer.

  29. badassscemefan141,

    You will see that I fully acknowledge that Sasuke and Naruto have or will surpass Minato and Itachi. They will both end up being stronger but that does not mean that they could take them. Far from it. Pein was much stronger than Jaraiya and Pein even said himself that if Jaraiya had known who he was, he would have lost. Tobi is much stronger than Konan yet Konan was a c-word hair away from killing Tobi. The only reason he survived was because he was forced to use the mother of all hacks. Stronger does not mean better. The reason that Konan was almost able to take down a much stronger opponent in Tobi was because she studied Tobi and his abilities for years.

    Contrast that with Tobi’s fight against the 4th. The 4th didn’t have years, he had minutes plus he had to deal with the 9 tails and he had to protect the village as well (Konan did not have the other extra factors to worry about). In their short confrontation, the 4th completely owned Tobi. He hurt Tobi badly, severed Tobi’s contract with the 9 tails and stopped the 9 tails beast bombs.

    Yes it is true that Naruto is currently taking on Tobi and 5 tailed beasts instead of just one but he has the help of Kurama (the strongest of the 9 and supposedly stronger than the other 8 combined) Kakashi, Guy, Killer Bee and the 8 tails. As impressive as Naurto’s feat is, it is not nearly as impressive as what the 4th did against a fully powered 9 tails with less help, less power, and much more severe circumstances.

    Naruto is stronger but the 4th is far more skilled, perceptive, analytical and smarter fighter. Plus unlike Naruto and Sasuke (whom I both love) he is a REAL ninja. He doesn’t rely on having super saiyan powers that Naruto and Sasuke seem to posses. He is all strategy and a wide variety of techniques. None of which make him invincible but in combination with amazing mind, make him stand alone at the top of the ninja world.

    In their primes out of 100 matches there is no doubt that Minato would come out the victor more times that Naruto. It is your classic brains and refined skill vs brawn and limited variation. A true martial artist vs just a fighter.

    In the case with Itachi and Sasuke it is worse. They are much closer in terms of powers and abilities than Naruto and Minato but again, Itachi is a far more skilled, perceptive, analytical and smarter fighter than Sasuke. Both at their primes and 100% you’d have to give it to Itachi.

    In order for Naruto and Sasuke to beat Minato and Itachi consistently, they would have to be trained by Minato and Itachi. Just my opinion. 🙂

  30. None of the battles matter as much as the one with Sasuke and Kabuto because Sasuke has the most to lose. Let’s sat tjat Sasuke disagrees with Itachi and kills Kabuto. That means either that Kabuto must be killed before or after Itachi is removed from the battle. (Even though Kabuto is not controlling Itachi right now, he may still have the power to place “unsummon” him. ) If Sasuke kills Kabuto in front of Itachi, Itachi might just lose all remaining respect for his little brother. Who could blame him?It would as if Sasuke blatantly ignored him? In the other case, if Sasuke kills Kabuto after Itachi is gone, it would be like a revenge kill. But more than that it would show the depth of lonliness Sasuke feels. It would be one more example of how Sasuke has lost his sense of humanity, and I don’t think that anyone( i.e. Naruto) would be able to bring him back if he loses anything in this fight. What’s really at stake here is Sasuke’s developing world view. If Sasuke can carry out the mission as hachi has laid out at all costs, there might be hope for Sasuke. Just my opinion.

  31. kabuto brings out another edo who other than jaraiya the one person itachi is afraid of fighting… While kabuto v.s sasuke… -Or poof all the madara clones vanish and madara stands before itachi a sassyguy defending snakeboy

  32. I think Kabuto will pull out Shisui to counter Itachi! I czn almost bet on it! He would only use Jaraiya on Naruto. Kabuto is not beast enought to take on the Uchiyaya Brothers.

  33. Im guessing this is where Jiriya gets pulled out an we have battle of the super edo’s an then sasuke vs snake boy junior outside. Something is gonna happen to piss sasuke off though – some act or revelation is gonna send that 16 yr emo on a rampage. Bring back Orochimaru tho we need a full battle of SNAKES vs UCHIHA’S FOR THE TAG TEAM TITLES!!!!!

    Everyone’s arguing over tactical fighters vs power fighters, hmmmmm thats a good one but someone like shikamaru couldnt take down rock lee…….. : P

  34. @tensa rock lee isnt even in shikamarus class lol…….

  35. then again kabuto wont be able to summon jaraiya because the his body sank to the bottom of the ocean

  36. @ping
    He doesnt need the entire body to summon him, only a drop of blod (like the one left on Peins black rod that he put thru his shoulder)
    So he can summon Jiyraia if he have some of his blood…

  37. If/when Jiraiya is summoned will be for Naruto face. So he can see how much has grown, and to enlighten him on how to deal with his ultimate enemy. Then Naruto will get true will of fire to emerge from him, and he’ll fight like he’s never fought before. Until he gets down to about to be defeated then he’ll hear Jiraiya’s words again as well as the big flashback to all the other people who he knows are depending on him and their words of encouragement. Then he’ll become the victim of what he puts everone else through….the infamou “Talk no jutsu” the only jutsu to not have a weakness, except it will powered up to a “Talk no jutsu kaoiken times 50″ version of it, and it will last like 3-5 panels. Then the will of fire will begin to burn brightly in his eyes again, and will give him the resolve to finish it all!!!! *screams of joy fill the battlefield* Then the next panel shows Kakashi with Minato in the background saying….”I always new he would be great sensei.” Or this may be saved til they show his crowning day of becoming hokage, if so replace great with “become hokage.”……..I think all this sounds about right, lol :-).

  38. @Uchiha TheInfamous,

    Imagine if Sasuke defeats Edo Jiraiya and pulls a Samuel L Jackson on Naruto yelling…”YEAH…I’M GLAD HE DIED AND I HOPE HE BURNS IN HELL!!”…I wonder how Naruto will take that?

  39. Full nine tails transformation, then a talk no jutsu from some random dead person of the past, well that could be very likely since all the dead people are back anyways right now, lol.

  40. @RSVP
    When Itachi is gettin a little beating from snake boy junior i want Sasuke to burst out the infamous bible/pulp fiction quote yelling at the top of his lungs ‘The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides with the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who in the name of charity and good will shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon those with great vengeance and with furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know that my name is the Lord when I lay my VENGEANCE UPONTHEE.’ AMATARASU TO KABUTO’S FACE!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. @Tensa Gizzla and UchihaTheInfamous

    HAHAHAHA!!! you guys are hilarious! 🙂

  42. I want to see Itachi release his Ban-Kai… lmao

  43. …… So it’s come to this. Kishi really stuck his foot in it this chapter.

    The Kakashi, Gai, Bee, Naruto v.s. The Masked Man:

    I really am curious to know what Naruto learned form learning all of the names. And why is he so cocky when he clearly used every technique (the only two he uses anyway) and power up he could possess. I mean really everything he owns has been exploited. Maybe i should re-read that chapter, maybe i missed something. And did anybody else geek out when Kakashi and Gai were about to use their last resort move in order to save each other. =D Both prepared to do the unthinkable for a comrade….. *starts slow clap* awesome. Speaking of that, when Kakashi said he was going to use his MS to erase them all. it remided me of the time when we first saw him use his sharingan. He could barely have it out without using all of his chakra. He was awesome THEN and still came a long way. Definitely one of my favorite characters. Why has Bee done nothing but coach from sidelines ….. I find it insulting that the black guy isn’t doing much =/. I find i super hilarious how the Masked Guy is nervous about Naruto making a comeback. If i were Naruto i would chuckle even though i was about to lose too.

    The 5 Kage v.s. Madara:

    This fight is turning out to be everything i hoped it would. As it turn out Madara was indeed EVERYTHING they have feared. Even though he as already dealt a lot of damage it still seems like he hasn’t even gotten started yet. It really seems like he’s just toying with them…… how sad. Which brings me to ask…. just how strong was the First Hokage? They say he was the only one who could defeat Madara, and if that’s the case he was totally underminded and basically demeaned in the Third Hokage v.s. Orochimaru fight. Which also poses my next question, Who’s stronger …. The First Hokage or The Fourth Hokage? If you think about it, all we’ve ever really heard about was the Fourth being so great. We always heard that The First was strong and he fought Madara but that’s all we ever knew. Even though this Madara is upgraded, you have to admit this guy is pretty darn strong. NEXT TOPIC.lol What Tsunade did was …… cute….. being all dramatic and using her regeneration jutsu. I’m pretty sure you all can see just as well as i can that she won’t last much longer in the series. I think it’s about time she joined Oro and Jariya in the Sanin graveyard. OH yes and of course, have to mention the bada**ness of Madara with giving each kage their own 1 on 5 match. this shall be an amazing development.

    Saskue and Itachi v.s. Kaborochi (his new name for me):

    *Darkens room with a single spotlight in the middle with me standing there. fog slowly rolls in from out of nowhere*

    (FOR THOSE WHO DON’T KNOW: i despise Saskue, but the only person i hate more than him is kabuto. and in my previous comment i said that if Saskue would kill Kabuto, all of his stupidity would be forgiven. And an added side note; ITACHI IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE ANIME CHARACTER! I have only dreamt that Itachi would kill Kabuto.)

    THIS IS IT! KABUTO HAS TO DIE! *sigh*, but according to The Guide for Writing Good Stories and foreshadowing….. Itachi will die as well. This leaves me at a cross roads, do i care more about my non-homo love for Itachi or my demon-like loathing for Kabuto. *sigh* i’m sorry Itachi, it has to be done. I just hope that ANUS of a kid brother Saskue doesn’t get in his way. BUT i know Itachi won’t let me down =) he’ll give us one heck of a good-bye fight (forreal this time.) And is it just me or does anyone else thing that Kaborochi is already in a genjutsu? That panel with Itachi with is MS activated could have been a hint. I wouldn’t be suprised ….. Itachi is just cool like that.

    THE END! 😉

    p.s. I am 110% against Saskue’s redemption. I’ve waited 233 Manga scans for them to fight with a crappy ending. Now i’ve waited darn near 600 Manga scans for Kishi to end it right SO DOG ON IT I’M GONNA SEE SASKUE LOSE TO NARUTO!!!!

    Love you guys
    – Busshybrowsama

  44. Lol..ok thought I’d share some of this hot-mess with everyone…Enjoy?

  45. What happened to Bleach?

  46. @ RSVP


    Madara fangirls must be going crazy lol

  47. wow i haven’t commented on here for awhile now… probably over a year. but anyhow, i think jiraya could come back, but he wouldn’t be summoned by kabuto. the masked man would summon him against naruto since he would, and we know he does, have access to jiraya’s dna.

  48. Also kabuto doesnt need to summon jiraya cause frankly he has the most op edo available in madara; jiraya was a beast but compared to this overpowered version of madara, jiraya is nothing

  49. Just a thought. What has Sasuke done that is so unforgivable and beyond redemption? Don’t get me wrong I don’t like Sasuke’s attitude and hate everything he stands for, in fact he is one of my least favorite characters, but what has he done that is far beyond redemption? Sure he killed Danzo, but that could be justified, since Danzo, and the Elders, did order the Uchiha Massacre, if the truth where to be revealed, the ninja world’s sympathy would shift toward Sasuke. Who has he killed, that is of great importance, and is unquestionably of a “Good” alignment? Samurai’s and anbu, don’t count, all he would need to do would be to pay a hefty fine. lol. Heck he didn’t even kill Sakura, it was just a failed attempt, nothing wrong with that, nothing that can’t be forgiven and forgotten. Think about this, I await any definite proof that Sasuke is beyond redemption, his threats and words are cheap, no matter how full of hate they are, he hasn’t technically done anything wrong. So don’t be disappointed if you get the good old surprise redemption of Sasuke at the end.

  50. @john
    Maybe Sasuke havn´t kill any “God” charter.. But he tried, so thats the crime.. You don´t go free from attempted murder here in the real world rigth?

  51. SMH @ Hokage for signing the other Kages their death bed. LoL Her big mouth persuade Madara to turn the tide from him 1 vs 5 to them 5 vs 1 lmao but smart man, seems like he wants to dance with them all ‘Solo’ style

  52. Sasuke is a missing nin and from what we were told early in the manga, this is not tolerated by the villages and he should have been captured or killed a long time ago. Tsunade was sympathetic to Naruto (and probably also to Kakashi) and so she let things go with the hope that Sasuke would come back on his own accord before becoming an enemy of any of the villages.

    I think the Leaf might be able to forgive Sasuke, but I highly doubt the current Raikage would. Sure, Sasuke didn’t actually kidnap Killerbee, BUT everyone thought he succeeded and this is what accelerated the entire ninja war. You may say “who cares about the Raikage” but this would break up the alliance of all the villages, or at least threaten to do so. Not to mention that Sasuke fought against all the Kages and attempted to kill all of them (OK he never actually had a chance to attack Oonoki, but he would have if he had chakra left).

    I believe that Sasuke himself can be redeemed in his own heart and in a select few individuals (Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi perhaps, Tsunade, KB even (he knows what it is like to fight inner demons), and Team Taka), but I don’t think it is possible for him to be redeemed in the eyes of everyone else.

  53. @Rip,
    I doubt at the end of the series there’s gonna be any ninja village system! Minato said that as long as there is one the cycle of hate will continue an produce another pain (or sasuke or tobi etc….). Yes Sasuke is guilty of fleeing the village, slapping up a few guys along the way an killin danzo but when u think about it – its all konoha’s fault!
    If they weren’t so evil an ordered the uchiha slaughter none of this would have happened to sasuke an everyone in the ninja world thinks he’s a crazy criminal coz they don’t know the truth. Sasuke can get redeemed by the ninja world but that dark konoha history needs to come out first then maybe the ninja world will understand why he behaved as he did! I’m very interested in seeing how kishi handles this one but the seeds have been planted hopefully kabuto won’t fuck up sasuke’s one chance for some inner peace

  54. @Tensa

    If you say that it is all Konoha’s fault, then how do you dispel the political fallout? Politically, often a scapegoat is found to suffer for the greater of the nation, but in this case the scapegoat would not be blameless.

    No matter the circumstances, Sasuke still had a choice and he chose himself over his village. That may change over the end of this arc, but the fact remains that he has to be held responsible for his own actions. Sasuke was selfish and in some instances ruthless. At least with Danzo he was working to keep world order and help the village survive. Sasuke was only acting on his own behalf.

    It doesn’t matter who set the pieces on the board, it matters how Sasuke played the game. Look at Sasuke and Itachi together: they both did terrible things, but Itachi was acting with the best interest of Konoha in mind and probably the best interest of the ninja world as a whole. In fact, while Sasuke has tried to cause as much damage as possible, Itachi was always trying to minimize damage. Someone has to pay for Sasuke’s crimes, just like Itachi paid for his own.

  55. SWAG. Kabuto in SNAKE Sage Mode! The snakes are as cool, and as powerful as the as the toads! I wondered if the other Summons had access to their own versions of Sage Mode, and why only the Toads could use it. But how is Snake Sage Mode related to Toad Sage mode, and how is the Cursed Seal related?

    But great chapter!

  56. @???????? I’m stumped on the connection among all of the sage arts, but I think the Cursed Seal plays a role becauseb of Juugo. Kabuto said something like Juugo’s clan could use nature chakra. I always thought that since senjustu is the other name for sage techiniques, that the Senju clan would was known for using the Sage Arts. Although I’m not too familiar with Juugo’s background, his ability to comunicate with animals suddenly makes sense. In fact, some the features of the Cursed Seal techinique seem more reasonsable. For example,didn’t it ever strike anyone as odd that Full Cursed Seal Release made the users look more primal, or animal-like? Sasuke is a great example. He looked like a gargoyle in his Cursed Form. To me, Kimmaro looked like a T-rex. Even the matkings symbolized natural elements(ie. Heaven Mark, Earth Mark, etc).
    I think it was cool to learn more about the diffeent backgrounds of Team Hawk Snake. It shiwed me what made each of them special. On explaining his acquired skills in battle, Kabuto was able to take a mental swipe at Sasuke for undervaluing his teammates and underestimating his “friends.” This tactic might be very good at provoking Sasuke’s mood swings and getting him to deviate from the missiobn at hand, no matter how hard Itachi tries to keep his brother in check.
    p.s. The double susanno looked tough and cool at the same time! I also hope Juugo’s a descendant of the Senju.

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