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Naruto Chapter 577 – It’s Just a Flesh Wound

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

This week’s chapter’s was pretty nice I have to say. The battles on both Itachi’s and the kage’s fronts are moving along without pause and with the intensity of the battles to come, I get the feeling someone might have to bite the dust soon. Madara has demonstrated he is nearly invincible; he retains the most powerful jutsus of his generation from both the Uchiha and the Senju — on top of that Edo Tensei makes him indestructible. The five kages, as powerful as they are in their own respect, will have to pull out all the tricks to even have a chance to bring Madara down. They have never faced an opponent of Madara’s caliber for over half a century, so none of them except maybe Tsunade know how to properly counter Madara’s abilities. And so far, Madara’s only been using ninjutsu attacks on the kages, I’m sure he has a pretty hefty arsenal of genjutsu abilities up his sleeves as well.

Tsunade is giving her all in this battle, tapping into a miotic regeneration power that probably increases her physical strength and chakra levels while boosting her regenerative abilities by a ton. That’s why I’m not too worried that Madara appeared to have mortally wounded her with her Susanno’s blade in this chapter. I’m sure it hurts like hell, but once Tsunade manages to pull herself clear, I’m sure she’ll heal herself within the blink of an eye. However, her rash behaviour to try to take down Madara without coordinating with the other kages as all is very un-kage like. I don’t know what brought on this outburst but I suspect she was infuriated to learn that Madara has absorbed part of her beloved grandfather inside himself and is now using Mokuton jutsu against the very people the First Hokage sacrificed himself to protect. But with so much at stake here and against such a powerful entity, I hope she can calm herself a bit and work together with the others to come up with something other than a rash frontal attack. She is the only medical ninja in the group and her knowledge of the Mokuton jutsu may be their only advantage against Madara right now, let’s hope Tsunade can pull her aggression back a bit after she gets herself out of this pickle.

After seeing Sasuke silhouette in the background when Itachi broke into Kabuto’s hideout, I can safety say that snake-boy is a goner. Kabuto tries to squirm his way out of this one by trying to convince Itachi that the Edo Tensei summons will remain even if he is killed, ie. they need to make him alive to unsummon them, but I don’t think Sasuke really cares either way. He would just as willingly kill Kabuto now as he did with Orochimaru, Kabuto’s life holds no value to him. Also, if he kills Kabuto, Itachi will remain summoned and Sasuke would have his brother back, kind of. Subduing Kabuto is not the problem here for Itachi, he has to first worry about what Sasuke is going to do. I still feel Kabuto’s days are numbered, it just seems like Kishi is leading it that way with so many dead characters being brought back to from the dead. If Kabuto dies, all the Edo Tensei summons remain but will have their wills back since their controller is dead. That means characters like Dan, Chiyo and maybe even Asuma will get a chance to say goodbye to their friends and family one more time. It also means the powerhouse that is Madara will have to be dealt with another way, but it wouldn’t be very exciting if it was easy to bring him down.

Other points:
– I laughed out loud at Dan’s expression when he learned that his girlfriend fulfilled the goal he was never able to attain by becoming Hokage. It felt like part of his undead manhood just fell apart right there, lol. Also, he should give Tsunade a bit more credit for facing down Madara, I mean he has no idea what kind of progress Tsunade has made as a kunoichi since his death – have a little faith , dude.


32 Responses

  1. meh…..Personaly I would like to hear some thought about the serious lvl of ass kissing madara is currently giving the first….I mean was the guy that powerful……I would like to point out that part of the reason why first might have bin so powerful is because of his healing factor…but edo tensie dont really make that factor very valid since ur imortal anyways

  2. I think the 4th would be able to kick madaras bk-side……Tobi wasnt even a threat to him….neither was the raikage and bee put 2gther

  3. Maybe Tsunade will survive this attack but she wont survive the battle since she´s the first target and I don´t think the battle wont end without causulties

  4. I think this all leading up to Naruto learning Uzumaki sealing techniques and finally embracing his lineage. Kishi already hinted that Naruto is going to learn the FTG when Tsunade was trying to get to the battlefield so I’m guessing even if Kabuto bites the dust, madara will survive this war for now. I think Naruto is going to lose the Kyuubi and Madara will get his hands on the Juubi and the world will be forced into darkness at least that’s what I hope and naruto will go into hiding and train to face Madara.

  5. Also, Is it possible since Madara has the Rinnegan that he is able to bring people back to live with the same technique Nagato used? If so I’m looking for him to revive himself. Maybe that was his plan all along, to use the Rinnegans power to revive himself.

  6. Hi all. Its been a while since I posted, but here it goes.

    I have been thinking recently and a possible thought popped into my head. What if Tobi was a partially failed edo tensei. I know this sounds rediculous, but hear me out. What if when Madara was dying he tried to use edo tensei on himself (since he would die thorugh the technique he could try and bind his soul to his own body in order to gain immortality – using the rinnegan to redirect the soul like the path with the monster that ate souls that lied). If he partially failed then that would make you understand while he doesn’t have his full power (it may have been a piece of his soul that died with a sacrifice and merged) and also why he could be edo tensei’d (if only a small piece of his soul was used it would leave plenty for another edo tensei). Probably just a rediculous theory, but we need an explanation for why Madara knew of Tobi, so that might be a possibility. It would also explain his immortality. Based on what we have seen of the fights it takes longer and longer for the resurrected shinobi to regenerate when they have been out for a while. This could be used to show why Tobi regenerates arms that he has lost (hundreads of years would slow the regeneration greatly).

    Anyway, will hopefully have a better theory to post soon.

    -pcgnome out

  7. I don’t think even Kishi knows who Tobi is right now, so no point worrying about it too much.

  8. Yeah I really wonder, what would happen if Kabuto was killed?

    Would all the Edo Tensei zombies have free will? Itachi or Sasuke could very well take that path, and if Madara is immortal and has free will, then this war will become something very different, and Tobi may very well have his @ss handed to him for not “sticking to the plan”.

    I can see to like this…Itachi puts Kabuto into the Tsyukuyomi, and Sasuke kills him. Madara is now freed, and seeks to take the power under Tobi’s control. Naruto and Killer B now have to deal with a new threat.

  9. Personally, I like how the war has turned into a cut throat type of situation because of the different battlefields that are currently undergoing. Naruto>Tobi, we pretty much know that Naruto has gain the upper hand so far but Tobi still has the summon he can call forth that can be a serious threat to Naruto’s group and the reinforcement that is yet to arrive. Big Magnum > 5 Kages, with the Hokage standing on a fine line between death and life as Madara get one over on her. Wood-style clone, how could you have not notice that one grand-daughter? To me, Madara seems like he was baby fed his powers to see that he continuously spams the 1st Hokage techniques. Don’t we see a similar parttern here between Sasuke and Madara that somehow and some kind of way they are able to pull powers out of their arses. How in the world was Kabuto able to binded the 1st Hokage, that is sealed away in the Reaper Seal that Oro used on the 3rd, to Madara. I can understand left behind DNA but DMAN!!! How many people got their hands on it? Uchiha Brothers > Kabuto, Itachi alone could have handled Kabuto but with Sasuke around, it will be like this: Kabuto VS Itachi, Kabuto VS Sasuke, Itachi VS Sasuke as he try to prevent Sasuke from killing Kabuto so he can cancel out the Edo’s technique. I hope we don’t get no more break inbetween these chapters because I am looking forward to the coming chapters!

  10. Orochimarus return is upon us. itachi cant afford to let madara run free so he has to make a deal with kabuto.let s just look at who is behind kabuto the last person with a curse mark which makes her Orochimaru’s new body . kabuto undues the edo itachi goes bye bye leaving sasuke with kabuto and a weak Orochimaru notice i did not say madara i beleive he is here to stay for a while . and as for sasuke itachi has left him with a new chance to make right his wrong.

  11. @naruto101 kabuto did not bind the first hokage to madara as madara too the firsts dna when they fought at the valley of the end. Im not really sure what kabuto refers to when he made madara better than his prime (maybe madara took the dna but kabuto maybe put more into him? kabuto never really states how he is better). Also dont act surprised the kages didnt see the wood clone; madara himself says he was the only one who could see thru it and that was cause of his ems;http://www.mangareader.net/naruto/577/12

  12. as far as I understand, Kabuto did put the 1st dna in to Maddara, http://www.mangareader.net/naruto/575/12 so he could use moktun.. And i think that the power Madara stole was some dna so he could develope the Rinnegan and not the moktun

  13. Thank you @Seda for point that out

  14. I also believe it is a matter of time before Orochimaru returns. We all knew Orochimaru was a force to be reckoned with but who knew he had this much power and knowledge behind him. To be able to recreate not only the Rikudo Sages power but the power of Madara Uchiha and the First Hokage!? He was really planning on taking over.

    I think Orochimaru has surpassed the name of Legendary Sennin. He made a name for himself and Kishi shouldn’t waste that. He should bring him back more stronger than ever.

    When it comes to the masked man, I think it really doesn’t matter who he is unless its going to change the landscape of the story. If he is just some ninja that we’ve already predicted like another form of Madara or Madaras brother or anyone else we’ve named with a motiive then it doesn’t matter. I honestly thinks and hopes he is just killed anyway and madara brings himself back with the Rinnegan or some other kind of way and he becomes the new mega villian. Then Orochimaru is revived and Kabuto is killed and Sasuke becomes even more crazy.

  15. Tsunade has ZERO clue how Mokuton works just because she is related to the first doesn’t mean she knows how to counter any of it. Even if she did it won’t help here against her present opponent. She is dead meat, she just blew he load and it means nothing. Uchiha Madara is invincible, all the Kages should die against him, period. If they don’t die then Kishi is playing favorites. The Uchiha get the sloppy seconds every turn, it’s time to burry the hatchet and get some real, overdue revenge. I hope Madara cuts her head off and squeezes her entrails all over the battle field. This is Uchiha Madara, NO CONTEST.

  16. @bachar madara is only invincible due to the fact he has his powers COMBINED with the first’s. How is kishi not showing favoritism to the uchiha by giving madara literally the best of both the senju and uchiha lol. Madara on his own would have been interesting to see fight. However after seein how op and awesome the first jutsus r im not too sure madara without the nine tails would have stood as much of a chance against the first; from what we have seen the first was legendary to the point that he was close to being considered a myth like the sage of 6 paths in terms of prowess and the uchiha have not got sloppy seconds….. three of the 6 most powerful shinobi in this war r uchiha lol (itachi, sasuke and madara). thats interesting considering the uchiha as a clan were all but demolished with only 2 survivors before this war(sasuke and itachi) so explain to me how that is not favoritism



  18. For once, Sasuke is useful

  19. BIG MAGNUM is back to his old self. Glad to see it, he had started becoming pretty soft with all that *in whiney voice* “Hashirama is my only friend…..*sobbing*. He’s the only one who can fight me….now that I don’t have my friend to play with I’m just going to cry, complain, and talk about how good he was.” He started to sound and act a lot like Sasuke. Glad he’s back to arrogant and uuber strong self. Talking a lot less, but smashing people a lot more. This is the reason he got the name BIG MAGNUM.

  20. is anyone else gettin tired of the continued spam of the firsts jutsus and overly so….. I’d like to see madara use his own jutsus sides the susanno and a couple fire to burn the forest. And at this pace right before the kage die to madara im willing to bet itachi stops the edo.

  21. Sasuke & Itachi vs. Kabuto? Fighting on behalf of the 5 nations? REDEMPTION.

  22. Seriously….that´s all it takes to lure Sasuke to fight for your side……Itachi: Ok I´ll talk to you later…..if you help me…..Sasuke: So you´ve given me your promise, so please hold it later…….

    Really how can a bloodlust monster transform into a child that easily and in a whimp of an eye

    Sasuke fans must hate this scene

  23. @Ultimate
    “Sasuke fans must hate this scene”…What the hell are u talking about…As a big fan of Sasuke I will tell u that there is absolutely nothing about this scene to hate…Itachi is his older brother and given the situation Sasuke is in, of course he wants some answers,as a matter of a fact anybody would…Are you just trying to get a reaction out of Sasuke fans or something?…I really don’t get the point you are trying to make at all…

  24. @7warlord come on u have to admit this look on sasuke is kind of pathetic. He went from a bloodthirsty, hellbent badass to OMG my bro is back do u promise to answer my question after i help out pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee????? If naruto happened to run into jiryia after all that has happened do u think he would go up to him and be like y did u have to die sensei y didnt u stay alive to train me?!?!?! I have soo many questions…. sasuke is too emo and no, ultimate isnt tryin to get a rise he stating facts lol. Kishi isnt very consistent with sasuke. honestly i dont mind the hell bent sasuke but kishi seriously stop with this im a badass… im a little kid…. i wanna kill everyone…. itachi will u answer my questions after im done helping u???

  25. @token…u fail…read back at when jiraiya died, naruto blamed tsunade for his death, after that he cried and was depressed until Iruka cheered him up…if jiraiya was revived what words would naruto actually say to him…’thank you’ maybe…but that’s it…u can’t compare that situation to this because Itachi owes Sasuke answers…simple as that…btw you and ultimate are not stating facts, what you are doing is mixing these recent events with your over-exaggerated opinions lol…all I see is a bunch of comments made by a couple of haters…lol and I’m not the only one who thinks thinks that…

  26. @ultimate, token
    Seriously guys, I know you hate Sasuke with a blazing passion, actually everyone on this site knows as well because you whine and moan about him every week… WE GET IT lol…are u really that dense that you have to complain about ONE character every WEEK!?!? Haters hate and that’s all you are doing, so just stop…

  27. @7 yea and how long ago was that? around the time sasuke lost itachi right?? hmm amazing how one managaed to grow up to avenge those he lost while the other still reverts to a crying little spoiled brat the minute he sees his bro… ill let u figure out which that is lol 🙂 umm itachi doesnt owe sasuke ANYTHING lol. itachi chose his path and he didnt have to clue sasuke in on anything. he probably didnt tell sasuke everything cause he knows that sasuke would probably do what he shouldnt (and shockingly itachi was right as tobi told sasuke what itachi did and sasuke went crazy). Umm what have i stated that wasn’t based on facts? and i love the fact sasuke lovers get so bent out of shape lol. its pretty funny actually.

  28. im sure others do know that i hate sasuke… i mention it all the time so why would i be surprised others think i hate sasuke lol….

  29. @ Token only 1 uchiha is alive, Sasuke. The zombies running around don’t count. I’m talking about the series as a whole not just the fight. The 1st and Madara are both dead. I know zombie Madara is basically bull shit since he is using the firsts moves, but regardless he should still kill the 5 Kages based on power alone. We will never know what would have happen, you can say what if this or what if that all damn day, be my guest. Facts are facts, the Kages are way over the head, no one can hang with Zombie Madara, that’s why I was saying that. Back to favoritism, all the uchiha are dead because the Senju are scared of them. Why are they scared? Because they did what Hitler did to the Jews. I would be scared to. I think the Uchiha deserve to kill off the Senju because of the Uchiha Massacre. Ethnic cleansing is wrong, period. Go what if and what about this and that at someone else’s ear. Then manga is always leaning towards the Senju because Naruto is the main character and it’s his Manga. That’s 100% favoritism because that’s the way it is.

  30. Actually the senju didn’t kill them konoha did. There is a difference. Btw interesting cause sides tsunade what other senju r alive? The senju and uchiha are both near eradicated and the manga is about naruto who is a uzumaki not senju. Yea They r distant cousins but they r a different clan so if anything the manga favors uzumaki (who as far as we know have one survivor currently alive). Also comparing the hitler thing doesn’t work here cause the uchiha were conspiring to overthrow konoha at first. And according to tobi Only madara stayed with that thought. But if the uchiha were innocent its interesting how they didn’t help konoha in the nine tail attack.

  31. @warlord
    Sorry for being late, was a little bit busy.
    I don´t hate Sasuke, there must always be an antihero and in this case it´s Sasuke so I´m fine with it. The thing are the fans, some fans of him (not necessarily you) told me that they like Sasuke because of his interesting character and he looks cool (what a reason to like a character), but because they like his sinister character they must be pissed to see him act like a child…..that´s all I´m saying. Actually I understand his actions (not all) but I don´t understand his fans, especially after this scene.

    And about the Uchiha clan, what is better to wipe out a clan or be in a war that can wipe out the whole village. And as token already said, Hitler isn´t an appropriate example because the Jews were never a treat to him, it was only because of one single twisted mind

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