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Bleach Chapter 484: The Buckbeard

Chapter 484: The Buckbeard
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Captain commander is pissed off, the Vanderreich are in no way impressed by his display of strength. I find it interesting how they disappear. It wasnt at obvious early in the chapter but later on it is revealed.

Their shadow turns pitch black and swallows them up transporting them to their world. the shadow vaguely follow the contours of their bodies just before they can disappear. Yamamoto notes they have completely disappeared, the barrier around SS being no obstacle for the invaders.

With his last breath his Lt. tries to convey a message. I probably already know what it is. They can take away your bankai.

Or… not

Ivan’s sealing device backfired and he took a full blast from Ichigo. Leaving his body half-burned. Ichigo quickly moves behind him. Ichigo wants to take this man in. But Ivan uses the same technique as his comrades.

Shadow of the Chosen one.

It works equally well in the real world, completely disappearing without a trace. It seems Urahara will have his work cut out for him, making a new portal to his new dimension. Which isn’t Hueco Mundo. Another new face is revealed. He seemingly has no mask. But choose an interesting hairstyle instead. This man and Ivan don’t get along too well, and go off mouthing each other off.

Their leaders doesn’t really like this however. Slicing the new guy’s entire arm clean off his body. The king of this empire is revealed. A guy who cuts someone arm clean off and then asks for a “report for the sake of peace” is not really that much of a friendly guy and probably not really out for peace. I wonder how many people will be left alive for the sake of peace.

His outfit seems much the same as the others, but he wears a large cape. There is a definite dark vibe surrounding this man. The more we see of these people the more questions are being raised.

The new question of today is. Where exactly is this world? Could it be the precipy world? Probably not. The only other confirmed area would be the soul King’s dimension. So I think it’s either the precipy or a new area. I really hope Mayuri will open his mouth soon, he seems to know who they are.

A short wait for next chapter. but I got ME3 to fill the gap no problem. See you guys then.


10 Responses

  1. Great review. What’s ME3?

  2. It is a very interesting turn of events…I am so hyped for next weeks chapter.

  3. Nice review really interesting chapter, looking forward to the next one.
    The Empire king looks bit like Zangetsu.

  4. ME3 = Mass Effect 3.

    it’s hard to review these chapters since every new one I’m being thrown off on who these guys actually are. I love it.

  5. new main villain – possible relation to ishin? – finally answering why he has left soul society? are they the zero squad?

  6. @anon – If they are the Squad Zero, why would they threaten to destroy soul society, which pretty much helps recruit Squad Zero members, such as former Captain Mukifune….unless the Squad Zero/Royal Guard (or part of it) is going rogue…

  7. I doubt they are the Zero squad. They live in another dimension serving the Soul King, I hope we meet those gues in this arch for sure.

    The king is obviously the main villian. And to Lighty. He does look a bit like zangetsu.

  8. actually the king looks more like that gold rogers (pirate king) guy from one piece! i was really hyped by this chapter and i’m glad that there are new villainous faces. oh and i thought what captain yammy’s lacky said was that they can use bankai. i thought bankais were restricted to soul reapers zanpaktous, so does it mean these guyz have managed to hybrid soul reapers, quincies and hollows, all into one form?

  9. no, they can take bankai, which I think is stupid. I hate it when someone takes another person’s power.

  10. If they can take bankai’s then im assuming this is kubo’s loop hole for not showing half the bankai’s that we havent seen yet! If I dont see kyoraku and ukitake’s, urahara and old man yama’s bankai the final arc will be flippin shit!!!!!!!! And yeah he does look like gold d roger from one piece!! He must have some different kinda speed though looks like he didnt even move!

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