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One Piece 659- Bodys Everywhere!

After three consecutive weeks of not reading One Piece, I feel refreshed that I can finally read the current chapters. I must apoligze for not posting a chapter review last week, I try my best to always do one, but reality gets in the way. That is why One Piece, for me is where I can forget about reality and read about my favorite heroes, I also got to give it for Bleach and Naruto the series are back to the badazz series they original were, but I’ll leave that for Bob and pretend3r to talk about those two.

 Last week

For starters let me sum up what is happening so far in this incredible start of the New World. The main revelations that is reveled to us is the fact Punk Hazard was the same island the two Admirals fought it out for the title of fleet Admiral. I know a lot of you guys all made the theory that Punk Hazard is where the Admirals fought, so good job for the people who thought that. I, for one, denied this theory because they fought two years ago and it was four years ago that the island was closed of. So I thought it cannot be the same island, but I was wrong and it was in fact the same island. Thought it is unbelievable how strong these two guys are, I would say that they would be on the same level as the Yonko.

White Hunter

So we started this week with one of the most favoried marine by us, badazz smoker, who even when wearing a gas mask has to have his signature cigar in his mouth. Which defeats the whole purpose of him wearing it, but I think this was done for comical use and last time I checked we have never seeing Smoker with out his two cigars. One thing that catches my attention when it comes to Smoker is the significant relationship he has with Luffy. Eve though he does not admits it, he respects Luffy, but at the sometime despises Luffy. It sort of the same relationship Garp and Roger had, they both respected each other and if circumstances permitted it they would of being best friends if not for their way life. One is a pirate while the other is a Marine. One is a rebel the other is obedient, brakes the law the other obey the law. But it will be interesting to see another confrontation between Luffy and Smoker.

“You wanna join my crew”

It is funny how Luffy always tries to invite the weridiest animals to his crew and he gets yelled at by both Zoro and Ussop for doing it. But you got to hand to Ussop this week, he is probably the most useful of the crew when it come to necessity. I mean he has a bag filled of plants that can be used for both battle and for every day uses and this week it is a boat that was out of banana and Uchiwa’s. When he created those Uchiwa’s which are plants that are in the shape of a fan, I couldn’t help it but think about the Uchiha clan from Naruto. Ussop has to be careful or Sasuke will come and kill him for using his clans most sacred symbol.

Onto important thought, Luffy has run into something troubling, several figures that appear to be figure of other centaurs. I think that these guys are Centaurs because they seem to be comfortable in their bodies, now I could be wrong because now we know that Law is on this island. It could be his doing that have made these guys into Centaurs. Interesting thing to note, lately Oda has been including a lot of Greek mythology into One Piece. Kraken, Neptune, Poseidon, and now Centaurs. Though One Piece has similar aspect based on mythology of Japan, Greek, Roman and more. Back to the matter, how will Luffy deal with this “Boss” who is a giant, it would be interesting to see Luffy go against a giant again.

Trafalgar Law the “Royal Shichibukai”

One of the most favored character in One Piece outside of the Strawhat is Law, and what to not to like about this guy. He is a doctor, has tribal tattoos, and is one of the baddiest SOB in the Grandline. In fact, it is said that in order to receive his title of Shichibukai, he sent a hundred pirate hearts to the government to get his title. But I think this is highly exaggerated, because even if he did send the hearts of 100 pirates to the government, what is that say, absolutely nothing other than your a sicko who kills people and cuts out their hearts. I think that he became Shichibukai for another more pressing issue, maybe like being on of the strongest out of the rookies in his generation and he has done something that caught the marines and world governments eye.

Law was the only other rookie that was in the Marine Vs Whitebeard war and just like Luffy he was able to get away and in fact if it was not for him Luffy could of been dead. The other fact is how skills Law is in  combat and in strategy, he is the sort that works things out in his head and think of the best possible way of doing things. The last time we saw law it was at the climax of the first part of One Piece when he stated that he will take his time to go to the New World, and what would you know he is one of the most powerful Pirate in the Grandline. I just can’t wait and see him in a fight, because we have never actually seen Law go all out in fight and it would be very interesting to see how the confrontation between Law and Smoker turn out.

Side Notes:

  • Poor Zoro always getting blamed when something bad happens.
  • Sanji is way too quick now, he was able to both break the mask and gas tanks from the kidnappers.
  • What in the world is that gas in the flask thing is? What connecting does he have with Law? Maybe he is a Logia user
  • Brook pissed my off this week, for goodness sake, your all bones how you going to get scared of just a torso, than again that is the joke.
  • Chopper trying to act all mature is cute and funny.
  • I have said before that once we get to the New World all what we had to go through in the Fishman Arc is worth it, I dare anyone to say that this arc is boring, and the thing is we have only gotten started.


7 Responses

  1. first!!

  2. Great review! Keep em coming.

  3. I want to be just like Trafalgar!!! lol He looks awesome tho, can whoop luffy’s ass if he chooses to

  4. Fighting law would be a bit of a problem coz he can seperate u into how many pieces but I’m assuming u’d have to be in his range. A long distance fighter like ussop would be perfect. Snipe his arse from far an u should have a good chance or if ur fast enough to attack closely an then get out of range again…..
    I’m interested in finding out why he chose to be a warlord an what his motive is. Also if he is the one that did that damage to the bodyless samarai that’s lookin for his son, does law have this son locked up in his basement or sumthin and Why??!!

  5. I dont think Law can split luffy up, i think laws power doesnt work on people with Haki, Devil Fruit powers. My only question with Law is has he expanded his teritory for his DF power. Like Tensa said usop, but what if Law can control pretty much everything on the island? I think he is going to be super powerful but idk if he will be able to beat luffy.

  6. I wonder what kind of things Law did to get his bounty to 440 million and I thought that he was a good guy but he is obviously evil, he is still one of my favorite character tho. So he likes to collect hearts, that’s probably why he named his crew the Heart pirates

  7. @Kaio before he saved luffy law had a reputation of being very cruel and heartless….seems like he makes other people heartless as well lol….To saw law is stronger than luffy is silly…we all know that war lords power vary’ alot i mean loook at jembi and shwdow boy….if you ask me the monster trio is on par with any warlord out there.

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