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One Piece Chapter 662- Law VS Smoker

I did not expect this fight to last this long, honestly I thought that it would be stopped half way by an out side interference. But I got to say, I am very impressed with Law, he took out a Vice-Captain and demolished a war ship and its crew. This guy is not to be messed with, and this chapter just made him go up the rankings in my book.

The Strong rule the Weak

I really liked how Law just made Tashigia look like a kid with a sword who has no knowledge of the sword. He is a well advised swordsman and seems to carry some sense of dominance in swordsmanship. However, he has the mind concept that the strong shall decide the fate of the weak. Which in away he is right, because when you are a swordsman or swords-women in this case, if you are considered the weak than you shall be accepted by what your superior decides for your fate. But that does not mean you can disrespect the weak, which Law clearly did to Tashigia, but he should of honored and respected how Tashigia was willingly wanting to be actually cut and die than to be cut in half and live. Because she, first showed courage when attacking him and when wanting to die by his hand, but I think that Law wanted to teach Tashigia a lesson because he saw the potential, like how Hawkeye taught Zoro when they first had their battle.

Law vs Smoker

For starters, I was shocked that Smoker got his azz handed to him by Law, because my impression of Smoker was that he would become the ultimate challenge for Luffy. But I must say that the way Law handled Smoker was very impressively done. So now we got a whole chapter to analysis Law and Smokers abilities. Lets start with Smoker first:

In the Blue corner: Smoker “The White Hunter” age:36, Rank: Vice-Amiral, Devil Fruit: Plume-Plume Fruit, Logia Type. A lot was expected from me of Smoker, but than again he was going against a Shichibukai. But he is one of the few that has ever beaten Luffy in a fight, so I assumed that he was very strong which he is. But like I said he was going against a Shichibukai which are some of the strongest pirates in the Grandline. There is not that much I can say about how he fights other than that he continuously is disappearing and reappearing somewhere else and he is more of the long range fighter. Nonetheless he is a fearsome fighter who held his ground against a Shichibukai for awhile and could of defeated him if he was more cautious of Law’s ability.

In the red corner: Trafalgar Law “The Surgeon of Death” Rank: Shichibukai, Bounty: 440,000,000 Beli, Operation Devil Fruit, Paramecia Type. At first glance Law is not that intimidating because he is so laid back that you would not take him for being one Badazz Pirate. Now last week we had a discussion on if Law is truly evil or he is just playing the part. I can honestly say that I cannot tell, because I think that deep down Law is a good guy, but does not show it, instead he has that evil persona. For example, take Blackbeard, who when first was introduce we all just thought that he was just an old man who had a good persona about him. But now he is considered one of the main villains. So for now Law will be in my book as a potential Bad/Good guy. But one thing I know for a fact is that he has impressed me and I personally enjoyed seeing his fight with Smoker. His power is just to mysterious that you spend more time thinking about how he fights than the actual fight.

For one he can substitute himself with the objects in his “Operation Room.” Look at when Smoker pinned him down and when Smoker struck him it turned out to be an ice block and Law reappeared behind Smoker. So in conclusion, when some one is in Law’s “Operation Room” the best thing for them to do is to get out of Law’s reach and fight from a distance. Now I know some of you had the idea that Ussop would be great to fight Law because Ussop is a long range fighter, but that theory is crushed now since Law can direct projected items back at the other person. Though I still have the impression that this is only the tip of Laws power and to not count out Smoker just yet, he could still can make a comeback. If he can take his heart back from Law, its kind of funny Law stole Smokers heart. Sounds corny but he just literally stole Smokers heart, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE IN ONE PIECE.

But the ending of this chapter leaves of with lots of questions than answers. When Luffy and Law first notice each other, you can see that Luffy is happy to see Law while Law looks unhappy. So does that mean we will see a Luffy vs Law battle or will Law be the man we all want and be a team player. I am routing for a Luffy vs Law battle, because we need to see Luffy go against a real challenge not some Fishman who is high on drugs. What I can tell is that Law’s “Operation Room” will not work on Luffy because Luffy is well advised in Haki power and plus he has Robin, Ussop and Zoro. So we must wait patiently to see what happens next on this much anticipated reunion.

Side Note:

  • Luffy never ceases to amaze me, Him making “Brownbeard”(which by the way is conformed in this chapter, good job for those who noticed it mainly (Tensa Gizzla, Legendarykid, and Firefist), but talk about the ultimate disrespect act against a loser in a match, well Luffy knows the best way. It is already humiliating to lose in a fight but than to carry your superior opponent on your back is just wrong but hilarious.
  • Law is definatly deserving to be called a Shichibukai (warlord). He is without the doubt one of the most badazz Shichibukai we have seen so far.
  • What do you guys predict will happen between Luffy and Law.
  • I KNOW I DID NOT TALK ABOUT MASTER M OR HAPPY MANO. It is because I will leave that for you guys to theorize, but short opinion: Is that Master M is the main mastermind behind this whole issue.
  • Robin with her scary remarks was pretty funny.


Its out! Enjoy!

Naruto: http://www.mangareader.net/naruto/580


One Piece: http://www.mangareader.net/one-piece/662

Naruto Chapter 579 – I’m a Dragon, Dr. Snakes

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hmm, this week’s chapter was nice in that we have Itachi and Sasuke fighting side-by-side, but some of the things presented seem out of place. The translation I think had a large part to do with it, as some of the word choices used are just very un-Kishi like and other times just make me cringe at how bad the sentence structure is. Maybe I’m being too nitpicky – it is a free scanlation – but it just ruins the mood of the chapter when a supposedly genius like Kabuto messes up his own words and Itachi starts cracking jokes (Dr. Snake? Really?). That aside, this chapter was a good set-up for the battle to come between Kabuto and the Uchiha brothers, but I think the more interesting part then seeing Kabuto’s transformation was learning more about the backgrounds of Karin, Suigetsu and Jugo.

Kabuto’s new snake-sage mode was a surprise, but now that I think back it makes sense for Orochimaru that have tried to gain this technique. Each of the Sannins had an animal-aspect: Jiraiya had his toad, Orochimaru had his snakes, and Tsuande had her slugs. Since Jiraiya managed to master his toad sage mode by studying under the head toad guru, why couldn’t Orochimaru and now Kabuto have done the same. On the same line of thought, we could very well see Tsunade pull a slug sage mode on Madara in their current battle, though the thought of changing into half-slug can’t be too pretty :p
The only downside for Kabuto though is I doubt his sage mode will be nearly as powerful as the others, not because it is inferior but because I don’t think Kabuto truly mastered it. Despite proclaimed to be a genius of sorts, we now know that all of Kabuto’s powers have pretty much been stolen from others. The guy practically has no special powers to call his own, everything he has today was taken from somebody else. Kabuto doesn’t seem like the type to want to work hard at mastering something on his own, he would much rather attain power through taking short-cuts and stealing what others hve already obtained through hard work. That’s why I believe his sage-mode is going to be mostly show with not much bite, not worth the time of two Susanoo-users in my opinion. Jiraya and Naruto both committed blood and sweat to master the frog sage mode technique, it makes me doubt that Kabuto would have the same commitment when he received his current powers so easily by stealing from others. Kabuto will put on a fight to give Itachi and Sasuke to show-off their teamwork, but I think he’s still fated to lose – his only saving grace is that the brothers will have to go easy on him because he holds the key to stopping the Edo Tensei technique.

The more interesting part of this chapter was learning more about the history behind Karin and Jugo. People have joked in the past that Karin was an Uzumachi because she had red hair, but who knew Kishi would actually reveal it to be factual. So all direct descendants of the Uzumachi clan have red hair (Naruto is only half-Uzumachi) and have a strong life force, allowing some of them to possess high regenerative powers it seems). This helps explain some of Naruto’s unnatural resilience in battle as well, as we’ve seen recover inhumanly fast before. It was attributed to Kyuubi’s chakra powers before, but maybe it was Naruto’s Uzumaki blood at work the whole time.

The explanation of Jugo’s powers and those of his clan also sheds a lot of light on why they are so powerful, yet seemingly can’t control their own power. It seems that Jugo’s clan possessed bodies that can absorb nature chakra easily. This is the same chakra that Naruto uses to empower his speed and strength while in sage mode. But we’ve also seen that the inability to balance this chakra can spell disaster to the user. When jugo is in control of the nature’s chakra, he’s calm and able to communicate with the animals, but when it builds up he turns into a monster. Perhaps the reason why Sasuke was able to quell Jugo during his berserker tantrums was because his genjutsu was able to help Jugo balance the nature chakra within himself.

That’s my thoughts for this week. Let’s hope Kabuto puts up a good fight next chapter, but I don’t expect this to last more than two chapters at the most.

Bleach Chapter 485: Foundation Stones

Chapter 485: Foundation Stones
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The king of this world is one cruel ass bastard. Without moving from his seat he cuts this unknown underlings arm off. With a calm sadistic face he even forces his half-dead subordinate to his knees allowing to give his report in the end anyway. Ivan, for one is scared shitless of this man. So he seems the kind of leader that simply uses fear.

Aizen was different in that aspect. Yes he used fear here and then but most of time he was a bit more devious. This guy seems more straight to the point.

I love the little interaction from the rest of the guys, just chilling out having lunch waiting for Ichigo to return. It’s all fun and games till our new recruit gets a phone call with an awesome ringtone, I love to hear that in the anime:P, see what they come up with:P

Yuki san is being informed by the event that has transpired moments ago in SS. The funeral of Vice Captain Sasakibe.

Horn-guy(don’t know his name) recaps all the events of the attack. A staggering number of people died at the front gate. These were not the 7 intruders but other people spotted scurrying about near the gates. No number of enemies was being specified. They still have no clue how they got in or out. But that we already figured out.

FINALLY and old favorite returns in an old-fashioned snot powered super speed entry. Ichigo wonders why Nell suddenly shows her face, however it’s clear she is very upset and needs our help. We won’t have to wait long to find out why.

It may the translation but the next part wasnt very clear to me. They speak of something call the frontier. I am not sure what they mean by this. But they seem to want to break into someplace else. Could be all their activities are just small parts of a big plan (Soul King perhaps?)

Anyway, he calls out to Luders Friegen. I’m assuming that is his name. I find this King(i will call him King for now) a strange man. How easily he destroys this man. Ivan gets Luders’s blood all over him. Ivan has apparently done enough for the King aswell, he gives him a glimmer of hope before -seemingly- destroying Ivan aswell.

One of the other masked warriors ask an interesting question to the King where he mentions arrancars. So… Ivan was an arrancar after all, he probably felt himself above an arrancar though,  seeing how he serves underneath the King.

The King walks up to a separate dimension(its not exactly a room), where he reveals he has all he needs to get all the Arrancar he needs. Using Harribel. The former #3 is hanging off chains, a spike through her foot. In the final page of this weeks chapter the King makes it clear. Hueco Mundo has been taken over. They wouldn’t have had much trouble seeing how the SS captains cleaews out all the heavy hitters.

The ultimate objective is still a bit unclear. Seeing how this is the final arch, i really how the Soul Kings dimension or at least the Royal Guard. Based on what the King said. I don’t think he intends to stop at the destruction of Soul Society.

As for the take-over of Hueco Mundo. That could clarify the unknown hostile’s that took out a the 1st division grunts at the gates and with the follow or die option the King imposes. He will have plenty of foot soldiers to his disposal.

These chapters are getting harder and harder to summarize as the mystery behind these guys keeps on growing

One Piece chapter 661-There is no law but LAWs

Well I think that I need to stop reading One Piece because every chapter so far has been too epic. I become so excited for the next and to many thoughts and theories go through my head, but I gotta take my hat off for Kishi(Naruto), Tite(Bleach) and Oda this week, they truly all stepped up their game up. But I will leave that for Bob and Pretender, so lets get on with this weeks chapter of One Piece.

The Boss of the Centaurs

So I can confidently say that there actually a race of centaurs that exists in the grandline. For one ‘Boss’ and is an Alligator centaur and he shows no sign of discomfort in his current condition. But what leads me to the possibility that these people are actually centaurs because of a freakish experiment done by Master M and Law. They are so different from each other and why would they be on the island. There is not much that can be gained by coming to Punk Hazard, maybe they are trying to gain back their original bodies or they just like, the samurai, who are trying to get back their friend or family member. I might be looking to much into this but so far it seems that these guys are actually are a centaur race.

Brook “The Man who came back from the Dead”

If you have been fallowing my blog about One Piece, you would know that I was not much of a fan of Brook and in fact he was one of my least favorite character. But ever since the Fishman Arc, Brook has gone up in the ranks of being one of my favorite character. And this week he just did another thing that was epic. I really like how Oda has given him the ability of freezing things. Brook like Luffy,  is one of the few Devil Fruit user that has made a Devil Fruit that seemed like it only had one purpose to a Devil Fruit that can give him an array of abilities.

He can run on top of water and can run at a tremendously fast speed and because of his light body, his agility and jumping skills are beyond normal. He can separate his soul from his body and be a ghost, he can add some of his soul into his sword which is what gives him the ability to freeze things. Too many abilities to count, but Brook has come a long way from being the joker to being one of the most badazz character and I would also go as far as to say that he is the second strongest after the Monster Trio.

The is no law but LAW’s

So this week we get to know a lot of information about Laws Devil Fruit, I will try to break it down for you guys.

  • Law can create a field that is called ‘Operating Room’, in which he is the LAW of this room, being able to do as he pleases. For example, he can cut people up with his sword but not harm them. And he can separate and put together what ever he wishes. Be it an inanimate object like a rock and an animate object like a persons head, he can put those things together and will be together even after he deactivates his room. But these objects can be separated and put back to their rightful place by some one other than Law.
  •  He can also separate and divide peoples hearts between each other, justlike   he did to the Strawhats. He separated Nami, Sanji, Chopper and Franky and divided their hearts between each other. Nami is now in Franky’s body while Franky is in Choppers body and Chopper is in Sanji’s body while Sanji is in Nami’s body. Take note that Sanji in Nami’s body not a good idea, I just can’t wait to see his reaction.
  • Weaknesses: Law however has a weakness in his ability. Common Devil Fruit weakness against Ocean and Haki. It seems that if someone has a strong Haki power, Law’s room ability cannot affect them. Another weakness is that he cannot move from his position once he is using the ability to modify things, like how he elevated the ship and ever since than he has not moved from that position until Smoker forced him to move. So weaknesses are Ocean, Strong Haki users and when he is using his manipulation ability makes him lack movements.

Side Notes:

  • Luffy, Robin, Zoro and Ussop have become evil to get warm clothes, I found it funny that they almost froze to death.
  • Tashigi has Haki makes me think that Zoro and Sanji definitely have Haki as well. But Law is living up to his name of being the evil person people portray him to be. It seems he has misguided us into believing that he is actually a good guy, but it seems that he is the type that will do anything to gain what he wants.
  • Brook=Epic=fourth strongest in the Strawhat.
  • Tashigi is cut in half, how will smoker react? And Law is truly has gone up the ranking and I can see how he has become a Shikibukai.

Its Out!Bleach, One Piece, Naruto Chapters!!!

Bleach: http://www.mangareader.net/bleach/485

One Piece: http://www.mangareader.net/one-piece/661

Naruto: http://www.mangareader.net/naruto/579

One Piece Chapter 660- Wrong Exit

A hilarious and exciting chapter we have this week, packed with action, mystery and of course humor. It just amazes me how Oda incorporates action and comedy so well together. He makes it that One Piece is never lacking of humor. Especially this chapter with the confrontation between Smoker, Law and Sanji and Co. But I will get to that later.

Frozen People

It is not the first time that we have seen people frozen solid in an almost refrigerator like room. All the way in the Thriller Bark where Gekko Moriah had ancient warriors frozen for his experiments. Well I believe that the room Nami and Chopper stumbled upon is used for the same purpose by Law and that gas-like figure in the flask. It could be that Law captures strong warriors where they are preserved in ice so that the gas-like figure can experiment on them later on. It would make sense since those man in the gas-masks kidnap people so that the gas-like figure (who is called Master M by his man) can do his experiments. Also, Law is a doctor and has a history of being a very cruel person that shows no mercy to any one. So Law the doctor of death and Master M a mad scientist, it is a perfect combination of evil experiments and Punk Hazards is a perfect place for them to do their experiments.

Weird Hybrids

So far we have seen Centaurs, for those who do not know what Centaurs are here is a quick summary: A centaur is in Greek and Roman mythology is half man and half horse, a hybrid creature. And now those guys in the gas suit are satyr like creature. A satyr is a body of a man and lower half is of goat in Greek mythology. Again Oda has incorporated Greek mythology into his work. But are these hybrids natural or the cause of Master M? I think that these people who are hybrids are a successful experiment done by Law and Master M. For one Law has the ability to disassemble and assemble anything he chose, but those separate parts are independent of each other and only obey the original body.

As in the case of the samurai his body is separated into three different parts: His legs are with Luffy, Head with Sanji and his torso is with Brook. But all those parts are commanded by the Samurai. So it leads to the conclusion that these Centaurs and Satyrs are not just the work of Law but had the help of Master M. Think about it, if Law separated a Giraffe lower body and attached it to the upper body of a man, the Giraffe’s lower half would fallow the Giraffe and same thing with the man. But these centaurs and Satyr’s can freely move their bodies. So this is what made me come up with the theory that Law would separate and assemble different parts of humans and animals and Master M some how makes these bodies synchronize perfectly. Why would they want to do this, well it is simple, to create an army of hybrids of man and animals. So far they got Satyr to do their bidding.

Law Vs Smoker

A match between Warlord and a Vice-Admiral, a match never seen before in One Piece, and a match that will probably never be seen again. Smoker a logia user vs Law a swordsman with a very mysterious ability. Smoker’s ability do not need to be explained because it is simple, he is the element of smoke. While Law has a devil fruit that is one of the most mysterious one of all. He is able to create a room and can do practical anything he wishes, and is able to cute people with his sword with out harming them, but the biggest weakness of this ability is that it seems that he is unable to move while using this ability as he needs to be concentrating on what he is doing. But it will be a very interesting fight to see him take on a Logia fruit user. They only way I see Law winning is that if he knows how to use Haki, and the only way I see Smoker winning is that if he can counter Law’s ability. Nonetheless it will be a match to talk about for ever, if it ever happens.

  Side Notes:

  • It was funny seeing Nami and Chopper scared of the frozen people, it is good known that Chopper and Nami still have that pussycat personality because it creates many funny moments.
  • So far I am liking the Samurai, I just want him to get back into his body so we can see how he will hold up to Zoro.
  • Sanji acting like a kid this week was hilarious, the samurai sure made Sanji look like a fool.