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Its out! One Piece, Naruto, Bleach chapters!!!


One Piece:http://www.mangareader.net/one-piece/658



39 Responses

  1. sweet, even bleach didn’t disappoint.
    Poor Tsunade haha

  2. Itachi slaming his brother with words and show him that Sasuke is just a little child who know nothing, And even Madara confirm that Hashirama is the strongest.. Cool to know that he was a power full medical too

  3. oooo and Tsunades “fire within” only fuels Madaras fire attack with more fire and kill her

  4. i love how madara acts all self important and invincible when even he couldnt stop the first with the ems and nine tails… and now that he has the first’s cells in him he thinks he is even more bad ass lol man all the uchiha are grave robbers when it comes to power i guess. I would love to see madara jutsus… but the only one we have seen is his fire and sussanoo. i mean other than those two the meteors were the rinnengan power i believe, and most of the fight after was using the firsts jutsu. would be nice is madara resorted to using his own more than just a couple fire jutsus.

  5. Tsunade couldn´t even handle one of Pains pawns, how she could handle someone who has all the abilities of Nagato´s plus the other things

  6. @token

    I also like how Madara acts cocky, he is so cocky it´s even funny in this situation……”and above of all you are a weak woman” he´s not only cocky he´s also a sexist lol

  7. Naruto- Something seems a little off to me with how Madara is talking about the 1st…He’s praising him but he’s saying in a way that suggests that he’s either happy that he was able to stand toe to toe against him or that he didnt lose the battle. Maybe im looking to much into it but really wanna know how the 1st died (like officially if u know wat i mean).
    Tsunade aint gonna do shit here, the only thing she’s good for is a tit wank!! Sasuke got a good tellin off from his bro! I was laughing my head off like “You tell him Itachi!!!” Im guessing we can all agree that Itachi is gonna stop edo tensei before Madara kills all the kages…..

    Bleach – That big arse bow thing did damage! So the war is gonna kick off in 5 days….

    One piece – Awwwwwww those poor giant kids!!!!!! Akanui and Akoji must have went all out in their battle!!

  8. “Weak people are ugly…….. And weak Senju are even more ugly”

    There’s nothing Tsunade can do, because if it was she would had done it already. All the Kages will die except Gaara and the Mizukage lady.

    If Itachi is gonna help the kages, most likely Sasuke will fight on his side. I wanted to see Sasuke destroy Konoha, and reunite with Hebi, but Itachi & Sasuke vs their most powerful ancestor Madara will be exciting too.

  9. And so the seeds of sasukes redemption have been sown.

  10. “Itachi & Sasuke vs their most powerful ancestor Madara will be exciting too” Now that would actually be thee SUPER UCHIHA FIGHT…….

    Its kinda cute how sasuke turns into a little boy talking to his big bro – im telling u he just needs a few hugs, a bit of a cry and an “everything will be OK” speech and he’ll be a good fella again!!

  11. @Tensa Gizzla lol true story…

    So can one assume from the color page and the black getsuga that Ichigo still has hollow powers?

    This should be an interesting final arc. I’ve said it before: I’m hoping for a “Ichigo vs Ishida” “friends or heritage?” fight at some point.

    And what about Yamamoto? I’m sure he can still whoop on peoples and he must have an extensive kido arsenal, but… actually what more does the Captain-Commander need?

    As for Naruto, Idk where this is going. Itachi is headed for Kabuto and Sasuke won’t stop following Itachi til he’s satisfied I’m sure. So does that mean the bros will wind up fighting Kabuto together? I mean Kabuto does hav something against Sasuke so that’s gonna hav to be resolved… but not sure.

    And Naruto vs Tobi: Madara mentioned the Moon’s Eye plan himself, didn’t he? So Tobi really has no purpose anymore. Is is safe to kill him off? Can’t Madara bring himself back to life with the outer path and assume the role of new super villain? probably not; just ranting at this point

  12. Naruto- Last chapter Oonoki displayed his “stone will”. Now it’s time for the “will of fire” to be unleashed. I am pretty sure the other kages will show their own fighting spirit soon enough. I like this Sasuke/Itachi confrontation, it will definitely mix things up a bit.

    Bleach- I’m not feeling that Nazi comparison for the hollows. It would be cooler if they kept that Spanish look…But a nice chapter anyways

    One Piece- Lol. Is this the FIRST time ever that Sanji has yelled at Nami? So Sakazuki and Kuzan did fight on this island (props to whoever figured it out first)…I knew those 2 were strong but to change the terrain at this level is just ridiculous…I thought only people at Yonkou level could do this stuff, but I guess this just shows how strong a marine admiral REALLY is when they go all out…

  13. I think Sasuke will follow Itachi to Kabuto, get pissed at Kabuto for using his brother and then they both will attack Kabuto. With his back against the wall, Kabuto will call back Madara to help him fight the brothers. Cue epic fight.

  14. Mandra was like B!T(H ,STFU. why aren’t you barefoot and pregnant. lol


  15. translation sucks!

  16. So it seems these quincy arrancars have the ability to seal/take a shinigami’s bankai as they transform. This is what Ivan tries to do with Ichigo but did not anticipate that Ichigo is a whole other BEAST.

    I would hate it if that is their plan, I want fights where everyone is forced to use their full strength, and can.

    Though Ivan might not be allied with the condoms facing the commander. Just like how the vizards turned out not to be with the arrancars.

  17. “condoms facing the commander” lol thats funny man the best way to describe them i dont care what they actually called from now on they are condom no1 condom no2 condom no3 lol

  18. yeah translations sucks! but man… that Madara was so arrogant! quoting chopper, Madara is more arrogant than god..
    poor Tsunade. I hope she’s not the really really last descendent of Senju. otherwise there goes the Senju’s reputation. if what some people said come true then hopefully naruto’s got the senju blood mixed in him.

    Sanji hating the giant kids was funny. It was strange though that Brooks was also knocked out considering that he doesn’t have nose so he can’t breathe the gas.
    Could this be a tag-team between Strawhats + Smoker vs the mad scientist….

  19. It would be better Smoker and the mad scientist vs Strawhats…can’t imagine smoker teaming up with luffy u guys:))

  20. Out of Madara and Old man yamamotto, old man yama sounded more arrogant! “Iam the security……” Yeah right that’s why Aizen made u lose a damn arm!!! The Condom clan seem to know who their up against coz yama’s right hand man got turned into meat on a stick too easily!
    Madara aint that bad besides it about time someone in Naruniverse put Tsunade on blast – he told her straight up “ur shit, ur grandpappi was a beast, bitch STFU an gimme a tit wank!” I expect at least 2 of the 5 kages to die before Itachi breaks edo tensei an Madara disappears.

  21. condom clan.. rofl… classic!!

    i want Madara to fight Naruto.

  22. Yea i think kabuto is going to reverse summon Madara as soon as itachi makes him shat himself, and ofcourse sasuke will betray itachi and side with Madara for power? or help him either way its gona be epic.

  23. Her breasts contains the powers of the tailed beasts themselves; I don’t understand why tsunade refuses to use them…..

  24. I’d say pretty much all the kages except gaara will die by the time this series is over, but at least one of them will die here. I don’t belive kabuto will pull madara back, more likely madara will be defeated here.

  25. I really dont think none of the kages are going to die…

  26. @Darth
    If the kages defeat Madara its an insult to the whole manga!! You cant have a character who’s had that much build up not to mention his actually powers lose to a flying midget, an angry black guy, a ginger and 2 chicks who should be doing Hentai!
    Also anyone else think that the 1st hokage is gonna come back somehow – they talk about him alot in the last few chapters!

    P.S The Konan vs Tobi fight in the anime looks sick!

  27. I personally like how the amine is tying the manga together with Konan flashback and the toad-suitlike closure because to do all those flash back as it was in the manga it would look like we’re back in the filler spam again and take away from the process. & to see theextra fill-ins that alrdy been seen in the anime gives me better feeling that we’ll get a better cover of the war in the anime then how the manga covered it in the beginning

  28. @prodigy
    Tsuchikage had already a flashback so is death for sure

  29. I’d say if anyone dies it’ll be the Tsuchikage, he’s part of the last generation of kage. Naruto has always been about the next generation surpassing the previous one, so with that thought it’d be easy to pick him to die. I don’t believe Tsunade will die because she has to see Naruto become the Hokage. She has already seen two dreams of being the Hokage die, it’d be fitting to have this one come true.

  30. Well if you base the flash backs are the seal of death the only one that has not had a flash back is the mizukage! so is she the only one not to die? i dont think thats the case! the most recent flash back is oonoki. so maybe he will and it does tie in with him being replaced with the new generation but you could say that with all of them except Gaara!

  31. I doubt Tsunade will die tbh, as useless as she is I think Oonoki will step in an sacrifice himself. When its all over kishi will make her step down and retire. Who the heck will replace Oonoki as a kage tho? We haven’t seen a lot of rock ninja about. Maybe A might die but is bee ready for a kage role?! Probably not he couldn’t keep his eyes off Tsunades monster jugs!

  32. @Tensa Gizzla

    I think it’d be an insult (not to mention pointless for the plot) for madara to be defeated by a couple of uchiha brats, considering neither one of them are on his level right now. It’s more fitting that the unity of the ninjas best( by title mostly, just making that clear) should take care of him.

  33. on his level?

    I would bet anything that Itachi let alone Itachi,sasuke combo would fair pretty well against anyone in the naruniverse.

    The uchiha “brats” are about 50 times smarter than madara even if he is more powerful.

  34. @ruffruffy
    your kidding right? madara outclasses itachi in everyway, with the exception of ‘smarts’ an even that’s debateable, especially if the events up till now, with akatsuki, the tailed beasts and tobi are part of whatever plans he had when he was alive. How can Ms itachi compare with EMS/wood/rinnegan madara, who is also already dead? As cool as a battle between the three of them would be, it would be a mismatch, and not fitting to the plot.

  35. Itachi has something that Madara doesn’t though; the sword of totsuka. One hit and he’s sealed away. I think Kabuto is going to be calling Madara back for backup after the brothers Uchiha start beating the hell out of him. A Uchiha battle royal would be awesome.

  36. @firefist

    yes, itachi does have the sword of tosuka, but it gives a user, even in itachi’s posession, as good of a chance of victory as anyone using the reaper’s seal. And it certainly doesn’t make him on or near madara’s level. If he was as strong and vunerable as he was when facing the first hokage, i could see sasuke and itachi giving him a hard time, even defeating him. But now with the upgrades, even though there’s always a chance otherwise, victory is slim at best.

  37. of topic.. but look at the snake on this page, http://www.mangareader.net/naruto/551/4 .. with the ? over his head it´s like.. Hey whats that over there? is it a tasty little mouse 😛

  38. Itachi has the Sword of Tosuka, and Madara has the Human Path, Nakara Path, and Outer Path. Pretty balanced on the soul manipulation abilities.

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