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Its Out! Bleach and Naruto chapters!

Naruto: http://www.mangareader.net/naruto/575

Bleach: http://www.mangareader.net/bleach/482

One Piece is taking a break this week!


56 Responses

  1. epic chapters dude they were awesome

  2. It was a good chapter, a lot information was supplied this time. So, officially declared by Kabuto/Kishi: Hashirama was stronger than Madara. The 1st hokage was the strongest kage and shinobi so far. Didnt know Senju were so bad ass. Not believe there will be a fight between brothers, this time is “Talk No Jutsu” mode. Hope to see more about Kages vs “Hibrid Madara”. Tsunade doesnt deserve to be called Hokage, and think that your ancestors were so strong. Anyone notice that Madara’s susanoo has feet?

  3. good chapters, cant wait till next week

  4. I for one cannot wait to see what words take place between the uchiha bros
    @Rocks I agree with you so far she has proven to be the shittest kage seen in the naruto universe….in the entire leaves history the had always had the best kage

  5. Sweet chapter! Now I’m starting to see why the 1st was so strong coz that forest poison flower jutsu was sick! I get the feelin tho that the 1st was one in a million tho coz the Uchiha clan-wise were stronger than the senju’s. Nice flash back of Oonoki aswell – looks like he’ll be dying soon. Personally I think at least 2 of the kages need to die. Sasuke an Itachi’s 2 chapter catch up is coming!

  6. Bleach – ivan……a full bringer arrancar?!!

  7. Sasuke see Itachi, Itachi talks and they both goo to Kabuto beacuse Sasuke is pissed for what Kabuto did to Itachi, and so we get to see Sasuke fisrt new power fight against Kabuto.

  8. Hashirama is a beast

    Many people have said that, I dont know why many think the opposite..

  9. Who is tobi. I get it now why kabuto said ”I see you go by the name madara nowadays”. Don’t forget about the scroll suigetsu have I wonder who it will favor.

  10. Ivan is a Quincy unfortunately. Sigh I was hoping for a vasto Lorde.

    Naruto epic, Like I’ve always been saying, Hashirama is a GOD. There is a reason Madara could never beat him and had to settle for faking his own death.

    Itachi Sasuke looks like will be interesting. Screw Kishi with having only 14 chapters.


    (Will now be known as HashiramaDaGod)

  11. Bleach disappointed me with the Quincy idc how strong these new one’s are it just doesn’t feel like the last arc should involve them but I get the whole going underground thing to crazy strong n prepare for war I guess……. naruto was short this week but the 3 current situations going on is very interesting I’m most interested in what itachi gonna do …..was looking forward to OP but oh well

  12. He still could be a Vaso Lorde guys, since he does have a mask. Remember Arrancars are unmasked hollows with shinigami-like powers. What I think we are looking at is a new breed of hollows with Quincy-like powers.

  13. That would be dumb^
    I don’t like how the quincies fight.

  14. @7 what about a quincy with acquired hollow powers like the vizard?

  15. @itachi
    Well, if your talking about Uryu, he is considered a failure by his father, but honestly I don’t think any human Quincy can ever be up to par with top-class shinigami with their bankai unleashed. However a quincy-powered hollow has yet to be seen in a battle. Remember how the arrancars surprised us with their resurreccion. The same could be done with this new breed, making them more qualified to fight at close combat.

    That can be true as well. Also Hollows were once human at one point. What if these guys were once quincies, the same quincies that were wiped out long ago…

  16. @chef that is very interesting, i almost forgot that they were basically wiped out at some point, so basically they would be hollows who retained their quincy powers and now have hollow powers… or something along those lines

  17. @itachidabaus
    Lol..that is kinda true. But I think they are strong for humans & hollows are naturally stronger than humans physically and spiritually, especially a Vasto Lorde. Lets just see how this turns out.

    @theaboutshinobi & chefman
    I can’t see a quincy with hollows powers like a vizard. For one quincies hate hollows and I can’t see one taking its power…Tho I could be wrong.

    …that would be interesting, but I doubt that these hollows were once quincies…

  18. @warlord
    True. Quincies hate hollows, which is why they tried to annihilate them a while back, but it was the Shinigami that wouldn’t allow that and instead annihilated them. Meaning that they should hate shinigami more.Think about it, the hogyoku isn’t around anymore, so how can they get Quincy powers, something that you must be human to get. Plus there are hollows being destroyed left and right,I believe it could be the work of these Quincy guys thinking that they are special or something.

    Anyways I think their plan is that at the same time they are destroying their most hated enemies(hollows), they are creating a diversion so that they can attack the Shinigami while their defenses are down. Just like how Aizen used Rukia as a diversion to carry his scheme, which by the way took over 100 years to plan.

  19. Does anyone kno any other good manga translators? Cuz mangareader.net didn’t make much sense, it seems like the translation was wayy off!

  20. I hope kubo goes back to his original story telling greatness like the soul society arc just re-watched the Byukuya vs Renji fight an my gosh he was spot on with all of it! Quincies never seemed like anything special to me – Uryuu was beast when he fought Mayuri but apart from that he’s done nothing but shout “kurosaki!!!!!” every 3 chapters like a fanboy! Also with Bows as their main weapon nah im not feelin it

  21. Um, appears Bleach Anime is ending on March 27 according to Anime News Network: http://www.animenewsnetwork.co.uk/news/2012-02-23/bleach-tv-anime-ending-on-march-27

  22. Bleach Sucks Whale Balls!!! Was only good until Aizen. It needs a badguy thats bigger and badder.

  23. @kakwais-san Couldnt agree more…. Aizen was bad ass… He was the real deal… I dont think tite can reproduce/overcome someone like that.. unless he comes back and says ” This is all going as I planned” That wud be so wicked… and cool…

  24. Please end bleach soon, and dont make it like pokemon or something-_-

  25. I don’t get how bleach can suck so much. The only think I could see happening is that the last chapter is Ichigo’s death which Tite will change the name of the Manga and it will go in some sort of different direction. But since Tite focused on a single villain so much the only people to villainize left that are on par with Ichigo are soul society. Uze got’s to SPARTACUS those guy Ichigo.

    Naruto is still Awesome and not lacking in the villain department.

    Madara: “I only made this pretty flower forest to set it and you f**k’s on fire…”

    Madara needs to kill that Tsukage and stop dancing with him.

    Did anyone else picture Madara making his enemies dance like buffoons in order to make them look like total jackasses and cry themselves to sleep at night afterward? It kind of made me laugh since it’s so anti climatic if you think you’re taking on one of the worlds strongest ninja… and he make you cha cha your face into a wall followed by a head spin and air flares on burning coals?!?!?! HAHAHA… YOUR SICK MADARA! SICK! and awesome…ly bad.

  26. Maybe Madara is actually a real romantic

    I could picture his first date

    Madara: I brought you flowers
    Ladybird: ooooh your dreamy eyes and what pretty flowers
    Madara: They look even prettier…. on fire
    (fire engulfs flowers)
    Lady bird: AAWWW YOu crazy…
    Madara: I find your screams comforting
    Lady bird: ARE YOU INSANE?!?!
    Madara: I am made of ancient demon wang. Would you like to dance?
    Lady Bird: I should have listened to my mother about…
    Madara: GOD! NOt your mother again. If anyone here’s crazy it’s YOU!
    Hashirama: MADARA! you have to stop destroying hearts and minds… aww and WTF flowers?!?!?! Out… GET oUT of the village.
    Madara: c’mon Hashish I just picked em from the
    Hashirama: OUT get out of HERE!… wait what’s this
    Madara: It a valentine. Open it
    Hashirama: oh jez well you didn’t have to do that
    Madara: yeah, for you old friend
    Hashirama: WTF!??!?!?! It’s a picture of you pissing on my clans insignia! and AGGHH This one is a picture of you naked!!! with a….
    Madara: First I destroy your self respect… THEN the WORLD!!!!

  27. it appears that hashirama isnt just a glorified yamato afterall… go figure!
    Sasuke and Itachi: if they talk logic would dictate that sasuke aid in taking down kabuto, but sasuke isnt logical for the sake of progression, sasuke cant get redeemed now by Itachi, this meeting (if they do meet) could only serve as evidence on how far sasuke has fallen. what would be interesting is if the whole, “come to me when u hv the same eyes as me” was literal and served to release Itachi from edo :-D. because right now, Madara is kinda unstoppable and Itachi has a better shot killing/tsukiyomi’ing kabuto

  28. @madzikage

    Well we already know that Senju chakra can enhance sharingan abilities (Danzo’s Izanagi and Madara’s Rin’negan), so why can’t Uchiha chakra enhance Senju abilities. Of course, Kabuto is claiming that the strength we see here from Mokuton is as good as the 1st Hokage really was (how the heck does HE know), but perhaps some Uchiha chakra is necessary to support the 1st’s cells in a way that allows them to be used by someone who is not the original.

    I mean, for all we know Yamato is just some random dude with nothing special about him (other than he survived). Most of the wood he creates is dead (if not all, I can’t remember if he could make a live tree). This is equivalent I think to Kakashi having a sharingan. He CAN use it, and pretty well, but not like an original Uchiha can.

    About Bleach, it feels difficult because the Fullbringer arc seems to have amounted to nothing and the beginning of this new arc looks to be predictable. Perhaps some events will be surprising, but it’s not like the whole “shinigami – quincy hate” idea is new. Plus it was already lame to me that Ishida’s dad was a quincy too (it would have been cooler if he was the last one), but now if there are more of them…

    it’s just like with Naruto and all the Uchihas popping up… and all the transplanted sharingan all over the place. I mean WAS KAKASHI NOT SPECIAL ENOUGH FOR YOU KISHI!?!? Ahem, sorry…

    But I say the same about Ishida. If he truly was the last one, and made such a difference on things, that would be more badass than if miraculously there were quncy still around and they were just waiting to stage a coup.

  29. @ripcord: he did make lots trees when he was training naruto to use wind nature. he asked naruto to cut all the leaves.

  30. I remember when Kakashi was special and cool, he was the hipster of transplanted sharingan and then everyone had to have one.

  31. Why doesn’t Kabuto bring back Konoha’s white fang?

  32. @hashiramadagod

    That would have been a WAY more meaningful ET summon. I mean, Dan was summoned, but so what?!? We didn’t even see him use his ghost technique or whatever. Since Kakashi had just seen his dad move over into the afterlife (pure realm) it would have made a big impact I think.

    I doubt Kabuto is going to summon anyone else with ET right now. He is too busy having fun with his trump card and feels that he can crush the alliance with it, so he has no need for anything else.

  33. @siskin
    hahahahahahahhaha madara’s first date must have been epic!! I reckon he was more of pimp tho, i pretty sure he banged the first hokage’s wife too! It would have been easy, think about it – its early evening and Madara strolling through the forest see’s Mito’s fat uzumaki ass training lookin all sweaty an tired. He drops down from a tree:

    Madara: Hello Mito, long time no see…
    Mito: Hmph, Uchiha Madara what do u want – the last time i saw you, you were fighting with my boyfriend Hashirama
    Madara: Awwww yes wood boy – is he around? would love to stick a kunai up his krusty ass
    Mito: Dont get jealous Uchiha
    Madara: Me? Jealous? HA! U’ve been sucking on wood too long Mito
    Mito: As vulgar an scruffy as always i see, and when are u gonna cut that hair?
    Madara: Never, besides you like this hair, its wild just like you….
    Mito: Wild? who told you im wild?
    **Madara grins an moves closer**
    Mito: Ermmmm why are u lookin at me like that with such a big grin and why are u moving closer? (sensing something is about to happen)oh no…..dont u dare Uchiha….
    Madara: Too late!
    (Mito now defenseless and backed up against a tree)
    Madara: *whispers* I think its about time i found out just how much longevity you uzumaki’s have (as he kisses Mito’s neck)
    Mito: We ca… can’t
    Madara: Oh but we can hahaha….now bend over…. ; )

    ***POW*** ***CRUNCH*** ***MOAN*** ***SCREAM*** ***SMILE***

    2 hours an 39 minutes later….
    Mito: (Gasping) What….. What happened? Why am I naked an dripping wet, Uchiha what the fuck did u do to me?
    Madara: Ha! Thanks for the present Mito *Wink* Now im off to have a redbull coz we been at it for hours – later!!!

  34. On a serious note, for anyone who watches Hellsing Ultimate anime, Episode 9 finally came out last week, Alucard vs Walter (aka the basterd butler). Does anyone know any other badass vampire manga/anime?? Just looking for a replacement for when bleach goes bye bye

  35. Since Kish just drop the beans on who’s the no. 2 ninja after SOSP..here’s a little tribute to the 1st Hokage!

  36. Where did you find that video? I’ve watched the anime and never seen it before. Impressive stuff from the first.

  37. Pretty cool video, but I have to say, based on Madara’s use of Mokuton now, Hashirama’s abilities had to be even way beyond what’s in the above animation… which is nuts. Yes, in a way he’s just spamming wood all over the place, but Uchiha with MS spam Susanoo so…

    Also, the above animation doesn’t highlight Madara’s EMS abilities, but I believe this was because the animation was made a long time ago, long before we knew anything about Madara’s EMS abilities. I hope that’s not an official animation, because that would mean that Kishimoto probably won’t show anything from VOTE.

  38. @firefist87 and ripcord,

    I know isn’t this vid pretty cool…I found it on http://www.likenaruto.com. According to the site, It’s a OVA from the game Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Nịna Storm Generations which is kinda disturbing becuase your right it didn’t highlight Madara’s EMS abilities except for the fighting precognition ability showing Madara predicting some of the 1st Hokage’s attacks. Where’s Susanoo or his other genjutsu attacks?

  39. Lol..Just watched it again…Madara’s fan attack was beastly!! Did anybody notice how the 1st summoned all thoes weapons like Tenten (didn’t know he was a weapons specialist too!).

  40. This fight just looks like a quick summary of their fight coz all we really see is Madra’s fire ball jutsu and Harashima’s wood jutsu at a basic level oh an a summoning from each (the fox on Madara’s part and the 7 swords of the mist village on Harashima’s part).
    Also did anyone know when Harashima threw that Kunai against the fan that Madara did somethin with his EMS – now was that time manipulation in that he got hit with the kunai an fell an reversed time an then deflected it or was that him predicting movement so that if he doesnt react he’s go fall therefore he should counter it….

    We’ve heard a couple times from Tobi that he questions if Madara really did lose at the valley of the end…. im starting to think he didnt… now what if he won the fight against the 1st hokage that day an was already aware that if you obtain Senju DNA as an Uchiha you instantly upgrade an become godlike and drank some of the 1st blood right there and how does he react to that – he unlocks the rinnegan! Now with him already seriously injured from that fight his body wasnt able to handle the strain of unlocking it and so he’s gonna die so he makes a clone to carry on his will (tobi who flees the scene) an then the 1st wakes up from his loss, see’s Madara dead and then claims victory……

  41. why isn’t anyone asking about the one tailed beast that was SUCCESSFULLY removed from gaara. i, like u guys, see what kishimoto allows us to see, but im also looking at what he is purposely leaving out… like if anyone of u remember, i was speaking on shusui uchiha, but u guys shunned me something awful.
    i don’t care about that. but im telling u guys that something is up with the one tailed beast that isn’t being showed. where is it? is it implanted into someone else? it wasn’t shown at the meeting of the beast inside of naruto. now we got this damn scroll from oro that may be sasuke’s key to getting the rin-eyes. seeing that its an evolution of the ms that is achieved through a near death experience.
    then, everyone is downing kabuto, why? if it weren’t for him this war would have been boring ass shit and the alliance would have one as soon as naruto made his way to the battlefield. i mean, come on, tobi went to war with just the white zetsu, and a sharingan and ripple eye, and just the statue with the beasts chakra in it….THATS ALL. he would have won if naruto didn’t power up and made the zetsu plan an epic failure. kabuto supplied the edo summons, so really if u look at it, kabuto went to war with all the firepower plus the real madara. for what? why go all out like that? that is the question we should be asking at the moment. its not about sasuke or he could have just sent a couple of edos to acquire him, sasuke isn’t that strong. send pain, itachi, and madara and that would have been check for kabuto if sasuke is the prize he wanted. the only thing he didn’t account for was itachi releasing himself. but he planned the other edos perfectly, some were to fight and some were to mess with the alliances head.
    but where is the one tailed beast?

  42. @ just passing: as far im aware Tobi was finding it hard to control some of the tailed beasts, plus he didnt have a container to put the tailed beast chakra in because gaara is still alive. Tobi could only control 1 or 2 tailed beast at a time and the more tails they had the harder they where to control. so if he already had the dna to creat the jinchikuri edo’s then he didnt really need another tailed beast. thats my assumption anyways.

  43. @MattMaru and Just passing

    Didn’t Gaara died and Ganny Chiyo traded her soul for his. In addition doesn’t edo requires DNA and the soul of the dead person and living sacrifice. So an Edo Gaara would be possible right?

  44. Gaara was SUCCESSFULLY resurrected.

  45. A Gara Edo isn´t possible. baecuse the edo puts the the soul in the body, and Gara still got his soul

  46. Gaara died..He wasn’t in a comma. Chyio put her soul (life essence) into put into Gaara’s body.

  47. Therefore Gaara’s soul is floating around somewhere. 🙂

  48. Okay after rereading chaps 278 and 279…Chyio used a jutsu that exchanges her soul/life for his (if the translation is accurate) so I guess edo Gaara wouldn’t be possible.

  49. i think what makes the first hokage special is that he is the only ninja who had a jutsu that could create life….

  50. @tsukage: thats true, Naruto has life giving chakra now though so thats something they both share, obviously Naruto cannot create life but expand on life giving Jutsu which is mokuton whis he shown when the wooden tome’s turned into huge trees after he completed his training in the hyperbolic time chamber… lol!!


    Its a whole lot of talking lol

  52. All three of the new chapters are out. One Piece wins the prize this week, although it wasn’t much of a competition.

  53. Too much talking, not enough action, smh… not a good week for manga.

  54. I want to finally see the fight Madara vs Hashirama, the teaser above was good but I want to see the whole thing, cant wait

  55. http://www.mangareader.net/naruto/576

    Tsunade vs Madara…let’s see what she can do.

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