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Hey everyone this is Jdogg, I was skimming through mangafox.com and they no longer carry any of the big three mangas. Well all know what happened to Mangastream.com, who were the best of the best, I personally thank them for all the wonderful work they have done in the past two years. No other website had as clear of translation and quality as did Mangastream. But they no longer have the right to release One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, KH Reborn and several other manga because of VIZ media had an issue with that. Because VIZ media is a garbage ass website that charges people way to much for garbage translation and horrible scans. I think that they have an issue with the other websites in the west that are releasing manga to the public because VIZ media is garbage and no one goes to their website and who ever does is not my friend. So with that being said it seems that mangafox.com is running into the same trouble. Thats why I am posting this and hoping that I am just exgeratting and that we will get to read our favorite mangas tomorrow. But if not, If you know of another different website that releases the Big three other than mangastream, mangafox or mangareader, just drop a comment.

I am sorry if I scared you, and I am hoping that this is just a fluke and that mangafox will get the right to release the big 3. I am sorry if I alarmed any one and sorry for my language but FUCK VIZ media. Do not support them for what they are done, let them go broke with their have ass’d website. Again sorry for the language.


21 Responses

  1. ……………sorry but you have scared me. 😦

    I do hope that my fears are as unfounded as you think they are.

  2. Mangafox said that they were going to bring the big 3 back…don’t know how long it will take, but it’s good to know that eventually we can depend on that site in the future…don’t know about other sites tho…

  3. I don’t think it’s a good idea to post lists of manga sites here, especially in SHANNARO…. That is what shitty VIZ media is trying to look for right?

  4. Sorry if I alarmed you guys, but I just thought it is better to say something now since I can’t find any of the big 3 on any of the free websites.

    @chefman141, that is true and I read on mangafox announcement that this had occurred before and it took awhile for the big 3 to come back. I just hope it is soon. But all the websites I already listed have already been screwed by ViZ media or who ever is doing this.

  5. Thank you for your post! Keep up the good job and have a great aloha week!! ^_^

  6. “You kill one site 2 more are born”. As long as it is available online, people WILL find a way to access it for free, which is why there are so many free music and movie sites online…I guarantee that at some point in time you will hear about a new site to read jump manga on some random forum…then the word gets out. It’s only a matter of time…real manga readers just HAVE to know how they end. All Viz Media has managed to do is create a shit storm for themselves, because now NOBODY likes them. Besides MangaReader is still a good scanlation group, so Viz Media just can suck a fat one.

    Also haven’t they had trouble keeping the anime from being free… So just how exactly are they going to keep up with free manga sites, when at the same time free episodes are getting pulled out of their asses.

  7. Go to manga.animea.net, that’s a good site

  8. the manga reviews on youtube.com really arent that bad(if worse comes to worse)

  9. ^^^^^ I agree, subscribe to my channel guys for all the new Naruto chapter reviews & episode reviews. I do random topics, and I’m fun to watch

  10. i just checked mangafox, then came straight here to see what’s up. obviously, if anyone knows where to find the new naruto for tomorrow, that will be great.

  11. Hmmm I agree with Jdogg FUK Jizz Media!
    You can read the new Naruto/Bleach on Mangareader!

  12. ITS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. totally agree with 7warlord

  14. Just go to google and type in naruto 575 online or whatever the chapter number is and a site will come up. thats all i did and it popped for me.

    as for this weeks episode. ghe firsts face on madaras chest. awesome.

  15. Bleach and naruto are out at mangareader.net

  16. If you want to see a new and old naruto chapters go to http://www.narutobase.net and if you want to see old and new one piece and bleach chapters go to http://www.otakuworks.com

  17. who cares about those two sites…go to http://www.mangahere.com, as clear as mangastream but way faster in terms of updates…

  18. Go to mangareader.net, that’s a good site

  19. I guess we now know what madara was looking at under his armor after he summoned thoes two metors!

  20. haha..i thought someone stole your balls..

  21. Animefreak.net is also good you can download manga for free.hope mangafox doesnt go off the net.I download anime from bleachexile.com but its been a while since i used it for manga,still think they have it though.real manga fans will never die dont even try to stop us.ABIWSENSEI REPIN GHANA WEST AFRICA.

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