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Hey everyone this is Jdogg, I was skimming through mangafox.com and they no longer carry any of the big three mangas. Well all know what happened to Mangastream.com, who were the best of the best, I personally thank them for all the wonderful work they have done in the past two years. No other website had as clear of translation and quality as did Mangastream. But they no longer have the right to release One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, KH Reborn and several other manga because of VIZ media had an issue with that. Because VIZ media is a garbage ass website that charges people way to much for garbage translation and horrible scans. I think that they have an issue with the other websites in the west that are releasing manga to the public because VIZ media is garbage and no one goes to their website and who ever does is not my friend. So with that being said it seems that mangafox.com is running into the same trouble. Thats why I am posting this and hoping that I am just exgeratting and that we will get to read our favorite mangas tomorrow. But if not, If you know of another different website that releases the Big three other than mangastream, mangafox or mangareader, just drop a comment.

I am sorry if I scared you, and I am hoping that this is just a fluke and that mangafox will get the right to release the big 3. I am sorry if I alarmed any one and sorry for my language but FUCK VIZ media. Do not support them for what they are done, let them go broke with their have ass’d website. Again sorry for the language.