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Naruto Chapter 574 – My Brother’s Eyes

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Interesting transition chapter this week, and we get a sneak peek at how the remnants of Sasuke’s Team Taka is doing. To be honest, I would have liked to see more of the Naruto vs Tobi battle as it seems it was just getting to the good part where the tide will be turned to favor the good guys. Sasuke is finally getting some more face time, all he seems to want to do is to kill Naruto and then all the Leaf ninja because he blames Konoha for everything that has gone wrong in his life – the translation this week from Mangazone made it hard to understand what exactly Sasuke was trying to convey in his inner monologue; if you haven’t heard yet, Mangastream was made to stop their scanlations from Viz Media last week.

I’m glad Kishi hasn’t completely forgotten about Team Taka. The remnants of Sasuke’s gang seem to be doing okay after being separated and captured. They’re as dysfunctional as ever without Sasuke leading them, but it looks like all are trying to reunite with Sasuke despite being abandoned by their leader when he opted to pursue his own interests. Suigetsu found an interesting scroll inside Orochimaru’s lair, he mentions that it could allow them to gain control over the war. I was originally thinking that the scrolls was going to allow the user to somehow gain control of the Edo Tensei summons, but given that most of them have been sealed already or otherwise incapacitated, gaining control of them at this point will not allow the user to do much. The important thing to get control of is The Demon Statue which holds seven of the nine tailed beasts at the moment. Seeing as only Rinnegan users appear to be able to control the Demon Statue, my guess is that the scroll pertains to information on how an Uchiha with the Eternal Mangekyou Sharigan could obtain the Rinnegan. I still think the current Sasuke won’t be much of a match against Naruto’s new form – yes he has better control over his EMS powers, but the powers themselves haven’t changed much – that could change if Sasuke manages to upgrade his eyes to Rinnegan much like the original Madara did. I chuckled at the Karin scene and wasn’t surprised she hid something to help her escape her prison – she’s a survivor. She’ll undoubtedly try to get back to Sasuke once she’s out, but even for someone who is obsessed with him, but hell has no fury like a woman scorned and Karin won’t soon forget Sasuke nearly killed her and threw her away like trash.

Speaking of Sasuke, his escape from the hole Tobi meant to hold him in until he was needed is another setback to Tobi’s plans. Furthermore, Sasuke is said to have killed the original Zetsu who was holding him, which I read as no more white Zetsu clones can be created anymore. Tobi still has Yamato powering the big Zetsu maker in his underground lair though, so I could be wrong. Sasuke was just wandering aimlessly it seems, but interrogating one of the Zetsu clones clued him in on where Naruto and a large part of the Ninja Alliance army is converging on. No doubt Sasuke will make his way there and try to cause as much death and mayhem as possible. But the cliffhanger at the end of this chapter suggests a meeting between Sasuke and his brother in the near future, maybe next week perhaps? Itachi originally planted the crow inside Naruto as a counter to bring Sasuke back to the good side, but unfortunately is was set to be triggered by his own eyes and Itachi didn’t calculate in that it would be used on himself when he was Edo Tensei summoned from the dead. I doubt Itachi has another trick like that saved up to be used on Sasuke, if he is forced to stop Sasuke then he will have to do it the old fashioned way.


45 Responses

  1. Right now naruto is really overpowered, if sasuke can only use his new amaterasu and susano he doesn’t stand a chance against him but im sure kishi will find some way to overpower him too. Itachi should beat some sense into sasuke because he kid is really crazy, he wants to kill everyone

  2. @ bob. its 574 not 576 lmao

  3. I was kind of hoping itachi would’ve taken care of buisness with kabuto. But now that there’s a possibility of him meeting up with sasuke first……….well, at least there’s still naruto, or sasuke if kabuto decides to strike him first with whatever plans he has.

  4. Ha, youre righto clue, but you know what;s the sad part, I only put down 576 because it was the chapter number on the first page of Mangazone’s scanlation. I want Mangastream back :O

  5. Yeah the mangastream had the best translators, I don’t mean to speak ill of other translators but mangastream was the best. Damn VIZ media, but nice review Bob,

    My question to everyone is will the Naruto series end after this arc or do you guys think that we will get to see Naruto become Hokage and see him in that role?

  6. How akward and lame would it be if after all that Sasuke has done, the manga will end with Sasuke going
    good and they live happily ever after?

  7. I didn’t see this coming. What if Sasuke dies at Itachi’s hands?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??! Would anyone have seen that coming? And Naruto is left to deal with Kabuto? Kabuto has one last trump card remember but maybe that was the Madara. And last time Itachi and Sasuke fought Itachi wasn’t immortal and was also hurt (per zetsu). But if Kabuto releases the Edo tensi I bet it will end Itachi so Itachi can’t win.

    Either Sasuke’s going to die cause HE”S CRAZY or Itachi will knock some sense into him.

    Everyone has an idiot brother for these Uchiha it has to be Sasuke.

  8. @bob another site made the same error. i want mangastream back too 😦

  9. The more i think about it the major potential spoilers that were revealed last week make so much sense. How the heck can Naruto’s talk no jutsu work on Sasuke?! He told him straight last time “you either kill me or i’ll kill you”

    Nah Sasuke wont die now, if anything in there reunion Itachi will scold Sasuke but he wont listen an be as stubborn as ever an flee to find Naruto now even more pissed off coz he got a bollocking from his bro. If they have a fight someone (e.g. Kabuto) is gonna jump in an stop it then thus we have Kabuto vs Itachi while Sasuke runs to find Naruto with an evil glare overload!
    All the major players (Naruto, Sasuke, Itachi, Kabuto, Madara and Tobi) all have powerups so all of these fights are gonna be epic. Now kishi better not skip Madara vs The 5 Kages- we’ve heard so much about BIG MAGNUM KING UCHIHA i wanna see exactly what he can do especially as he’s up against the current best of the best Kage team.

    I think the series will end as Naruto becomes hokage, i doubt we’ll see a 3rd series with him actually living in that role. Its gonna be one of those endings where he’s hokage an walks off into the sunset where Sasuke, Sakura an Kakashi are waiting for him kinda endings lol

  10. Im going to be pissed is saucegay just destroys itachi easily…

  11. Bob I strongly disagree with you, Naruto is NOT stronger then Sasuke. The only time he was ever stronger then Sasuke is when he went sage mode, but now Sasuke has EMS which makes him “ETERNAL” – without beginning or end; lasting forever; always existing. Naruto can die trying to fight Sasuke, you also left out that this was the best chapter since Madara’s debut, but I’ll cut you some slack on that one. Great chapter review…….. keep up the good work boy.

    Do yall really think Naruto has defeated Tobi that easily? We still don’t know who Tobi is yet, and people already giving the W to Naruto? Madara is returning at some point, I don’t see him losing against 5 jabroni’s. Someone wrote on the “it’s out” section that King Sasuke is going to confront Tobi, I believe that too, I also think Tobi will summon the dead Uchiha clan members with edo tensei, to attack Sasuke and Itachi.

  12. @fleece
    i hve been reading ur comments lately,
    dude u r a true sasuke fan down to the core.

    Since long time back SASUKE popularity is on a downfall, yeah he sometimes act stupid but that too in coolest way.
    also his fans count is in bad shape, but it seems their r few who doesn’t care otherwise and are true to their favorites.

    as for above chapter naruto is seriously overpowered, can’t conclude anything till the duo confrontation.
    one thing is sure though being Eternal certainly packs a PUNCH………

  13. mangareader.net is a better site…. trust me

  14. Well the moment Sasuke and Itachi meet Kabuto can kiss the world goodbye. If the two fight and Itachi wins, he goes after Kabuto. If Sasuke wins, he goes after Kabuto for using his brother like that. And if they come to some agreement and don’t fight, then they both go after Kabuto.

    Well Kabuto might stand a chance if Itachi wins as he can just end the jutsu and have Itachi disappear.

  15. here is a thought, might not be right or powerful enough but do you think that the scroll is possibly a way to reverse Dead Demon Consuming Seal?

  16. Orochimaruo was fixated on power, he concentrated some thing though to see if he could gain that power, one was the eyes of the uchiha, one was a cloned of hashirama senju, and another was immortality. now he couldnt gain immortality for his quest to learn all things jutsu so he found a way to transfer his essecence into another body didnt he. now its my understanding that he wanted to try and merge a clone of the 1st, put his essence into that body and transfer the eyes of a uchiha into the body to be able to have possibly a perfect body! thats my understanding. now in that scroll im sure the may be some sort of techinue he was working on to enable that to happen! how it will happen i do not know. im just trying to fit some of the past of orochimaru together to form a clue!

  17. BTW there was a spoiler alert about asuke using the totsuka sword. well as far as i can see his susanoo doesnt have the saki bottel in his 3rd hand which is where it is kept along with anyone that it touched by the sword and perptually kept in the seal.

  18. thing is though that sasuke should have the totsuka sword and the yamanaka mirror shield because he has all of his doujutsu techniques PLUS his physical eyes now. thing is though that sasuke doesnt really need them in my opinion because he has amaterasu which is amazing for offence and defence. the totsuka sword would be pretty cool for sealing people away though.

  19. @mattmaru I believe only itachi had the sword and shield; it was mentioned by oro or zetsu. Sasukes susanno is his own so it doesn’t possess That sword and shield like itachi.

  20. IMO tHe scroll oro had tells how to get the rinnengan from the ems. We all now know the ems is needed first from madara so now we will find out how the sharingan evolves into the rinnengan

  21. @token

    but he has Itachis eyes, but I don´t believe either because it´s a too powerful jutsu there is no defense which can resist against this

  22. @ultimate true but the susanno sasuke summons now is still his; there hadn’t been too much info about what happens when u merge eyes but IMO itachis eyes acted as a power boost. Sasuke could use both amatersu And susanno before the fusion so I think that itachis eyes basically boosted sasukes chakra lvls, power etc but didn’t transfer over itachis artifacts. I could be wrong though

  23. i too think that the scroll has something to do with the uchiha seeing how oro was fixated on them..eyes + body= perfect being, and that was what oro wanted to achieve

  24. Karin means little to me …… she could rot in that jail. she has no purpose.

    Is Suigetsu gay for Saskue!? ….. HE ABANDONED YOU, YOU RETARD! i’m pretty sure he doesn’t even remember your name! I wanna make sure i fully understand this. Suigetsu found a scroll and thinks it would change the outcome of the war, but decides to give it to his “so called” team leader that practically left them all for dead? He says he enjoys splitting things in two …. then how about splitting this bond and enjoy your life because you have no real purpose in this war.

    Soooo, i’m pretty sure we can all agree that Saskue is just crazed. And if you don’t believe me now, then wait until next chapter when his AMAZING older brother tries to convince him not to ruin his ENTIRE life’s work to protect Konaha …… by destroying it. Yea Saskue … some brotherly love. I guess grave robbing you brother for organs wasn’t enough, you had to ruin his legacy too. And regardless of what anyone says yea he had a bad childhood, his family was killed by his brother that was trying to hide a secret. IDK Saskue …. how about HONORING WHAT YOUR BROTHER WAS TRYING TO DO!? UGH …… how i DESPISE SASKUE!

    Well if anyone doesn’t know yet i really don’t like Saskue …. at all. However, there is one person i loathe with a deep burning almost demonic form of animosity. AND that person is ….. KABUTO! I absolutely hate him in every form of the word. I’ve wanted his head on a steak since the Chunin Exam Arc before we knew that STOOGE worked for Oro. If someone just shoved a kunai down his spine during the chaos of the village being taken over i would have been ecstatic! Because honestly if someone had have gotten rid of Kabuto a LONG time ago, Oro would have been easier to beat. Especially when his arms were sealed. And this “Fourth Great Ninja War” would have already been over. I have regreted so many chapters that Kishi didn’t just END HIM! He’s had it too good for too long…… For so long i’ve wanted someone to OWN him in a fight. But for some reason Kishi just keeps him around. I don’t even care who kills him or how he dies anymore, he could fall down a flight of stairs and snap his neck or die from Tuberculosis FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD! JUST KILL HIM OFF!

  25. LOL please excuse my previous rant …..

  26. I thought that the artifacts itachi had he obtained them, not because his sasuno jus happen to havee them, oro was looking for one, so it makes no sense if sasuke were to just appear wit them, unless he kills itachi and takes them from him.

  27. @bushybrow

    “I don’t even care who kills him or how he dies anymore, he could fall down a flight of stairs” pahahahahahaha funny shit lol Do i dare ask exactly what it is snake boy junior has done to make u hate him so much??!
    I dont like him either because he is a serious sponger (he damn near ate a dead Oro like a chicken dinner ffs) but i give him credit – he is sneeky, smart an knows when to strike. As a villian he’s not up there with Pain, Orochimaru or Tobi imo but he’s keeping things interesting. Itachi’s gonna pay him a little visit soon – look how quickly the super uchiha defeated Orochimaru back in his akatsuki days – im sure he’ll cut snake boy juniors balls off!! Wait does he even have any balls?!?!?!?!?!?!

  28. ahahahaha @busshybrowsama,

    take it easy, my friend….

    actually kabuto is an interesting character and one of a great villain in naruto series,

    and i hope we will see some of kabuto’s backstory,,,
    maybe via flashback no jutsu before he die anyway(by itachi, perhaps?)

  29. @Tensa Gizzla

    I doubt that SPAZ has ever had balls. The main reason why i hate kabuto is because he is so sadity! He think he knows everything and how he always tries to make everyone seem like a pawn. When he was a lackey for that closet case Oro for most of the series. I mean seriously …. the weirdo isn’t even that strong. All he’s ever done is work in the shadows and aid Oro. And if he wasn’t in the background doing that ANNOYING laugh to himself or his classic “humph!” when he think he’s outsmarting someone, he was boasting about how his lover Oro was going to kill them all. When it came to fighting he would always go for the weak one, tell them how weak they are to make himself feel better, THEN RETREAT!!! That reminds me of another headache. If i had a dollar for everytime Kabuto retreated from a fight, i’d be able to publish my own manga series.Then the twisted little freak infused his cells with Oro’s because of his gay infatuation for him. AND NOW during the war he is doing what he does best ….. sitting on his a*s (excuse my french) far away thinking he’s in control of everything. He is the epitome of the villain i hate.

    You know what……. If Saskue killed Kabuto ….. i would forgive Saskue’s stupidity. ALL WOULD BE FORGIVIN, for that spoiled cheap eye stealer Saskue, if he gives me Kabuto’s head.

    @wong jowo

    I cannot disagree with you there. he is a great villian ….. because i sure as hell hate him -_-

    Although Kabuto means less to me than the sh*t I flush, i would like to know his backstory. How did he get to be where he is, and if he had a clan or a depressing life story like you know who (points to Saskue). Perhaps i would hate him less.

  30. @busshybrowsama
    LMFAO…That was some funny stuff you said.Especially about Kabuto (I HATE HIM TOO). Tobi may be very noobish with his time/space justus, but at least he’s not a bitch. Even Madara called him bleak for not showing his face.

    Tho I have to disagree with you about calling Sasule a eye stealer. Itachi wanted Sasuke to have his eyes, so he could have true power and not suffer from blindness.

  31. @7warlord itachi never stated he wanted sasuke to have his eyes.

  32. sasuke would only suffer from blindness afterwards….. up until that point sasukes jutsus did not effect his blindness. using the mangekyou sharingan excessivly would cause blindness not using the sharingan in general.

  33. @token http://www.mangareader.net/naruto/550/12 …If you read that page very carefully, Itachi knew that Sasuke would transplant his eyes, and when he did, it was his “plan” to use the Koto Amatsukami to react his(Itachi’s) eyes. With that stated you have to assume that Itachi knew that Sasuke would awaken the mangekyou at some point in time. We all know the consequence of that (blindness). Now maybe he wanted Sasuke to take his eyes or maybe he didn’t, but why would Itachi do all the things he did for Sasuke to make him stronger, but not want him to take his eyes? Which would 1)obvisously boost his power and to protect himself from the likes of Tobi, Danzo,Kabuto etc..and 2)keep him from being blind…

  34. When you awaken the mangekyou you will go blind, period. Using the mangekyou from then on will speed up the blindness, period. Which is why it took Itachi 8 years to go blind (he awakened it when he was 13) and it only took Sasuke about a couple of weeks or whatever…

  35. Im pretty sure itachi went blind long before 8 years. Which is why he was always using sharingan

  36. @cursehidan No, what I’m talking about is blindness, not bad eyesight, but blindness. Meaning no sight, no sharingan, nothing. Relate it to using Izanagi, meaning the light goes out forever when you use it, just takes a longer time…

  37. Itachi didnt go blind, he was on his way though – thats probably why he tried to avoid using his MS an was such a badass ninja for using everything but it except in extreme situations like damn near crippling Kakashi an Sasuke with Tsukuyomi an to escape from Jiriya’s toad mouth jutsu which was suppose to be an in-escapable prison (awww the good old days of naruto before it got all complicated and kabuto was still Orochimaru’s bitch).
    Speaking of the old days is it just me or is every battle a ninjutsu battle these days on some Dragonball Z flex!!! Dammit bring in Rock Lee and Neji aka the Taijutsu squad!!

  38. @warlord itachi Planned That sasuke would have his eyes but he didn’t necessarily want him to have it. Remember itachi is smart; he took every precaution into account including that sasuke would use his eyes. Itachi wanted sasuke to be konohas Savior but he went to naruto in case it went wrong. Itachi did all this to make sasuke stronger so that konoha would praise sasuke for killing itachi, supposed enemy. Itachi didn’t necessarily expect sasuke to take his eyes nor get the mangekyou but itachi covered all his bases in case. The eye he put in naruto was in case sasuke took his eyes as itachi hoped naruto wouldn’t need it

  39. Do you believe, that’s all I’m asking?

  40. @Tensa

    Actually the crazy part is that right before death, Itachi WAS blind. Meaning he still sent Sasuke and Orochimaru to school even after he couldn’t see anymore. He obviously used the last of his sight to summon Susanoo because after that he says “I know this feeling” when Oro’s hydra technique activates. He can’t see anymore at that point. To me, this shows the full badassness of Itachi.

    In any case, Itachi was just trying to have his cake and eat it too all along: he wanted to save the village, but he also wanted to save his brother. He thought that his plan (which was to make himself the villain) would help Sasuke develop MS, Sasuke might take his eyes like an obedient younger brother, and then go back to the village with everything tied up in a neat little bow.


    What you say is exactly right! I feel so bad for Itachi, having such a brat with no purpose for a brother. I really do hope that Sasuke proves us wrong at some point, but at least when Itachi was a villain he wasn’t causing as much collateral damage as possible, but quite the opposite.

  41. I was reading back over some earlier chapters, and once Kabuto finished explaining the Edo Tensei technique to Tobi, he departed, and Tobi asked Zetsu if some of white Zetsu’s spores had been placed on Kabuto, I assume to track him, to which he responded yes. If white Zetsu was killed by Sasuke, does that mean that the spores don’t work anymore and Tobi has lost all track of Kabuto’s whereabouts?

  42. @ arrow,
    I assume the spores still work an tobi still knows where Madara is. What I’m curious about is does black zetsu know that white zetsu is dead?! Like do that have some sort of connection…. Also I re-read the naruto an bee vs itach an nagato fight now itachi knows all that his brother has been doin so when they do meet expect a bunch of talking – will be surprised if they fight

  43. ITS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!


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