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One Piece Chapter 657- The Bodiless Samurai

A very interesting chapter with so much going on that you will feel like you just read a whole book. In just about 17 pages, Oda was able to progress the story and leave us scratching our head about just what the hell is going on. Dragons,  angels, bodiless samurai and giant babies. So I will try to answer the questions.

Slay it and Eat it

Ussop has become so much stronger than he was two years ago, in physical sense. Out of the whole crew Ussop was the weakest in physical and hand to hand combat. But now he was dragging that huge chunk of dragon meat around. I have always wonder what Ussop would do if he lost all of his weapons in a fight? Would he be able to fight in a fist fight? The answer is simple, he can but he is not as strong as Luffy or Sanji in hand to hand combat, though I believe he can hold his ground now in a fist fight. Luffy claims that Ussop has no creative, on the contrary Ussop is probable the most creative person in the crew. He has art  as well as engineering skills and his battles are the funniest and most of them are all about tactics than anything else.



We have seen just about every thing in One Piece, I would like to challenge anyone to name a Manga/anime that has just as much creative and diverse breeds of character as One Piece does? Humans, mini giants, giants, huge giants, fishman, merman, sky people, animals of all kind and new kinds, dragons, angels, you get what I mean. It is impossible to limit the creativity of Oda and now he has given us a huge tease of another new breed of characters. The most interesting thing is that the only one who noticed that angel figure was Ussop. It could be because Ussop has the best eye site in the Strawhats. He can see things far away that a normal human cannot see, in a sense he has eyes like a bird. But what exactly is a dragon and angel doing on this very mysterious island?

I have said it before that the New World will blow our minds away and already it has shown how mysterious and entertaining this new world is. Many are theorizing that this island is the Island the two admirals have fought on, which would make perfect sense. Since Admiral Aokiji power is Ice while Admiral Akainu power is of magma. And the island is separated into two separate weathers/environment: One of fire and one of Ice and also if you remember that when Luffy first entered Punk Hazards there was a base very similar to a military base. But this theory has one contradiction; Smoker has stated that the island has been locked off since “that” incident happened FOUR years ago, and the fight between the admirals only happened two years ago.


This island is so strange is because I believe that this new Shikiabakia (warlord) is a mad scientist that has experimented on this island for so long that the environment and landscape of the island has changed. It is just too strange for all these very bizarre things to just so happen to be on just one island, so the only logical thing is that some mad scientist uses this island as his base of operation where he experiment on everything and everyone he can get his hands on. I came up with this theory once I saw the giant kids. Because what are a bunch of kids doing on this island? It could be that they are the inhabitains, but they were in the same base where the Strawhats were being held, it might be that this “master” of the guys that kidnapped the Strawhats was trying a new experiment on the giant kids.

A bodiless Samurai

So this bodiless samurai is from that legendary land of wa, where the strongest samurai reside. But its only his head, how can someone live with just his head? Like I said again and again nothing is impossible in One Piece. But back to the topic, I think that the legman who is stuck to Luffy now is actually that samurai who is with Sanji, but his body is separated into different parts. His head is with Sanji, his legs with Luffy, now where is his upper body, this is what gave me the idea that who ever sliced him has the ability to cut some one but not kill, that they are able to separate the person without harming them. I would assume that this person is not a samurai because the bodiless samurai did not recognize him when he had fought him. This also could be the works of the Shichibuka, or it could which is most likely be the works of law. Law has the power to separate peoples bodies into different sections, I would not be surprised if it Trafalgar Law was the one who separated the samurai into different parts. Mystery is the concept of this arc, we are being left of with so many questions than answers, things will defiantly take a turn in the New World.

Side Notes:

  • Women in the Samurai island seem to be the symbol of discipline and respect, but it was hilarious how Nami treated the samurai. But I agree with the Samurai about Nami being stripped of everything she had. For a girl that loves money, she surely wears almost nothing.
  • Sanji was a boss in this chapter, he had that aura of a Leader around him. He out of Luffy and Zoro is more like a Captain. Luffy is too carefree, and Zoro doesn’t care. But Sanji would be a honorable Captain but loses easily to women.
  • Brook is missing because the kidnappers did not think he was alive. He is still on the sunny.
  • If you had not noticed but Mangastream.com has lost the ability to put up Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach chapters, all because Viz media had some issues with that. To me mangastream had the best translator and the clearest prints. It is a shame that VIZ media has put them down. Boycott VIZ media!!!

One Epic Moment


30 Responses

  1. First!!!

  2. Very nice read! Ussop as a strawhat has grown in the physical sense but im not too sure about mentally. He’ll always try an avoid danger but I’d love to see him embrace it for a change like Zoro does. Imagine Ussop breaking into a world government building sniping everything that moved with a pistol – that’d be some epic stuff!
    Also his choice of weapon still seems abit childish to me, I would have thought that after 2 years he’d have some guns by his side like a real sniper. Maybe we’ll see some development in that area. I mean look how cool Ussop looks with a cannon in his hand:

    Punk hazard seems like a massive experimental lab – what if the angel chick is cross breed between a girl an a falcon?! I get the feeling that that island is her home though coz if not why is she still there?!


  3. Sounds like Gulliver’s Travels in reverse!! In that case, what comes next – Lilliput?

  4. …..wow first the forums get destroyed. Now Viz Media has cut off there most popular manga.


    I guess mangastream is done. 😦

    on topic: nice review… also nice catch on the contradiction to the Admiral battle.. didn’t even realize that.

  5. Now this is what I call a excellent review….But it would have bin nice if you gave your thought on weathr the samurai would join the straw hats….I mean it does follow the pattern…luffy ask someone to join the crew…turns out that person needs some form off help…luffy and his crew helps, person joins crew, only thing im thinking about is that it will now make 3 swords men and his personality kinda seem like a combination of both sanji and zoro…..but yea loving your reviews keep up the great work…love the atttention your reviews are geting as well.

  6. @legendary
    I hope Samarai guy doesn’t join – 3 swordsman is too much! I was hoping the dragon would join but Zoro said no way lol They’ve already got Jinbei an possibly mermaid princess pending, I think they need a new girl in the crew. Nami an Robin are both eye candy an opposites personality-wise but I think a crazy badass chic would be a great add-on

  7. @legendarykid, Thank you very much for your comment, but my thoughts on the samurai joining the crew…To me the issue of who will be next to join the crew is so vast its really hard to predict or theorize on who will join…I personally agree with Tensa Gizzla, that the next person to join the crew should be woman who is one badazz lady, that take not crap from anyone…But if you want to start this discussion than I would look it this way…Luffy already has:

    Zoro: Firstmate/second-in-command and a swordsman of the crew.

    Nami: Navigator, thief of the crew.

    Usopp: Sharpshooter, engineer, arts, weapon inventor, the Jake of all trade of the crew.

    Sanji: Cook/third-in-command and one of the top fighters, and the planner of the crew.

    Chopper: Doctor/monster and is like a little brother to the crew.

    Robin: Ecologist/assassin, and the smartest of the crew.

    Franky: Shipwright and robotic weapon specialist of the crew.

    Brook: the musician of the crew and the second strongest swordsman of the crew.

    Now with those spots being filled Luffy is missing a few spots to fill. We know that Jinbe WILL join but in the future and will serve as the helmsman of the crew. So now the question is what other spots that need to be filled? What do you think Luffy needs?

  8. Whoever joins the strawhats next, I hope they will be a haki user, from what I’ve seen so far they only have 3 (the monster trio). A DF user would be fine too, but it will probably be a paramecia type, because all of the current DF strawhats are. I know that at least Luffy won’t have a huge crew like Shanks, because of the size of their ship. Unless Franky upgrades it again, though I really doubt that because Gold Roger’s ship was pretty small too.

    As for the shichibukai theory, I really hope it’s not Law. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see him in action again, but as Luffy’s rival pirate, not working for the world government.

  9. T-Law could be using the Shichibukai title roam free and do his experiments since he is a doctor of death? We also have to consider that the Supernovas are now established in the New World since they have a 2 year headstart on Luffy.

  10. I wonder if Marco and the old Whitebeard pirates have established themselves again?

    SH next crewmember has to be someone big and with super human strenght…not a DF user or Haki user, but one that could be the strongarm guy for the SH crew.

  11. @Mexican_Jistu
    Chopper already has that title as the big and super strength guy with his monster point…You got got a point about Law using the title for future goals, but remember how much trouble Blackbeard caused when he did that. I doubt the marines will let something like that happen again. Besides Law waited to go into the New World like Luffy, so how could he get that title so quickly anyways…Also about the Whitebeard Pirates, I think it’s quite possible that they joined Dragon…just a theory tho

  12. I think as a crew the SH’s have filled all the essential roles really, every other role would be an add-on like a photographer, bartender or helsman. Power-wise it would be nice if they had a regular strong-arse human or if it was a DF type I’d say a logia is needed as they can take the most damage! I still see Muddy Dreadlocks Caribou joining at some stage – just look at the guy he’s creepy an funny – him an brook would get along like a house of fire!! Plus he could be the SH Spy with his swamp powers!
    As for the whitebeard pirates I doubt they’ve re-established themselves but when second war comes I reckon they’ll resurface as SH allies. Its the only thing I can see them doing

  13. Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Jinbe, and chopper all have super strength. But they all use it in their own special way. Luffy-Gear 3, Zoro-Sword, Sanji-Leg techniques, Jinbe-Karate techniques, Chopper- buff point, monster point. If they did get a new DF user it would have to be a logia, because chopper is a zoan, and Luffy, Robin, Brooke are paramecia. Law better not be a Shichibukai, he is just too cunning to be a pawn for the world government.

  14. A logia female would be interesting…….don’t think we’ve seen one yet!! Imagine Boa Hancock’s face when she finds out Luffy’s got a new lady crewmate!

  15. Also haven’t you all noticed that all the Shichibukai have a certain animal shown in their name and character?…Blackbeard is the only exception because he was only one for like a week and then threw the title away. I am talking about people who have decided to be permanent members of the group. Examples: BOA Hancock, CROCODILE, HAWKeye MiHAWK, GEKKO Moria, DoFLAMINGO, Kuma has BEAR features, and BUGGY the clown (if he is a warlord)…do you see the similarity…So it would only make sense if the new shichibukai have a certain animal they represent…

  16. @Tensa Gizzla, I agree One Piece needs a female with a logia devil fruit powers…I’d say a water or Air Logia Devil fruit, but note that one of the top spots are woman Big Mama and Boa Hancock. Big Mama is an emperors and Boa Hancock is a Warlord who in my opinion is one of the strongest because she has one badazz Devil friut and has mastered haki and did I mention that her beauty is one of the most powerful weapon.

    @chefman141, It is the theme of the Shichibukai that they are represented with a certain animal, it is the same thing with the strawhats. Luffy=monkey, Zoro=tiger, Sanji=Ram, and so on.

  17. @Jdogg,
    One piece’s use of its women is one of the reason why I prefer it over Naruto or Bleach sometimes coz they can actually fight instead of being just eye candy, Robin, Nami, Hancock, Tashigi etc…. can all swing pretty hard! It is the New world tho so it wouldn’t surprise me if a water logia granny with 1 tooth was out there somewhere!! I expect the strawhats to get 3 or 4 new members before they find one piece (not including jimbei an weakoshi) maybe 1 girl, 2 guys an a ‘thing’ lol

    Onto a little side note – do u think Sabo is alive??? I do. I can’t wait to find out why he did try an save his brother

  18. @tensa I agree, in the first part of the grandline 4 members joined the crew, that could mean that around 4 ‘people’ will join the crew in the new world.

    About Sabo, I think that he survived too, he was probably saved by dragon and then joined the revolutionary army. He probably didn’t try to save Ace because he knew that Whitebeard was gonna try to save and him being there wouldn’t have changed anything, that’s the only reason I can think of.

    About the chapter, I think that the giant kids are not actually giants but the SH are the ones whose size have been reduced, well that’s just a theory and besides the funny parts, this chap was kind of boring compared to the last one.

    Also very good review btw…

  19. @7warlord – Yes, the SH crew have some strong members but not Diamond Jaws level strength! Chopper can only maintain that form for like 3 minutes at this point ( I believe eventually he will be able to maintain that form until his stamina runs out). If you look at most of the crews they each have one guy that is huge, muscular, and has super human strength(not just strong).
    It would be cool to actually see the SH crew get a hold of a DF and have one of them(Usopp, Nami, Franky etc) eat it.

  20. I cannot say that Sabo is dead or alive, because we really did not get the confirmation that his body was found. One thing to note in Manga/anime is that when someone is pronounced dead and their body cannot be found, don’t count them dead just yet because they will eventually make a miracles comeback. But like people have been saying if Sabo is alive why has he not come to save Ace or why has he not reached out to Luffy?

  21. Sabo’s really got no excuses tbh unless he lost his memory but even still im sure he’d have remembered luffy by now with all that he has done in the pirate world. Also if he is in the revlotionary army Robin would have met him seeing as she trained with them for 2 years, im pretty sure luffy would have came up in conversation between the two, so why isnt she saying anything?! Its all just a abit odd. What if Sabo was actually the 4th emperor Kaido in the new world tho……then i can see how/why he hasnt been in contact with luffy. If Sabo does show up i expect a badass DF.

    @ Mexican
    Doesnt Franky cover the huge muscular guy role in the crew, even though he’s a cyborg he’s still very strong. I doubt any of the current non DF users of the SH’s will eat a DF, it’d change there whole character maybe for the worse!

  22. @ Tensa – Franky is a strong cyborg but I doubt he can go toe to toe with Diamond Jaws or a Giant by himself.
    What if one of the SH crew has DF power and is hiding it….something gained in the timeskip? Ha Ha Like Usopp having the Lion Zoan DF ability and becoming the Cowardly Lion of the crew!!!

  23. nah, maybe sabo is killer of law’s crew?
    and no, sabo as yonkou is a bit too much imo

    thank you for the review, jdogg, and keep up the good work

  24. @Mexican
    Diamond Jaws…Well you got me there. I guess it is possible that the SHs could recruit a muscle-bound freak of nature like him. Though you have to consider the fact that Chopper is the youngest of the crew and still has alot of growing up to do.

    However I have to agree with Tensa on the fact about one of the current SHs eating a DF.If there is one thing the SHs got on every praite crew out there it is their uniqueness. Other than Big Mam, I really don’t see any other crew with that weird feeling you get at first glance Lol. That’s just one of their special qualities that makes everyone like them so much. If Franky, Usopp, or even Nami happened to eat a DF it would just ruin all that.

  25. Sabo is definitely alive. I mean when he was inroduced as the 3rd brother, and just happened to “die” I was a little confused. Then I started thinking that this just has to be Oda trying to make some kind of character build-up for Sabo. Why else would he be shown AFTER Ace was killed. That was Oda telling us that Luffy still has another brother out there.

  26. True on the SH crew being fine as they are with abilities and strengths. I would just like them to recruit someone we have not seen or heard of yet in the manga. I definitely don’t want to see that Carribou guy join…he seems like such a weak POS and his DF ability is really stupid lmao!
    Sabo could be alive and I am sure if he comes out in the manga he would be a force to be rekon with…he was the smarter of the 3 and actually beat Ace quite a few times!

  27. @Mexican

    Muddy Dreadlocks Caribou was introduced for a reason bro – hate it or love it he’s gonna have part to play in this new world (besides his brother an crew got turned into jellyfish remember?!)

    He probably will join later on as he’s homeless/nakama-less and u gotta admit he does fit in well with the overall freak-ish look of the strawhats. Remember Franky and his family were bad guys when they were first introduced and kick the shit out of Usopp now there sharing ice cold cola on a hot summers day lol

  28. can we say that the straw hats have just found 2 new crew members

  29. Caribou would most definitely NOT join the SHs. One simple reason is that he is too evil. Franky had bad qualities, but he never sold out his friends nor did he blab his mouth about Pluton, one of the ancient weapons. Same with Robin. I’m pretty sure Caribou heard that it would be “bad” if the wrong person knew about Shirahoshi being Poseidon, but he still went ahead to try and kidnap her. He also had the intention of catching and selling mermaids(I don’t think any of the current SHs would ever think about doing something like that), he only changed his mind because he found out there was a mountain of treasure in the area.Another reason is that he too weak, especially for a DF user. I know his bounty is over 200 million, but that’s only because he is a logia and an overrated logia at that. Also it would just be shameful if he was the only logia DF user on the SHs and be the weakest DF user on the SHs. Anyways when he tells whoever it is that Shirahoshi is Poseidon and when Luffy finds out he did it, he will never let him join his crew. That isn’t like when Usopp got beat up at Water 7, because Luffy eventually saw that Franky was not a bad guy. I don’t see any qualities in Caribou that can persuade Luffy to say the words “JOIN MY CREW!!”

  30. A water logia isnt possible and the crew dont really need a specialist, I think a sexy female dont take no shit boxer is needed if you ask me 😀

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