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Bleach Chapter 481: The Tearing

Chapter 481: Final Arc – The Tearing
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I missed the Bleach on Wednesday. Mangastream has been forced to drop the jump series. Including the big three.

The chapter begins with a few familiars. It seems not every Vaizard decided to go back into the ranks. Lisa and Hiyori. The little blond loudmouth is fine(of course). They seem to have visited a public bath, but something’s wrong. She ‘smells’ Shinigami?! Instead she finds a small tear.

It looks a bit like a Garganta tear. Could this already be a result in the real world of our mysterious enemy tearing down the Hollow population. Probably so.

The chapter continues with Ryūnosuke waking up in Ichigo’s room. Casual banter for everyone. Some flashback action, Team Kurosaki making their newly designed epic pose. Shino eventually enters the room. Already found her place with the other four, having gone out for some groceries. so all is well.

Well, than until our mystery man from the previous act slips his way into Ichigo’s room.

Ivan Azgiaro. He wears a mad-german-doctor coat with a nice black-belt with a nice buckle. Surprisingly to last chapter. This guy is an arrancar. Now in the first arrancar arch, the top 10 have never really been designated as ‘Vasto Lorde’. Now the only one really confirmed as one is Harribel. Her transformation to arrancar could have failed, making her ‘weak’.

A band of Vasto Lorde would definitly be a worty enemy and their combined strength would make it possible for the royal Guard and maybe even the Soul King to be involved. The latter might be their ultimate goal. Seeing how this is the final Bleach arch, I would love to see, at least, the Royal Guard make their appearance.

So I already cannot wait what this man has to tell Ichigo, so I can actually speculate a bit more.


5 Responses

  1. Looks like my Vasto Lorde theory last week turned out to be true 🙂

  2. I dont like Ivans design at all, he looks way to fruity!

  3. @TEnsa
    He looks like a mad german doctor from the old movies.

  4. I still don’t understand how Ivan came into Ichigos room?

  5. Nice review, okay chapter did not like Ivans design.

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