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Its Out! One Piece, Naruto, bleach chapters!!!

One Piece:http://www.mangafox.com/manga/one_piece/v65/c657/1.html

Naruto: http://www.mangafox.com/manga/naruto/v59/c574/1.html

Bleach: http://www.mangafox.com/manga/bleach/v53/c481/1.html


81 Responses

  1. You can also see a new and old naruto chapters on http://www.narutobase.net as well as some new shippuden episodes.

  2. First finally lol

  3. men what a waste of chapters.

    every single chapter that sasgay shows his emo face is more and more obviously that is totally crazy. i mean that guy have really lose his mind i just hope that Itachi ( the only Uchiha that value something )
    wipe his ass or a least worn him. Because his is going to fight Naruto in advantage again. I mean naruto have almost a day of fighting and this emo-gay have all that time consuming LPC and blowing the pipe.

  4. Slow charter this time, not too good.

    1. So it will be a showdown between brothers? WTF!
    2. If Kishi wanted to impress me with Sasugay’s new powers of Sasuke then he has failed.
    3. What did Suigetsu found? Another free powerup for Sasuke?would be ridiculous! I guess it’s something related to SOSP, Oro was behind it.
    4. That translation was a mess 😦 and too many flashbacks.


  5. @ J-E i completly agree with you…every manga today has bin dead…..bleach and one piece was a complt let down…..but i guess they just starting a new arc will naruto is in the middle of one…

  6. Seriously…what is with all this “sasgay” talk. U people are just making yourselves look like asses. Do not forget that he was traumatized when he was a kid, I mean seeing your whole family massacred by your own brother. Then when he kills him he finds out that it was planned by his own village. It would make anyone want revenge (Naruto said he would do the same thing if it happened to him). Now I am not saying that what he is doing is right, but damn if you’re just gonna talk nonsense, just please be quiet.

  7. @chefman

    Look at Naruto, the 9th wipe out his parents, Nagato killed his Sensei, what did he do……he forgave them……not like Sasuke who gone wreck havoc even without any sense….kill his ally or sacrifice his comrades….that may give you a serious clue about his mental situation

  8. I know that for some of you, Sasuke can do what he want and still is your shining star but the fact is he a ludicrous and everyone who disagree is strongly biased

  9. @chefman141

    I agree there is a lot of moaning but hey let’s look at wat actually happened instead of people saying sasuke is a nutter (if ur families got slaughtered by ur big bro wen u were a child u’d probably be off ur rocker too) anywayyyy so we see a teaser of the EMS in action today an that amatersu ball looks veryyyy interesting! He could probably wipe out the whole of the konoha backup squads in 1 go!!
    Also is the original white zetsu dead?? Was nice to see all of team taka – Karin still wants some uchiha willy an suigetsu is just a cock block!!!!!! I wonder what he found in that scroll??! I have a feelin it relates to the 1st hokage tho (Snake man Oro was able to summon him remember) or maybe its sumthin Senju DNA related……

  10. @ chefman I agree with you. You might all think that Itachi was great and that Sasuke is an ass but I would like to point out that Itachi made Sasuke that way. Without Itachi’s taunts, Sasuke probably wouldn’t be so twisted. I know, he wanted to make his brother stronger. But he employed the wrong strategy. Before hating on Sasuke, I think we need to take into consideration everything that happened to him. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not condoning his actions. I just understand where he is coming from.

  11. Wut does he plan on accomplishing anyway? Wut does killing naruto get him? He said once he wanted to cut off ties with him to become strong. Well he’s pritty damm strong now, why does he wna kill him. Oh I see, cuz he’s a jelous emo moron. I hope itachi mops the floor w him again!

  12. Itachi made a mistake of thinking his bro would be rationale, but also unfortunately tobi got a hold of him. Before all of this remember sasuke just wanted to kill itachi that’s it. That was his goal. If he had and got away from tobi sasuke would never have known and itachi would have accomplished What He wanted; for sasuke to be konohas hero. Instead tobi has manipulated sasuke (seriously sasuke needs to stop being used lol. He is constantly being used and he doesn’t know it) and now sasuke pretty much Is tobis puppet. Naruto is teaming up with the beast that impaled his parents right in front of them and was the reason naruto was loathed in the village. Naruto forgave kurama for what he did and also befriended pein, the one who murdered narutos sensei and father figure. Both had tragidies and @tensa u say u would do the same if What happened to sasuke happened to u….. well would u forgive a monster who murdered ur parents and call him ur friend from konoha Like naruto did? Naruto has experienced pain and loss too but he still rises above it. I’ve already mentioned y I don’t like sasuke and I have reasons for it; partly its his character and partly its kishis take on Home

  13. @ token, I would like to think that I could rise above it all an forgive the murderer if I was in his shoes but its hard to say what anyone would do unless they are actually in that situation. What kishi has done with Naruto an Sasuke is genius – he’s presented a similar scenerio of both guys losing their parents/clans an shown how a normal person can re-act an how deep it goes – u could either go insane an emotional or forgive an smile through it

    One piece – Where is brook????? And Giant kids an a talking head- WTF!!!!!! This new world is gettin weirder by the chapter! Maybe Aokiji an Akainu fought on that 2 season island.

    Bleach – Meh!! That Ivan guy looks like a reject espada

  14. My guess is that what suigetsu found has something 2 do with him getting the rinnegan:-? what do u guys think?

    One Piece-it ain’t all that bad:P we saw angels:))gigantic kids talking heads not such a big surprise may have something 2 do with the nova(his name isn’t coming up)


  15. Why ON EARTH they are helping Sasuke????
    I mean, he left them behind, to him, they were only tools, c mon!!!

  16. @Ultimate
    I don’t need any “clue” to see that what Sasuke is doing is wrong (I do believe I stated that before). If you clearly read what I posted you would know that I was simply pointing out the fact that if your brother killed your family(he was only 7 at the time), only to find out later that it was planned by your village and he was trying to help him, of course the obvious reaction would be anger motivated by revenge. That’s just human nature… You can sit wherever you’re at and type all this crap like “I would never do that if I was him”, which is just being hypocritical, when you already know that if it happened to you, payback is what your mind and heart will tell you…And just what do you mean by “shining star”?….just so you would know my favorite character in Naruto is Killerbee, not Sasuke…lol…so the next time you wanna pawn someone how about you actually know what you’re talking about because it clearly seems that you don’t…

  17. I like how everyone yaps about how Sasuke is a psycho, but pays no attention to Kabuto and Madara, the real psychos…

  18. @chefman u say it would be hypocritical and yet naruto experienced similar heartache to sasuke…. his current partner in crime (kurama) was the reason a) naruto lost his parents. b) the reason the village loathed him and c) destroyed parts of the village in its rampage. Naruto has had pain in his life but unlike sasuke naruto had a different apporach and now this monster that destroyed his family and life before it even got going is narutos greatest asset. also as tensa said above “What kishi has done with Naruto an Sasuke is genius – he’s presented a similar scenerio of both guys losing their parents/clans an shown how a normal person can re-act an how deep it goes – u could either go insane an emotional or forgive an smile through it” personally i never looked at it quite like that but like ive said earlier im not a fan of sasuke cause i think he is using his situation as a excuse when others like naruto experiences similar pain but r not so psychotic (btw interestingly kakashi lost his dad due to the village turning their backs on him and tormenting him to suicide and yet kakashi holds no ill feelings towards the village that pushed his dad to the edge… ).
    AS a side note i think suigetsu found something besides the rinnengan… maybe its a way to combine the juubi using the sharingan/rinengan or perhaps its another way for kishi to give sasuke a boost to compete with naruto at this stage

  19. People are forgetting that unlike naruto sasuke wasnt born into hardship….people lived and take belives from what they are use to….naruto can hope with stuff like that more because he’s had it all his life…..wlse sasuke was in a lets say perfect world….then the person he loved the most…took that away from him then taunted him…..and i think your all forgetting that unlike sasuke…naruto didnt have anyone trying to turn him bad….Sasuke had itachi….snake dude…and tobi all leading him down a life off vengace.

  20. @7warlord lol its not the psychotic part that bothers ppl (at least me). Its the fact sasuke goes from killin the elders to destroying konoha to killing naruto….. umm for 1 y kill naruto just to get stronger? i thought this was all about the elders y is all of konoha now on his list? at least make sense in ur plans…..

  21. @legendary yea but also remember sasuke had ppl willing to be firiends with him but he turned a shoulder….. also itachi didnt want sasuke to turn bad he wanted him to become a hero. sasuke decided to go to oro cause he promised power (and btw oro manipulated him along) and as for tobi once again sasuke is being manipulated… sasuke is a puppet right now and if he was on his own it wouldnt be such a big deal but this guy talks of raising up the uchiha name but honestly he is making it worse. And being pampered and not having hardship isnt a strong case lol… naruto was born into adversity so obviously he can handle it better. sasuke was treated as special by itachi and as a uchiha he was considered a prodigy by konoha (maybe sasukes father didnt spend time with him cause he didnt want to take claim of a entitled little kid lol)

  22. @token
    hmm…From what I know, Sasuke was not aware that Itachi was helping him until “after” he died… So you really can’t argue about that… As for your puppet comment, Tobi has been using “alot” of people as puppets, for example- Yahiko and Nagato. The same can be said about Orochimaru- sound 5, Kabuto…Danzo as well-Root…the list goes on, so you really can’t just single someone out like that…Besides what Jdogg reminded me a couple of weeks ago is that they are ninjas and they live in a world of deception…

  23. @7warlod no i was mentioning itachi as having hidden intentions. legendary said he had itachi turning him bad… if things went as itachi wanted and tobi didnt get his hands on him than sasuke may have accomplished what he wanted to. Tobi disturbed what itachi was planning and I was saying that even if sasuke never knew it itachi was tryin to do what he could. And tobi using alot of people as puppets isnt helping the argument. The people he has manipulated was pein, most of akatsuki and sasuke. Difference is pein had a goal he was tryin to accomplish and he was tobi as helping meet those goals… sasuke’s goal at the beginning was to kill itachi. After that tobi mentioned the nine tails incident, itachis real plan etc. If sasuke had stopped at killing the konoha elders thats fine but now its the village? how did it go from 1 man, to 2 ppl to a whole village? at least stick up for ur own goals and dont get twisted to do someone elses doing…. Tobi sent sasuke out to get KB now why on earth did sasuke have to do that? that had nothing to do with his original goal lol but yet sasuke went along like a little dog being told. At least pein had a goal involving the tailed beasts etc. Sasuke doing tobis bidding has nothing to do with sasukes own personal goals and thats one reason im not a fan of sasuke; he claims oe goal but gets tricked into doing something entirely different

  24. @chefman

    When I mentioned “shining star” I wasn´t thinking of you rather than ppl like fleece who seems to blindly follow Sasuke whatever he does.

    And my point is also that revange is natural but what Sasuke does it doesn´t even make any sense. Here the examples what makes Sasuke just guy who seeks for blood and it ís not about revange any more.

    Why attacking all Kages when he just want to kill the Hokage, he could face him at other place where they can fight alone instead of killing Samurais facing other shinobis who weren´t involved.

    Where is the purpose of sacrificing his comrades even it weren´t necessary like in case of Karin

    -It seems that he want to crush the whole village not only the elders, so slaughtering innocent ppl wouldn´t serve the purpose of his revenge, even his brother slaughtered also innocent kids. But his focus should be lie on those who are responsible

    And last he would contradict the will of his brother who always wanted to protect Konoha
    AND THAT´s why he is a LUNATIC

    Revange ok maybe reasonable but this…….

  25. Alright so to step back from the “Sasuke is a schizophrenic-physcopath” talk for a moment, I think his upcoming fight with Itachi will show us exactly how gone he is. My guess is they’ll either meet and fight again, with Sasuke winning (him losing wouldn’t help the story) or with Sasuke witnessing Kabuto defeat Itachi and then tearing into him.

    As for One Piece, I think the samurai was attacked by Buggy. I beleive buggy has learned how to use his powers to the extent that he can make others fall to pieces now, not just himself. Think about it, he’s the natural enemy to high level swordsmen like the samurai.

    I also like Tensa’s idea of this being the island where Akainu and Aokiji fought. Two powers like that would help to create such a rough landscape.

  26. Can we all agree that this was the BEST chapter since Madara’s debut in this war? I believe so. Haven’t re-read a Naruto chapter in a long time. Haven’t been a shannaro in a long time, because Naruto himself is quite BORING.

    Now since the real main character (Sasuke) is back, These chapters will get more interesting. The way Juugo acted in this chapter kinda through me off to be honest, I know he’s protective of Sasuke but got damn. Sasuke is still stronger then Naruto, I can’t believe it. Naruto got upgraded so much with little to no effort, but still can’t keep up with Sasuke. Haven’t said this in a long time, but man I can’t wan’t for the next chapter!!


  27. Oh yeah, Bleach was boring as hell as usual, and I’m glad it’s ending soon. I will celebrate the last chapter with expensive wine, and the best cheese in the world you can only find in Fribourg, Switzerland


  28. @Fleece:

    LOL. That is all.

  29. Lol my Man fleece.

  30. LOL. Fleece, I’m starting to think you write just to get a reaction out of us… 😛

  31. Let hope that Itachi can talk some since into to Sasuke before we fully mark Sasuke as the #1 villian in the series.

  32. lets remember that Sasuke’s who reason foe being is to be Naruto’s opposite and show the alternative route to power. last week everyone was converging on naruto to help him, this week Sasuke is coming to severe bonds.
    excellent chapter
    great job Kishi

    hope the brothers dont meet, let itachi v kabuto just happen

  33. The world will be a better place when Bleach ends, and everyone will have the power to go super saiyan like this guy

  34. @ Fleece
    hahaha that super saiyan is off the charts.

    @Sasuke Haters

    who gives a damn if sasuke is rotten to the core and is super evil as that’s what makes him the coolest character out there.

    I would rather stick to a practical guy like him than a unrealistic optimist.

  35. @mani lol him being rotten to the core or super evil isnt y i dont like him. In fact one of my favorite characters outside minato and itachi were pein and oro cause frankly they use force to get what they want. sasuke isnt exactly practical… ive arleady explained my thoughts on him so im not gonna go into it all over again but here it is in a nutshell; started with vengance on danzo, than the elders, than the hokages and now all of konoha… stay consistent sasuke dont change ur goal every 5 second

  36. Here’s the facts

    1. Sasuke brings more viewers, and more discussion because he’s awesome. I swear on Ron Paul’s bible, 3 weeks ago 2 DAYS after a chapter was released, I clicked to shannaro and seen like 5 comments on the “it’s out” section”. The site was dead when the focus was on Naruto. Tell me I’m lying

    2. Sasuke defeated Orochimaru (rather he was sick or not, he should of had a back up plan but didn’t and got his a$$ whooped), Deidara, Itachi (rather Itachi wanted to save him doesn’t really matter, he got his a$$ whooped), and defeated Danzo.

    3. Name 3 MAJOR opponents Naruto faced in Shippuden he defeated by himself (movies don’t count).

    Hating Sasuke is like hating Derrick Rose or Kobe, he can with or without his team. Naruto is Lebron, he’s a ball hog who get’s way to much attention and at this point Konoha 11 is just a forgotten memory.

  37. I’m going to favorite that video. Best video ever

  38. @ fleece

    Get off sasukes nuts fo real bro. U see him do one susano w ameretsu and all of a sudden he’s wayy stronger den naruto. Give me a break, naruto has been pawning those guys since the begining of this war lol. This is honestly the most booring chapter since the war began. To say he’s stronger then naruto, well I guess he’d have to take on all the bijuus and still hold his own,!! Wen has sasuke done dat???? I hope he has sumthn more then dat susano n amaretsu, otherwise he’s just fodder ninja compared to naruto lol…..

  39. no way is the comparison a justice. naruto is NOT lebron!! sasuke is more like lebron with his ego that’s bigger than the court. sasuke is like kobe??… pfffttt.. blasphemy!!

  40. in my opinion sasuke and naruto are very much like yin and yang, both very similar but very different at the same time. and also they kinda need eachother! you cannot have light without darkness and vise verser! especially in an anime! Naruto is the one to shine the way to a brighter future and sasuke is the one to head into the darkness and embrace it! I think sasuke isnt being manipulated anymore he is taking on the mantle of the uchiha as its been passed down! they have always aspired to be the best shinobis and will crush anyone who will get in there way as did Madara!

  41. naruto has follwed on the wishes of his god father jiraiya made them his own! he is also following his own dreams as well, naruto is perfect and obviously gets allot of things wrong but we all can relate better to a flawed character cant we and thats why i think people may favour sasuke more then naruto. its far far far to easy to see the bad in people the it is the good these days.

  42. isnt*

  43. I honestly think that its another power up for sasuke cause even with his current power ups that he received he can’t go head to head with naruto basically every strength that sauke got rite now naruto can counter it easily even with d strong ameratsu n susano jus think abt it now naruto can do his father move d flying thunder god technique n not even d sharingan can track it so I think kishi is tryn to give sasuke another boost in power so he can beat naruto but we all knw that he can’t beat him this time I think sasuke mite get his real answers wen he sees his brother coming his way now that’s gna b another useless chapter lol

  44. first i would like to say you dont hate someone who kills someone you dont know naruto did not know his parents so he cant hate the 9 tails . and if guy and kakashi was going to fight 4 tailed beast what makes anyone think sasuke cant beat all nine .

  45. @manishuchia

    I´m not a Sasuke hater, I´m just wondering about their fans and their arguments

  46. Here are the facts….Minato and itachi are the only real bosses in the naruto world.
    Sasuke is a fool on so many different lvls it’s crazy…..but hey..aleast he have more than two jutsu’s
    Naruto’s belive that he has to save the world and everyone in it on his one’s are just as annoying as sasuke’s belive that he has to kill everyone in it.
    But I think everyone is failing to see what these last few chapters is showing us about sasuke….He still care alot about naruto…so much so that he’s going to keep his promise to naruto and not hurt a single leaf ninja (peak for the other peeps) and before it was naruto that couldnt get his mind of sasuke but now it looks like the roles have swtich.

  47. So now sasuke will be power up again by Orich. Hiden secret scroll…

  48. @fleece

    Where u been bro??!! Naruto’s got a gangster ass jacket now!!


    So they both think they can either save or destroy the world on their own – what happened to teamwork?! The selfish pricks!! Let Jugo get a full on match, let guy go 8 gates – teamwork people teamwork!!! lol

    Side note on One piece – Just had a thought about Sabo…….i think he’s still alive now i reckon either 2 things, 1. He’s the last emperor – Kaido or 2. He’s in Dragon’s Army but the real question is why the heck didnt he come an try an save Ace??????!!!!!!!!!

    P.s Tobi is the SOSP’s evil twin. That is all.

  49. One Piece – The Rookie T-Law is the one who cut up the Samurai! Stupid Buggy can only do that to his own body. T-Law’s DF power allows him to cut up people into pieces leaving them alive!

  50. ^@Mexican_Jitsu, you must of read my mind because I was writing the blog for One Piece today and I had the same theory.

  51. in some ways Naruto is more selfish and arrogant than Sasuke. When they meet again Sasuke essentially tells him“Why aren’t you off chasing your dream? Will you throw all that away for me?” He’s essentially saying that Naruto should forget about him and think about himself, about his dream. However Naruto refuses, he will bring Sasuke back no matter what. That would then include pissing on Sasuke’s great goal, selfishly making things how they should be according to him.

  52. Yep, that’s right, Naruto is a hypocrite, he strives after his dream but won’t let Sasuke chase his(original dream).

    well, actually sasuke was one of my favorite character, before he’s manipulated by tobi…

  53. @mexican well that makes a lot of sense with the information we know, but I don’t think that they would have made Law a shichibukai already. I figured Buggy was one, since he got the invitation bat after the war and he progressed his powers. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  54. @kingeric
    If u didn’t notice kakashi n guy were gna die if it wasn’t for naruto, let’s be real, sasugay beatn all nine is jus plain ridiculous! Sasuke couldn’t take pain on much less tobi. Heck he couldn’t touch bee! Lol

  55. @wong

    with the difference that the purpose of Naruto is to protect ppl and Sasukes is to destroy it……of course sometimes Naruto appeared to be a little bit arrogant or over confident but at least it doesn´t harm anyone in comparison to Sasuke

    I know not all is black and white but some ppl just turning the facts in order to explain his actions

    I am not a Sasuke hater but some ppl should ask themself why they REALLY LOVE Sasuke

  56. @dabeastwithin
    If you didn’t notice, Naruto was almost eaten alive by Goku. At the last minute he was “given” chakra by the 7 bijuu (shukaku is sealed, Hachibi’s with Bee). If its one thing Naruto has always had over Sasuke it was the power of words…And if I remember correctly Sasuke was still an amateur with the MS when he fought Bee…Also wasn’t Bee almost killed at the end of the fight…

  57. And sometimes it seems that ppl like him just because he looks “cool”, but what is that for reason

  58. @7warlord

    correct, but Bee had been killed Sasuke before without the help of his comrades

  59. @Ultimate
    Well I like Sasuke (his whole clan actually) because he mixes things up…I have always favoured the badass, take no shit kind of characters in any series: Bleach-Grimmjow, Kenpachi;DBZ-Vegeta, Broly;Fairy Tail; Laxus, Gajeel…That is just the kind of people that are really entertaining to me…I like Naruto too tho, but I just like watching Sasuke in action…

  60. Let me specify this immediately: I DO NOT love the Sasuke Uchiha character. I hate him now. I liked him when the Naruto series started. When the series started Sasuke proved worth to me as a bad-ass anti-hero. He had a cool(yes, cool) attitude, his dialogue didn’t suck, he had a hell of a backstory, he had his moments of pure win, and he was never placed as seeming more important than the main character himself. He was cool. And he remained cool right up until he met tobi*sigh*

    well, that’s my opinion btw

  61. @7warlord

    You are not the kind of type addressing to. I mean the ppl who just looking for Naruto´s flaws to make Sasuke better than he is or turning just facts to make him a good guy. Again revange ok but some of his actions are just based on his bloodlust

  62. Lol..can’t say the same for One Piece tho. That series is just setup to where you just have to favor the top 3 strawhats, which is Luffy, Sanji, and Zoro…If you don’t have at least one of those 3 as your favorites, you can’t possibly call yourself a One Piece fan…

  63. @wong

    before he met Tobi his actions were indeed reasonable, after that not so much

  64. Actually all ppl who love Sasuke also should like Tobi aswell since he is the guy who made him this way and I wouldn´t wonder if he has his part in wiping out the Uchiha clan since I don´t believe that Itachi did this all by himself

  65. @ultimate,

    nah, i don’t mean to make naruto looked bad for sasuke’s sake actually(maybe that’s because my bad english so that people missunderstood what i mean)

    it’s just annoying when people hate a character to the point call him/her sasugay/kakashit/suckura when everything is planed well by kishi

    we all know that naruto is the hero(i love him, my previous comment stated that “in some ways”, that doesn’t mean i hate naruto)

    and i said “before sasuke meet tobi”, that’s when he’s not bloodlusted

  66. Personally I don’t see anything “cool” about Tobi and his noobish time/space justus. Also he told Sasuke himself that he helped Itachi murder his clan. And if you think about it wouldn’t it be a real twister if Sasuke decided to kill Tobi first. Think about it, he is not being watched by Zestu anymore, so that means he is under Tobi’s radar. Another reason is that he wants to fight Naruto at his best (he mentioned that before). Right now Naruto is in no condition to fight a fully powered Sasuke, so Kishi won’t allow that fight to happen just yet anyways right?

  67. @warlord
    That’s very observant. It’s obvious that Sasuke is going to turn on Tobi at some point, it wouldn’t make sense if he didn’t. He was probably waiting for a good excuse, which was blindness and Naruto, to transplant Itachi’s eyes, so Tobi wouldn’t be so suspicious. He just killed the original white zetsu which has been following Sasuke for a while. Remember when he clashed with Naruto, Zetsu came out of nowhere…Lol.and of course, we may just be completely wrong,but it’s a good guess.

  68. @Tensa -Wassup man, Yeah Naruto has a cool new jacket, but in return it made all the other tailed beast look soft, I no longer look at the tailed beast as “BEAST” anymore. They’re nothing more then Pokemon trapped in the shinobi world


    Sasuke, Juugo, Karin, Suigestu > Naruto, Sai, Sakura, Kakashi

    Sasuke vs Itachi > Naruto vs Pain (They made one of the most coolest looking character in Shippuden get beat by Naruto gay @ss smh)

    Yeah Naruto defeated a few elite edo tensei shinobi, but NOT by himself, can you get that through your thick skull? Sasuke is a ONE on One fighter, Naruto need’s help from his friends to defeat his opponents. Madara was gonna rape Naruto, Gaara, and that old man before other Kage’s came along. Are you forgetting that Sasuke has EMS? He can control all the tail beast at one freaking time. Don’t come jumping on Sasuke’s bandwagon when he start’s whoopin everybody @$$

    My mistake, Naruto isn’t Lebron, he’s Robert Horry. He’s not better than MJ or Kobe but has more rings then them because of the team he play’s with.

  69. Honestly, it seems like y’all looking into sasukes actions like y’all expecting some grand ulterior scheme. Sasuke isn’t like naruto, or Tobi. Unless he says otherwise, sasukes just here to fuck shit up. Its one of the reasons why he was shown after those heartwarming pages of last chapter, the calm before the storm. When sasuke comes into the picture, you know somethings going down. Sasuke has never been efficient at the talk-no-jutsu, and his,plans has always been about him. Some characters are just like that, you don’t see kenpachi making ‘I have a dream’ speeches. Save that shit for the masterminds, the protaganists, the mentors an pansies.

  70. @darthuchiha
    lol you do have a point, but the things I mentioned was just a possible thing that could happen and just that. No one knows what’s really going to happen until we actually see it. I know that at least someone is going to die because I saw the word “carnage” on the last page in chapter 573. Other than that we just have to wait and see what Sasuke’s gonna do…

  71. @ Darth

    “I have a dream speeches” pahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! Im glad the show has a guy that just wants to fuck shit up, it makes things interesting when there’s a nutter involved. Naruto’s talk no jutsu pisses me off! “Oh you can change, i forgive u, my sensei taught me this” SHUT UP AN KILL HIS ARSE BITCH!!!!!!!!

  72. I would say that there are so many comments on chapters with Sasuke because he is such a controversial character. Meaning he is loved/hated so much. People in fact love and hate him for the same things.

    For those who think Naruto makes no sense, you haven’t lived long enough I think. Yes, in real life words don’t change people as fast as in Naruto, but words DO change people, and quite a lot. In fact, the words we hear as we grow up have a huge impact on who we become later in life.

    That supports Sasuke’s position too though, as he has received a lot of messed up messages and very little support quite frankly. Sure he had his family when he was younger, but I think it’s really weird that Konoha didn’t go hunting after the Last Uchiha when he left for Orochimaru. Maybe because Jiraiya promised… I’m not sure.

    Last word: as to Naruto taking on a tough opponent on his own: that’s an obvious one because Itachi TOLD him that he can’t do things alone in the manga (which is ironic coming from a pseudo-villain who did so much on his own).

  73. isnt the big ball of fire amaterasu? and him just manipulating is just blaze release jutsu? so susanoo can use the fire as an extension of Sasuke himself basically!

  74. why are juugo and suigetsu still loyal to sasuke? even karin is and she was almost killed by his hand?!!! crazy times!!

  75. @Mattmaru
    Yeah I believe that big ass amatersu ball can either be manipulated to throw fire shiruken or reformed into an amatersu sword…if konoha 9 get hit by that then its lights out! Just had a thought what If the 5 kages manage to drive BIG MAGNUM to Tobi’s battlefield where Naruto is…..Sasuke’s on his way there now an so are the Konoha backups – they could all end up on the same stage….so we’d have 3 Top tier Uchiha with Gedo Mazo (an Mummy man Mizukage) vs The rest of the damn world!

  76. Lmao @ all these Saucegay lovers! They seem to forget that KBee rocked Team Hawk and would have killed Saucegay 2 times if Kirin and Juugo had not healed him! Not to mention KBee was just playing around and setting up a way to dissappear from his brother’s radar! So Lmao at those who think Saucegay fights on his own and wins everytime!

  77. Mark my words, Tobi has somthing to do with tobirama (2nd hokage) The second will play a major role in this battle. He used a teleportation jutsu, created the undead resurection and the uchia police corp And his body was ever found.

  78. Tobi may have something to do with to do with tobirama but they are not the same person since tobi didnt know how to use edo tensei before kabuto showed him

  79. *sigh*…… saskue is crazed

  80. @fleece um who has sasuke beatn by himself? Deidra? Even then he had to summon a snake and hide in his body to avoid dying, oh n this is the same deidra who ran away after getn punched supah hard in his face by naruto. He couldn’t beat danzo alone either he had his sidekick karin giving him pointers! If u recall another time he has won completely by himself plz remind me I’m all ears.

    Naruto had help wit pein but in the end it was all him byhimself without the kyubi too! Wen he first used his wind style rasenggan, against hiddans partned I dnt recall anyone steppn in to help, and he wasn’t worned out so u cnt use dat excuse,

  81. @fleece um who has sasuke beatn by himself? Deidra? Even then he had to summon a snake and hide in his body to avoid dying, oh n this is the same deidra who ran away after getn punched supah hard in his face by naruto. He couldn’t beat danzo alone either he had his sidekick karin giving him pointers! If u recall another time he has won completely by himself plz remind me I’m all ears.

    Naruto had help wit pein but in the end it was all him byhimself without the kyubi too! Wen he first used his wind style rasenggan, against hiddans partned I dnt recall anyone steppn in to help, and he wasn’t worned out so u cnt use dat
    excuse. He took out many edos in an instant, also took out the 1st raikage with clever analisys, oh and those were just his clones. Not to mention the serious ass whopping the kyubi handed the other bijuus, oh yea dat wasn’t one on one, more like 7 on 2, n he’s still standing!

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