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Bleach Chapter 480: Final Arc – The Thousand-Year Blood War

Bleach Chapter 480: Final Arc – The Thousand-Year Blood War
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Hey guys and gals, welcome back for some more Bleach after a three week vacation. It’s starts off pretty busy at the 12th squad office, with some bitching sweet colored pages. Anyway, things seem quite hectic. Hollows are being destroyed by the mother-load. However is responsible though is not really destroying them, as our colorful captain Mayuri points out. They are removed from existence.

My first thought is: Quincy. Even is they are not, they are already a known factor by at least Mayuri and probably the rest of the Gotei captains. Another stain on the history of the Gotei 13. There is a little bit of info on their possible objective. At least one of them. One of underlings of Mayuri reports that the barrier between SS and the material world is weakening… hmm…

With that bit of foreshadowing the chapter continues. Introducing a new character. Yuki Ryuunosuke. Someone basiscly as skilled as his senpai: Afro-dude. He makes his way outside finding another his friend. Shino-san. A taller more violent version of Rukia? 😛

Anyway, they are assigned to replace afro-dude for Karakura town. When they finally arrive at their new assignment a suspicious man has already been busy, breaking a little something ready to attract Hollow.

I wonder why SS haven’t fired the recruitment officer or whatever the guy would be called that assigns people, because as team awesome arrives, one gets beat up and the other one isn’t lasting much longer. As soon as Yuki sees his friend, KO in the hand of a hollow he leaves himself open to attack, struck down violently by a hollow behind him.

When our new warrior is facing death, our hero comes into view. The fullbring influence is permanent. Which is good, I like the look. The chapter ends with the title and a man peaking around the corner. Observing Ichigo I’m sure.

So… who are these guys?

For now, mostly likely. Quincy. They were destroyed by the Shinigami because their destruction of hollow caused unbalance in the world. We only know of two living Quincy so far. Ishida and his father. It is very possible many Quincy dove underground to escape death. Now Ryuken doesn’t seem to fancy Shinigami that much for obvious reasons but he respects Ishinn who was a shinigami.

But I don’t see why Quincy would put the real-world at risk. They could be too high on revenge to even care. But I don’t see them as that rash.

Please drop a comment, see if you guys dare to make some predictions on who they are and what they might be after.


33 Responses

  1. First!!

  2. Quincy’s could possible be behind this hollow wipe-out but what would be the point in them doing so?! After all this time they suddenly decided to come out of hidin an whoop some hollow-ass – I thought Quincy’s weren’t even that strong anyway?? Uryuu was cool in his fight against Mayuri but he’s done nothing worth-while since then

  3. It’s the quincy, ’cause the cover page has a couple of quincy in the background. And that mystery guy crushed something (similar to how Uryuu lured out hollows at the beginning of the series) and a swarm of hollows flocked to his area.

  4. As for the quincy putting the world at risk, they may not realize that completely destroying hollows creates an imbalance in the universe. Because of this, they only see hollows as a parasite needed to be exterminated, not knowing the consequences of their actions.

  5. You all are sayin’ quincies but do they even compare to any1 in the gotei 13 or ichigo?that just ain’t happening that would be the worst.

  6. @Bl@ck
    Sigh…Are you kidding me…Uryu fought on par with Mayuri, the captain of the 12th division.Also we have only seen 1 quincy fight in a real battle so far…which is Uryu… Are you really gonna determine the power level of an entire race with just 1 person?

  7. @Bl@ck
    “You all are sayin’ quincies but do they even compare to any1 in the gotei 13”

    Dude…are you new at Bleach or have you just forgotten the battle Uryu had with Mayuri? Gotta get your facts straight man….

  8. Great to have bleach back tho. Lets just hope that it will go out with a big bang when this final arc is over.

  9. Of course the whole death of Ginjo was part of the plan… The folks in Hell wanted part of Ichigo’s power. The hollows are their way of breaching the barrier between hell and SS and the material world. Otherwise who were these folks we were introduced with the dead Arrancar?

    No quincies involved.

    That’s why Mayuri is like “aww shit…” because the reconning of the injustice and imballance soul soceity has created with hell has to be rectified and that’s why it’s call the final holy war. The gates of Hell will be busted open and all worlds will become one.

  10. Ginjo’s knowledge of ichigo’s family bugs me… He must be Ichigo’s brother. And the whole Ichigo’s Dad getting his power back part doesn’t make sense unless his son was Ginjo.

  11. Yo great review, I think it is a good start to the final arc.
    Looking forward to the next chapter.

  12. wow I miss Ginjou, whenever he is shown in the covers now I feel so sad for him. He is the first “bad guy” I have felt this way about in all the mangas I read. Not for Ichimaru, nor Nagato, or itachi did I have this feeling. Remember they were later classified as good guys. Ginjou however remains a bad guy but I still can’t help but feel sad about his death.

    It can’t just be the quincies man, that would be soo fucking lame. Hopefully it is the quincies that have come back but only to assist the shinigami against a much bigger threat. That is very unlikely though as the quincies absolutely loath the shinigami, even before they were supposedly wiped out so I don’t see them teaming up for whatever reason. Uryu and his dad being the only exceptions.

    Whatever the case, I hope Tite makes this worthy of being called a final arch.

  13. yeah uryuu but even the form he had against mayuri was the final form for a quincy,ichigo against uryuu would be like takin candy from a baby do you think the other quincies are that much more powerful than uryu?

  14. @Pine siskin
    I like yours better than mine already:P

  15. @Pine siskin
    Wasn’t the hell chapter just promoting a Bleach movie? Don’t get the wrong idea, I kinda agree what you posted, but I don’t know how that can be connected with this.

  16. @Bl@ck
    Well I’ll start with the fact that Ichigo and Uryu aren’t going to fight each other because they’re best friends.So stop coming up with these Ichigo vs Uryu situations, it won’t happen. Uryu did get desperate against Mayuri, but all he has to do is get stronger so that wouldn’t happen again(like what his father told him). And about the other quincies, I honestly don’t know if there are any more quincies, but IF there are I believe that there would be many captain level ones, maybe stronger, I can only use my opinion on that one.

  17. Here’s my speil:

    I do think the “final holy war” is b/w shinigami and quincy. “Holy War”? “1000 Year Blood War”? That screams some vendetta ish; for real. It would be a very interesting arc IMO; we’ve seen quincy action throughout this entire series and Ryuken, being the much more experienced one, has yet to show what he’s really capable of. So I think there’s a lot Kubo can do with that; power levels and all…

    Plus Ishida having to choose sides b/w his heritage and his friends would be an interesting moment (which means I DO believe that Ichigo and Ishida could have a fight; who knows how long it’d be lol).

    As for the Hell theory; anything’s possible but I’m pretty set on quincies vs. shinigami for the time being. a little bit more SS history to sift through. Of course the power levels are definitely a nagging issue in the back of my mind, despite my earlier comment. The only reason I bring that up is cuz we need to have an appearance of the Zero Squad before this manga kicks it and there should be an enemy worthy of their appearance (which is why the Hell theory is viable).

    OH! Soul King too…

  18. warlord

    what uryu against ichigo situations did i talk about?it was just 1 i know they won’t fight i’m just stating the difference in power…ginjo and tsukisihma we also much more powerful than uryu but they also wouldn’t have lasted long against any of the captains…

  19. Bl@ck

  20. Bl@ck (ignore that recent post)
    I realize that there are alot of people stronger than Uryu right now. I won’t disagree with you on that, but as I stated before he is the only quicy we have seen in a real battle. We know nothing of what Ryuken is capable of or what other quincies are capable of. Just think about it for a sec. Do you really beleive that Tsukishima could stab Ryuken as easily as he stabbed Uryu?

  21. i’m not sure but uryuu has been training all this time just not 2 see tsukishimas movement(ginjo stabbed uryu) even if ryuken is stronger even though i doubt that since he doesn’t have anything much do with them…he hasnt trained like uryuu has all this time..it’s just the power difference would be 2 high, imagine captain yamamoto fighting this fight as well there would be no chance for the quincies there isn’t anything interesting that they can do.uryus thing was the ultimate form of a quincy.It’s just not right fighting the quincies,i wish aizen would come back..but it’s sad since we already know that whoever comes the good guys will win the only question is how.

  22. Ok, the final group of villains must be powerful enough to push ALL the captains to their limits, ALL the captains must be forced to go all out and use their Bankai instead of just their shikai. That includes sombrero guy, sick guy, Uruhara, shinji, and even Captain commander yamamoto. As well, the appearance of the 0 squad must happen. Ichigo has to be in at least one more challenging fight in which he can’t just simply catch his opponent’s sword with his bare hand. All Bankai must be revealed.

    I don’t see a bunch of quincies making any of this happen. They are just not strong enough

  23. I used to be a Shinigami, but then Kon came along..

  24. I have a theory, what about the Vasto Lordes. Their race is still unknown. It was stated that their fighting capabilities are higher than a captain’s and that’s without the Hogyoku power-up. Also Hitsugaya said that if Aizen had at least 10 Arrancar at Vosto Lordes level SS would be doomed.None of the Espada were Vasto Lordes. Maybe because Aizen couldn’t control them as easily or he simply couldn’t find any because they were so rare in number. I’m just taking a wild guess, but what do you guys think?

  25. Also with these Hollows disapearing, they are eventually going to show up at some point right?

  26. @7warlord Perfect mate. Vasto Lordes would be perfect. and Not just a handful of them, but an army, or at least enough to wipe the floor with the captains and threaten the soul king.

    Quincies just won’t cut it for me, I don’t see them as evil and I am not really impressed with their power. They are long range fighters, would not make for an interesting fight with the close range shinigamies.

  27. My only concern with the vasto lorde thing is if they would be strong enough. I know it is said a vasto lorde is stronger than a captain, but it was also confirmed that Halibel was a vasto lorde when she became an arrancar but did not prove to be that strong. if she was a vasto lorde, then it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that at least numbers 2, 1 and 0 were as well.

  28. @ ItachiDaBaus – I think we under estimate the quincy, I doubt they will be the final “true” villains but they will pave the way for the others to come through, also they wont go into an all out battle like with Kankuro Town, They will be smart about it and not just run into a grand war with the Shinigami, also by eliminating Hollows they are already causing chaos…

    Remember with Bleach when Aizen was first revealed he seemed tame and mild mannered, it was his intelligence that got him his position not just being over powered…

  29. i must say the begining of the chapter blew me away, with the fast pace and almost tangible tension in the research and development unit. the realisation that the culprits cud be quincies hweva deflated my spirits. no disrespct bt quincies just arent wrth the challenge rily, bt ill trust tite with this one, afta all i ddnt thnk hllows were a threat eitha until he introducd the vasto lordes!
    nw for questions: what happened to ginjou’s body then? why doesnt the ss want to enlist ichis hlp anymore, and why wer the two representatives relocated?pliiiz dnt let it be some aizen lyk ish agen!
    and where wud the quincies cum from? therz nly two left, and if there wuz more, y start the killing spree nw all of a sudden? what cud they possibly gain?
    um begining to think tite myt hav bit off more than he can chew here, cz if these gyz rily r quincies he’s gonna hve some serious flashbaks to do. nd for christs sake reveal the stry of hu ichi rily is,cz i knw kaien shiba is somehow related.

  30. @chrono, you hurt my brain the with the way you type. Please try to in write in something that resembles English at least.

  31. @itachidabaus
    True, Harribel is a vasto lorde. I guess it’s reasonable to say that Baraggan and Stark were too. But I don’t know about Yammy. Yes he may be the strongest, but vasto lordes are classified as extremely small hollows, the same size as humans. Yammy is freakin huge!! That leaves only 3 vasto lordes shown so far. By saying that those guys were kinda strong. And if there are going to be any more vasto lordes introduced they just have to be stronger. Especially this late in the series.

  32. vasto lordes huh…interesting…I don’t know if they will be the final villians, but whoever is killing off these hollows, I bet the vasto lordes will be coming for retribution. Hence the name “blood war”.

  33. Im pretty sure the final arc has to do with the zero squad and the royal spirit family. The past about Ichigos father and his mother will be explained, that Ichigos father was either part of squad zero or is a royal family member who fell in love with a quincy woman aka ichigos mother and was banished to the mortal world as punishment. Ichigos mother was the sister of Ryuken Ishida making Ichigo and Uryu cousins. Also this is why Ryuken has so much hatred for Ichigos father for letting her die.

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