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Bleach Chapter 480: Final Arc – The Thousand-Year Blood War

Bleach Chapter 480: Final Arc – The Thousand-Year Blood War
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Hey guys and gals, welcome back for some more Bleach after a three week vacation. It’s starts off pretty busy at the 12th squad office, with some bitching sweet colored pages. Anyway, things seem quite hectic. Hollows are being destroyed by the mother-load. However is responsible though is not really destroying them, as our colorful captain Mayuri points out. They are removed from existence.

My first thought is: Quincy. Even is they are not, they are already a known factor by at least Mayuri and probably the rest of the Gotei captains. Another stain on the history of the Gotei 13. There is a little bit of info on their possible objective. At least one of them. One of underlings of Mayuri reports that the barrier between SS and the material world is weakening… hmm…

With that bit of foreshadowing the chapter continues. Introducing a new character. Yuki Ryuunosuke. Someone basiscly as skilled as his senpai: Afro-dude. He makes his way outside finding another his friend. Shino-san. A taller more violent version of Rukia? 😛

Anyway, they are assigned to replace afro-dude for Karakura town. When they finally arrive at their new assignment a suspicious man has already been busy, breaking a little something ready to attract Hollow.

I wonder why SS haven’t fired the recruitment officer or whatever the guy would be called that assigns people, because as team awesome arrives, one gets beat up and the other one isn’t lasting much longer. As soon as Yuki sees his friend, KO in the hand of a hollow he leaves himself open to attack, struck down violently by a hollow behind him.

When our new warrior is facing death, our hero comes into view. The fullbring influence is permanent. Which is good, I like the look. The chapter ends with the title and a man peaking around the corner. Observing Ichigo I’m sure.

So… who are these guys?

For now, mostly likely. Quincy. They were destroyed by the Shinigami because their destruction of hollow caused unbalance in the world. We only know of two living Quincy so far. Ishida and his father. It is very possible many Quincy dove underground to escape death. Now Ryuken doesn’t seem to fancy Shinigami that much for obvious reasons but he respects Ishinn who was a shinigami.

But I don’t see why Quincy would put the real-world at risk. They could be too high on revenge to even care. But I don’t see them as that rash.

Please drop a comment, see if you guys dare to make some predictions on who they are and what they might be after.