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One Piece 655-56 – “The Dragon slayers”












I apologize for lack of discussion last week so I will do both chapters at once. last chapters conclusion blow the freaking roof of the building. Not only did we get the reassuring of a possibility of Luffy vs Smoker and at the same time introduced to a whole new type of creature, A F#$@ing Dragon. As a One Piece fan I did not anticipate this coming but not surprised of the possibility. Now lets get on with these weeks mindblowing chapters.

Wa-No-Kuni (The Country of Harmony)

An interesting revaluation, one of my most favorite warriors of the old ages are the Samurais. They are by far one of the coolest and most badazz warriors of the human race. Honor, strength and above all loyalty are the way of these warriors. These warriors are known to be the most vicious and would literally slice each other apart if in a duel. And now we got a hint of their appearance in One Piece. These samurai warriors are so strong that not even the marines want to mess with them which tells us that we might see Zoro and Brook going head to head with these samurais. As we know Zoro and Brook are the only swordsman of the Strawhat.

Ussop has brought back his old cowardliness back, but not in a serious manner. It is just Ussop’s personality who reacts the way he does to danger, but ultimately he is a warrior that if provoked will blast you off. I can see Ussop when he is older, as a goofy character that always avoids danger but is insanely strong, sort of how Jiraiya is in Naruto series except Ussop has that coward goofy instead of Jiraiya’s perverted goofy manner. Another thing to take note from this Wa-No-Kuni revaluation is how much knowledge Brook has of the Grandline, he is by far the most experienced and oldest of the crew. Brook in away has become a very favorable character as long as he does not do those Bone jokes, but the joke he did this week was funny. You Rang!

Smoker the White Hunter

A lot is expected from us of Smoker’s character, we have made him into a big figure and many find him to be the possible archrival of Luffy. His accomplishments are ones not to be underestimated, he has already received the title of Vice-Admiral and so far we really have not seen how exactly the admirals or the ranking works in the marine system. I would guess it is due to power, knowledge and connections in the ranks that can get you to go up the ranks. Nonetheless Smoker is a vice-admiral and in charge of a whole war ship.Overall last weeks chapter was very entertaining from Nami’s creating cloud road to the introduction of dragons.




Chapter 656: Dragon Slayers

To be honest, I was so mad when Luffy and Zoro killed the dragon because I was hoping that Luffy would want to tame it and make it his pet like he did with the kraken. How cool would that been Luffy roaming the skies with the baddest beast of them all. I was so mad because I thought that the Dragon was so rare, maybe because there is so few of them, and now Luffy and Zoro slayed one which by the way gave them a good beating. But the teamwork of Luffy, Zoro and Ussop was outstanding in this chapter; they hardly had to say anything to know what the other person was thinking. For example, all Zoro had to do was yell Ussop’s name for Ussop to understand what he wanted.

But going back to the Dragon, a couple of weeks ago we learned about Poseidon and now we know that Dragons exist in the world of One Piece, the possibilities are endless when Oda is involved. Which by the way I love the Dragon, the design was that of a goofy classic dragon instead of the scary and serious dragon design. But the way the dragon looks is interesting because he has a huge body and his neck is very thick while his legs/arms are so small compared to his huge body. It would make sense because the dragon did have wings so his real environment is the sky, it is basically Biology 101, if you don’t need it don’t have it is the basic concept of evolution. But as fast as the dragon was introduced he was gone because unfortunately for the dragon he stumbled upon two of the craziest guys: Luffy and Zoro.

Luffy and Zoro “The brothers of Destruction

Luffy did something that caught my attention, it was almost as if he could do the same move as Sanji where he can walk on air. But it might be just him jumping up so high and Zoro’s neck power is beyond normal now, I mean to be able to cut of the head off a dragon is no easy task. But These two badazz guys will cause destruction where ever they go and it is even worst with Sanji with them because than Zoro and Sanji end up fighting and all hell breaks loss. But whats with the the legman.

Now the people who knocked out Nami and the rest of the Strawhat work for a certain person. My theory is that this person is the shichibukai legman was talking about. Because you can tell that the people who abducted the Strawhats would not normally do this as to they said since it is just pirates no one would notice they are gone. Nonetheless, it is very mysterious and interesting on who exactly this master of theirs is, who ever he is, he is some one who experiments on people or is doing with people that is sinister. whatever the matter is, all we know is that this master of theirs wants people and that half of the Strawhats are in a sticky situation.

I think that legman can control the dragon because his lower half was attached to the dragon’s head. It could be an experiment done by the shichibukai that man was yelling about. The last time we saw the shichibukai we know that there were two seats that needed to be filled and by know the world government had to fill those seats to balance the overall power of the world. So three chapters after the strawhats leave for the New World we are teased with the possibility that the Strawhats might be facing a Shichukai very soon. And it seems like this one is a very sinister one, might be a mad scientist that likes to experiment on people. The person with the gas suit says that it wouldn’t matter if it is just pirates. What did he mean? Are there more dragons? Who is the half bodied man? So many questions, all I can say is that hold on to your seat because we are barely in the New World and things are already kicking off.

                         Thank You Everyone

I just wanted to thank everyone for the keeping up with the discussions these past months. But I just wanted to take the time to thank Bob and all the writers here for allowing me to write about one of my favorite fictional characters. SO THANK YOU EVER ONE FOR THE SUPPORT. I am saying this because it has been a year since I first started blogging here, so thank you.


16 Responses

  1. nice review… but why did you ignore the other half of the 656 chapter? (the staw hats getting gassed).

  2. Jdogg what do u think about brook?

  3. um just guessing maybe the Shichbukai is trafalgar law do you guys remember his devil fruit´s power?

  4. Law was my first guest too he makes sense giving the situation

  5. Lol…whoever this shichibukai is, it most certainly is not Trafalgar Law. This guy is one of Luffy’s biggest pirate rivals (the other being Kidd). Another reason was that he saved Luffy from the freakin admirals in the Whitebeard War. You do know that one of those admirals is leading the marines now. Yeah and do you know how pissed he was when Luffy got away. There is no way that he would agree to accepting Law as a Shichibukai. Lol…Besides I think the supernovas will play a certain role later on in the series…why else would Oda give them so much attention…This mystery shichibukai just has be someone else

  6. @batboy267, Sorry but I tried to shorting the length of the blog but I just add my opinion on the abductors who knocked out the strawhats.

    @Bl@ck, uhhh what do I think about Brook? That is a very good question, now where to start. Well Brook is a very new crewmember of the strawhats compared to everyone else. If you think about it Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Ussop, Sanji and Chopper are the original crew members who from the very beginning were with Luffy supporting him. But than as Luffy went deeper into the grandline he befriended Robin, Franky and finally Brook. So in a sense he is a very fresh crewmember and in fact for awhile Brook felt out of place when he first joined. But to be honest he was my least favorite Strawhat because he was very repetive with his jokes and his fighting ability was hardly seen. Though since the two year skip he has grown to my liking. He is actually funny now and is extremely strong possibly the strongest after the monster trio, so at first I didnt like him but now I am a SOUL KING fan. I mean his freezing sword is just pure awesome.

    I agree with Chefman141, it cant be Law because he left for the New World the same time as Luffy, remember he said that he would leave for the New World once Luffy goes. So it can not be him.

  7. I agree with chefman…Law is one of the most ruthless and coolest pirate to be introduced. It can also be said that his drive to find One Piece almost rivals that of Luffy. Being a Shichibukai would just ruin all that. I think that a new character would be appropriate for this kind of situation.

  8. If you read the part where the crew on the ship were taken hostage, you’ll notice the invaders don’t count Brook among them, meaning he’ll probably be the one to come to the rescue on this particular occasion.

  9. Awesome Chapter review!!! I don’t think 1/2 of the straw hats are gonna get captured…Cause i don’t Brook is knocked out by the gas since he’s jus bones. In the next chapter i think brook will end up killing the masked men, and Luffy, Zoro, Robin, and ussop will look for the half bodied Man!!!

  10. No, no, THANK YOU JDogg! Think the kidnapping will give Brook a good opportunity to shine and show what he’s got because, as was pointed out, Skeletor was missed when the Gassers did their body count.

    Did they miss him because he’s skeleton or was Brook unaffected by gas because skeletons don’t need to breathe????

    What’s Trafalgar’s ability?

  11. Woot, keep up the good work! Looking forward to another year of manga blogging. Both the story arcs in Naruto and One Piece are looking real strong right now, and looks like Kubo is gearing up for the push into the final arc of Bleach; lots of things to look forward to this year. Shonen Manga ftw!

  12. The gas guys did forget to mention brook, i wanted sanji to make it to the den den mushi tho : (
    You know Zoro’s technique to cut off the dragon’s head its called “shi shishi son son” u reckon thats an upgrade from “shishi sonson” or just a typo from the manga translaters?! The Samarai country caught my attention straight away i was like “Zoro’s gonna fight them!”
    Did anyone else notice that when Luffy did Jet bullet he went into gear 2nd without a stance an did it when his arm was streched back…
    I doubt this dragon is the only one tho, leggy-dragon-man might have a DF power

  13. Thanks Jdogg man, i look forward to your reviews every week : )

    @ Tawuya,

    Law has a body seperation ability aka body rumble or whatever u wanna call it whwere he can seperate body parts of a person but there still alive see link

  14. Zoro is a real bad@ss, being able to cut that huge neck in one hit. The fight was short tho, that dragon was not really strong or maybe zoro and luffy were just too strong.

    I wonder what happen to Brook, is hiding to avoid being captured or is he observing the enemies?

    Really good chapter review Jdogg and thank you for making them every week!!!

  15. Does it ever mention Any of the warlords actively being in the new world though? Looks like most of their bases were in the front half of grand line since the 4 emperors pretty much control most of the new world. It

  16. ahhh, the new smoker’s kinda look like crocodile, right?
    a baddass one:d

    and i knew why the island is so hot, it’s because of robin chwaaannn!!! she is soo hot :d

    thank you for the review, jdogg, and keep up the good work

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