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Its Out! Naruto, One Piece and Bleach chapters!

Naruto: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/18307629/1

One Piece: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/32739329/1

Bleach: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/36615093/1

Enjoy the New Adventures!!!


38 Responses

  1. First!!!! Hey guys POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT sorry guys but had to share …..some new info is flying all over the internet about kishi’s plans for the series – I’ll be brief:

    1. Sasuke’s new eye’s are gonna be able to Slow down real time, so he can counter naruto…..

    2. Kabuto aka snake boy junior is bringing Jiriya back to fight Naruto – the bastard was lying the whole time- Edo Jiriya is coming….

    3. White zetsu made from 1st hokage’s cells and Black zetsu is made from BIG MAGNUM

    4. Naruto isn’t just a jinjuuriki but the SOSP’s soul is actually in the Kyuubi so Naruto house’s his own soul, Kyuubi an SOSP’s soul

    5. When Sasuke fought team 7 with zetsu an tobi there and him an Naruto had there clash, apparently Sasuke saw something in Naruto which changes the outcome in their final battle which will make him willingly die by Naruto’s hands an is the warm up to Naruto vs the final villian….

  2. never been first before…. -_-

  3. @tensa

    hard to believe that this rumors are true

  4. Especially Sasuke to be just a warm-up

  5. Biggest news this chapter?? HINATA IS GOING TO TELL HER FEELINGS ABOUT NARUTO, hahaha, interesting how tobi thought he was sweating and its like he’s trying to forget the past. Honestly, I think this is a sign that he is just someone with a scarred history, maybe not BIG MAGNUMS little bro, and he’s just trying to forget it all so he can finally live in peace. Pretty much a big waste of a chapter though……….

  6. Shucky ducky, quack quack! King Sasuke is back!
    Shucky ducky, quack quack! King Sasuke is back!
    Shucky ducky, quack quack! King Sasuke is back!
    Shucky ducky, quack quack! King Sasuke is back!
    Shucky ducky, quack quack! King Sasuke is back!
    Shucky ducky, quack quack! King Sasuke is back!


    Neji for Hokage

  7. Hurry up with the reviews bob and jdogg lol

  8. Yeah i think kishi dropped the ball this week too. i have to say though i saw this chapter comming at some point. naruto is going to have to earn the respect of the whole shinobi world in order to change it. Stands to reason they would have to watch him fight for peace.

    also. what was that strange aura around naruto when tobi was shiwing his fear? seems like something to do with the sage.

  9. Noooo bleach’s final arch. Hope it’s a long one!!

  10. Bleach is BACK!!

  11. bleach’s end i knew was coming up i just hope those weird deaths get explained ( grimmjow etc etc)

  12. Naruto – Sasuke slowing down real time seems like it has to happen if he’s gonna be able to fight Naruto tho…. anyway onto this week’s chapter – pretty basic tbh, everyone just put their own view on Naruto, Kakashi an Guy. Lol at Naruto taunting Tobi, he hasn’t made any moves in a while! Kishi wasted a good few panels with just footsteps aswell! Now where is Sasuke going…….maybe he’ll interupt the goody goody’s on their way to the main battlefield

    Bleach – might aswell have been no chapter coz nothing happened! Heard that in this final arc Nell, Grimmjow an Tia Halibel are gonna make a comeback (I’m sure u all already knew that tho)

  13. Ok nice chapter, but I’m desapointed, I was hoping to see a battle but we got some inside info. So Naruto’s wife will be Hinata, so no Naruto- Sakura couple. Even Guy feels old compared to Naruto, wow hard to believe but it’s true, Naruto is in another league now.
    Those panels showing footsteps, ilustrates the different paths Naruto and Sasuke went. In Naruto’s case we see footstepts all over the place, seeing that he is loved, he became important for a lot of people (and i really say a lot). In Sasuke’s case, he was alone, only 2 footsteps.. sad.
    About the mysterious power, Fake Madara was talking about… don’t know but i bet that has something to do about the fact that Naruto now knows the names and that he receieved something from the tailed beasts… power, confidence…or it could be something hidden, that was planed by the SOTSP, to send to the new Sage…

    And Fake Madara is scared, he’s unsecured and he’s not an Aizen anymore…

    About bleach.. nooo, i don’t want him to end.. hope that it’s a long arc.

  14. I’ve read about more spoilers on a site

    -Its an important hint about Tobi’s teleportation. According to the source, Zetsu is the main key for his Time/Space Jutsu. Just like Minato, Tobi needs something to guide him of his exit/entrance. In other word, the way Madara knows where to find and appears to someone is through Zetsu.

    -Another of Sasuke upgrade will be his amaterasu shield.

    -Kabuto’s true target is Naruto not Sasuke. Still don’t know why tho…

    -Madara’s interest in Naruto is more than just the Kyuubi. Guess what else he is after?

    -There is a special connection between Naruto and 1st Hokage

    Tensa has posted the rest….

  15. @ 7warlord,

    Im guessing we read the same site lol

    One piece: ZORO SHI SHI SON SON CUT OFF THE DRAGON’S FRICKIN’ HEAD!!!!! (Yes the same technique that ended Mr 1 and sliced through Kuma in one of the most epic thrillar bark scenes) Did u see how thick that neck was aswell, damn he’s got powerful. Nice teamwork with him an Usopp aswell, was kinda hoping robin would have used her DF powers an made giant hands to slap Mr dragon but oh well. And who the heck has got on the sunny??? and what is the deal with that half dragon/half legs thing (lets call him leggy-dragon)??!! I swear everyone luffy meets he wants them to be his nakama, he hasnt even beed in the New world a day yet an already he wants a new guy!

  16. Holy crap… i just noticed something about one piece… lets look back at what those people who gassed the straw hats said:

    Two humans (nami, sangi), one humanoid iron man (franky), and one pet (chopper).


    They most likely missed him because to any normal person or people who don’t know about his DF power hes just looks like a dead body.

    This means when he comes to he won’t be tied up… maybe then he can do something about this situation.

    as for Naruto… I liked the morale boost. I just wished more happened other then that.

    bleach: predictable…. Really hoping this trend doesn’t continue… or will have a crappy final arc.

  17. same thing as batboy:)) had the exact thing in mind:P brook may just go with the flow check what is going on then just killin em…but who knows

  18. Crush’em Sasuke!!! If I see one more panel of Sasuke standing around…. looking like he’s giving looks like he might have/or had just killed someone…. I’ll… AAAAAHHHH!!!…

    The rain is for dramatic effect? Or did Sasuke shoot some fireballs into the sky? Oh… I guess it was probably from all the beast bombs that just exploded.

    What a waste of panels when all the goody goodies have a separate tribute to Naruto. That sort of stuff is making it so I’ll enjoy when Sasuke puts a stop to their nostalgia. I hope they don’t all get flash backs before Sasuke wipes the floor with them.

    So what would the flash backs of the Konoha 11 be before they die at the hands of Sasuke?

    I’m sure you folks have some good one’s. I’m still laughing about that comment (apologies I have forgotten who) about from Itachi going to Disney world

  19. @Siskin

    At first I thought it was a waste, especially all the footprints in the mud, but those 2 pages are meant to show how Naruto is surrounded by people now, which is a complete flip from the beginning of the series when everyone wanted to be near Sasuke.

  20. Originally Posted by T-Green98
    So, Basicly I was looking at other videos, fourms , and threads. and I saw a couple of Spoilers that might happen in the future.

    1- Naruto’s connection with the First Hokage will be soon reveal.

    2- Madara vs. Naruto round 1 will happen soon and Madara will retreat. It will be more of a test of strength. They will both learn about each other’s powers.

    3- Kabuto’s true target is Naruto. He will explain why soon.

    4- Madara’s interest in Naruto is more than just the Kyubbii. Guess what else he is after? ( Guessing that he might possed the sage of six paths..)

    5- Jiraiya’s re-appearance is around the corner and we will reveal a lot of juicy stuff.

    6- Shinobi HQ will soon be attack. Three guess who 666.

    7- Naruto can somehow use all the five elements, some of Jiraiya, Minato, Kushina jutsu and it will be explain. This jutsu includes Uzumaki sealing jutsus as well.

    8- Something about the long hair Madara will soon be shown. I don’t understand that one.

    9- 3rd Raikage, 2nd Mizukage and Gaara’s father were all bloodline limit user.

    10- One of sasuke’s new powers is to slow down time in the real world. It will make him seem faster than his enemy. Unlike Tsukuyomi which happens in the mind, this one happens outside of the mind.

    11- Another of Sasuke upgrade will be his amaterasu shield.

    12- I almost forgot. Black half Zetzu was created with Madara’s DNA. In other word, Zetzu is made up of both Hashirama’s DNA (white Zetzu) and Madara’s DNA (black Zetzu).

    13- I forgot to say this very important hint about Madara’s teleportation. According to the reliable source, Zetzu is the main key for his Time/Space Jutsu. Just like Minato, Madara needs something to guide him of his exit/entrance. In other word, the way Madara knows where to find and appears to someone is through Zetzu.

    14. Madara son will be reval

    15. And quote from the conversation he had with his cousin. talk to him today again.
    He(My cousin) explained about Sasuke and Naruto.
    He said that Sasuke’s true intention (after finding about Itachi and Konoha) was to kill the elders and few others, then die at Naruto’s hand just like Itachi did with him which should make Naruto strong enough to kill Madara. However, the new issue showed that his plans has change because of what he saw inside Naruto’s heart. I am not clearly sure what he was referring too though.
    As I said his English is too rusty. He said something about Sasuke finding out that if he dies at Naruto’s hand, Naruto will commit a suicide or something. Therefore, Madara will survive without anyone to oppose/stop him.
    He also said that Sasuke’s new powers will be very frightening. His Susuno will be stronger and more powerful than Itachi’s. He will use the Sealing Sword and Mirror much better than Itachi.
    I asked him, who is stronger between New Naruto and Sasuke?
    He said there will be no comparison when we read about both powers.
    He hang up the phone before I asked him about Jiraiya and Itachi.
    He also said something about Madara’s son, daughter or brother will be reveal soon.
    Also, one of Rikudo Sage’s summoning was the toad sage (The toad that makes prophecy). It also has something that belongs to Rikudo Sage that it will give to Naruto when he is ready

    now I know this isn’t true but his cousin is usually legit with all his spoilers, info, and facts. And if kabuto is lying about not finding jirayia DNA, Which happens he have blood all over the battlefield, body in a ocean, about 6 tenzo rods stuck in his back. then their will be a lot at stake.

    And now if most of these spoilers might happen. I belive the 4th great ninja war probably won’t end till 2013.
    Now what are you’re thoughts???

    BTW heres link and video. http://forums.mangafox.com/threads/3…six-months-ago

  21. This dude is funny!

  22. Oh, forgot to post this too:

    Naruto is Rikudo Sage himself not his reincarnation, but with two souls.
    -During the time Rikudo Sage decited to divide the Juubi chakra into nine tail beasts, he sealed his soul and powers inside the Kyubi itself. In doing so, he will come back in another time to finish his work.
    -Naruto’s Rikudo Sage form is the first step of awakening Rikudo’s soul and powers.
    -His second step of awakening is the one that he is or will be training on without knowing. This will provide him with not just Rikudo Sage’s eyes, but also all his knowledge. It will combine two souls into one.

  23. Still don´t buy it(spoilers)

  24. Looks like…IT’S TEBOW TIME FOR NARUTO!!!

  25. that guy is funny and i’m so excited

  26. These leaks could all be false and put out there my Kishi to keep everyone hyped up on Naruto. Check out one of the interview questions I found on likenaruto.com.

    According to: Interview with Masashi Kishimoto (Creator of Naruto) Part 2
    Q. Last but not least, what do you want to say to the fans of Naruto in the U.S.?
    Naruto is getting close to the climax of the series, and it’s going to get really heated from now on, so keep following Naruto until the end. That would make me really happy.
    The link is here: http://www.likenaruto.com/shonen-jump-alpha-interview-kishimoto/

    Or it could be legit…who knows?!

  27. These leaks could all be false and put out there by Kishi to keep everyone hyped up on Naruto.

  28. Some of the above spoilers sound true but like other “official interviews” and such, its part truths and part lies… they r the tobi of naruto spoilers lol. some sound plausible but like the one where tobi is really after naruto…. in secret with just zetsu he has stated sasuke was his main goal. Seems like a cop out of kishi decides to have tobi go after naruto and stuff. Idk i dont take much stock in spoilers… just rather read the chapters and wait

  29. I think that Tobi is Mr.Potato head

  30. @Siskin

    HAHA yes i left that comment on last weeks chapter

    LOL yes I do believe Itachi went to Disney World. I mean really!! He’s freakin immortal an now he just up and disappears!?1? .,…. a person can only be so cool.

    Although, i already like you, i must inform you that Naruto will MOP the floor with Sasgay and his cheap eye tricks! AND yes i agree i am tired of seeing panels of him standing around too. I want to see Naruto’s foot on his neck!

    So i must ask, When do you think Sasgay will finally grow a pair and show his AWESOME older brother’s CLEARLY superior eyes off as his own?

  31. That Naruto vs Sasuke showdown will probably happen around easter lol the spoilers got me thinking though if Naruto does have such a massive connection to the SOSP i.e being his chosen successor, Sasuke’s gotta have some kind of connection with him too doesnt he?? Maybe he put his evil urges in his eye power and his good urges in his body lmao

    Just watched Tobi vs Minato (anime version) what a short but sweet battle!

  32. Lol. I can already picture what might happen if the rookies meet Sasuke.Lol:
    Kiba: If it wasn’t for this damn rain I could sme-

    Lee: Now not the time for that Kiba!! We must hurry to Guy Sensei and show the world the power of Konaha’s youth!!!

    Hinata: Huh..Sasuke is just up ahead…and.. he just wiped out 1/2 of the 2nd division!!

    Ino: Sasuke!?!

    Shikamaru: Damn…at a time like this…

    Chouji: Should we initiate the plan?


    Shikamaru: My strategy won’t work without Neji…and our chakra levels are too low…Damn it!!

    Hinata: Oh no…when did he…

    Tenten: What is it Hinata?

    Sasuke (suddenly appears): …Strategy?…So you were planning to take my head huh…

    Rookies: !!?!

    Shikamaru(nervous grin):Hehe…Well.. we were but…as always…things didn’t turn out as planned…

    Sasuke(grinning): Hmph

    Kiba: Screw the strategy!! I’m gonna rip his freakin head off!! Lets go Akamaru!!

    Shino: Wait Kiba!!!

    Sasuke(killing intent expression):…Amaterasu…

    Rookies: !!!?!!?

    Kiba:GWAAAHAA!!…(Flashback: running in the meadows with Akamaru)…

    Ino: ..He was incinerated in midair…

    Sasuke:…Now.. its time I show you what true horror really is…SUSANOO!!


  33. Hay, I’m glad the,army’s all pent up on good vibes……….. it’ll make the chaos inflicted by assume all the more sweeter

  34. LOL that probably wouldn’t happen, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did!!

  35. The SOSP put the evil urges in my body and good in my eyes. *Hint : That’s why clothes were made.*

  36. These sequences of events are repeating themselves again remember when Naruto started to kicking but on all the battlefronts…then all of sudden BIG MAGNUM hit the scene..Now, almost all the battlefronts are convering to help Naruto. Just imagine what Sasuke is about to do!! It about to get UGLY!!

    My prediction is that Sakura is gonna to die.

  37. @bob
    your narutohurricane.com page is down. I know you stopped updating it but don’t tell me you let it go to just launch this stuff from Shannaro? When I started following Narutohurricane it was #5 on google searches… Or maybe I made that up… but NOOOOOO!!!!!

    Sorry I didn’t give credit where credit was due. And I also would like to see Naruto knock the stupid look of Sasuke’s face. Sasuke killing some of Naruto’s friends may make Naruto take Sasuke more serious and also may make him think twice about out he’d like this to end.

    I was reading through and saying to myself “sure this is exactly what Kishi will have happen” and then I came to this
    Kiba:GWAAAHAA!!…(Flashback: running in the meadows with Akamaru)…
    Ino: ..He was incinerated in midair…

    Could it end any other way? LOL… the answer is no… and this spoiler was found on shannaro.wordpress.com. GET IT RIGHT. DATTEBAYO!

  38. After watching the Minato vs Tobi I’m convinced that Tobi is some hybrid part of Zetzu…his hand melting away is what triggered my conculsion.

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