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Naruto Chapter 572 – Naming the Beasts

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Naruto Chapter 572. Man, you miss a weekly chapter because of having to travel for work and all the good stuff happens. Okay, this week I’m just starting to absorb what happened in 571, but it’s probably all old news for everyone else so I’ll skip my usual diatribe because I bet all the best theories have already been touched on in the 100 or so comments last week 😀

Still, what an amazing transformation we’re observing in Naruto in such a short period of time. Even though we all knew some kind of Naruto-Kyuubi fusion was coming, I never thought he’d gain this much power on their first merge. I was expecting something similar to KB where Kyuubi manifests in his physical form like all the other Bijuu have and start brawling with them ala Godzilla-style. But I guess I never took Naruto’s sage mode/nature chakra into account for such a merger, and it obviously has a profound effect on Kyuubi’s “physical” manifestation.

Naruto has retained all his sage mode power but now has the protection of Kyuubi’s form to shelter himself and his friend within as well as a huge reservoir of chakra he couldn’t directly tap into before. By giving this new form to Naruto – one that is very similar in function to Sasuke’s Susanoo technique – I think Kishi has set down another step to the ultimate powerhouse showdown between the former teammates. I’m glad Kishi has given Naruto limitations on the duration he can maintain his new form – as much as I’d like to see Naruto just mow everything down and win the war by himself, it just wouldn’t be much fun or memorable if the hero didn’t have to work for his victory.

So I guess Son Goku did give Naruto some of his powers during their brief encounter, and that is how Naruto is able to find and interact with the other Bijuu along with their Jinchuuriki in this way now. I was a bit surprised to find the spirits of the Jinchuuriki with their Bijuus, as I always thought Kishi just created them as filler characters so the anime version of Naruto Shippuuden will have some more material to work with in their filler episodes. But now that we know their spirits are somehow bound to the their respective Bijuus, they should have more influence on the course of events from now on. It would be interesting to see more of the backstory of these Jinchuuriki, especially the 4th Mizukage, but with the story progressing the way it is, I doubt there’d be time for an exposition amidst all this action.

I kind of chuckled when I saw the baby versions of the Tailed Beasts…. Baby Kyuubi.. dddawwwwwwwwww…. But I digress, what I got from that scene near the end with the sage of the six paths was that all the Bijuu have been waiting for someone to come along and bring them together as one again – possibly reforming the Ten-Tails. And I think everyone has reached the consensus that Naruto is the person the sage was referring to. By the end of the chapter, all the tailed beasts Naruto has met have now given him a bit of their power much like Son Goku had. And by Naruto’s confident demeanor at the end, it seems like Tobi’s control over the Bijuu’s bodies isn’t such an obstacle anymore. I’m still not sure how knowing the beasts’ true names can give Naruto an advantage, but I guess we’ll see next week.


41 Responses

  1. It was a great chapter. I’m hoping we start to get more info on the Gedo Mazo statue now that Tobi’s hold on the bijuu is slipping. Maybe we see him use that to some tactical advantage against Naruto in order to make this a fight again.

  2. You are right… The baby Kurama was so cute… and I suddenly thought.. Wooo How can such a cute thing be considered a devilish characcter by everyone else… 🙂

  3. Awesome Chapter!! I’m curious to see how Naruto will be able to incorporate the array of abilities that the tailed beasts/jinchuurikis possess just by learning their names. Will he be maybe able to use clone and transformation jutsus in some way to use each beast separately or instead just be able to incorporate their skills just from having their elemental affinities inside his single body? Thats a question that will have me guessing until next week. “Can’t Wait!!!!” *Bart Scott Voice*

  4. All naruto gets is resengan power ups and body power ups…….the boy knows the jutsu…..sumaning….resengan and felping shadow clone….teach the boy another teck for flipsake…he does look kl tho

  5. i bet gedo mazo’s needing to be synced with a person, first pein and then sasuke is somehow connected to tobi’s plan to revive the jubi. my thought is that the sage of six paths laid out this course for them to remerge when the right person finnaly appears. naruto. this would sugest that they have some say over how and when. perhaps the statue is a way to forcibly make them merge. where as there choice to do so would maybe use the ying chakra, this would be with naruto. the pureness of heart, the statue uses the yang chakra or evilness of spirit thats being synced to sasuke. this i think is hinted at by karin before sasuke tried to kill her when she refered to his chakra as cold.

    if any of that is a little confusing its simnply because i didnt know how to put it best to words.

  6. I likes it…

  7. I don’t get it… If the sage controlled the jubi why would the jubi be the villain in the Naruto creation story? The Jubi itself my have been a pawn and something the Sage and someone else battled over for control.

    I think the mangeyko that was behind Itachi in the Sasuke vs Itachi battle may have been the villain.

    Anyway, not showing the sages face leads me to believe he’s not human (which I’m sure does not come as news to anyone). And this final showdown Bob talks of is the resolution of this battle between good and evil over controlling the jubi because the sage should have lost his life in the battle along with the mangyeko but instead sealed the creature in the moon.

    And when the battle ends (between Sasuke and Naruto) I’m guessing it will be like the end of Xenogears so no one will have any powers because the powers were derived from the sage and the cosmic imbalance of good and evil.

    The demons in Naruto have only been touched upon but never explained or expanded upon. They seem to only be used as tools but they MUST have a greater role in the direction events are going.

  8. @ Bringerofkaos: as far as i know mate yin and yang arnt good or evil there just light and dark. obviously light and dark are associated with being good and evil but i think its how the user uses the yin and yang chakra that turns it into good or evil. yin is to create form where as yang is to breath life into form. Naruto has yang thats why he turns wood style into trees.

  9. @mattmaru
    yeah i wasnt exactly sure how yin and yang worked as far as chakra and such goes. i ised it more to illustrate my theory concerning gedo mazo.

  10. Maybe Tobi want´s Sasuke beacuse he want´s a weapon against the real maddara… Beacuse first he helped whipe out the Uchia clan, and maybe he did of orders by Maddara beacuse Maddara don´t want any Uchia to be in the way of his Eye moon plan.. but on the way Tobi changed he´s mind and started to make his on plan on keeping Sasuke to take on Maddara if he where revived by Pein

  11. Guys u reckon the sharingan can control each tailed beast or better yet the juubi??! Just had a thought – if Naruto’s body was meant to hold the juubi what if Sasuke’s eye’s were the key to their ultimate power (not their regular power but ultimate world destroying power!) The rinnegan must have more to it then we’ve seen……

    @ bringer
    So are u saying that: The tailed beasts + Naruto’s chakra + Gedo Mazo synced with Sasuke = Fully forced Juubi revival??!

  12. Isn’t Yin and Yang chakra the same thing that killer bee was talking about when naruto was trying to make a Bujuu Bomb in fox chakra mode (before he teamed up with Kurama). Something about 8:2; 8 parts Black chakra (or Dark, or Yang) to 2 parts White chakra (or Light, or Yin). if naruto can master that..then there may be a new possiblity for him to grow..imo naruto should work on reversing the Dead Demon Consuming Seal and perfecting the Bujuu mode! or maybe learning FTG if EMS requires someone to be faster than light in order to be beaten.

  13. nice review as always… would enjoy it more but I’m kind of sad about manga stream’s forum being nuked. 😦

  14. @tensa

    more like the tailed beasts are able to choose when and who will become the next jubi jinchuriki where as the statue gedo mazo is a means to forcibly resurect the jubi against the tailed beasts will.

  15. here’s a thought… Sasuke is Shukaku’s jinjuuriki. consider, without karin Sasuke would just reg trumped by pure chakra levels bcoz remember Sasuke does not hv bijuu level chakra. he has always needed to augment his chakra.

  16. I’m still wondering why we havent seen all the bijuu, we havent shikaku garra bijuu. The one tailed bijuu. Does anyone know why we haven’t seen him.

  17. @choas honestly I think madzikage may be on to something regarding the one tailed. It seems odd That even though there was no body for the one tail how come Tobias didn’t Just substitute another body? And its odd that before sasuke would run out of chakra quick bit now he can spam the most chakra intensive jutsu (sussanno) forever. I think sasuke is now the one tail jinchuriki

  18. I’ve been thinking about the 1 tails. It could also be in Tobi to boost his chakra. He is an old guy now, and just like 3rd Hokage said his strength i.e., chakra levels dropped. So he’ll have to make a plan to keep up with the young ones and his high level jutsus.

  19. So, are we just giving away Tailed Beasts…and to all people Susake?! That would be the oppsite of what Akatsuki was trying to do throughout the whole Shippuden series.

    Kakashi Sensi stated that controling the Tailed Beasts with eye power alone requires a hefty amount of Chakra. That’s why he couldn’t use pain’s abilities and most likely the reason why he can’t use the One tail.

    However since all the rods are all gone he should be able to use the full abilities of the rinnegan now.

  20. @rsvp if Tobis was that concerned about chakra in controlling the one tail why did he summon all the tails higher than shikaku? Wouldn’t he have not summoned the seven tails and summoned shikaku instead? Its odd that only the one tail was left out but also that all of the sudden sasukes chakra was as Karin put it darker and more menacing than before. What could have changed? IMO sasuke got the one tail but that’s Not proven yet but right now there isn’t really too many good reasons y shikaku wasn’t out there

  21. Btw akasuki was a cover; pein stated y they were but in the end we realize Tobi was behind it all and the Real reason was to make the juubi. Which was not akatsukis original goal

  22. I wonder if anything will come of the fact that 4 hokages r caught in the death reaper seal?

  23. @token or anybody,

    What was the Akasuki orginal goal? didn’t they all wanted to gather the tailed beast? regardless if it was for world peace or world domination they still wanted to gather all the bujuus right?. IMO, Giving the the One-tails to Sasuke would kinda be backwards knowing that the only way to get the one-tails back would be to kill Sasuke later on (I don’t think Sasuke is gonna let that happen). The Moon’s eye plan wouldn’t take effect. (a house divided can’t stand) …I still believe that Kakashi was right…Tobi even acknowledged how perceptive he about his lack of control over the Tailed Beasts. Also, in order to be a Jinks doesn’t the ninja have to be someone of speacial chakra?

  24. @rsvp yea they Said that was their goal but Tobis has already offered sasuke a bijuu before; http://www.mangareader.net/93-409-15/naruto/chapter-404.html and http://www.mangareader.net/93-409-16/naruto/chapter-404.html. and also tobi has said previously that he aims to have sasuke become his ( which Tobi said was the most important thing) http://www.mangareader.net/93-409-18/naruto/chapter-404.html. so actually it Is plausible that sasuke has shikaku and akatsuki was a front for Tobis real goal

  25. And who knows sasuke being a uchiha may help being able to control a bijuu inside himself and he may have special chakra as Well

  26. I see your point but..I’m still alittle confused about how the whole 10 tailed Jubi was to be used by Tobi for the Moon’s eye plan. Unless Tobi was lying to Sasuke so Taka would do the Akasuki’s dirty work. Wonder why everybody’s worried about Sasuke anyway?! (Tobi, Naruto, Oro, and Kubto aka Oro Jr.) The only thing I see they have in common is they all want to destroy Konoha. Tobi mentions to Zetsu later on after his conversation with Sasuke that Konoha is no longer off limits since Itachi is dead.

    This is what I founded on Narutowikia.com:

    The Ten-Tails (十尾, Jūbi) is the original, primordial demon of the Naruto universe. All nine of the tailed beasts are but portions of chakra divided from the Ten-Tails. Tobi’s ultimate goal, the Eye of the Moon Plan, is to capture and merge all nine of the tailed beasts back into the Ten-Tails, and become its jinchūriki to cast the reflection of his Sharingan on the moon, casting a genjutsu known as the Infinite Tsukuyomi which will put the entire world under his control.

  27. @rsvp thats what tobi claims however it seems tobi (like oro before) wants sasuke for some strange reason. Like him or not with itachis eyes in him and a ems and who knows what other power up sasuke is now a threat. Combine the fact he may get thee rinnengan just adds to his power. As for the konoha comment remember that itachi was protecting konoha from within; as long as he was there konoha could not be attacked (which i find interesting seeing as how he must have been such a threat that even pein waited till after itachis death to set foot in konoha; itachi must have been feared by everyone in akatsuki. no easy feat.) Itachi held off tobis plan for as long as he could and bought naruto some time (hich helped in naruto being able to become a sage.). Any info on the juubi i am holding off on until the story progresses. The moon eye plan may have been madaras plan as he mentioned it as well but tobi has told too many half truths to be taken seriously in any case right now.

  28. @token,


  29. If sasuke was given the 1 tailed beast then it would be most likely setup the way the others were. in such a way the gedo mazo could suck it out of sasuke. the question would be when he got it. he wouldnt have had it during his fight with danzo. at the end sasuke was completly exausted. and if he did have it and was using it then how did he gain complete control over the chakra that quickly.

    you could say he got it when he was given itachis eyes but we havent seen sasuke in action since then so who knows.

  30. ok some of the comments seem strangely familiar to me. Why? Because i wrote a theory on this a some time ago last July last year.

    under The Sage of the Six Paths Plan section of my post.

    Yeah it was made before quite a bit more stuff and info came out but in a nut shell it explains my theory on the running theory about Sasuke being Shikaku new host. Sorry i dont believe that for one second. Beside my theory, why would Tobi put the Shikaku in Sasuke and not the Siaken or Choumei?

    It’s just like Tensa Gizzla said
    “Guys u reckon the sharingan can control each tailed beast or better yet the juubi??! Just had a thought – if Naruto’s body was meant to hold the juubi what if Sasuke’s eye’s were the key to their ultimate power (not their regular power but ultimate world destroying power!)” Basically my whole theory in a very small statement.

    So “if” Tobi did put Shikaku inside Sasuke it is because Shikaku is the weakest of the beast and Tobi wants to see if a full blooded Uchiha can control a tailed beast with out the power of the Senji.

    Also think about it “its not illegal yet” (Quote Eddie Griffin), if he did that why not make or persuade Itachi or do it himself early on? it is because he needed the Senji blood or body to contain the beast. He and the true Madara may have bits of Senji but they need a real Senji blooded host. Yes the best choice now would be Tsunade (both a Senji and a Uzumaki by blood, a true heir to the SotSP younger son) but cause i guess she is old and body aged cant hold the beasts as a host (though she sure as hell doesnt look it) the only closest and youngest choice to a full blooded Senji is Naruto. Yes yes I know the Uzumakis may not be actual Senji Clan as it says they are distant blood relatives to the Senji clan but come on people we ALL know damn well the distant relative is likely the SotSP younger son, hint the Uzumaki clan/Naruto has the blood of the SotSP running through his veins even though he is not a Senji.

    So as I said the Senji hold the beast (even though they can work together and co exist they can not fully control the beast) the Uchiha can completely control the beast through the Sharingan, they just cant host it.

    The only exception to this but as we see was never tried or happened do to him dying and body done for is Nagato, an Uzumaki (younger son body) with the Rinningan (the SotSP and older son eyes) and contolling the eyes perfectly, if he was given a tailed beast to begin with and not listen to Tobi and his quest to gain all the tailed beast he would have been, in my opinion, the perfect host.

    Now before i go one last thing. The tailed beast as a whole see Naruto as the new Juubi host from their talk and Kurama’s thoughts and flashback. And from what i can tell from the SotSP talk with the baby beast that the old Juubi was too wild to control without the “eyes” and this new form needs someone to basically love and respect it so it doesnt need the “eyes” to control it as it will co-exist with the host as Gyuuki (Hachibi) and K-Bee and Kurama and Naruto are now. Just my take on that.

  31. Also I know Tobi said he was going to be the new host for the Juubi. Ok Why then is he using the bodies of the old host to hold the beast when he so called will be the Juubi’s new host? Juubi is all Tailed Beast combined. So how the hell will he hold the Juubi if he cant hold the Tailed beast or control them without the Gezo? My take as i said he needs a real Senji body and not that mess of a “thing” he is now. If he was so bad ass to tell the Kages he will be the new host hell you can hold all the beast in his body right now….lol and control them easy with the combo Shar/Rinn like he did Kurama so long ago with just the Sharingan? Yeah It looks like Tobi has his limits somewhere.

  32. and sorry i meant senju not senji.

  33. @evilryu apparently u don’t need to have senju blood as the other jinchuriki as far as we know are not of senju blood so it is quite possible That sasuke could have it. Also he may have gotten it after killeebee but before the summit. Having a tailed beast doesn’t mean infinite chakra and notice that sasuke spanned sussano for a long time and used alot of jutsu at the summit so his chakra apparently took a jump as well

  34. Hey guys POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT sorry guys but had to share …..some new info is flying all over the internet about kishi’s plans for the series – I’ll be brief:

    1. Sasuke’s new eye’s are gonna be able to Slow down real time, so he can counter naruto…..

    2. Kabuto aka snake boy junior is bringing Jiriya back to fight Naruto – the bastard was lying the whole time- Edo Jiriya is coming….

    3. White zetsu made from 1st hokage’s cells and Black zetsu is made from BIG MAGNUM

    4. Naruto isn’t just a jinjuuriki but the SOSP’s soul is actually in the Kyuubi so Naruto house’s his own soul, Kyuubi an SOSP’s soul

  35. @tensa the first one just seems unrealistic. If he can literally slow down time he would be nigh unstoppable. The second one makes sense however im still not sure. y would kabuto show tobi madara and yet keep jiryia secret. That doesnt make too much sense. the third one is the most plausable as that would make sense and may explain who tobi is in other words zetsu or a super zetsu if u will. and lastly wouldnt the kyuubi know if it housed the sage of the 6 paths? we just saw that kurama actually cared about the old man and wouldnt he say anything about that now that naruto and he are in sync?

  36. It all seemed a bit wild to me too just reporting what i heard….. anyway lets break it down:

    1. Sasuke having the ability to slow down time….this has to have a time limit on it otherwise he’d be unstoppable! It seems like the only way he’d be able to deal with naruto an his new speed that he got from the fox especially as he wont be able to touch him with amatersu

    2. Kabuto could have easily got pervvy sage DNA, his blood was all over the battlefield, heck kabuto could have picked up his arm that got sliced off! Kabuto is a villian a basic lie (to another maybe stronger villian) wouldnt surprise me but it would surprise naruto tho! What a mind f*** that would be if Edo Ero Sennin just came out of nowhere

    3. This isnt much a big deal, everyone’s a clone these days!

    4. This is abit tricky but remember when naruto got his arse kicked by pain an was gonna fully transform an his dad appeared an calmed him down an gave him a chakra milkshake an he explained that he sealed some of his milkshake in him should this one occasion happen……..i kinda get the feeling that kishi is gonna play that card again except with kyubbi an SoSP.

    Oh i forget to mention 1 other thing ANOTHER POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT:

    ** When Sasuke fought team 7 with zetsu an tobi there and him an Naruto had there clash, apparently Sasuke saw something in Naruto which changes the outcome in their final battle which will make him willingly die by Naruto’s hands an is the warm up to Naruto vs the final villian…..

    Dont shoot the messenger but thought it’d be interesting to share!!

  37. New chapter is out and not gonna lie….. I’m a little disappointed :-\

  38. Bleach – beginning of final arc


  39. @token

    yes i know not all the host are descendents of the younger bro (possibly) but look at the history of the Jinchurikis. if you look up the def for Kekkei Genkis, none of them are or used the def for Kekkei Genki. all there nina abilities are special family traits pass down through training not birth, or given to them by the host themselves (or so we thought with Gaara until we seen the 3 Kazekage puppet and the 4 Kazekage in action showing it is most likely just a family or village special trait). Also why would the SotSP not put all his powers into one son. in theory he knew no one not even his own sons could control juubi so his plan was for the body to hold the beasts once split and the eye to control them if the brothers and their descendent work together until the “one” was found that could merge the tailed beast into the being the SotSP meantion during this chapter. but as we see if that was the plan it didnt come out as planned

    Yes Sasuke did do a lot with his new MS but he used up a lot of chakra and Sussano not only uses up the users chakra fast but they life force as well, very similar to the tailed beast and the host. He nearly lose his eyes and was close to death a few times after using it, when he used that MS version of Sussano. So beside the EMS and Rinningan which does add more power and chakra to the user, the MS user would not be able to hold a tailed beast and the powers of the MS together as their chakra is mainly used to support the eyes and the jutsu the eyes contain, unlike Naruto and other host whos chakra is more to support their body and contain the beast. Trust me Sasuke’s body would not hold up to all that power even in my opinion if he has the EMS. now the Rinningan that is another story all together but now Sasuke doesnt have it so i will stick with my theory until the manga proves me otherwise

  40. I have a theory that Itachi might be gay, and why Kishi would do such a thing.

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